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Fantasy My rps in need of partners

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Twenty below

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Hello friends I'm 20 Below. You may have seen me around. I'm writing you today to find partners for my latest rps. But first a little about myself and how and why I do what I do. So first off all my rps are original ideas. I'm not much into fandom. I prefer adventure rps and ones that are more "story driven" all the rps I make are pre written. I divide them into chapters or objectives and you must complete it to move onto the next. How you complete it is up to you. I dont tend to give a lot of info when introducing my rps because I dont want to give away too much of the plot I have planned. All my rps are long term and can be 1x1 or group. All my rps are around pg13. I'm not the most literate person so I dont expect you to be. It doesn't matter to me if you post a sentence or a paragraph as long as you post something within a timely fashion. Depending on the rp you will play the protagonist and I will usually play the narrator and or a partner to the protagonist. So now here is what I have going on in a nut shell and if you want more info on any of these rps feel free to ask

Delmore detective: this one takes place in a modern fantasy world. Imagine d&d but in the present day or that movie bright with will smith. So in this rp you will play a detective who must solve various mysteries provided by me. This is a hard rp because ttheir is little narroration on my part of course I wont leave you completely in the dark but you must decide where to go. Who to question. Find clues. With little help. The point is to make it as actually detective like as possible. All the cases I will give you are pre planned so dont worry I'll know if your on the right track or not and will nudge you in the right direction. (Best 1x1)

Guardians of azeral: this is a very magical fantasy rp where you will play a member of the guardians of azeral. Much like delmor detective you will get various tasks to solve. The guardians of azeral Is a guild that finds and collects or destroys magical artifacts. Like I said this rp is a lot like the last one in which you will have to find and figure out how these artifacts work. (Best in a group)

Greystone: this rp is a dystopian future rp that takes place on a flooded world and is very swashbuckely. This rp is very linear. In this rp you and I will be traveling the flooded world in order to save it from farther destruction. This rp starts with us protecting a queen as she negotiates trade routes. (Best 1x1)

Like I said feel free to ask any question or comments if you want more info or are interested in any of these also feel free to ask. Everything for these rps are pre written so I have more info then I let on and can answer any questions you might have.
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