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Fantasy N.A.S MAIN CHAT >>Closed<<

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Maddie looked over at the pegasus not very sure she said that she would call people onto the bus, and felt a bit hurt that she didn't listen but she tried not to worry too much about it as she let out a sigh. Though she would be lying if she were to say that it didn't make her a little mad or triggered but she figured she could cross off the last name as her but once another girl started to ask questions she laughed and shook her head to either side. "Any species or creature is allowed into the school for whatever reason they need. As long as we can provide, they can come."

"Once I call your name, feel free to take a seat!" She then looked around one more time before clearing her throat and reading off a few names on the list, "Mariah and Micah?" She looked at the ground to see who moved and when.


The One That Keeps Returning From The Dead...
Micah shifted slightly, tugging their hood forward a bit more and cautiously made their way to the... oddly luxurious bus... Just what kind of school bus was--... Magic... Right...

They paused to quietly tell the driver who they were and then just waited for some kind of second permission to board. Almost as if they expected the woman to check the list and change her mind, telling Micah that they weren't welcome to attend after all.


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She sat up as she heard her name called then looked over at the other person who was called onto the bus. She rolled her eyes at them and pushed past them onto the bus. She decided to take a seat all the way in the back of the bus. She looked through her bags and took out three books, closing inspecting each one in her hand before choosing the middle one titled, 'Shadow shapers.' She then leaned back and started to read the book she had chosen.


Maddie watched Mariah walk onto the bus then gestured for Micah to go in as well then turned to the rest of the students with a wide smile. "Alright, unfortunately, we don't have a lot of time so I'll just mark you all off the list as present, that way we can get to the school faster!" She then climbed the three steps that led to the inside not eh bus and took her head in the front, placing her hands on the wheel as she looked at everyone else from out the door. "You all coming!" She looked forward as she waited for them to get on.


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Della Foster

She happened to be daydreaming until she noticed that she should get in the bus. She sat in the back of the bus in the opposite side of the other girl. The other girl had books, della really enjoyed reading to she glanced over and did her best reading the book that the other girl had.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
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Lapis Ashford

"I would sit down it seems like we will start moving soon. And Blondie do your best to not bother me."

He watched Leo come on the bus and he quickly backed up from the two males. He sat down, crossing his right leg over his left as he leaned his head on the seat. He closed his eyes and popped his other earbud in. Music filled his ears and any tension or anger he had built up in him melted away with the sound of Devin. Alot of his songs dominated Lapis' playlist even if they werent as good as the last one he played from him.

He shifted in the seat and felt the bus start moving. He did not like being in a vehicle that he had to control over and he gripped his arm tightly. His knuckles turned white and he sucked in a deep breath. He would be fine. Amethyst would be fine. They were protected on this bus plus the headmaster was with them. He opened his eyes to look at Amethyst who was now curled up against the window.

He wondered what she was dreaming about. If it was anything good or just a shitty dreamless rest. He glanced out the window and watched the forest fly by and a small smile appeared on his face. He watched them split off from the other buses. Much to his own horror. Where were they all going now? Was it the same place but they could get there faster going different ways? That was probably it.

He closed his eyes once again and let his mind settle down from the roaring waves to small waves that lapped at the shore. He slowly dozed off and shifted to get in a better position to sleep. Have flopped on top of Amethyst and half slouched on the seat. Then he fully fell asleep into a pit of stilled darkness.

Artemis Hunt

She looked up at Loet. The bus had been pretty quiet until a girl got dragged off by the ear. She recognized the being dragged female as the one who helped her earlier that morning. She traced her hand over the wound gently and winced back. It was still tender but it was alot better than earlier. She reached her hand up to Loet who bent his head down to be pet. Her fingers danced over his soft pelt and up his horns.

How pretty of a deer he was. Though still a asshole at times. She laughed to herself quietly and then the bus started to move. She couldnt sleep on moving things. Never could never will. She rubbed her temple slightly and watched the outside hurdle by. Loet was swaying around the aisle and she laughed again. She reached out and tried to steady Loet to no success.

"Oh Bitch Buck dont break anything." She whispered to the deer and he twitched his ears before settled down to lay in the floor. Quite hard for him but he was able to fit a bit. Artemis rolled her shoulders out and shifted her bag to be pressed against the window. She didnt know who to talk to as Fae was chatting with Asher and she had no interest in talking to him. She was fine with being quiet as she closed her eyes.

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Thrun Mukurn
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GrieveWriter GrieveWriter ( Grita and Ava)


Well just when Thrun didnt think it could possibly get worse it absolutely did. Thrun was an Orc who was typically an optimist, he liked people and had a lot of faith in them. Right now though it felt like everyone around him was going out of their way to make this situation worse. Lets run down the situation here;

First, Thrun messed up on a promise and felt bad. Overreacting a bit in the way teenagers do. However deciding to give Dayana her space until they were more collected.

Second, he found out Dayana was very upset because of what Anne told him. So he tried to tell her in order to help Dayana hopefully feel better with help from her friend.

Third, friend runs off, Drags a disgruntled Dayana off her bus, making a big scene, to sit down next to someone she probably was irked with.

Fourth, all of a sudden now suddenly random strangers have taken an interest in him, when he's struggled to make friends since the first minute here in the school-- Making an already embarassing and too public scene even worse and more crowded.

Cool! Fantastic! Thrun would have found Ava an interesting individual as she looked rather tough unlike most of the students but right now? That was the last thing on his mind, more 'OK THANK YOU SPIRITS I DONT KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG BUT I AM CLEARLY BEING PUNISHED'.

Still, he sat through the lecture! That they should talk? Yeah, but did it have to be right now? In front of a whole bus of people? The last thing he wanted was some kind of peer pressure going on but here it was. He rubbed hand over his face, Dayanas stinging rebuttal was not surprising. He knew Ava was just trying to help but, time and place you know? This was, exactly, why he didnt want a big scene.

He mouthed a silent 'Sorry' to Ava afterwards, and really just wanted go get to wherever they were going without further incident. He expected this to be a quiet, awkward trip, but Dayana caught him off guard, looking over as she said he didnt need to apologize.

Then clarified by asking him what he told Anne. Ah, well she just didnt know why he had to apologize yet. Cool. Again, he was honest, and he was starting to question the validity of honesty. "She said she was a friend of yours, and that you were really upset. Then said I didnt look much better and wanted to know if it was connected." He started, rubbing his eyes with one hand, before dropping it back to his lap.

"So I told her about breakfast and how I broke my promise to be there. Told her I felt guilty and that she should help you and not worry about me." He said, flatly, being more brief. Though he realized that it came without context. So he sighed, "I just thought she'd like, sit down with you and talk with you since she was your friend. I wasnt even sure this whole thing was what was bothering you. I didnt expect her to drag you over here against your will and make a big scene."

"That's why I'm apologizing, I guess I inadvertently put her up to this."
He admitted with resignation.

Bula Mukurn
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While Thrun continued to have every high school boys worst nightmare--

Bula pulled out a nice sunhat, with a cute yellow ribbon on it, and put it over Pyrita's head.

Heh, PyRita, Bula was gonna call her Rita.​


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Asher Dalton
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Location: Bus #2

Asher wanted to further the conversation but once again, the things happening around him prevented him from doing so. He was just a tad too ADHD for this right now and figured that if he did want this girl, she deserved his full attention whenever he could give it. And right now was not that time at all. Now that he thought about it, he didn't care for others to think about them that much. He would usually prefer to bug or talk to people in the chaos but this time he really wanted a moment with her. Sure, he might lose his shot but it's not like he couldn't reel her back in any way. He sat back and sighed as he took out earbuds and scrolled through his playlist on his phone. He decided on the second to last should play first but the issue was that it wouldn't play. He had a signal so there shouldn't have been any reason for it to not play the song. Only seconds after the observation the song disappeared from the list and there right in front of him was a new one. He knew this song all too well and it wasn't because he liked or enjoyed it in any way- Because he hated it...But someone else did like it.

Asher went out of YouTube and opened his texts then started to type a message.

Amber get out my fucking account and put my playlist how it was!

To his surprise, he immediately got a response back

[Amber]: Uhhh make me!
[Amber]: When you stop being an ass then maybe I will

Asher had never seen such bullshit like this before and started to type his response when he turned back to see Amber smirked smugly at him like he had done to her in the lunchroom while holding her middle fingers up towards him. He tried his best to keep his calm but even the smallest thing could set this guy off. One of his dark eyes got lighter, the color inside of it fading to a pearl white while the other only got darker until it was a dark blood red. As they changed colors his hair had even turned a different shade. Something closer to a ginger than a sandy brown but he couldn't tell it anyhow. Even if he had a mirror it wouldn't freak him out to see himself as he currently was. In fact, he believed himself to be rather cute in his new form. He sat calmly as if nothing had happened. The last thing he wanted anyway was to draw attention to himself now especially since he was still pissed. You didn't want to mess with him when he was pissed.

[Asher]: ]I'm not the one acting like an ass because I didn't hack into your account and change your shit!
[Asher]: Just fix it!
[Amber]: Okay so 1st of all

[Amber]: ]I didn't HACK into your account!

[Asher]: Okay so what DID you do?!
[Amber]: I stole your passwords! :}

Asher blocked Amber's number and went back to YouTube. His whole playlist was gone now and his history had been completely erased. He was going to KILL Amber when they got off the bus.
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
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Fae Cove and Artemis Hunt

She was still looking at Asher but he just ignored her. She closed her eyes and shoved a thought into his head;


She opened her eyes but held the thought within his head with ease as she jumped up on the seat. Not really caring if the bus was moving or not - She had been in faster things. She wondered if she could swim faster than the bus could move on land. She looked at Artemis who had her eyes closed and she sighed. She leaped over the seat and a couple others almost whacking her head.

She stopped in front of Artemis' seat and tapped her head and Artemis jumped.

"Bitch. Why did you do that?"

"Because I can. Now your coming to sit with me."

Artemis didnt refuse as she followed Fae back over the seats. Artemis having much more difficulty swinging over them. She could swing through a tree just fine but when it came to this Fae was better at it. Fae laughed as she settled down in the seat. Artemis had replaced her half mask for her full one again, back to being the cold inhumane looking thing. She fiddled with the strap to readjust it as she sunk down next to the window.

Fae let the thought slip Ashers mind and turned to face Artemis fully. She traced a hand over some of the braids that dotted her hair. A women of the deep symbol and that brought her pride. Though she did leave her home at a young age, not her fault.

Artemis sighed and ran a hand through her messy ponytail.

"What did you need? Can I go back to being unbothered?"

"Nope your stuck with me for now because asshole over there is ignoring me."

"Not surprised. You talk alot."

Fae laughed at Artemis comment and crossed her arms. Artemis now had her eyes closed again and was trying to relax a bit but Fae had to ruin it.

"Let me braid your hair."

Artemis opened her eyes and rolled them so far back in her head she wouldnt be surprised if she lost her eyeballs in there. She shifted in the seat and tugged at the ponytail holder holding her hair up. Her wavy long hair cascaded down her back and she ran her hands through the roots. Fae clapped and grinned before splitting Artemis hair into two sections. She took a small bit of hair and started to braid it.

After a bit she finished one side of Artemis head and it ended at her hip. She started on her other side of her head. Artemis hair was thick and full of the red dye she insisted on wearing. Fae wished she wore it like she used to. Natural black with her pale complexion. It made her look younger and innocent. Maybe thats why she didnt wear her hair like that anymore.

Faes braids were simply but elaborate. They were also skillfully done as this is what Fae did in her free time. She finished Artemis other side and tied it off before dropping it again.

"There now you can go back to being unbothered."

Artemis laughed and leaned her head against the window, looking outside. Loet was still sitting on the floor in the back and was pretty content though he didnt like that Artemis moved away from him.



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Minma heard the turning of mechanics as the bus was prepared to move. Then he felt the movement of the bus start to take off. "I suppose we should sit down then. But what a shame. I was really hoping I was going to get to know your name." Minma smiled with a slightly tilted head then put his right hand on Emerys left shoulder. "No worries. I can always call you Shorty." He then looked Emery up and down before meeting him in the eyes once again. "I'm quite positive it'll get your attention."

Minma removed his hand while also giving Emery a sarcastic wink. He turned around and placed himself in his seat once again. It hasn't even been an whole hour since I've arrived and I've already thrown insults and had them thrown at me. "Oh well" Minma mumbled under his breath as he laid his head back and rested it on the seat. His right foot was once again swinging over his left knee. His fingers were intertwined with one another as the rested in his lap.

Minma's eyes were now closed but he wasn't asleep only in deep thought. He wondered many things. I wonder what the rest of the people are like. If there's anymore as.... outgoing.....as that shorty I might not make it long before I snap. At least Lapis seems chill....then again I suppose anyone would being near shorty. Welp I guess here in a while I'll get to see the other students reaction to me.
"Sounds fun." Minma whispered to himself sarcastically.


Emerycrop.pngEmery- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Lapis) + Minma Minma (Minma)
Emery watched, innocently curious as Lapis had now stood and was coming down the aisle to join them. But a muscle twitched in his jaw noticing why he had done that. A sign of tension from the ghoul. A rare sign.

"Jealous?" Emery's smile was now strained, doing his best to keep the unbothered 'I'm sarcastic I don't care' facade up. "Me? Jealous?" He forced a laugh, now crossing his arms over his chest. Clearly a little defensive. "Should I be? Because I'm not. I am never jealous." He shifted his footing slightly, another contrived laugh in response to the teasing from Lapis. "You are being stupid, mutt."

Emery was still trying to tilt his head higher than the two in a subtle manner. But his gaze was stuck looking between them. The tops of their heads, specifically. Inspecting their height. "Neither of you are that tall." Lapis was only about an inch taller but Minma was a few inches higher, to his extreme dismay. Leo spoke and the bus began to move, prompting Emery to focus back in.

Usually Emery had no issue with physical contact, but Minma's hand on his shoulder was with sly remark. Emery didn't make a move to remove it, but he did look at it with an annoyed frown.

"I could eat you." Was his grumpy threat to the pair, before he childishly slunk off to his seat near the back of the bus. Deciding to just sit the rest of the ride out in silence away from all of them.
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Grita & Ava
Location: The Third Bus
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If Ava recognized the anxious state her intervention had sent both Green and Blonde into, she didn't show it. Instead she merely nodded at the Blonde's acknowledgment of her as she continued to quietly watch the two of them. She didn't speak at first as Green was implored to explain why things had turned as it did, and in the meantime the bus started moving. Seemed they were finally going to figure out what the Headmaster had suddenly uprooted them for. Ava was glad they were getting closer to answers, but that didn't last long. Instead, she glancing out the window and raised an eyebrow at the sight of the three buses splitting up. They were all heading towards the same place, right? So what was the point of splitting up?

As the Academy dissappeared behind them, Ava found herself with even more questions than before.

But even though they were now on their way, that didn't stop Ava's ears from picking up more of the conversation in the seats behind her. And, of course, there wasn't much stopping her from interjecting again once he admitted to inadvertently putting Blue Eyes up to this.

"It was probably the self-flagellation that did it." Ava noted out loud whilst closing an eye and bringing a finger to her chin "The intensely self-punishing tone you were emanating over such a trivial manner was practically tangible from here. In fact, if I had as much understanding of the characters at play as Blue-Eyes over there then I probably would've-"

"Hey Ava, ain't you getting a little too into their business?"
Grita asked, prompting Ava to open her eye and look to her roommate.

One of Grita's eye stalks had tilted towards the duo, also keeping track of the scenario. But from Ava's position she could clearly see the rest of Grita's attention was solely locked onto a console she held in her hands. Yet even as her fingers zipped from button to button, she still looked to Ava for an answer for her question.

"No, I'm merely stating my observation of prior events linked to the matter at hand for clarity's sake." Ava explained "A bus ride is perfect for group oriented problem-solving, after all."

At least... that's how the Instructional Video put it.

Besides that, she had signed up for the Student Council. The only other council she knew tended to solve problems for those they oversaw. Ava figured such a minute issue was a good place to test her ability to aid her peers, and gather useful experience for next time. Grita didn't care much for such factors, and was more or less just keeping track of the goings on because she was curious as to how things would play out. So, keeping one eye stalk raised so she could keep track of things, she shrugged at Ava's reasoning and returned to her game.


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Dayana nodded at the info she was getting from him and started to slowly rub her temples for a while before sighing. "So you've been beating yourself up because of something that was in no way, your fault?" She looked at him blankly before laughing. The more she thought about it, the more humor she could find in it. Thrun mentioned a few times, about having a sister so, of all people, she figured that he should have known that just because she might have responded one way didn't mean that it reflected how she felt about him....Yes maybe the situation made her feel some type of way but it was a temporary feeling that wasn't really chosen.

She put both of her hands on either side of his face, lightly turning it so he looked her straight in the eye. For someone who seemed so irritated before, she showed no sign of it at the moment. In fact, she was smiling, "Stop apologizing you green loaf," She then joked. Dayana felt a bit bad for being the cause of all this drama since it probably wouldn't have been like this if she wasn't so petty about it so the next thing she did was purely to make him feel better.

The elven girl held her smile, a now relaxed expression to match it, and dropped one of her hands then gently moved in to quickly kiss Thrun. When she moved away, she lightly flicked his head, "Next time try to actually talk to me and this can be easier on both of us." She stood up, despite the fact that the bus she was in was still currently moving, and walked up towards the middle section of the bus, taking a seat in an empty space.
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Thrun Mukurn

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GrieveWriter GrieveWriter (Grita and Ava)



It just got worse!

He didn't know why he expected Ava to go away when first getting yelled at, but she didn't! She just kept standing there listening to his entire reasoning, then computing it and ejecting it like a robot! He ran hands over his face. Especially as he was only driven down further with mention of his self deprecation. Thankfully their crab friend had the right idea, Grita, who seemed to be the rational one. Thrun didn't judge Grita one bit by her appearance, lord knows he was an Orc he got judged plenty based on that alone. He just silently mouthed a 'Thank you' to Grita, so she could read his lips. Only for Ava to just keep going! Still, he counted the effort from Grita.

He was still waiting on Dayana's response, which thanks to Ava was looking more and more bleak by the moment...

Or so he thought.

When Dayana did respond, he expected a lot of responses, but laughing wasn't one of them. He looked over, blinking slowly, something that wasn't his fault? How? He opened his mouth to respond, but was -firmly- shut up by those soft hands on his face. Which might as well have robbed him of all IQ as he just stared dumbly a moment, at a total loss for words, a bit of color at his cheeks from embarrassment. Sheesh, he had to look like a heckuva sight. Green Loaf? He almost wanted to laugh at that, it actually made him smile. Alright... Ok, Optimist Thrun was slooowly coming back!

Sure, this situation was embarassing, sure he'd made a doofus of himself but-- Hey! Situation salvaged right? "Uh, heh, yeah I'll uhm, I'll do that." He smiled, stop apologizing? Easy enough. He was about to say he was glad she was feeling better at least but--

Then he felt soft lips against his.

Aaaand Thrun.exe crashed.

It happened so fast, so suddenly the poor Orc just couldn't comprehend it. He blunk, dumbly, and didn't immediately flush as it took a moment for it to register in his head as though his mind couldn't reconcile reality. The only thing that snapped him out of it was the flick to the head, which made him put palm over it and finally let the colour flood into his face. "O-Oh! Yeah! I'll... I'll totally, do that next time! Totally!" Oh god he sounded like a flustered doofus. How was she not blushing? Oh, right maybe... Maybe it was some kind of, elf, thing, kiss someone to show them things were alright? The signal was pretty loud and clear though-- Aaagh. He watched her as she walked away, taking up an empty seat. He sighed, heavily, looking forwards.

Only then did he remember everyone was damn well watching him. He melted into his seat some, almost wishing he could just liquefy into it so no one could see him. "So! Uhm! Situation... Remedied I guess? Ha... Haha..." The Orc gave a dumb, tusked grin.

Bula Mukurn
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Everyone on Bus One!
Gao Gao (Greyson)
DaniGurl DaniGurl (Asher)
ach1lles ach1lles (Piranesi)




She dug into her backpack, looking at her wildly selective set of perfumes to use. She tapped her lower lip, tilting her head some, so many fragrances to choose from. So far she'd been kind of going with a summer motif with the sunhat, so manybe keep going with that. Oh! Daisy! Yes! She took out a perfume, and leaned over to Rita, dabbling on their neck, just to get that fragrance! Yuss! Always careful not to wake them!

Bula looked back at the rest of the bus, she needed more ideas... Aaaand she could meet more people, why not? She got up, and walked into the aisle. Ok, time to put on cute request face. "Hey, uhm, everyone? Sorry if I'm interrupting you." She said, putting on that 'I am the cutest inoccent orc girl in the world' look and posture, a shy yet cute smile as she tactically lowered her head just enough to show her forehead. "Can you all help me with something? A-And keep it down my friend is sleeping. Rita here, my friend, she wants to look good for wherever we're going. She thinks it's an impromptu field trip! P-Possibly with a lot of other people, uhm, but because of how sudden it was she didn't have a lot of time to get ready sooooo..." She put hands behind her back, nervously grinding the haunch of her shoe into the ground. "...Uhm, if you have any advice on how I can surprise her before she wakes up by making her look really cute and ready I'd appreciate it."

"My name's Bula, by the way."
Aaand finish it with a self plug. Yuss.

Pyrite was going to kill her, and she was going to laugh the whole way to hell.​


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
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Pyrite Lightwood

He was completely out and his head was resting on the window. He could feel his head bouncing against the glass but didnt wake up. He felt something slip over his finger. What was it? He didnt really pay attention as he drifted into a dream. He was unaware of the hat that was slipped over his head or that his appearance changed. He now looked like his sister. Soft facial features and long white hair.

Now people could say they looked identical. He felt something against his neck and he shied away from it. Now somewhat awake he rubbed a hand over his face. He slowly blinked his eyes opened and looked at Bula who was facing the bus. Who was she talking too and why was she talking so much. He studied her for a moment before his gaze drifted up. A hat was on his head..?

He slowly took it off with his hand and looked at it. His eyes widened in terror as he caught sight of his hand. A feminine shape hands with fine short nails. He held back a scream as he threw the hat in the air. His hand shot out and the hat began to float. He slowly guided it over to Bulas turned figure and raised it as high as the ceiling would go. He then withdrew his hand and the hat dropped onto her head.

He laughed as he felt the black veins creep up his arms. They didnt bother him like they did his sister. Such a power measurer. "So what is this about making me pretty? Though I was already pretty." He said with a stern glare though he was joking.


As they neared their destination the second bus's radio went off. Someone was talking on it and the voice could be heard even from those in the back. "Quick update: The N.A.S students haven't all arrived yet so we'll need you to pull up at the bus that they're currently in or by and see what the hold up is. The other buses will arrive straight at the school so try not to fall behind like the other!" It then clicked off as the driver took a sharp turn down a new path until they came across another rather luxurious bus that had still in park along with a few students by it. "Students you can get off for a while so I can sort out an issue but I'll need you all back on in ten minutes!" The driver jumped out of her seat and started to walk towards Maddie, the other school's driver.


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Olivia narrowed her eyes at him and mumbled a 'whatever' as she followed him to the entrance. Rather she expected it for not, she could see a few things in the distance moving towards the building. Her eyes went wide and she turned to Hokusai asking a silent question, "Do you- Also see that?" She walked down the steps and out to the outer parts of the courtyard to get a better look and there in front of her were two buses on the path to the school.

Why were they coming when her own students hadn't even shown up yet! She literally could not handle any more plot twists, she needed to know what was going on so she knew how to handle the situation.


professional disaster
Piranesi: Loc: Bus 1

Piranesi also likes to think that they've always had good intentions. (This, of course, is a blatant lie to themselves, but sweeping your decisions under the moral carpet often made things a tad bit easier to deal with, and gods know that the ethicality of their life-long actions are not something they would like think about.)

Hence why they ignored the red flags that seemed to be sticking out of Bula and... Rita. Perhaps Pyrite- ahem, Pyrita, genuinely wished to be identified as female. It wouldn't be anything new to them. And perhaps the exclamation of shock was merely that, a sound of surprise, of reckoning that Bula had fulfilled some undiscovered wish of theirs. (They didn't hear a word of complaint come out of her, so really, there would be no blame on them, on the slightest, slimmest, off-chance that Piranesi's gut instinct, screaming about conniving children and malevolent pranks was correct. Not a shred of blame.)

Or perhaps, they really were an agent of chaos.

"If Rita wishes to get dolled up, I can gladly assist." A wave of their hand, and a single tube of lipstick rests between fingers. Origins: Blooming Sheer in Nude, or rather, their last assignment's favourite shade. Arguably stolen (they preferred permanently lended) from a dead woman's boudoir, but dead women didn't need lipstick. And besides, it was for their good intentions. "Mascara, foundation, blush, and eyeliner are also on the table, though I'm afraid it'll take a bit of concentration for me to make anything else."

But hey, the road to hell was paved with good intentions.
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Coretha & Webbel
Location: Outside Noroth's Academy of Sorcery- Near Front Entrance
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"Find venture new greet Friend Learn for Webbel, Hair never Dark Not before seen Him to Interest. Academia Webbel Before Scholar Yes much very, Not fortune this done again often. Experience Hive for Needed Guidance Outside Return Homeland, yes."

Coretha slammed a balled up fist against the tree behind her over and over again as Webbel continued to ramble. From his repetition of the word she'd assumed that that was his name, either that was it or she'd spent the past half an hour receiving even less than she thought she did from the soul-rending nightmare that was this one-sided conversation. She'd told him twice now that she had absolutely no damn idea what he was saying, so far she'd just been able to catch on to the theme that he was a confused nerd. Everything else he expunged in a scrambled word soup in that horrible droning chitter voice of his that that god-awful monstrosity of a mouthpiece didn't do a damn thing to improve.

If he recognized the growing maelstrom of unbridled rage seeping from the pitch black expanse of her hood, it didn't slow him down. If anything, he just spewed more garbage in his ass-backwards attempts to explain himself. Coretha didn't want the first thing she was known for at this school to be her slugging some annoying bug boy because he just couldn't get his act together when it came to the shutting the hell up. But as time went on and what little patience she had was eroded away by the merciless sands of time, The teachers still hadn't returned, and there still weren't any witnesses. Soon the idea became far more attractive, and already her hand balled up into a fist as Webbel's word soup flowed with less restriction.

What exactly was he gonna do if she slugged him anyway? It wasn't as though he'd be able to tell anyone if he kept up whatever the hell this was. Coretha would give him one last chance, and then she'd be less inclined to hold back.

"Okay dumbass, I'll give you fifteen seconds before I plant my fist through those bug eyes of yours." she stated whilst looking up to the tree above "If I don't get peace and quiet before then I'll consider your teeth forfeit."

"Comprehension no Converted Seconds to Planting?" Webbel tilted his head as he held out his hands "Receptacles no Fist Bug Fifteen Received, Maybe?"

Coretha took a deep breath before starting, "One.... two.... three.... four..."

Webbel clearly didn't understand what she was implying, because he just started back up with the bullcrap. Coretha didn't hold back, making it to ten before the sound of the Academy doors opening. Seems like the winds of probability swerved in Webbel's favor that day, as the teachers' arrival prompted him to finally shut up and turn his attention their way. Coretha usually didn't enjoy silence too much, as she preferred the screams of determination and passion that vocalists usually offered the world. But after the verbal vomit she'd just had to swim through, she was willing to just enjoy the moment.

It wasn't a long moment, as soon the sound of a bus approaching pulled her attention to the side. There was a bus approaching, and she initially assumed that it was her classmates here to get things rolling. Finally she could ditch the yellow lunatic with someone else and get started on harnessing her vocal powers. But before she could start, she noted the teacher girl's reaction to the bus' arrival. It looked as though she was about to trip over herself in worry, Staring at the buses as if they spelled ruination for her.

Coretha wasn't about to let that slide, "Hey teach, those are just our classmates or something, right?!?" she called out to her, jerking a thumb towards the buses as the students aboard began to disembark.

Grita & Ava
Location: The Third Bus ==> Outside New Academy-Probably the Front Entrance
Interaction/Mention: Zef The Owl Zef The Owl (Green) DaniGurl DaniGurl (Blonde+Blue-Eyes) (The NAS Folks mentioned Up here^^^)

Grita's ability to multitask was impressive, even though she was currently fighting through a boss fight with minimal healing items and only one eye stalk's worth of focus, she still managed to keep track of the situation behind her. In response to Green's silent thanks, her eye tilted to the side slightly to imitate a nod. The minimal surveillance was a far cry from Ava's solid oversight, single eye locked onto the duo without any form of reprieve just waiting for the next time her intervention was necessary. Thankfully for Green, the blonde defused the situation before Ava found any new talking points to build off of. Once she established that it was no big deal, Ava merely closed her eye and leaned her head back against the window as Green was nearly sent to another realm due to the Blonde's brief kiss.

Ava had taken note of the motion, but felt it unnecessary to comment on. The same couldn't be said for Grita, who waited until the Blonde left before reaching up with one hand to give Green an awkward thumb's up due to her pincers.

"Hey, congrats on that my dude." she lowered her hand and turned her attention back to her game as he slid down the seat "Dodged those bullets like it was nothing."

"Yes the matter is settled, though I'm still stunned by how it was even able to become an issue in the first place." Ava stated, her face revealing no sign of the stunned expression she mentioned.

As the bus continued on its way, she turned to the side and leaned up again. But instead of casting her gaze down towards Green, she looked over his seat towards the Blue-Eyed girl that had set resolution in motion, "It looks as though your solution worked in spite of some brash execution methods, congratulations."

She gave a brief nod in her direction before leaning back down in her seat for the rest of the ride.

But to her surprise, the ride was nowhere near as long as she assumed it would. She wasn't sure how long it had been since she sank back down, but when she felt the bus coming to a stop she felt as though it hadn't been long. Grita paused her game and leaned a head beyond the seats as the bus door opened and they were ushered out.

"Looks like its our stop, time to see some sights, guys." she shrugged with a chuckle before standing up and grabbing her luggage. It took some coordination, but soon Ava helped Grita haul her luggage off of the bus. They disembarked to see the rising form of an entirely new academy laid out before them. There were two people beside the structure's front entrance, and an odd duo beside a nearby tree that looked as though they were sizing them up as they disembarked. Well, the short thing in yellow was eyeing them up, neither Grita or Ava could tell if the girl in the hood was doing the same. It seemed as though she was looking at them, but her hood made any observation of where her eyes were looking pretty difficult.

Setting down two of Grita's bags by her feet, Ava glanced back and narrowed her eyes at the sight of only one more bus parked along with them. She knew for certain that they'd left with three, so had one gotten held up on the way? The risks of taking varied routes, no doubt. She'd save that idea for later, instead turning her attention back to those outside the building as the yellow creature began speaking in an extremely difficult to understand assembly of words. Almost immediately the girl in the hood released an audible groan of irritation and began counting up for some reason.

While Grita seemed busy examining the building itself with curiosity, Ava raised a hand and called out, "Okay, who's the chaperone for this field trip? I've got more than a few questions that I'd like answered with a level of haste."


I'm just chill'n
Autumn Bush

I was fine. Really, I swear. Ok so maybe I definetly hated the way this strange vehicle had worked. I've seen cars and busses I had just never been in one and I was really wishing I could be walking myself right about now. During the length of the trip I managed to distract myself with all the feathers that had gotten rumpled and messed up. Plenty of time to fix them, so I began preening.

Della Foster

This book that the other girl had was really interesting. But as soon as we started moving I felt my eyes droop. No, nope, not sleeping now. I tryed to tell myself. Finally I just gave up slumping over fast asleep.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson and Emery} Minma Minma {Minma} *Pretty much anyone on bus two as Lapis was talking to them*
Amethyst Lightwood and Lapis Ashford

She traced a small symbol in her mind and her eyes fluttered open. Their bus had come to a stop and she leaned up to look out the window. Another bus sat in front of them but no school in site. Panic filled her. Where were they? Were they being dropped off somewhere to fend for themselves? She quickly turned and shoved Lapis' shoulder. He grunted and blinked before opening his eyes fully.

"We need to get out of here. We are in the middle of no where!"

Amethyst signed and Lapis laughed and looked out the window before his face fell. Amethyst was right. He slung his bag over his shoulder and stood up before Amethyst grabbed his arm. She shook her head slightly and released his arm.

"I have a idea."

"What is it?"

"Hand me your hand."

He nodded and held out his hand. Amethyst took it and signed a small symbol in the air, glowing for a split second. Light shifted around their hands and Lapis got the hint. He lit his fingertips on fire and it collided with the light. Amethyst suddenly felt dizzy and as she fell to the floor she teleported. She stumbled as she appeared in a random moving bus. She tripped over her foot as the bus turned and she stumbled into a seat.

Falling onto a sleeping males lap. That male turned out to be a sleeping Grayson, much to her horror. She was frozen in place as her gloved hand rested against the window. She had wide eyes and just looked at Grayson. How the hell did she end up here- Stupid dumb universe.

Lapis watched Amethyst disappear and he scratched his head. He blinked slowly before turning to the others.

"D-Did you just- Never mind." He said and ran a hand through his hair. That was weird. He climbed off the bus and gripped his Lapis stone, wings unfurling and pooling around him. He stretched them and sat down in the grass. He wondered if anyone would follow him off the bus.


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The bus came to a halt while Minma was busy staring out the window. He wasn't sure exactly why, and it didn't seem this was a suitable location to bring a bunch of students. He picked up on Lapis speaking to another somewhere behind him on a bus. A look of confusion then rose upon Minma's face and a slight shiver was sent down his spine.

What just happened? I sensed another being and then all of a sudden thier presence vanished. And using my mind rope I'm not able to pick up where. Must be some distance. A grin crept upon Minma's face. "Teleportation huh. What a power that is to have." He said to himself.

Following right after the dissaparcance of the other person Minma watched as Lapis made her exit of the bus. I better get off this bus as soon as possible. I don't want to be the only one here with shorty back there. Minma then stood up and made his way off the bus. Once off the sun's rays reflected of his eyes causing them to glisten ever so slightly. He ran his hand through his hair while slightly tilting his head back. He was debating on where to make his sitting.

I suppose I can take this time to learn a bit more about my fellow bus occupant. He thought to himself in a joking voice. He slowly made his way towards Lapis who was sitting on the grass with his wings stretched out. He was impressed by the beauty of them. His never seem wings like those before. Once he made it to Lapis he took a seat next to him in a way that would make a right angle with thier bodies. He stretched his left leg out and his right leg remained inward with his knee meeting his chest in height. He was slightly laid back with his arms being used as support beams.
"Those are some nice wings you got there." Minma wasn't the type to give out compliments but one or two every so often never hurt him. "So....have any cool powers like your friend back there had?"


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
Grayson had slept the entire bus ride, and thankfully for those around him he hadn't said anything eerie in his unconscious state. Luckily nobody even tried to disturb the boy, and he was able to have his unscheduled nap in perfect peace.

It's not like the boy really even looked as if he was sleep. His elbow was propped on the window, jaw perched on his palm as he slumbered. Just looked like he was sitting and looking out the glass in some thoughtful trance. With his eyes closed. Silent and not moving. Maybe meditating.

Even when an Amethyst dropped in from nowhere, the boy did not wake. Not properly, anyway. In his half asleep condition, he just thought it was a ghost trying to piss him off. He simply moved his hand to the girl's waist, pushing him off his lap in one annoyed dismissive move. Whether that sent her to the floor of the bus or into the seat next to him, was up for the fellow writer to decide.

He sleepily waved his hand to shoo whoever away and shifted a little in the seat to get more comfortable. His nap was too good to miss out on, apparently. Years of ghosts trying to disturb him made Grayson apathetic to the annoying noises and touches of them while resting. Unfortunately for his case, it was not a ghost. Just Amethyst popping out of nowhere.

"No, the spiders?" Was all he muttered, half asleep ramblings. He frowned, turned his head a little, and went silent again. For only a short while.

"Man on the ceiling." Not harrowing at all thank-you Grayson. Seemed not even a nice brief nap on the bus would save people from his creepy ass sleep-talking. Questionable, what went on in the boy's dreams.

Emerycrop.png- - -
Emery- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Lapis) + Minma Minma (Minma)
Emery had lazed out in his row of seats, arm over his eyes as he rested for the remainder of the trip. The ghoul didn't sleep, couldn't sleep, being dead and all. But laying doing nothing was always lovely. He loved to laze around, blank out in his brain.

It was only when a voice came onto the speakers, did he lift his arm to listen. The bus had stopped, making blonde sit up and shift to the window, peering out. Not the school. Huh. Emery didn't mind much, whatever was happening. He couldn't care less for whatever was happening.

By the time he lazily got to his feet, the other three were gone, assumedly already off. Deserters. They only had ten minutes to fluff around before they had to get back in, but he decided he might as well stretch his legs. Entertain himself for a few minutes.

He moved down the aisle and hopped down the steps of the bus, pausing to raise his head to sniff. Others were close by, others he didn't recognize. New ones. How come their bus looked fancier? Favouritism.

Minma and Lapis were seated on some grass, but Emery was happier than ever to approach them. Boy's night.

"Very nice wings." The ghoul interjected, now stood behind the two on the grass. His voice had returned to that natural sly tone of his. "But too many bones, not worth the effort." Back to talking about eating, a common subject for Emery it seemed. "Where's Pigeon?" He noticed Amethyst's absence, a fleeting glance around. However his attention was still dominated by the other bus, the scents of new people, turning him quiet.

The ghoul did not sit down with them, for obvious reason. He looked tall when standing next to the two sitting down. He also just wanted to check out who was over there, the new ones lingering in and outside the other bus. Made him hungry.

"Must be N.A.S students." Was his mumbled observation, more to himself than the other two males.
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson and Emery} Minma Minma {Minma}
Amethyst Lightwood

She got shoved and she threw out her arm to catch the seat before falling in-between the seats.


She mumbled as her leg hook under Graysons as she fell sending his shin into the seat ahead of him. She winced slightly. Ouch that got to hurt. She quickly stood back up and went to look at all the students on the bus. The bus turned again and she went flying back into Graysons lap. How damn embarrassing.

"Fuck you Lys."

She muttered under her breath as she stood up again. How the hell did she get here anyway? And why here out of all places? She could even go back to where ever she was! She drew in a sharp breath and watched Grayson. Appearing asleep or meditating. He whispered creepy shit and she giggled slightly. Artemis had her head peered up over the seat when she heard something crash and it turned out to be Pigeon.

"Couldnt keep your hands off your boyfriend ya? Did know you were that needy. Its been a damn hour."

Artemis said quite loudly and Fae laughed. This was even more embarrassing than her tumbling into Grayson. She felt her cheeks heat up as she sat down next to Grayson, sinking into the seat. Artemis made a few more comments and her face only grew brighter each one. Dumb bitch. One she could rip their head off with ease-

What the hell was she thinking. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temple. Her veins were scorched black and only hints of blue poked out.

Lapis Ashford

He looked up to see the blue-headed male from earlier sit down. He offered a smile as the dude complimented his wings.

"Thanks. Fire summoning and manipulation but other than that no. Even Amethyst couldnt do that normally."

He said and flicked them against the cool grass. They had a couple more minutes before they had to get on the bus. Where did Amethyst go? Could she get back? He ran a hand through his hair and heard the sound of more footsteps approaching. Fuck Lys. He wanted to see if more people came out not bother him. He glanced up to see the blond head from the bus and said something about his wings.

"Amethyst fucking disappeared. She would rather risk it with damn Lys' wrath than put up with you."

His was was cold and he crossed his arms before closing his eyes. The tattoo on his bicep itching and he hissed slightly.

"Is there something interesting about me that just draws you guys near? Am I like a damn magnet?"


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis] Gao Gao [Emery]

Minma let out a short chuckle. "Please dear, don't get too ahead of yourself. I've only placed myself near you in hopes shorty would avoid you. Since you kind of threatened his life earlier" A slight sigh escaped the grips of his lips. "Although unfortunately it didn't work."

Minma switched his positions of his legs and his right leg mimicked what his left leg was doing and vice versa. "Fire and manipulation huh. So your like some angel devil puppet master. He didn't say it in a questioning way, more like he was telling him that's what he was. He sat upright to intertwine his fingers and crack them before going back to using his arms as his support beams.

"I suppose it's more powerful than my power. I can just sense anything really. Out of sight or in a given area. And that does come in useful a lot of the time." Minma then gave a slight grin whilst looking at Lapis in the eyes. "Although you may outclass me with your fire and manipulation bullshit, I'm more than positive I could take you in a hand to hand combat without any powers." He then nodded his head in the direction of Emery. "I bet I could even take the two of you at the same time.'' He said braggingly.

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