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Realistic or Modern N E W C A S T L E [ interest check ]


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Los Angeles' Reject Bin

The promise of stardom and the hope of achieving of some grand dream -- it's what drives people to come to Los Angeles, California with little more than $25 to their names and half a tank of gas left in their Subarus. But when that gas is all gone, when that $25 is spent, when they can't get signed to that agency, can't get that job, can't get that house, can't get that girl or that guy or that dream -- when they are chewed up and spat out by Los Angeles, they limp their ways to Newcastle, California.

Located just south of the City of Angels, Newcastle is a smaller, younger town. This is where the stars that never were wind up, yes, to sign onto smaller labels that will enslave them and treat them like pawns. This is where the sleazy CEOS and lawyers make their homes as well, beneath the far less prying eyes of the local police. There are hopeless teen parents who work gas stations and struggle to pay their rent for a living as much as there are rich trust fund babies who do little more than coast along in life. There are flower shop workers, bartenders, librarians, teachers, high school students, wine moms, and college dropouts -- they all have their place in this little town.

But, as life tends to go, things are never quite as they seem, and very soon, the well-kept secrets of Newcastle may become its very downfall.

+ + +

Hello, lovely rpers! My name is Jas, and I'm just here helping our beautiful RP creator to get a new interest check out there!

Everyone give props to our gms Winona Winona & gh0stwriter gh0stwriter ; thanks very much!

Anyway, please don't be intimidated by the fact that we have started because we aren't super far in, and there's still so much to play out / many plots to be made!

Newcastle is a sort of more of a sandbox-type RP -- and by that, we just mean that there will be no big, central, required plot that each character must be a part of. The idea is that Newcastle is a fictional Californian town, where you can feel free to make your own locations, NPCs, and plots to your heart's content! Of course, there are plenty of bigger plots to get involved in, too...or you can make your own events and ideas. Basically, go wild!!! (Yes, there is a high school to plot around, but there is also a whole world to explore and help to build and we have a range of characters / age groups)

The fun thing about this rp is...there aren't really any roles or archetypes you have to make your characters in! There are people all over the socioeconomic spectrum, of all genders and sexualities, and of a variety of ages! The main age range for the characters is 16 - 21, but we're open to characters outside of that & we have a couple already (just stay within reason, of course).

1) Please be willing to write at least 2+ paragraphs on each post! This is not an rp for one-liners. If the occasional reply falls underneath this, it's no biggie, but the goal is to give your rp partner(s) at least something to respond to. Quality >>> quantity, but give us a little of both, ya know? (:

2) We ask that RPers be age 17+ to participate in this RP! Most of our group is 20 and up, and some more mature themes are present in this RP as well, which can just become uncomfortable with people younger than this age!

3) We use strictly realistic face claims! (If you think you'll have trouble finding a face claim, don't worry! We've got plenty of people who are more than willing to help you find a fitting face claim! We will not accept drawings, anime, etc. So sorry for any inconvenience; this is just our preference.

4) We will use Discord for our out-of-character chat! It's vital that you are in the server for us to all connect!!! Plus, we have a bunch of fun stuff going on OOC and IC in our discord, so you really don't miss out! Side note: We don't dig the real-life, OOC drama, so please don't aid in causing any. Thanks in advance.

If you're interested, feel free to reply here and/or dm one of us! We will check you out and get you the links needed to join us!


No, I don't have too many characters.
Hey guys, sorry! We've been busy since this went up. Thank you all so much for the interest. DMs should be being sent out shortly with more information. Thank you!


No, I don't have too many characters.
Hellooo. DMs all should've gone out, but if we missed someone, just DM me and let me know. Thanks!

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