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Fantasy Myth platonic rp! | somewhat inspired by the god of war 2018 game


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Hey there, I'm back to search for new potential partners to write with. I strictly play male characters and I consider myself semi-lit at least. My average post length varies from 2-4 paragraphs, I usually end up writing more if the scene allows it. I've been having the longest writer's block so I do apologize in advance if my writing is a bit shabby.

I will plan in ooc and discuss all the details that will be added to the rp. I'm fine with chatting and making friends with my rp partners though I don't usually speak much outside of the rp topic considering I'm not exactly much of a talker.

I don't have triggers but I do like to tread carefully around sensitive topics as they need the proper respect and handling, so I try to keep them on the down low as to keep things appropriate and respectable.

I love angst so if you're a big fan of that, we should get along nicely. Though of course it won't just be all dark and I will balance it to not overuse the same atmosphere per say. (besides, no one likes a pity party.)


-Please try to be active if you can (Three days per post is my maximum)
- semi-lit+ one paragraph at least (if you can do more that's cool.)
-i prefer using realistic drawing/3d faceclaim or rl faceclaim so if you could follow suit that'll be nice.
-If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask them. I will try my best to explain.

I've been wanting a dynamic seen in god of war between kratos and his child atreus within mythology setting such as that. well to clarify, im open to either father/child relationship or older sibling and younger sibling relationship.

I don't have a set plot in mind but ill give you ideas that might interest you

Im fine with playing whichever (though i usually roleplay as the parental figure, but im also open if you want to try out being the older one)

And as to how old the characters are depends on your preference or the dynamic we're thinking of.

we can base this myth of greek, nordic or maybe none at all and just make it up as we go which i would prefer since im not currently that updated with deities.


- The child has been raised by the mother (you may choose whether the mother is a god or not) for whole of their life and when their mother passed away from sickness, a man supposedly the child's biological father suddenly appeared out of nowhere despite being told that he was dead before the child was even born. After living their lives normally as a human, the child finds out that they were kin of a god and supposed rumor was that the father came because they would threaten his existence as a god being told that the child's existence was not approved by other gods.

Older brother and younger sibling:
rivalry between two siblings who have lost both their parents and after being told that if one of them could surpass the other they will be able to become part of the appointed gods. Unfortunately this meant that one of them will have to cease to exist. Will they follow the tradition and kill their own family? Or will they stick together with the wisdom of their parents and oppose the current gods?

if you have another idea in mind and is related to these dynamics then send me a pm with your idea. or if you want to make one together then also let me know.

please reply to the thread or send me a pm if you're interested.

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