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Multiple Settings Mythology Roleplay Plots


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Craving a mythology roleplay with someone.

NOTE: Some of the pairings will be OC x God.

I can double up if need be.

Roleplay will be 1x1, and mostly mxf. I have nothing against mxm or fxf, I just haven’t done it before, and afraid I will butcher it.

I would like any roleplays to be long-term. If you’re going to be offline, or unable to reply for any reason, please let me know :) you don’t need to explain why. I will do the same for you.

I will wait a week before reminding you. If I don’t hear anything after that, I will leave the roleplay.


Greek Mythology:

Back In Time: OC is on a holiday in Greece, having a good time and enjoying the sights. But nothing is as it seems. OC goes through a time slip, finding out that they are in Ancient Greece, a time of mythological heroes, monsters, and Gods. While trying to get back to present time, OC grabs the attention of a Greek God. (Free to double up).

Look alike: Similar to the above. OC is caught in a time slip and goes to Ancient Greece. OC is a look alike of (insert god/goddess here). It’s not an identical likeness, but some features are the same. OC is claimed to be a god/goddess by the town.

Ending 1: OC turns out to be the demigod child of said god/goddess.

Ending 2: OC finds out they are the god/goddess in a human form having incarnated, as either punishment or to help people.

I wish you didn’t love me: Daphne x Apollo. OC, a reincarnation of the nymph Daphne, has once again caught the attention of Apollo. OC is hesitant at first, but in this lifetime, OC decides to give him a chance. Apollo loves OC. OC thinks it would be easier if he didn’t. (Romance will develop, let me know if you want modern day greece, or time travel to ancient greece).

Artemis’ Child: Long ago, in the age of Gods, Monsters and Heros, a child was left alone in a forest. The goddess Artemis took the child in, and raised it to be a hunter/huntress. When OC died, they would reincarnate, and the cycle continued. But this time, OC wasn’t taken in by the goddess. They’re in the forest again, and can’t leave.


Young Hercules
Trials of Apollo
Percy Jackson

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Would you like to do a Percy Jackson roleplay? Perhaps an OC driven roleplay where we double up and have a group go on a quest


This is Super Saiyan 2!
I would either love to do the Artemis' Child or the Percy Jackson Fandom for the RP. If we do the Percy Jackson RP, could we double up?
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