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Fantasy N.A.S MAIN CHAT >>Closed<<

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Zef The Owl

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Thrun Mukurn
Interactions: GrieveWriter GrieveWriter ( Ava and Grita)

Thrun blunk and looked over, "Huh? Oh, Grita, Ava, hey. Err... And yeah it's... It's Thrun." How did she even get the name Dune from Thrun? He smiled none the less, despite the very worrying scenario with Dayana and Asher, he knew there wasn't much he could do about it right now. He just, had to trust Dayana here and try not to worry too much, barging in now would just make things worse he was sure. Whatever the case, the kinda conspiracy theory made Thrun raise a brow.

"What makes you think we're here to help with anything? Maybe instead something went wrong at the previous building, like a gas leak or something?" He noted, raising a finger. "You know something that's made the building unsafe, so they're bringing us here until it's fixed."

Bula Mukurn
Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Pyrite)

Bula paused her march forward at the mention of a prank. She smirked, looking over some, "I haven't saw your sister yet, aaaand first impressions are everything as they say." She pointed out, with a curt nod, as he grin widened over her face. "So yeah count me in, what aaaaare the deets?" She asked, rubbing her hands together excitedly. Kinda curious what Pyrite had cooking in his head there. Bula had been kinda bored since coming here, it was time to make some noise even if they were being shepherded to... Something. She wasn't sure what.​


your moms a hoe

ICARUS MOTHMAN - - johnny ( Knight boi Knight boi ), kinda Amethyst ( XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX )
Icarus watched as they pulled out a paper instead of responding. He raised an eyebrow, wondering if this was one of those love letter confessions. But when he looked at it he noticed the drawing and the “hie.” It took him a second to realize they meant hi without the e. The drawing was cute though, it kind of reminded him of a little kid. “Thank you, it’s adorable,” Icarus stared at the paper for a little bit longer before looking back up at the giant. He had a little smile on his face. “You can’t talk huh?” he asked, not really sure how to interact when he wouldn’t get a reply. Icarus really liked banter, and he was too cool to carry a conversation all by himself.

Luckily, probably not so lucky for everyone else, a mom and her kid started to fight. He didn’t step in or anything, that wasn’t his place. Icarus just watched for a moment, and then politely looked away. But woah he noticed the pretty wings.


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Camilla + Amethyst)

"Took me almost two years." Was his absent-minded mutter, having once made the stupid decision to take on such a large puzzle. Never again. He even had a weak faraway look in his eyes as he recalled it.

Then Amethyst screamed, and Grayson jumped. His gaze flashed to-

"Oh my god." He whispered. A CAT.

"Wow." His voice was quiet and shaking, crouching down to the tiled floors. "Wow. Wow. Wow wow. Look at you." A rare sight to see the boy actually excited about something. Probably the most emotion he had exhibited since he got here. Not one regard for Amethyst's crippling fear of the animal. "Spspspspspspss."

A woman had approached, greeting Amethyst. They knew each other. But it was a very tense interaction. Unwelcome. He was curious what the connection here was.

Daughter. Ohh. Awkward. His eyes shifted to the side, debating if he should step away and let them have their private moment. Which was private until Amethyst started screaming at the woman. Right in the middle of everybody.

Grayson completely blanked.

He was really trying to focus on the drama before him, but the cat had now hopped onto his shoulder, gentle rumbling purrs. His favourite sound. Pale grabby hands delicately pulled the feline into a hold. Cozy, soft in his arms.

Grayson pressed his face against the top of the cat's head, closing his eyes peacefully. "Soft. So big." He mumbled, now just hugging the cat as he quietly cuddled the animal. All while the messy family reunion happened in front of him. He planted a little kiss the cat's forehead before he remembered he was in public and this was not appropriate for a boy of his prestige. He stopped that immediately.

Composure regained. Mostly. He still held the cat in his arms. Back to watching what was going on.

He didn't mind when Camilla's distasteful gaze landed upon him. Silent inspection. Grayson was accustomed to the critical eyes of his superiors. He simply looked right back at her, awaiting some sort of comment or question directed to him. Amethyst's mother stepped closer.

"Grayson. Not dating your daughter," He clarified. "But it is a pleasure to meet y-" Both of them were stopped by a large white wing, cutting them off.

The boy found that highly unnecessary on Amethyst's part, but he did not say anything. He could've and would've politely corrected and greeted the woman himself. He did not wish for his friend's stand-offish manner to give him a bad impression. Camilla was a teacher and owned the sweet ball of fur in his arms. He had to impress her.

Grayson only watched in despair as the cat wiggled from his gentle grasp, running off after Camilla once she walked off.

"Thia. Thia. Thia" He mumbled her nickname, watching the hallway longingly for a glimpse of the love of his life. The Maine Coon, not her mom. "Did you see it? Did you see the cat?" Nothing but ditzy adoration from the male. "I held it." He whispered, a faint smile on his usually cold expression.

After he focused off of the feline, he looked at Amethyst. Questions burned inside of him.

"So." Awkward. Grayson was not a comforting person. If she started crying he'd probably run away very fast. "...That's your mother? She seems.." He paused, looking for a word. Amethyst clearly didn't like her, so his next comment probably wouldn't be appreciated. "Nice."


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Grita & Ava
Location: Entrance Hall
Interaction/Mention: Zef The Owl Zef The Owl (Thrun) DaniGurl DaniGurl (Leo)
Grita's eye stalks raised tall at Thrun's reply as she mulled over the possibility that they were here for their benefit and not this new place's. She'd thought it was the other way around up until now, but she figured if there was something like that going on it might've been able to explain a few things. Maybe the staff had been hurried because there was some new danger they didn't know about, maybe they were being unclear in the reasoning on purpose to prevent a panic.

"Hmm," she shrugged whilst flashing Thrun a smile "I guess things would be a lil' more easy to figure out if that was the-"

"But it isn't."

Grita paused and glanced over to Ava, who closed her eye and began speaking, "Today we'll be taking a short trip to a partnering school and staying for only a night to help out a bit." she stated before turning back to them and opening her eye "Those were the headmaster's exact words when revealing the trip to us. To assume that was not his intent is contradictory."

Grita's eyestalks lowered to the sides as she tilted her head at her roommate and clacked one of her pincers together, "Well he also said the buses would either pick us up tonight or tommorow and look how that turned out. He seemed like he was in a hurry so maybe he just spoke wrong or something."

Ava looked like she was going to retort, but found herself sighing instead. Turning away, she closed her eye again whilst raising a hand to massage her head.

"This entire trip has been such a rushed mess that I shouldn't even be surprised if that were the case." she lowered her hand and looked to the ceiling "The Student Council's going to have to work overtime to help the staff sort this out. Figuring out who else is a member and getting them to assemble is going to be a problem, I can already tell."


Gao Gao (Gigi) (OPEN)
The blind girl went silent as Gigi mentioned beaches, her mind wandering back to the dream she had on the bus. She hardly heard anything Gigi blabbed on about. The seagulls, Starlight, The school. All of it went in one ear, past Lillians fragmented and very occupied mind, and out the other ear. Lillian couldn't help but remember the vibrant color of the sand and the soft song of the little boxy radio; even the rolling blue sky and the infinite blackness of that impossibly murky ocean. Lillians knuckles turned pale as her grip on Gigis guiding hand tightened, her whole body began to tremble as her thoughts moved past the feeling of the blackness of the water around her and finally to that damnable song. The whole dream was a mystery to her, but that song was what stuck out the most. She could not recollect the specific notes, she only knew that it had shaken her to her core.

Before Lillian could even comprehend what hse was doing, she had used her free hand to grab Gigis shoulder to yank her around so the bubbly girl was face to face with Lillian. Her expression was laced with panic, pale and stressed. With faces only inches apart, only Gigi or the very observant bystander could notice the horrid black voids of Lillians now opened eyes. Though Lillians expression was filled with emotion, her eyes were empty. Gigi would find absolutely nothing in them. There was only the spiraling void of that exact thing. Nothing. It spawned an air of discomfort and mystery, very apparent to Gigi and much less so to the bustling students moving around them. "I saw." She hurriedly whispered, the words exploding out of the girl in a fit ouncontrollable emotion. "I saw it, Fhalma. Then I felt it, and- and I heard it!" She blurted, unable to take the time to properly form anything sensible. "To dr-drown! cahf n'ghftog gn'th. h' mgeplllln'gha ya! Th-The song! I drowned in song!" She rambled, the ancient tongue slipping out of her as her composure crumbled into nervous shudders. Lillian released the girl, holding her hand to her own face as her breath grew laboured. She stumbled back and fell, uncaring for the world around her as she muttered utter nonsense and hid her face. With a shaky hand, she reached for her pill bottle, hoping to find comfort in the drugs within.

Knight boi

professional weirdo
161435644318548947 (1).pngJohnny topside - - - Icaurus Mothman L3n L3n

Johnny was happy that the other boy didn't mind his terrible spelling and his drawing skills too, his headlights slightly turned pink when the boy mentioned he couldn't speak, he nodded to the comment his headlights still pink, he forgot to show him something, he pointed to a part of a picture that was a drawing of a little girl, he was trying to ask the other boy if he had seen her anywhere, she seemed rather 'important' to him. The drawing of the little girl was a small figure wearing a purple little dress and her hair in a ponytail, it looked like she was holding a needle. The man cackled in curiosity at the other boy.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"Shes not my mother Grayson."

She snapped and looked at him with burning purple eyes. Then they flickered white and her body went fully still. Wings stuck out at a awkward angle. Everything in Amethysts vision went black and she was suddenly trapped in her mind. Well shit. She slowly sat down within the void of darkness and smiled to herself. She might be here awhile. She prayed to Lys Camilla wouldnt do something embarrassing.

Amethysts body went back to normal though her eyes were a couple shades of purple lighter. She reached out to the male and gripped his face in her hand. A sinister smile on her face as she tilted his head within her hand.

"Why look at you! Much nicer to look at when there is no wing in-between us. Are you quite sure your not the boyfriend? She seems awfully protective of you. Anyways Grayson was it? Take care of Flower for me. Dont let her use her powers or she will kill someone. Dark Angli have it in their blood afterall~ Pleasant meeting you Gray and cant wait to see you in class. "

Amethysts secret was out. Her mother just spilled such a simple reason as to why Amethyst was the way she was. 2 little words that meant certain death within her kingdom. Camilla left the girls mind and Amethysts eyes flickered white before returning back to normal. She stumbled slightly as she backed up from Grayson and rubbed her temple. She looked the male up and down quickly.

"What the hell did she say or do? Did she make me kiss you again? Did she say anything I should worry about? I didnt do anything embarrassing right? What the hell happened? Im sorry for whatever she did in advance."

She had no clue what the female had said through her body or the impact it might have.


Gigicrop.pngGigi Taylor
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Pyrite as Amethyst lol) + Zef The Owl Zef The Owl (Thrun + Bula) + GrieveWriter GrieveWriter (Coretha) + Firelie Firelie (Lillian)

Gigi didn't mind the quiet of her friend. She could and would happily hold a conversation just by herself.


Gigi didn't want to assume that girl was related to Thrun, that might come across badly. She'd steer clear of the whole 'you all look alike' thing. But whether that orc was related to the other one was not her concern. Hands were being held. Touching. Physical contact. The pair running off like star-struck lovers.

"Oh my." Gigi's grip squeezed down hard on Lillian. "OH MY. Theye- THey- THEY'RE TOUCHING!" She was hopping up and down on the spot, hand fumbling to grab her pink notebook and pen. "This must be catalogued PRONTO. STAT."

"Oh my Lillian this is good stuff."
She was excited, scribbling away as best she could with one arm holding the book and her other arm linked in the blind girls.

"Who were they... Where'd they go..?" She whispered, steps speeding up a little to try glimpse the Green girl again. Being short, the ghoul couldn't arch her head high enough to try see over people. Gigi hadn't seen her before, but the white haired female dragged after her looked familiar.

While still searching for the pink hair, her gaze landed on Thrun. Green. But not the same. He looked not happy. Worried about something. Before she could scream out for the orc to scuttle over, a voice sounded. Gigi looked over, all smiles at the, quite frankly, harrowing appearance of the girl.

Gigi didn't mind.

"Mysterious." Was her only gleeful and dumb little comment. "Love the hood. I should get one. Is that a polyester blend? Great choice. Compliments your-" A thoughtful pause. You could almost hear her brain whirring inside her skull. "... Darkness."

"I think we'd be great janitors, right Lillian? Show us the Bentleys, vroom vroom."
She glanced over at her friend for agreement. But Lillian's grip had tightened alot. Gigi thought maybe she was shy. She looked back to Coretha with the usual ditzy smile, happy to lead the convo for them. "I'm Gigi. This is Lillian. She's blind." Nice introduction. "We're from Coral Coast Academy," An enthusiastic wave of her hand towards some directions. "Think it's that way. Or maybe this way. Directions are too confining anyway. You like pine scents? You got a Bentley? What colour is it? Could I drive it? Is -"

Her tsunami of questions was cut short as Lillian spun her around, pulling her close and to Gigi's dread, opening her eyes.

Those black voids bored into her, making Gigi look away immediately. Horrid spaceless darkness spiked fear and seizing the ghoul to the spot. She couldn't move, and the things she did say came out in a meek voice.

"Saw- Saw what?" She didn't know what was wrong. "L-Lillian?" Gigi was afraid. Lillian was panicked about something, something she had seen. Something she had heard. Drowning. Incoherent language. "Lillian I'm scared.."

It couldn't come soon enough, her friend releasing her and pulling back. Only for Lillian to stumble and fall onto the ground. Gigi adjusted her bag on her shoulder and hurried to her side, face contorted in worry.

"Do you want some water? Or some beef jerky? That was a tumble.." But through her concern, Gigi was still shaken. "Are you okay? What.. What was that?"

- - -

GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst + Camilla)

Grayson's eyes narrowed as the girl snapped at him, annoyance rising at her attitude. He wasn't wrong, biologically that was her mother.

Speaking of which, the woman had now possessed Amethyst. Casual. Normal school things.

But he lowkey thought she was kind of... Nice?? As controversial as that may seem. Familiar in a way to his own mother, exuding strength and confidence. Yet far more touchy than Ophelia. She also referred to him as Gray which.. His mother did that too. He didn't even get grumpy about it, just let her continue. He didn't know Amethyst's family business, yet he still found an odd liking for the woman. Maybe that was just his goody two shoes manner ignoring the issues.

He could only smile weakly as she grabbed his face, inspecting him. Good to know where Amethyst got that from.

"Nice meeting you." What a strange way to meet a teacher. Through the possession of your friend. Probably some moral issues there that he wasn't about to dive into.

And then Camilla was gone, Amethyst coming back to control her own body. His brain was still churning what he had learned, but the first thing she questioned made his skin warm.

"N-No she did not k-kiss me!" He snapped very fast, becoming flustered and exasperated that Amethyst would even say such a thing. "It's your mom!?"

"We just.. Talked."
His eyes shifted to the side, suspicious. Grayson wasn't sure if he should bring it up. He was still a bit annoyed she snapped at him pre-possession about calling Camilla her mother. Little bit petty, even. ".. About class." Grayson didn't know if he should tell her what he now knew. Maybe it would upset her. Dark Angli implied.. evil? He didn't know. He'd do some reading about it.

"You're similar to her." He did mean that as a compliment, they looked very alike, both touched people's faces a lot. The similarities were there with mother and daughter.


your moms a hoe

ICARUS MOTHMAN - - johnny ( Knight boi Knight boi )
Icarus gazed at their pink visor in awe. It changes in color? He was staring at it in disbelief. Finally managing to pull his gaze away from the fantastically enchanting light he looked back down at the paper. The Mothman was a little confused about what they were trying to say. Was that their kid? OH they were telling him that they were taken AND they had a kid. He smirked up at Johnny. "Okay, I see you," Icarus raised his hands in surrender like he was backing off. He made a mental note not to flirt anymore. "She looks adorable, though I'm not sure about the needle part," but who was he to judge he played with bugs. Giving the stranger a smile he looked around at the other students again.

Knight boi

professional weirdo
161435644318548947 (1).pngJohnny topside - - - Icarus mothman L3n L3n

The rather friendly and adorable giant loomed at the moth boy and his visor turned blue as he said he didn't know where they were, it looked down and let out a sad big whimper as he put the paper back in his pocket, the whimper was rather sad and adorable though, he still wanted to hang out with the other boy, he was nice and pretty cool, though he couldn't tell if he was playing around or hitting on him.
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"Thank the high heavens. She has done things like that before-"

Her jaw tensed when Grayson called Camilla her mom again. She crossed her arms over her chest and her purple eyes burned with slight annoyance.

"Dont call her my mother she is nothing of the sorts."

She glared off to the side. She was now acting childish. A topic she hated disgusing. She was hoping no one ever found out about her mother but here she was in the flesh. She wished she was dead. The female didnt deserve to live within the beautiful world without consequences to her actions. She just left when her brother was taken away and that left Amethyst for adoption.

She blames her parents for ever single thing done to her from her adoptive ones. She would have never been in that house if they didnt leave. She never would have found out about a bunch of things. She never would be as angry as she was now. She would never talk and she would follow the rules. She would have been a great Healia on her own accord not because Lapis' mom pulled strings for her.

Something coiled in her chest and she hated the feeling of it. It burned her insides and made her want to rip herself open and claw everything out. When Grayson was talking again her eyes trailed up to his and narrowed. She did not like being called anything similar to that witch. Not at all. She placed a hand over his mouth with a hateful look.

"No no. Dont say anything like that again please. If anything is worse than being called her daughters its just that. That women is evil and is worse than my adoptive parents. That says something."

She removed her hand from Graysons mouth and gripped her Amethyst stone within her hand. Her wings folded closer to her as they curled into her back. She winced before dropping her hand. She now looked human. Simple and out of the way. She smiled at Grayson a sudden shift in her attitude.

"Lets talk about something else anything else. Whats your favorite book?"

Fae Cove and Artemis Hunt
Interactions: L3n L3n {Kiseki}
"Thats not how it works Siren! You cant just charm people like that-"

Artemis was suddenly interrupted by a girl approaching. She looked down at the female with bright green eyes. A curled up lip. Why the hell did someone approach her and Fae? They were in the middle of a damn conversation. She slid off Loets back and leaned against his side to look at the female better. They just said hello to the deer..? Not scared of it or giving it weird looks either.

That made Artemis already like this female more plus she was offering food. What if it was poisoned? She could deal with it when the time came. Fae followed Artemis' lead and jumped off the deer to smile brightly at the girl.

"Hello Kiseki! Im Fae and this is Hunter! Nice to meet you as well!"

She dipped into a dramatic curtsy much like she had done with Gleadr. Seemed to be something she did often when meeting normal people not ones who hunted her down. She looked at Artemis and grinned wider.

"This is Bitch Buck though his actual name is Loet and sure we can have one."

She took the bag lightly into her scarred hands and tucked it away into her bag. Fae took the other one and clapped.

"Thank you so much! You are kind! Wanna be friends? Also why do you think we are here? Do you think they are going to blow us all up because of what happened at Coral Coast Academy yesterday? Someone blew up lights it was SUPER cool to see. Sorry I talk alot! What school are you from?"

Fae raised a eyebrow and brushed her red hair over her shoulder. Artemis rolled her eyes before laughing. Faes constant chatter was hilarious to listen to.

"Thank you for the treats."

She reached up at patted Loets neck who turned to look at the female. He walked forward and nudged her with his head before backing up again. He reached his head over to Artemis bag and sniffed it.

"Loet no! You cant have those you already stole someones coffee today!"
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GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)

"Your-" His voice faltered, trying to process what she just said. "Your mom-" His hands raised, poking his fingers together in the 'peck peck' motion he had done earlier. "la bise people... With your body." Grayson crossed his arms again, shifting a bit. Uncomfortable topic. "That's... strange."

The female wasn't pleased he referred to Camilla as her mom again, or the comparison he brought up. He didn't see it as a huge deal. No matter what she thought, Camilla was her mother. Couldn't change much about that. This prompted Amethyst to put a hand over his mouth to shut him up. Grayson glared, waiting till she removed it before spilling annoyance from his lips.

"Don't take out your emotions on me." A harsh comment. "It is not my fault your family dynamic is messed up." Incredibly harsh. Could've been far more sympathetic on that front. She had even asked what his favourite book was in attempt to change the topic, but it was too late. Grayson was irked and the sentences had fell from his mouth.

A tension worked at his jaw, casting his unhappy look to the side. Someone mentioned coffee nearby, spiking a little want in the boy. He hadn't had his usual morning coffee, since Loet invited himself to steal it. Fat bitch.


your moms a hoe

KISEKI NAORU - - fae and artemis ( XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX )
Kiseki felt bad for cutting off Artemis, but it was too late to go back now. The mummy watched as they hopped off the deer with a big smile, brightening up even more if possible when they introduced themselves. Kiseki giggled and did a dramatic curtsy back, even if it wasn’t the best. She thought the gesture was really sweet. When Hunter introduced Loet as “Bitch Buck” she tried to hold in her laughter.

So far the other people she’s met didn’t seem as eager as Fae was, so this interaction gave her extra positive energy!! She could bounce off the walls.

“Hello Fae, Hunter, and Loet,” she gave an extra long smile to Loet. It took everything she had to hold off on petting the animal, but she successfully refrained! “I really like your names, they are all so unique!”

Kiseki excitedly looked towards Fae at the bound of questions tossed her way. After waiting and listening to them all she happily responded, “You seem really kind too! I’d love to be friends if you’d have me! I don’t know what we’re doing here though,” she bashfully scratched her own cheek. “Oh jeez, do you think they’d actually blow us up?” the naive girl asked worriedly. Kiseki didn’t think she could treat that many people at once if they all went kaboom. This wouldn’t leave her head for the rest of the day. “OH! Did that really happen? I go there!” she smiled before realizing the severity of the event. “Wait shoot, I hope everyone is okay.. do you guys go to Coral Coast too? And!! Don’t apologize for talking, it’s really fun,” Kiseki tried to include Hunter in their conversation at the end too, not wanting to leave anyone out.

The bandages girl zoned out a bit, watching Loet and Hunter interact. They seemed so sweet. “Wait, you stole someone's coffee?” Kiseki giggled once again, her hand going up to her mouth to hide a wide smile. “What's the story behind that?”

Knight boi

professional weirdo
161435644318548947 (3).pngApollo ghostrunner - - - Kiskei L3n L3n
As Apollo had entered the designated entrance, he was wearing a rather cool looking leather jacket wearing the hoodie over him he didn't want to bring to much attention to himself he looked around he seemed disarmed but really his sword was attached to the inside of his back he walked around as he turned slightly walking backwards until he walked into some though he didn't fall. He looked down at the girl. his robotic face looking straight at her as his head scanned her face...THREAT LEVEL........0% his head read as it read her figure.
"As expected..." a deep cold tone said in his voice.



We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"Its not my fault either Grayson! Do you think I wanted to be born to the darkness, bound to go insane and die at any given moment? Do you think I wanted a bitch mother like Camilla? Do you THINK I wanted to be adopted? Do you think I wanted to do half the shit I have done?"

She didnt even notice what she had said, it just slipped out. Amethyst stared up at him and her blood boiled under her skin. She was slightly pissed and was taking it out on Grayson which wasnt fair to him. She crossed her arms and glared to the side.

"Now like I asked before, whats your favorite book?"

She was still glaring off to the side before she finally cooled down a bit. She looked back up at Grayson with her purple eyes. Ones that look like they have seen to much but so little at the same time. Sometimes she wished she could go back in time and change the past. She wouldnt have had to deal with her adoptive parents and she could have kept Pyrite safe. Though he was alive.

She blinked out of her thoughts and tugged at a strand of her hair. She might not look like a Dark Angli but the darkness coursed through her veins. Both her and her brothers.

Fae Cove and Artemis Hunt
Interactions: L3n L3n {Kiseki} Knight boi Knight boi {Apollo} Gao Gao {Emery}
Note: Italics mean Fae is shoving thoughts into Artemis' head.
"I like your name its super prettyyyyyyy! Hell yea it happened! I ended up seeing all the glass on the floor and I feel bad for the poor janitor who had to clean it. And yes we go to Coral Coast as well!"

There was a small pause after Fae spoke before Artemis was speaking. Fae looked up and smiled at the female, glad she wasnt being pissy.

''Loet decided to wander off and bug some tall black hair dude. Hangs out with a girl called Pigeon both are pretty annoying but anyway- Loet stole the guys coffee and is apparently fine. Though he did call Loet a name and I am not very fond that he did that and will get back at him later."

Artemis snorted and Fae giggled. Then someone bumped into the nice female. Artemis glared at him when he said something. That was not kind and he didnt even apologize for running into the female. She was being a hypocrite but this female had been nice to her and Loet without running off. She stepped around the smaller female and got closer to the male.

"I would apologize to her before I blow your robotic head off."

She hissed and her blood was tingling in her veins. She wanted a fight. To kick this robotic bitches ass. Her green eyes glimmered under her mask and she leaned up to get in his face. Fae pulled her arm but she didnt pay attention to the red headed female. Fae tugged harder on Artemis' arm and she turned her head.

"Not now Artemis. Please try to stay out of trouble at this school. If you really want to fight him take him by surprise though try to do so in a less populated area."

Artemis felt the thought in her head and she have a curt nod to the smaller female. She turned her head to look back at the male.

"Apologize or threats will be seen through. You got lucky this time."

Artemis looked at Fae and smiled under her mask. She was going now before she did contiuned the fight. She stepped around the male and her eyes caught on a white haired male. Emery. She smile grew wider as she followed him through the crowd on quiet feet. Light foot steps though the male might be able to hear her. He seemed to have more advance scenes. Luck bitch. She wished she had better scenes.

When he stopped she leaped onto his back and wrapped her legs around his abdomen which wasnt fairly hard as she was pretty much his height. She had her blade branched out in her hand and under his chin, biting into his neck. She leaned her head down to where it was right next to his ear.

"Whos day have you ruined already to be apologizing with a mouse?"

Fae watched Artemis leave and turned back to the other two with a smile on her face.

''Hello im Fae! Sorry about my friend though I would recommend you do as she said."

She nodded to the guy before reaching up at petting Loet who had seemed to notice Artemis leave and not bring him. Loet turned his head to look at the other female and nudged her again.
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GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)

"That's not my problem, is it?" Rhetorical question, he was being mean.

He huffed through his nose and glared to the side. Grumpy. Amethyst asked again what his favorite book was.

He stayed silent for a long time, still prickling with tense annoyance. It almost seemed like he wasn't going to answer, until he finally spoke.

"I don't believe in favouritism." Odd reply. Everything had to be difficult with Grayson. In fact it was very similar to how Thia would go on large rambles about colour theory and jigsaw puzzles.

"I am currently reading Charles Beatriz, only because Stoicism has been revived recently. Especially in entrepreneurial circles, so it's very popular with my father's associates. It's quite a defining piece of work in my opinion." Grayson continued to talk about this book for quite a while, getting a little too caught up with it.

"It outlines timeless philosophy and explores the biggest questions asked as the basis of philosophy over the course of Western history." Big boy words. "Charles breaks down the paradoxes of conventional understandings of morality, and in doing so sets the stage for much of the 20th century. The commitment to virtue above pleasure, tranquillity above happiness, and a search for inner peace in the face of an endlessly changing and chaotic world. I think what he says is highly practical for everyday life." Guy had completely zoned out while he rambled. "It teaches peace, harmony and balance, describes the complete and fulfilling art of living. Very good at providing guidance and control. In fact I recently took.."

Grayson continued to speak about it for a despairingly long time. Quite a few minutes of very long words and hand gestures later and he seemed to be nearing the end of his little 'what im reading right now' essay.

"But that also brings me to the last point, I read a short novel by Édith Colbert, quite a well-known writer. You may have heard of her. Two opposing families with their successors arranged to wed, only they hate each other so applying that philosophy of acceptance and harmony isn-"

Grayson went silent and blinked. He realized just how long he had run his mouth for. His jaw tensed, clasping his hands behind his back.

"... Or something. I don't know. Not important." He cleared his throat and glanced to the side, deciding he had talked well enough for the entire day. Maybe even the entire week. He could be surprisingly chatty at times about the most boring of things. ".. Is your favourite book still the same?"

- - -
Emerycrop.pngEmery Varelli
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Emery was deciding whether he should eat the mouse or fucking throw it at somebody when he heard the footsteps. His initial thought was it could be the same girl as earlier, the one that looked like Mia. Back for round two.

He didn't mind, didn't even bother turning to look at who it was. They leaped onto his back and he felt a cold knife against his neck. Violent. Unnecessarily violent. Only a certain aggro someone would act like such.

He tilted his head, prompted by the sharp blade to look at who was on him.

"Hi Hunter." Casual. Relaxed. As nonchalant as he had done with Mariah he simply wrapped his arms under her legs to give her a piggy back ride. Not that she really needed assistance, her legs were already hooked around his waist. "Say you missed me." A sly smile travelled his lips, already beginning his fuck shit behaviour.

Artemis asked who's day he had ruined, making his annoying personality take a pause.

"Bold of you to assume I have to apologize to anyone..."
A childish grumble, a suspicious shift of his blue eyes to the side. A temporary silence, one weighed with his very obvious lie.

"Tried to eat some NAS girl's hamstrings." He said bluntly, recalling his latest victim.

"Plus there's Dominique." One of the elves.

"Oh and Dayana I guess.." The other one.

"And you," The first victim, "but I already got you a mouse. Don't be greedy. You can't have two."

His grip on her legs adjusted slightly so she was easier to hold, "Unless you're jealous I'm trying to eat people that aren't you?" A sigh, clearly his gleeful mood had bounced right back. "I can attack other people, you know. It's healthy. Hehe."

He suddenly remembered something from the bus, turning his head to look at Hunter. "Lapis, guy with the white wings? Looks like Pigeon. Yeah him. He wants to make-out with you. With tongue." Emery grinned at that, Lapis had indeed asked to give Hunter a kiss for him. Emery was also just stirring drama for the hell of it. He was bored.

"Who are they?" He was now gazing towards where Fae was standing, beside some strangers. "You replaced me already, Hunter?" He clicked his tongue, a menacing smile still on his face as he watched the group. A short silence. An evil silence.

"... Would they like.. a mouse..?" The question was posed so innocently, but it was anything but that. Bastard boy Emery wanted to throw it at them.


your moms a hoe

KISEKI NAORU - - fae and artemis ( XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX ) + apollo ( Knight boi Knight boi ) + emery ( Gao Gao )

Kiseki smiled from Fae to Artemis, taking in everything as they spoke. You could tell she was really happy just listening to them both. Feeling bad for the janitor too, the girl frowned, wondering if they’d like a gift for their hard work. Hopefully, they didn’t cut their hands on any of the glass. That would have been terrible. “I’m glad we go to school together! Both of you seem lovely. A girl.. named Pigeon?” she blinked, taking in her name. She didn’t sound judgy, just a tad bit confused. When Artemis got to the end of their story she gasped and turned to Loet, “Don’t worry, you’re nothing like whatever that man called you. You’re amazing -”

Kiseki got interrupted when she felt someone bump into her, saying a little “oops sorry” even though it wasn’t her fault. She smiled and blinked up at the stranger, tilting her head a bit at what he said. But before she had time to comprehend it Artemis was there, sticking up for her. Woah. Even though it was a violent threat, Kiseki tried to solve situations before things got yucky like that, she was really grateful for the thought. Having someone stand up for her was new. She owed Artemis and Fae a huge thank you later.

When Artemis went to talk to a handsome-looking man she turned her attention back to the robot. “Hi, I’m Kiseki! Despite all this, I hope we get along! Would you like some sweets?” She opened her little picnic basket and held one out in case he said yes.

When Emery looked over at Fae and them she gave him a bright smile and a wave. She just wanted to show she wasn’t ignoring his presence without hopping into their conversation.​


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
She listened keenly as Grayson described the book he was reading. She nodded along to what he was saying. It seemed like a good book - one that seemed to fit the male standing in front of her. When he stopped speaking she blinked slowly. She actually found the explanation of the book interesting. Something different than what she normally read. She brushed her hair behind her ear and smiled.

"Thats actually really cool Grayson. It seems like a good book- well books. Ill have to check them out and any talk about a book is important."

She grinned wider and pulled out her phone. She quickly typed in the code and flicked open to her notes app. Music pieces filled the screen but she clicked to add a blank page. She added the theme of the book and the author before saving the page and tucking her phone back away in her pocket. When Grayson asked if her favorite book was still the same she thought about it for a moment. Like top favorite?

"No not anymore. Midnight Runaway is still a favorite of mine but it has been replaced with another book by Annaleigh Smith. Its quite interesting as its about Greek Mythology and how it compares to the rest of mythology from other places. She does a fairly good job in the way of comparing. You would be suprised how much goes on in Greek Mythology. Its much like Angli history. Traditions are very close! We have this one where we gather around the Tree of Lys and snap off the flower branches and place it under the tree as offerings for Lys."

She went quiet for a moment before continuing.

"Much like Greek Mythology Angli offer sacrifices to the gods and pray and follow them. Lys is our goddess of life. Nothing can survive without her. Sorry I'm rambling now. But it's a really good book while it comparing the mythologies it also has a story line so it's pretty good."

She rubbed the back of her neck after she stopped rambling about Lys and the book. She was huge into mythology things though she most likely wouldnt write a song for it.

"Favorite movie?"

Artemis Hunt
Interactions: Gao Gao {Emery} L3n L3n {Kiseki, Briefly}
"You really are hungry arent you? Your not supposed to attack the students from CFFA but go ahead and attack the NAS ones. We cant really get in trouble for that."

She shifted her hold on her blade before tucking it back on her hip. A small frown on her face.

"Oh I know. Just dont attack Fae or Kiseki or the elf twins. Go ahead and attack anyone else but if you attack them I'm afraid I'll have to kill you again."

When he mentioned something about a guy that looked like Piegon her frown deepened. They already had one of those. They didnt need another flying innocent thing. Then Emery said something about him wanting to kiss Artemis. Who in the HELL gave this guy the idea he could even think about that? Her lip curled and a quite disguised look maked it's way onto her face.

"Alright first off gross and I have the most disgusted look on my face under my mask. Anything like THAT is gross. Second off where is this bitch so I can teach him a lesson."

She growled and her eyes narrowed as she lifted her head to look at everyone, mainly looking for white wings. Then something hit her and a smile curled up on her face.

"How would he know who I am unless you were talking about me. Were you talking about me Dead Boy?"

She laughed and pinched his cheek before dropping her hand again. When he asked who Fae was he went silent.

"You already meet Fae on the carriage. She is pretty much my sister. The tiny bright female is Kiseki and the tall Male is someone who thought they could run into Kiseki without apologizing. And no I'm not replacing you. "

She shifted her hold on him and sat her head on top of his before laughing.

"Go ahead and throw the mouse at the Male. He deserves it plus you want to. Let's stir up some trouble. Plus I need a good reason to attack someone."

She lifted her head back up and unhooked her legs and swung herself off of Emerys back. She adjusted her mask when she landed and some of the scars peeked through the eye hole before being covered again.
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Knight boi

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161479778237174215 (1).pngApollo ghost runner - - - Artemis, Fae and Emery XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX Gao Gao

Apollo looked down at the girl he had walked into with high amounts of 'ew' on his robotic head though of course she couldn't tell all she saw as just a robot head. All of a sudden a masked girl came up to him shooting threats and challenges at him, his A.I intelligence scanned the girl immediately telling him everything about her, she was a little higher rate of danger than the other girl, he slightly snorted a robotic tone at the masked girl,"Hmmph, you wanna fight? Oh and by the way I can live without a head I'm a robot, not a human." He slightly attached his sword into his left hand in case she strikes at him, of course they couldn't see him doing it.
His attention turned to another guy who then started hitting on the masked girl which was gross too be honest, his A.I started scanning everyone around him as he started learning more and more about the surrounding people.



GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
Grayson listened respectfully as Amethyst spoke.

"That explains the whole.."
Another finger touch, peck peck. "La bise la bise stick thing." He was talking about how she kissed branches sometimes, which he always found a little strange. Grayson was glad he never commented rudely about it, since he now learned it seemed to be a tradition for her kind.

"I'm glad Lys appreciates twigs so much." It was a bit of a snarky comment on his behalf, he wasn't a big fan of the goddess, or deities in general. From what he'd learned about Angli, he knew he did not like their cruel punishments and strict guidelines that lingered below the surface.

But Grayson was evidently distracted, eyes flicking to the side of her head. Unfocused. Annoyed by something. He managed to hold off for quite a while, a weak attempt at self control.

Before slowly his fingers outreached, tucking the other side of her hair behind an ear. Now it was even.

"Bothering me." He muttered with a scowl and recoiling his hand. "I like symmetry.."

Grayson was now actually able to pay attention. He blinked at the female. He didn't realize what she had said.

"Hm?" Grayson didn't know Amethyst had asked his favourite movie. "Yes." Was all he dumbly responded with, clearly having not paid attention. A ditzy move on his part.

- - -
Emerycrop.pngEmery Varelli
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"I told you I'm always hungry." He muttered, clearly glum to be reminded of his insatiable appetite.

But Hunter did not seem fond of Lapis. Wonder why.

"He's outside with his other lover. Don't get jealous. I'm sure he'll make time for you if you ask politely." The boy proceeded to incite chaos. "I think he's really into you. He likes feral dogs."

Emery smiled politely. Absolutely no chill. "Hehe."

Artemis had referred to him as the wrong name, prompting his next childish and attention-seeking comment.

"I respond to Pretty-Boy and Pretty-Boy only." He hummed, clearly grown attached to his previous nickname. "But yes," Confirmation, "We were talking about you. Lapis says you like me." Nonchalant as ever he brushed over that. Not flustered or bothered by announcing such a thing. He didn't mind if people liked him or not. Hence his horrid personality.

"You're not replacing me?"
By the change in his voice it was clear Hunter had made the wrong answer. His sly, fake innocent tone slipping in. "So you're saying I'm.." Emery leaned closed to her mask, grinning again, "irreplaceable?" An annoying tilt of his head. "Stop flirting Hunter. I am trying to play hard to get. It really ruins the immersion when you are so forward about your romantic attraction."

The blonde straightened back up again, now looking towards the robot guy who wanted to fight Artemis. Emery blinked, smile now fading into his still expression. Silent inspection of this stranger.

"Hunter." He asked for her attention, not looking over at the girl. "Who's Tin-Can? Is this another boyfriend?"

But the other female had acknowledged him, dragging his attention elsewhere.

Emery did not smile or wave back. Just stared blankly. An unreadable expression. Perhaps thoughtful. Perhaps hungry. Who really knows with the guy. Hunter had told him to throw the little dead corpse at the robot male, but Emery had other plans.

"... She wants a mouse."

Not sure how Emery gathered that information from a stranger just being polite. Unfortunately Emery also had no concept of personal space. The blonde stepped away and was soon stood behind Kiseki, just looking at her dark hair. That's fine. Nothing weird.

He curiously picked up a strand of it, curling the lock of hair around a finger. Absent-minded behaviour of the male. Okay. Nothing too weird.

And then his hands found Kiseki's shoulders, pulling the poor girl uncomfortably close. His face lowered to the top of her head, pressing against her soft hair as he deeply inhaled through his nose. Not okay. Very weird.

"You smell good." How charming. Though it was not from a place of affection, more so hunger. "But you are too small." And there it is. The hungry talking. "Not much meat." Social norms were also not his forte. Or maybe he just didn't care for what was considered acceptable behaviour. Probably the latter.
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"Oh the la bise stick thing.-"

Her face flushed red and she looked to the side.

"-Nope thats such something devoted followers do. Or people within the higher circles. And yes nature is a huge deal with the Angli."

Something she would have been able to do to seem important. She could have taken care of the Tree of Lys and been important. More important then her parents. That all came tumbling down and the future faded fast. A spike of hate curled into her chest as she thought about her future being ripped away like it was. The other respectable future was as well. One she became a well respected doctor.

She pushed the thoughts away when she felt Graysons hand brushing her hair hack behind her ear. She smiled as she focused on his face.

"Thanks and its not a big deal."

She pulled at the glove on her wrist before looking up at the ceiling.

''I asked what your favorite movie was. You blanked out im guessing?"

Artemis Hunt
Interactions: Gao Gao {Emery} Knight boi Knight boi {Knight} L3n L3n {Kiseki}
"Feral Dogs? Surprised hes not all over you then."

She bit back and crossed her arms. She looked up at the ceiling and studied it. Nothing interesting. Just plain white. She looked back at Emery and narrowed her eyes.

"Like you? Hell no. I dont do lovey dovey shit. Never dated and never will."

Lies. She spoke lies. Shes been in the dating boat more than once and every single time its been flipped and thrown around and sunk like the Titanic. She doesnt do that shit anymore. Mess with people? Thats a bit different.

"No I can replace you. Its not that hard. But I wont because your fun to mess with plus more interesting than half the little shits here.."

She snorted and then looked to where Emery was looking. The big robot thing.

"No he is not a boyfriend. Again I dont do that shit. But it wouldnt be hard to melt them. Just melt where their main functions are and then everything is fine. No more bot."

She watched as Emery walked back to the group and she followed silently. He then got up in the females personal space and she glared.

''What did I say about not attacking her? Calling her food is also not ok!"

She poked Emery rather harshly in the arm and looked at Fae. A smile curled onto Faes face as she brought out her blade from her side. The blood red pearls gleaming and she leaped onto the robots back and reached forward stabbing it into where his pectoral muscle would be. She removed the blade and quickly and swung herself to the front of the male. She raised a eyebrow and twirled the knife in her hand.

"You want a fight ill give you a fight. Hunter can deal with them."


your moms a hoe

KISEKI NAORU - - fae and artemis ( XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX ) + apollo ( Knight boi Knight boi ) + emery ( Gao Gao )

When Kiseki’s gift got flat out ignored her smile fell. She would have been fine with a no, or a rude reaction, but nothing at all felt terrible. Quietly putting the gift away Kiseki stood there silently, letting them threaten each other for now. Not only was she flat out ignored by the robot, but when she waved at Emery he just stared back. Kiseki settled on looking at the floor until her positivity came back. When she felt a presence behind her she turned a bit, blinking at the taller male with a little stupid smile. When had he gotten there? Why was he standing behind her? The girl didn’t know what to think when he picked up a piece of her hair too, but it didn’t bother her.

Right when she was about to say something his hands on her shoulders pulled Kiseki back. Not being used to being close to people she froze up. She turned to face forward again. The mummy knew she’d get too flustered to respond if she tried looking at him while doing so.

Did he just . . . smell her? Kiseki laughed a little, trying to play off how red her face was. ‘Haha, I’m in danger.’

“Too small?” Kiseki finally managed to ask. She thought of herself as average height, not too short or tall. When he mentioned the meat part she was like, ‘Ohhhh wrong small. Wait what.’ She looked at Hunter when she spoke up. ATTACKED?? That was an attack? “Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were attacking me. If you want food I made goodie bags earlier, if you’d like one,” she tried to walk a little out of the guy's personable bubble so she could talk to him without dying of embarrassment.

Knight boi

professional weirdo
download (29).jpeg Apollo ghost-runner - - - Aretemis, Emery and Fae XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX Gao Gao

Apollo watched Emery carefully as he saw him walk towards the girl he had walked into, he saw him walk behind her and play with her hair....weird but not super weird, then he saw her touch his shoulder making him irritated and um-comfortable at the same time, he lifted his hand as a shuriken came out and he threw it to emery's ear cutting the lobe off of him in matter of 2 seconds, the ear lobe falling into the ground, the shuriken coming back to him.
He then felt the other girl stab his pectoral muscle though he remained calm and was un-phased, he looked at the girl still having his hands in his jacket's pockets he dashed to her and got a couple of punches to the girl's head and then tripping her to the ground with his feet.
"Watch who you fight."
he said simply to her looking down at her.


lost city

whoever threw that paper
Nakamura Ai // Interacting with: Gao Gao , L3n L3n , XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX , Knight boi Knight boi

"Where's your goody bag?" Ai slung her arm around Kaz. She hoped that she had scared him; she had tried her hardest to be quiet in her heels. "Did one of your fangirls steal it?" She said, poking fun of how no one had talked to him. "Why are we even here? I wasn't paying attention, aka I was ditching." Ai didn't really give her sidekick a chance to speak as she rambled, staring at her nails. "Do you wanna ditch? Let's ditch." Without waiting for an answer, the bimbo grabbed Kaz and attempted to drag him to the exit.

Ai was keeping an eye out for any cuties (and for Army and Grains to get her petty revenge) when they stumbled across a fight. "What the fuck is going on? I call three-seconds rule on the earlobe." She raised her arm, speaking loud enough for them to hear her. "Wait, you don't look like you would taste good and I already had junk food. So nevermind." She smiled innocently and shrugged.
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Emerycrop.pngEmery Varelli
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"I'm not attacking anyone." He responded to both Kiseki and Hunter. "I am just standing here." The blonde blinked at Artemis.


But Emery's hands were still on Kiseki's shoulders, head still propped on top of the poor girls and smiling about it deviously.

"Too small." He confirmed to the female, a nod of his head. "Not enough meat on you. More of a toothpick than a meal." Lovely start to a conversation.

Kiseki mentioned food. Emery was intrigued immediately, taking a temporary pause with his threatening comments. "Mince?" Was his first guess. A very easy meat to gather. "Or perhaps.. Cow tongue? Unless-" His eyes widened a fraction, whispering a very quiet, "Liver?"

But the robot was watching him, Emery noticed and gleefully began to stare right back at it. This incited remarks from the ghoul, while his finger continued to curl the strand of dark hair around it.

"Fae. Please control your Roomba. It is scaring me." Call the big robot a little vacuum cleaner. That will make him like you. "Optimus Prime isn't mad at me, is he? Waa?" Emery pouted, teasing Apollo with his snarky cooing. "Bee bee boop boop?"

A low whistle from his lips, relishing in this interaction. "Careful Sparky." A fake tone of concern and a return of that slow evil smile. He really loved pushing people's buttons. "You'll blow a fuse."

And the robot did indeed blow a fuse. A flash of a blade, and the robot had become bothered enough to launch a weapon towards him. Emery made a lazy attempt to dodge it, but he wasn't fast enough. It sliced through a section of his ear. The attack had caused Emery to finally move his touch off of Kiseki, but now there was just dark blood running down his neck. He frowned, raising his hand to touch the liquid.

"Mhm." What may have sounded like a sign of discomfort was actually just a noise of mild hindrance. He couldn't feel the pain of it, being dead and all. "Pointy."

Nonchalantly he licked the blood off his fingers. Rather than be civil and just not do that. Guy did not know how to behave and be normal. "You shouldn't flirt with me, Wall-E," Emery asserted the robot again in a stern tone, still being a complete asshole despite the robo-man having attacked two people now. Him and Fae. Probably not the best thought process to continue his snarky commentary. "You're lucky I like you, that was my favourite ear."

Another voice joined in, Emery turned his head to look at the new arrival. Girl wanted dibs on his earlobe which made him break into an equally touched and perplexed grin. His head tilted. "I wouldn't taste good?" Seemed that's what bothered him the most out of all of that. Not the fact she wanted the severed part of his ear. "My feelings, Judgey Janice." Girl looked like a Janice to him. "They are hurt."
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