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Fantasy N.A.S MAIN CHAT >>Closed<<

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GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst + Hunter)
He had woken and sat up with a sudden start, the pain shooting up his leg causing a curse and a quiet noise of pain escape his lips.

"You fuc- Hmmmph!" He winced and shakily exhaled through his nose, pulling his leg up and closer to himself. He had no idea what had happened, or why his shin was aching. Maybe the landing of that small wall yesterday was really bad. His eyebrows pulled together and he smoothed a hand down his ankle before moving his leg down to the floor again. In the most casual and less-pained manner he could achieve. Nobody needed to know about it.

Then someone fell onto him. Again. He didn't even need to take a moment to inspect who it was. The head of white hair was the answer. The weight, as light as the female may be, made his shoulder blades dig into the seat behind him. His battered body was not feeling too happy at the moment.

"Thia." He said very tensely. Rare for Grayson to use her nickname. A blush was rising on his face. "Get. Off. Me." Luckily she quickly did so.

"I was not asleep." He announced quietly, evidently flustered about it. Plus the whole falling onto him thing. He fiddled with the cuff of his dress shirt, averting a shy gaze to the window. He looked up for just a brief second, assumedly to search for the aforementioned 'Man on the ceiling' before frowning and looking down again.

But then Hunter spoke. To his irritation. Grayson turned his head to glare at the nasty female, peering at her head over the seat.

"Do you not have a certain somebody to be sucking face with?" Seemed the pale boy would remind her every time she raised her ugly voice to him. Grayson stood, staring down at Hunter over the seat. His temper was bristling, festering again. "Or does he find your presence revolting, as most do?" He sucked his teeth with his tongue, making a loud sharp noise of judgement.

"Impressive, his standards were already so very low." Grayson was not aware Hunter's face was covered in scars behind the mask, otherwise he probably wouldn't have referred to her as 'revolting'. He was an asshole at times, but he wasn't heartless.

Emerycrop.png- - -
Emery- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Lapis) + Minma Minma (Minma)
"We are madly in love, if you had forgotten, Lapis." Emery did the honour of answering. Smiling with glee, he chose to sat down with the two, now beginning to pick strands of grass out of the dirt.

Emery wasn't really into sparring. He'd get nothing out of it. Not like he could eat them if he won. Probably. Emery was also very lazy and not into doing things that didn't benefit him. "I'm sure you could, Blueberry." Was the ghouls reply to Minma as if encouraging a child, before he laid on his back and looked up at the sky for a while.

"If you guys fight, try sever some limbs. Could really go for a snack. Would love a hand. Oh! Actually-!" Emery propped himself up suddenly, leaned on an elbow and looking at the boys with a grin. "Get an eyeball. Or two." Emery was very serious about this. If they could chop off some bits, the ghoul would be very satisfied. "Impromptu nibbles are the best. Plus," He waved towards Minma before laying back down. "Missed out on the entrée, so I'm peckish." He was always hungry, no difference there.
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson and Emery} Minma Minma {Minma}
Amethyst Lightwood

When Grayson said her nickname, her eyes snapped to his. He wasnt sleeping. Shit. She was already off of him and seating as far away in the seat as she could without falling off. She rubbed her face and tried to subdue the rising heat in her face. She prayed to Lys he didnt think she did that by choice- She had a mortified look on her face but it quickly faded back into a awkward smile.

"I uhm- Didnt mean to..?"

It came out more of a question though it was a statement and she looked at her feet. They were still bare and she curled her toes. She was not aware they were traveling schools earlier that day when she decided no shoes. She sighed and brought her feet up clsoer to her chest on the seat. She looked up as Grayson said something about Hunter sucking faces with someone.

What the hell did that mean..? Was Hunter secretly a pufferfish? How come she didnt know about this. She turned over the seat and laid her head on the top of it with a innocent expression on her face.

"I was not aware you were a pufferfish."

She giggled and then stopped when Grayson said something about a dude. Ah so he meant something else. A small frown appeared on her face as he called her revolting. She did not like that one bit and her gaze turned to him. She rested her hand on his chin and drew his head to look at her.

"That wasnt very nice. How would you like it if someone called you revolting?"

She asked quietly. She wasnt really scolding - well she was but her voice was much softer than ones normally would be.

Artemis Hunt

When the pale boy said something about her sucking someones face, her cheeks flamed up. Luckily hid by the mask. She quickly recovered and watched the girl call her a pufferfish. She ignored her weird comment and turned her focus to the boy.

"At least im not afraid to kiss someone prude."

She laughed and Fae giggled with her, covering her mouth with her hands.

"I bet you couldnt even kiss someone."

She crossed her arms and bit her tongue to say anything about the expectations. Were most peoples low. Yeah. Was she ever busy fucking around with boys? No. She had no time to do anything other than hunt down people. She turned to Fae and whispered something and Fae giggled. She watched Pigeon scold the guy and laughed even more as she rested her head back against the seat. Loet was trying to get up to no avail and just slumped over in defeat.

She watched as Amethysts hand was on Graysons face and a smirk appeared on her face.

"I mean why dont you kiss your girlfriend? She looks like she wants a kiss. No needs a kiss."

She said and winked at Grayson. Fae was a giggling mess not fully aware of what was going on but Artemis was laughing. She was just trying to get under the guys skin and bug him.

Lapis Ashford

"Is that a bet mate? Blade to blade?" He asked and withdrew his knife from his side. Lapis was always up for a fight and normally won the,. He had confidence in his blade skills but it was when it came down to fist to fist he wasnt ask skilled and that drove him insane.

He looked at Emery who was now sitting and rolled his eyes at the comment about about him being in love with him. Ew Gross. Lapis was next going to really settle for anyone as they all broke his heart. Amethyst has been there to fix it all the time and he thanked her for that. He jumped up from his spot and into a low crouch. They still had time for a fight as Lapis' blade was gripped tightly in his hand.

The tattoo burning his arm but he didnt seem to mind as he flicked his wings and blue eyes glistened.

"We dont have much time so if you wanna go lets go mate. Dont be afraid to lose a eyeball so dead boy here can eat."[/QUOTE]


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis]

Minma sighed as he slowly stood up from the ground. He wasn't as good in blade combat than hand combat but he wasn't the one to back down from a challenge even if he lost. He always learned from his fight and viewed them as moments where knowledge could be gathered. "If a blade battle is what you seek I'll try my best to not disappoint."

Minma them began to unbutton this shirt which started to reveal his chest area. About four buttons down a blade placed into a pouched appeared. "If I'm being completely honest I don't know if I'll rise victorious. But I know for a fact I won't be losing any body parts. At the very least maybe a few drops of blood will spill." He reached inside his shirt and pulled out a sharp blade with a grip handle attached.

He held the blade between his lips as he buttoned his shirt back up.
"Wouldn't won't my body distracting you." He said it with a cunning grin on his face. Raising his hand in the air he began to count down from five on his fingers. As soon as his pinkie feel Minma pounced of his left foot moving him forward and stood a little left of Lapis. Although still opposite and a little out from being align to him. The blade was currently in Minma's right hand so with the flick of his wrist he tossed it over his head and caught it in his left hand then swinging it towards Lapis's chest in a rapid motion.


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst + Hunter)
"I wouldn't care." Grayson bluntly responded to Amethyst, focusing a bit much on the touch she had placed on his face. He gritted his jaw, taking her wrist and pulling it away from him before she could notice his warm skin. Why would Thia care about Hunter? Nasty revolting little Hunter?

Grayson did not want to hurt anybody. He wanted to get good grades and read his shitty little romance books and drink his shitty little coffee.

But his patience was paper thin, and it appeared Hunter wanted to push him. He found it insufferable. Grayson had not yet forgotten the grudge he held for this girl, her attitude, the things she had said in the cafeteria, the threatening, the assault on Amethyst in the carriage. And now this. He was at a limit. He hadn't even notice the bus pull to a stop, arrived at their destination. The school.

He raised a hand as if to impolitely shush Artemis into silence.

Grayson's cheekbones and eyebags were gaunt and hollow as he glared at the female. He was sick of it, he could feel that same wrath and hatred seeping into his blood and festering violently inside again. He didn't want to hurt anybody, usually. But now all he wanted was to inflict pain, to have people be afraid. He was strong enough, angry enough, now hateful enough. It was taking a hold of him again, filling his head with sadism and cruelty. He wanted them to keep their distance, give him respect out of fear. Along with the rage, his Telekinesis had now taken a firm hold, right at the root of Hunter's arm. Holding her in the spot by the appendage. If they would not listen he would make them listen.

"Do you feel that?" He whispered, a menacing edge to his voice, faint twitch of his lip. Like grabbing and lifting the limb of a puppet. His hands slithered over the top of the seat, resting his head upon them and staring at Artemis with a sudden smile.

"That is the humerus bone. It spans to the shoulder and elbow joints. These are what we call the ulna and radius." His hand gave a flick, "This one here," Another strong hold joined in on Hunter's arm, clamping down painfully tight on another area and giving it a tug to keep her attention. "Are the carpal bones. Eight of them, in total." Grayson knew anatomy. Grayson knew his anatomy well. "An arm bends at three points. The shoulder, elbow, and wrist." His voice sounded cold as he followed the information with a threat.

"But an elbow can't bend both ways."

He turned his hand palm up, as if he was holding an invisible apple within his grasp. "Do you wish to test that theory, Hunter?" His fingers flexed for a moment, before slowly beginning to curl into a claw-like shape. He could feel his power intensifying, applying more pressure to move and twist the bones at dangerous angles, threatening to snap the three areas like a triple chicken wishbone. The shoulder, elbow, wrist.

He could feel the strain, the resist of the appendage not wanting nor being able to push a certain way. His hand continued to curl inwards. The tension, the strength, the anger burning and thrashing. And then he paused, teetering right on the splintering of the bones. He had realised and regained a second of self control, enough to stop before real damage was inflicted.
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson} Minma Minma {Minma}
Amethyst Lightwood and Artemis Hunt

She felt her hand be pushed away but it was right back on his jaw. A feather touch that grew stronger and demanded attention.

"Dont do something you will regret."

She whispered and then she dropped her hand again. She rubbed her face and it was quiet for a moment before Hunter started saying something about kissing? Why the hell would Hunter say that. She watched the female struggle in Grayson grasp. The telekinesis and Amethyst watched in horror. She looked at Graysons face as he talked about the bones in the arm. She gripped the seat tighter as Hunter slouched in hers.

Artemis was sitting there then she felt the pain. It was hard for shit to happen to her or for it to hurt. She did not fucking like that. She hissed not out of pain but out of fury. How dare this boy hurt her and threaten her. She shifted in her seat again and her other hand was on the seat.

"You could try but the second you do I can blow your head off your damn shoulders."

She snarled and the pain grew worse but she ignored it. She focused her gaze to the female, who was watching in horror and a smirk played on her lips.

"Why dont you fix him little bird? You know you can."

She closed her eyes and just let her arm dangle in the air. She did not pay attention to anything but trying to keep thoughts out of her head of killing this boy.

Amethyst was watching in horror as the girls wrist bent back and forth and bones threatening to snap at any moment. How terrifying and Hunter didnt seem bothered by it until she said something about her helping. Of course! She needed to do whatever she could to help someone.

She turned to Grayson fully and her hand gripped his jaw lightly, turning his head to hers. She shifted the hair over one of her shoulders now grown accustom to the shorter version of it. She brought his face a couple inches closer to her and she took a deep breath, looking into his cold grey eyes.

"Quite sorry but I have to do this before you hurt someone."

She mumbled and her hand tightened on his jaw. She pulled him closer and her face was a breaths away from his. She then leaned up and kissed him, her eyes still looking into his.

Lapis Ashford

He watched Minma carefully as he tossed the blade to his other hand and lunged at him. He shot to his feet and quickly tossed out his dark blade to counter his right and his chest. He grinned as he stuck out a foot, tripping the dude.

He twisted the blade over his fingers before sending a identical blow to Minma. Easy to dodge but one that required quick movement.

"How should we clarify a end to this? When one disarms the other?"

He asked and raised a eyebrow at the male. He flicked his wings and tucked them closer to his body. Lapis was not a small dude.


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis]

Minma tripped over Lapis's legs but as he was going down he used his right hand to do a cartwheel like move which plotted him right back on feet. Before he could retaliate with an attack he noticed an attack being thrown at him. Besides countering with his blade Minma made a swift movement reliving him from the blades path.

I suppose that's the best way to go about it without anyone getting seriously hurt." Minma then began to swing his blade at Lapis but with every swing Lapis countered with on of her own causing sparks to fly and the sound of steel ran together formed again and again. Although Lapis countered each swing he threw, Minma didn't let up for a second and kept trying to break through and hopefully knock the blade out his hand.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Interactions: Minma Minma {Minma}
Lapis Ashford

"Very well then. Disarming it shall be."

He countered Minmas jabs easily. Not to hard on his part as he brushed his hand through his hair. He was done playing defensive and a scowl formed on his face. His finger tips grew hot and a small flame darted up his blade and caused more of a distraction then any form of attack. The fire grew hotter and it caught on Minmas blade, quickly heating it up. A small smile formed on his face as he used the distraction.

He led a series of blows meant to disarm the enemy and he finally succeeded as Minmas blade sailed through the air and landed behind him. He smirked and the fire died out from his blade. He sheathed it and a smirk appeared on his face.

"Nice job."

He said and bent down to pick up Minmas blade. He held it out for him to take it and crossed his arms after. He tapped his chin for a moment, lost in thought before snapping back.

"Not bad actually. We will have to continue again sometime."

He said with a small nod. A compliment from the boy as he walked back to the bus and sat down in his seat. Popping a earbud in and closed his eyes to Devin flooding his ears.


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst + Hunter) + Bus1 gang
Grayson was too focused on Hunter to notice Amethyst trying to catch his attention. When Thia would try to pull his jaw to look at her, his gaze would stay glued to his current victim. The pale boy was still smiling evilly, the words of Hunter only egging him on. The threats would only fall on empty ears. But his hand had hesitated, not moving, remaining curled. A waver of his anger, managing to stop himself from snapping bone.

He remained still when Amethyst pulled his head to look down at her and said something, not that he really heard it. She pulled him into a sudden kiss.

Distracted. Very much so.

His clawed hand relaxed, the telekinesis hold upon Hunter's arm releasing immediately. No broken arm. Back to normal, pale brooding boy.

But he pulled away just as fast, like recoiling from an electric shock of Amethyst's lips against his. The sudden anger and hatred inside him had washed away as if it had never been there, but it was now replaced with the mess of humiliation, surprise, and confusion. Not the start to his morning he had predicted. Made him feel faint, overwhelmed.

He was horrified about the whole kiss situation. Grayson didn't know what to say or think about it and was swiftly turning red, much to his own shame. Confused, didn't know what to do. But he was even more horrified over his own actions, letting the rage to get to him and threaten Artemis like that. Even if he didn't like the girl in the mask, he was not a violent person. That was not him.

Solemnly, nervously, Grayson looked down and brushed his fingers against his face checking for blood. There was nothing. His nose was not bleeding.

"I am not feeling well." He spoke quietly, his apology to Hunter and Amethyst and basically everyone else in the same bus. Feeling ill was one way to put it. Without looking at anyone, he grabbed his bag and brushed past Amethyst to briskly exit.

The air outside was a welcome feeling to his lungs as he finally left the bus. Cold and fresh. No more heated confinement of the vehicle, where he had temporarily gotten mad and threatened to physically mangle a girl. Instead, he focused on grounding himself rather than reliving that train wreck. He was going to ignore the whole evil moment he had. Out of sight, out of mind. And he was especially going to ignore Amethyst's little trick. Whatever that was for. A punch would've done him just fine. But his frown could only deepen at the reminder of it.

While his brain spun trying to figure out the equation that was recent events, he squinted at the school. N.A.S. Right, the trip. He had forgotten all about that in the events of the bus.
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
Amethyst Lightwood

She pulled back from Grayson just as quickly as she leaned in. What the hell was she thinking- What had possessed her to do that? She felt the heat creep up her face and she looked to the side, mumbling apologies. She rubbed the back of her neck when Grayson said something. She looked up at him and nodded. She agreed as she was not feeling right either.

She moved slightly so Grayson could get out and her eyes trailed after him as he exited the bus. She pulled out her notebook from her bag and scribbled something down quickly. She tucked the notebook away and her breathing drew shallower. her vision blurred as she swung her bag over her shoulder. Please not not please dont faint now. She adjusted the bag before moving off the bus.

She stumbled down the steps as attempted to walk in the direction of the school, avoiding Grayson. Failing badly at trying to walk as she rammed into a tree. She staggered back and rubbed her head, a string of cuss words leaving her mouth. Today had been a eventful day and it was only the morning. Her face flared up as her mind replayed what just happened on the bus. She shook it to clear her head and her arm caught sight of her wrist.

"Oh fuck- Lys please dont make me faint here."

She mumbled as she started to walk to the school again. She needed to get out of sight if she was going to faint. That shit was embarrassing and she hated every bit of it. She looked up and saw a school and her mouth dropped slightly. She tittered forward and her bag shifted over her shoulder as she collided to the ground. And here they went on the journey of fainting. God she hoped no one was watching as her vision turned black and her eyes fluttered closed.

Her breathing drew still and she was back in the darkness of her mind. She just sat down and hummed within her head, unaware if anyone was close to her or not. She mainly hoped Grayson did not just see that or it would make this situation even more awkward than any stranger who saw.
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Minma watched as the blade flew out of his hand. Dammit! Minma went to go turn for the blade in hopes of catching it but he figured it would pointless to give his all in the battle since they only have a few minutes left of spare time.

As Lapis held out his blade Minma reached for it, taking it out of Lapis hand. He placed his blade back into his shirt and grinned at the sight of Lapis infront of him. "We'll I would say not bad yourself but I'm sure your white aware of that. That's a useful move you have there. Especially when you can exploit it as you did." He then gave a nod in response to the boys as he made himself to the bus.

Minma then dropped down right infront of Emery in push up position.
He lifted his body up and down whole counting. "One two three, one. One two three, two." He counted as he did them all the way to one hundred and fifty. But with the way he was counting it actually meant he accomplished three hundred. That was his way of punishing himself for losing. Minma's physique didn't define his strength.

After he completed his push-ups he took a second to catch his breath before heading to the bus. Once on he began to walk towards his seat. But he passed it. He continued on and eventually made it to Lapis. He placed himself right next to him with his back resting on the seat and took a deep breath and realised it. Lapis seemed occupied listening to music but it was to late to turn back now.
"You know I could lie and say that was a close battle but me and you both know it wasn't. You easily dealt with everything I threw at you with ease. Even without your fire I would have been best. It's obvious your blade skills far outshine mine." Minma then ran his hand through his hair. "So let me cut to the chase. Would you be willing to train me in blade technique?" Minma usually was a stuck up guy but he always swallowed his pride when he saw an opportunity to better himself.


Mariah saw a bus full of other students pull around Maddie's and groaned as she got off her own bus to et a better look at what was going on. Once she was down the last step she walked back to the benches to get a better look. Their bus looked horrible compared to the one she was just on. "The fuck-" She closed her book and put it back in her bag as she then watched people walk out of the bus. "Oh great, they're coming here...Wait- Why do they have to come here?!" She groaned and sat on a bench, praying to the lord that no one would even acknowledge her existance.
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Mia sat up from her place under the tree and her eyes quite literally lit up, a light crimson glow in them. She waved wildly at the group who had gotten off the bus. There was a whole group of other people who looked WAY more fun than anyone here. Pretty much every person she had talked to so far were all introverts and it was hard to work with them if they didn't even have the heart to say a simple hello.

As she was off to talk to one of her picks from the group she noticed Mariah sitting on the bench seeming irritated and she looked back at the group then at her sister once again. "YEP-" She ran over and dived towards Mariah as if she was going headfirst into water, landing face-first on the ground. "I'LL SAVE YOU!" She hurried to her feet but soon found herself on the ground again.

"OKAY, FIRST I NEED SAVING." She sat down and slowly extended her legs. Maybe she shouldn't have worn ripped jeans... Small scratches riddled her knees and outer thigh and started to fill with blood as she winced. "Uh- anyone got a first aid kit!"


Emerycrop.pngEmery- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Lapis) + Minma Minma (Minma) + DaniGurl DaniGurl (Mia)
He heard someone drop down next to him, Minma. But Emery hadn’t moved from his spot, just laid out in the grass resting.

“You’re pretty shit at counting.” Was his singular comment.

Then both Lapis and Minma had moved back to the bus, leaving Emery relaxed and alone outside. Eventually he sat up, sniffed, and got to his feet. He decided he might as well follow, since they were only intended to be there for a few minutes.

He was walking the length of the bus towards the door when he noticed Lapis and Minma sitting together. He stopped, smacking his hand against the window of the bus to get their attention. Annoying.

The ghoul then leaned forward to breathe on the glass, drawing an eyeball and a question mark next to it. Wondering where his snack was.

He stared at them for a moment and was about to keep moving towards the door, when a familiar smell hit his senses. He blinked, turning on his shoe to look over the area. The blue eyes landed upon a female, seated on the ground. In pain. Blood. A N.A.S girl.

Any focus he had was long forgotten.

Suddenly Emery was making his way right towards her. Normal walking at first, but the closer he got the faster his steps became.

It was only once he was right behind Mia did he stop, crouch down. A cold unwelcome hand slowly slithered up the spine of the girls back and to her neck, before touching her green hair.

Curious, docile. Just creepy and harmless. He cocked his head, slight frown and nudged his face into her neck. Like a dog, asking for something. However the female would not be able to give him what he wanted. Not by choice. Nobody wanted their limbs chewed on.

But then his fingers curled into Mia’s hair, grabbing it in a painful fist and yanking her head back hard, a guttural snarl tearing up his throat, a sudden dangerous change to the hungry male.
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Thrun Mukurn
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Mentions: DaniGurl DaniGurl (Dayana and Anne)


Thrun nodded in thanks to Grita, more relieved then anything but still surprised and beyond embarrassed. Agh that kiss had happened in front of everyone too. That was his first! He'd never been kissed before! He swore to himself he'd kiss Dayana back, and when he did it would be under circumstances she wouldn't forget. A-Assuming she was okay with a kiss, anyway. Maybe he was getting ahead of himself?

He sighed and nodded along with what Grita and Ava were saying, attention turning to Anne, "Yeah... Thanks Anne, just, please don't put me on the spot like that again." He laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. He was obviously grateful, so his tone was certainly joking.

"Ah well... So--" He paused as the bus stopped. Looking up, "Oh, here we are, wherever here is." He picked up his things, looking about. He could only assume Dayana got off before him, but he kept an eye out for her anyway. He'd walk out with Ava and Grita, disembarking. Much like them he looked up at the building, and blunk looking over at Ava.

"Yeah make that two of us... What is this place? Why are we here?"

His gaze shifted to the crowd of unfamiliar students by the tree, as they seemed to observe and regard the group. "Other students? I-is this a different school?"

Bula Mukurn

Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Pyrita), ach1lles ach1lles ( Pira)

Bula went rigid as the hat fell on her head. She slooowly turned around to see Pyrite-- Or, rather, Pyrita looking over. She bit her bottom lip, trying not to laugh, but knowing she was in sooooo much trouble, even with that joking glare. It was joking trouble, sure, but it was still trouble! "Oh you knoooooow~~" Oh spirits then someone approached. She looked back to Pira, not quite knowing what to make of this student, someone they hadn't seen yet.

Bula would have said that Pira's hunch was only half right if she knew what Pira was thinking. Yes, this was a prank, but it wasn't really malevolent. It was honestly pretty harmless given all Pyrite had to do was remove a ring to reverse it. It was a friendly prank, all in good fun. Now, the prank on her brother? Thaaaat was a little more malevolent.

But sisters were allowed to be jerks to their big bros.

"Heeey there! Ah!" Bula clapped her hands together as she saw Pira's offer. Lipstick! "O-Oh see, Rita, we found you makeup! So that you can be eeextra pretty and presentable for when we get where we're going! See? Thank you uhm, I-I'm sorry I don't know your name." Bula was, like, using every ounceof self control she had to NOT bust into gut-busting laughter but it was so hard with Pyrite glaring at her like this.​


Interactions: Gao Gao (Emery)
Mia saw Emery look her way and she smiled, looks like she wasn't going to need to be on the ground for long but he didn't have supplies in hand? Maybe he just had healing alibies. Her mind began to wander to anything taco related. Why? No one knows. Maybe she was hungry, probably even the last thing she ate but being the hella forgetful person she was, I couldn't even tell you if it was.

Mia was suddenly pulled out her own thoughts when she saw the male running towards her. She was one to run away though, in fact, she's the type who would get up and try to run to them as well, the consequences be damned but something about his look made her feel uneasy. "Uh- ACTUALLY I'M GOOD NOW-" She attempted to get up again, landing right on her butt again. "Or not...."

Before she knew it he was right by her and she tensed at the contact. She hated how close he was, she hated how quiet he was, and she hated how he looked at her like some type of prey. She could compare the look to a cat once it saw a mouse...Now imagine the mouse could barely hold its own weight. That cat would have a FIELD DAY and the mouse wouldn't be so lucky. In the situation, she felt like the mouse.

"Uhm...Your hair is nice?" She blinked a few times a bit nervous.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
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Lapis Ashford

He pulled out a ear bud when Minma sat down next to him. He curled his wings closer to make room for the dude when he asked something. His eyes went wide a bit mainly from the praise. He did know what he was doing with his blade. H eshifted in his seat to face the dude fully.

"Sure if you want though you are already a natural. Its not to hard but you can get fingers chopped off and they hurt to regrow."

He joked about the finger cutting part. His gaze drifted out to the window where Emery was standing. He frowned at the male then saw him walk off to a female. Oh shit- Why was he holding the female like that. Lapis stood up on the seat and launched himself over it. He was climbing out the bus and sprinting for the two. He smelt blood in the air- must not be a good sign for the dead.

He pulled Emery off of the female by the back of his neck. And stood between the two with a hard glare. He flicked his wings and blocked the female from view.

"Thats no way to treat anyone blondie. You cant randomly lay your hands on someone."

He said and glanced back at the female. A apologetic expression of his face. If Amethyst was here she could help with the female who was next to another female. He nodded to her and turned to face Emery again. The females reminded him of when Amethyst was beaten down for no reason at all.

"He is just after your eyeballs- maybe a limb sorry about it."

He said to the female as he was still facing Emery. That didnt really seem to help the situation at all.

Pyrite Lightwood

He looked at Bula and then the approaching person. Who was offering makeup. Why the hell were they offering makeup? He pressed himself closer to the window and glared at Bula. He was going to play along with this but there was going to be revenge plotting later.

"Yep! You finally found some! Ive been fretting about it all day."

He beamed and his eyes were still hard as stone. He did not like looking like this. He did not like looking like Amethyst it felt weird. He should be in his body not hers. He wondered how much pranks he could pull as her though. He grinned and leaned towards the duo in front of him.

"Prettify me please and thank you!"


Anne & Dominique
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Anne laughed as she stood up, still by her seat. "Yeah, your really bad at girls," She smiled widely and lightly punched his arm. "But seriously, have faith in me next time." She then made her way off the bus, already out once she heard a familiar voice- Oh my god it was Dominique and she sounded pissed. Anne only put her hands in the air and turned away from the bus. As far as she was concerned Dominique was just so excited that she started shouting threats at Thrun. Seems reasonable right?

Dominique had been lucky enough to catch a ride on the same bus as her sister though most of the ride she had been asleep. As more voices could be heard behind her though her eyes slowly opened as she took a look around. Her brain was trying to remember where she was, where she was headed, and who she was but the answers came quickly.
Bus..School- Doormat Dominique.

As she moved away from the window to look down the aisle she saw something that she couldn't believe. Was that Dayana- KISSING THE ORC?! Her eyes went wide in disbelief and she waited until Dayana walked away before ruffling in her own bag. Dominique pulled out two tubes of frozen yogurt and threw one at Thrun. It didn't land on him but it got close. She narrowed her eyes and stomped over, though she had admittingly looed like a slightly larger toddler haveing a tantrum. "You wanna explain what just happened?"


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Minma had a look of confusion when Lapis talked about regrowing fingers. He wasn't sure but he didn't believe he could regrow fingers. He was only human. "Tha-" Minma began to spoke but then as Lapis caught, Emery was out terrorizing someone. There has to be something seriously wrong with that guy. Minma began to think to himself.

As Lapis began to go for Emery, Minma followed right after. He pounced through an open window on a bus, just missing hitting it. He tucked his body in the air and rolled on the soft grass coming back on his feet. He then rushed towards the group of people, Lapis was a little ahead of him. He noticed Lapis pull Emery off of the female.

Before he walked directly in front of the female he have Emery a scornful look. He took a steep back and bowed lightly.
"Please allow me to formally apologize on behalf of the ignorant man who attacked you." He pulled himself back up to meet the girls in the eyes. "It may seem crazy but I don't know if he can control it. He also wanted to eat me when we first meet." He looked towards Emery. "But we've became best friends ever since." He said in a sarcastic tone.

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Thrun Mukurn

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Thrun was looking up at the building, still wondering where the hell they all were now, trying to piece things together. When a tube of yogurt flew pass his head! He blunk slowly, leaning down to pick it up and turning to suddenly see an angry Dominque in front of him! Oh! Oh good! Now this was happening! Here he thought he was about to catch a break but NOPE! Out of one frying pan and into another! "Uhh..."

"Y...You dropped this?"
He answered her question, dumbly, yes he knew what she meant but he was stalling for time because he had no idea how to approach this one. Either way, for some reason nice guy Thrun handed the yogurt back to her, y'know just give her back her ammunition good work Thrun. "If uhh, if you mean what happened earlier I-I mean... Uhh... Dayana and I were, you know, talking and sorting something out and she you know maybe kinda kissed me before going on her way..." His voice getting smaller the angrier Dominique got. Why did he have to be such an honest guy? Could he just, you know, tell one white lie to get out of a bad situation?

He kind of empathized, he guessed, if Bula had been kissed by someone he'd be pretty bugged too. He just, you know, wished it wasn't aimed at him?

Bula Mukurn

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She just, could not believe Pyrite was going along with this. She half expected him to take off the ring and bap her one. But, hey! You know! She dug this hole she was totes going to follow it all the way to hell if she must. "See!? There we go! Uhm, which one do youuuu suggest?" She asked Pira, sitting down next to Rita again and grinning innocently. She then leaned over, muttering a whisper under her breathe so only Pyrite could hear, "You're going to kick my ass after this aren't you?"


Emerycrop.pngEmery- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Lapis) + Minma Minma (Minma) + DaniGurl DaniGurl (Mia)

He didn't even get to hear Mia's compliment about his hair, far too unhinged to actually listen to what his food was saying.

But Emery made an angry little growl as he was pulled off by the back of his neck. Like a cat yanked by it's scruff. He stumbled slightly, before returning to the creepy feral crouch. His gaze was moving past the two males to stare at Mia on the ground. Still hungry as he cocked his head to the side. Still unfocused. The subtle trying to move around them to get at the wounded girl.

But he stopped and looked at Lapis, eyebrows furrowing in slight worry. The telling off had made him pause temporarily. Usually when he got reprimanded it was because he teased someone too much resulting in an explosive reaction. He loved that, the anger. But never a scold. Only Gigi did that.

He nervously rubbed his hand, glancing from the ground to the other three, as if the male was afraid to meet their gaze. Sad eyes, lowered head like a sulking dog. Disappointed there would be no snacking, but also pouting that the two males weren't going to let him. He glared towards Mia, silently blaming the girl for his own behaviour.

He then mumbled a very childish and grumpy, "Wasn't me." as if that was fair reasoning to get out of trouble.
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professional disaster
Hokusai: Loc: Courtyard

"... Unfortunately, I do." They were going to eviscerate the headmaster. What kind of incompetent fuckwad would leave faculty at a school with no means of communication or instruction, hitch their sorry ass to a different school that APPARENTLY was going to COME TO THEIR SCHOOL ON THE SECOND BLOODY DAY OF SCHOOL. Pathetic.

"It would be prudent of us to divide and conquer. Deal with the students of the first bus, I'll work with ones on the third." They turn towards Coretha. "And yes, child, those are your classmates. It would be awfully unfortunate if anything else was in those buses, wouldn't it be?"

Perhaps their clipped tone was too harsh to be used on children. But perhaps they didn't care, as they were already headed towards their destination. The absolute incompetence of those running the school was astounding, and oh- "There are no chaperones. Perhaps you would like to ask your fool of a headmaster why there are none, as I'm certain that he would be eager to explain the delusions of adequacy he is plagued by." God, they can already feel a headache building. "And hold your questions please, unless you are certain—and I do mean absolutely certain—that you will die if they are not answered within the next ten seconds."

"No questions? Good." They turn around, a caustic smile on their face. "Oh, and any and all complaints are to be directed towards Mr. Staton. May your stay be as pleasant as your entry."

Piranesi: Loc: Bus 1

"Piranesi, school nurse. A pleasure to meet you." Maybe today, just for today, they will choose chaos. Between Rita's pained smile (oddly reminding them of the grimaces painted onto Victorian dolls) and Bula's barely restrained laughter, it wasn't hard to decipher the true nature of the situation. And maybe faculty shouldn't get involved in the trifling matters of students who decided to prank their classmates, but really, professionalism was never an ideology they subscribed to.

The tube of lipstick vanished from their hand, seemingly folding in on itself as Piranesi took his face into their hands, gently tilting it up and down. Those of their nature rarely had any use of makeup, as their morphology rendered the point of cosmetics unnecessary; why settle for accentuating your own beauty when you could simply capture the image of someone else's? They were no exception to this, of course, but the years spent fraternizing in the mortal realms had given them some sense of their own. (Even if they couldn't quite understand it—pre-revolution France was atrocious.)

"Hm, perhaps a nude matte lipstick? You can choose between-" Oh, they're going to have so much fun with this. "#NoFilter, Kinda Sexy, and Rebellious Rose."


Mia froze as other males came over to stop the first. She had never been so confused in her life- Well there was that one time when she bit into a cookie thinking it was chocolate chip but it was just hard raisins. She spent the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom brushing her teeth and gargling mouthwash until damn near all of it was gone. By the time she came out, she smelled like some kind of winter wonderland. "He was just after your eyeballs-" WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO MAKE HER FEEL BETTER? It reeaaally didn't.

"Uh- You know I REALLY appreciate the help but I just need a first aid kit or some bandages." She turned toward Minma, blinking a few times. "It's okay....I mean, it's not like I'm hurt- Well I am but not because of him!" Her face then twitched, all cool lost at only one statement. Wasnt me. "Excuse me-" As she said this her eyes turned a darker red and her blood turned black. "Who was it then?" She tilted her head as a fair warning that said to pick your next words carefully.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
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Lapis Ashford

He looked at Emery who was now crouching and he blocked Mia from view with his wing again. The girl shouldnt be looked at like she was fucking prey. It was wrong and weird. He snorted as Emery mumbled something. Lapis crouched down in front of Emery and reached towards his face. He gripped Emery ear and stood up with him in tow.

"Youll be fine. Minma can take care of you."

He said and looked at the guy with a nid.

He walked quickly back to the bus and up the stairs, with Emery. Not really caring if the male got hurt. He threw him down in one seat and turned to sit back in the one he was in previously. Oh how this day was going so far. Everything had been a shitfest the past two days. He and Amethyst got into a fight. He and someone else got into a fight. Not to mention he watched someone get possessed.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes, phosphenes crossing his vision. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the seat. He wished he could have teleported with Amethyst. What if she was hurt or pasted out somewhere. That trick they pulled must have cost alot of energy and her arm was already dangerously close to black. He didnt even bother to put on his headphones as he knew he was going to be bothered soon again.

"Cant be a asshole to everyone."

He muttered to Emery.

Pyrite Lightwood

He was still smiling when Bula leaned closer to him. His eyes carefully kept on hers.

"Oh yes but I am pulling a prank on my sister and a guy."

He said with a evil grin only to back up again to look at the nurse. He was smiling and flipped his {long} hair over his shoulder. She pulled his face over and he didnt bother to move when she asked about lipstick..? What the hell were all those colors? He had no clue what nude meant or the rebellious one. He blinked slowly and rubbed his face.

"I guess the rebellious rose one..?

He asked and shifted so he could sit better. Today was really not going to be fun until he could mess with his sister.


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Dominique groaned and started to repeatedly whack Thrun over the head with the tube of yogurt he had handed back to her. "YOU ACTUALLY KISSED DAYANA?! AKA MY SISTER?!!" She stepped away and threw both yogurt tubes at him before inhaling deeply. She was pissed as all hell and took everything she had to not set the orc in flames right now. She closed her eyes as her face relaxed now seeming more peaceful, a rather big change to only moments ago. "If I find out you fuck her too, your dead." She then turned and walked away. She needed to find Dayana NOW to clear this up.

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Thrun Mukrun

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Thrun flinched from the assault, not because it hurt but because of the ferocity! It was kinda terrifying! He winced an eye shut, not knowing WHY she was so pissed off!? Oh, right, he was an Orc and she didn't like him! Duh! "H-Hey!" He could practically feel her fuming, but thankfully she backed off, storming off. "I-I wasn't gonna-- Ugh!" He knew where she was going too. The mention of anything more intimate went right over his head right now, he quickly got out his phone.

[ChiefThrun]: Dayana! Trouble! Dominique saw everything and she just got done beating me with-- I think Yogurt?!
[ChiefThrun]: I'm pretty sure she's looking for you now!

Could he have like, a moment of chill for three seconds?​

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