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Hi! If you are reading this, then know that this is my OCs that I am using for RPs in the MHA zone. some are being used and others aren't. Let's get cracking!

Name: Tannai Kuronatsu

Personality: Tannai is a overconfident cocky fool because of his quirk. Having no need to worry about anything ever killing him, he does reckless and stupid things, and usually gets in trouble for it. Aside from stupidity, Tannai is a very kind person, even going out of his way to help out those in need. While he acts like a psycho, he is a kind person.

Quirk: Regrowth. The user is able to regenerate from any injury that happens. While this quirk is normally quite common, it's potency is much greater than an average quirk. The regeneration happens so quickly that it can even shoot off limbs, making it a good defense and offense. the only real effective way to stop it has been either the neutralization of the quirk through Aizawa's quirk, but it's only this strong because he has trained it so much.

Status: Used.

Name: Sekutsu Fubiya
Age: 16
Personality: Sekutsu is an overly flamboyant person, who enjoys flirting with other people, even though he usually doesn't mean anything by it. He finds it fun to see how people react, especially when they blush and get flustered. He changes how he looks all the time, as he finds it fun to be a different person from time to time.

Quirk Name: Light

Quirk Description: The user is able to manipulate light, bending it, producing it, and changing it's color. While it can't affect people physically, he is able to bend light, making him able to conceal varying objects. He mostly uses the quirk to change the colors of his environments, and he is able to shift the color shown on objects.

Status: Used


Appearance & costume:
Name: Neizo
Age: 14
Hero Name: Scraps
Birthday: September 22
Physical details: Neizo is approximately 154 cm, and weighs about 48 kg.
Quirk: Scraps. Neizo is able to manipulate things that he sees as useless, as long as they aren't a form of living matter. Papers and torn clothes are his favorite things to control. His current limits to his power is he can only control objects up to 500 m, the objects can only move at a maximum speed of 100 km/hr, and he can only control up to 10 objects at a time, as well as lift with the objects up to 10,000 kg. He has been training his quirk since it was first discovered, and he knows he has room for growth.
Personality: Excitable and friendly, though he doesn't really have any friends despite his friendliness. People insult him all the time because he has no surname, which is an atrocity in Japanese culture if you are not part of the royal family. People think he is dangerous and weird, and that is why Neizo wants to be a hero, so people don't hate him. He is exceedingly blunt with his comments, and he always speaks his mind.

Status: Available for MxF.


Name: Tenzi Kuyaoi
Age: 15
Personality: Tenzi is a carefree friendly person who deeply cares for every person he meets, even to the point of foolishness. He is extremely easy to embarrass, and enjoys being embarrassed.
Quirk: Analyze. The user is able to take in information at an accelerated rate, which is increased by wearing glasses. This includes information not normally noticed by sight, such as where the person has been, and where they may go. this makes it easy to be prepared for attacks, as well as what to do. The quirk also boosts the user's brain speed, meaning that they can analyze the information in a fraction of a second.

Status: Available for MxM

Name: Hideki Tatsuo
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Personality: Hideki is a calm and collected person who tries to avoid talking to people for the sake of not activating his quirk, which he currently has no control over. He hopes to be a hero so he can try and learn how to not affect people with his quirk.
Quirk Name: Emotional
Quirk Description: The user, when speaking causes any form of exaggerated emotion to take hold of a person who hears him speak. While he can't control how it affects a person, he can choose what emotion it is, though the default emotion if he's not paying attention is generally a form of love. He hates his quirk, as he feels that it makes him manipulate people, so he either doesn't speak or makes people apathetic towards him, though he usually isn't paying attention if he speaks unexpectedly.

Status: Used
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Name: Tanji Oboro
Age: 16
Personality: Drawn back and cautious, what he does is usually deliberate, and is very precise with his movements, making his movements seem elegant in a simplistic way.

Quirk: Metalwork. The user can manipulate any object that has a specific concentration of iron in it, usually a minimum of 1%, leaving animals out of the equation. The user can manipulate said objects in intricate patterns, showing his training he has done before he entered UA. His current limits are being able to lift only 1000 Kgs worth of metal, as well as objects on top of the metal. He can only reach out to a range of 500 m, and can only accelerate the objects up to 80 km/h.

Current information to give: Tanji lives alone with his sister, as their father hates them and their mother was killed by their father. Unfortunately, they have no way of proving that he did it, but they have proof through his actions afterwards, with him getting drunk and trying to kill them on multiple occaisions, winding up with His sister Sanaka getting a scar on her forehead which lead to them eventually leaving him. Tanji works extra shifts to make sure that his sister can eat, and he thinks that becoming a hero will be the best way to protect his sister and make the money they need.

Status: Used


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Name: Kenotsu Honotono
Age: 16
Personality: Kenotsu is a quiet and reserved person, who likes to stay away from most people as people cause problems in his eyes. He has several people who want to be his friend, but he keeps pushing them away. Kenotsu is usually seen with animals of nature, due to his quirk and his love for animals of all kinds.

Quirk: Animorph. (yes like the book series) After touching an animal, the user can transform into that animal, but is able to stop partially through to use the human and animal parts grown. He can only have ten animals remembered to transform into, and he can only transform for ten minutes.

Status: Available for MxM & MxF

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