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-------Unspecific Character RPs

[Fantasy] -"The Quest" - An RP taking place in some kind of generic RPG world - like a fantasy RPG game that isn't very popular, an isekai world, or an MMO!


-"School" - As mentioned before, just your generic, normal RP about our characters being in school and becoming friends with each other. I've always imagined this as either a visual novel (or slice-of-life anime) or a coming-of-age thing if it's in America. That being said...I've always wanted to do the VN thing with multiple characters, but if you don't wanna do that, then we don't have to!


-"Girl x Girl" - As it says, a GxG romance RP!


-"Halloween" - A pretty simple RP about a character(s) of mine and your character(s) going out on Halloween night! In order for it go on for a while though, I was guessing some weird and crazy stuff would happen :vP This is the only RP I have where your character and mine can have known each other for a while. Or, you could apply this idea to one of the non-specific RPs I mentioned at the beginning of my post or the RT(IH) plot. Basically any slice-of-life RP I have here, Halloween could be applied to!


-"Night On The Town" - A general RP taking place in 80's-90's Japan. Inspired by future funk!


-"Summer Camp" - As the title says, an RP where our characters are in summer camp, or just a camp in general.


-"Winter Break" - An RP about our characters going out to a cabin or lodge during winter break or summer in some kind of cold area.


[Minecraft] "Sweden" - I don't have much for this one besides saying that it's a Mob Talker RP (A Minecraft thing where all of the mobs are turned into ~kawaii~ anime girls.) Or in this case, for my idea, every Mob Talker character is the result of a really rare spawn. ...Not that we have to go with that idea, but it's there! The RP could also be in a Minecraft world full of mods. Admittedly though, I got that idea from someone else :-P

------Specific Character RPs

-"Curse of the Mad Scientist" - An RP involving your character either somehow running into a supposedly haunted mansion somewhere in the woods, or them going there on purpose because of rumors they've been hearing. If your character isn't supposed to be a native to Germany, they'd have to be a tourist or something like that, obviously. In this mansion, the spirit inside tends to scare off any intruders (or in some versions of the rumors, kills them), but after they're scared off, YC decides to try poking the bear so to speak, and continues to bug the spirit - either with actual bugging like teasery, or just trying to be friends with her.

[Character: Franzi]


-"Becoming an Angel" -An RP about your character, an undercover cop, infiltrating a group of street racers and unintentionally becoming friends with one of them. Seeing how I’m a slice-of-life RPer…this was moreso one of those rather than anything else. Has an ending! [Character: Sierra]


-"静かにならないミュートガール!! (The Mute Girl That Won't Shut Up)" - An RP about Muse A having to deal with a mute girl who for whatever reason decided to bug Muse A with her poking, prodding, harassing notes, and all-around annoyance. Muse A could tell that if she wasn't a big tease, maybe she'd be nice to be around. But no way they'd ever try being friends with her...right?

[Character: Yumiko]



-"Blue Skyes" - An RP like the post-apocalypse one earlier that involves you playing as a grandmaster and me playing as a character of mine as they wander around a city. I, uh...don't really have much planned for it, but the plot below could be something that happens in it if you want!


- "'Why so tough, tough guy?'" - An RP about your character, either a Japanese yankee or a generally tough school-goer (though preferably a Yankee) who gets pestered by a very child-like nekomimi. Depending on your character's...character, Muse A quickly becomes semi-friends with her (meaning tolerating her in a way that makes them seem like friends), or it takes a while for them to actually like her. ...Either one of those happens, or something else. It's all up to you! Oh, and for just in case...this is supposed to go like an anime from the 80's, or a normal slice-of-life thing. So, no drug dealers or anything!


-"Skye vs. The Forces of Evil" - An RP about Skye being employed to defeat a villain. I was thinking she would have been employed by some interdimensional orginization. We can get into specifics or change that altogether if you wanted. Aanyway...the someone she's meant to defeat is who you play as. YC is charmed by Skye, and while they do still try stopping her from, well..stopping THEM from whatever their plan may be, they kind of go easy on her and try making her join their side.


-"Forgetful Skyes" - An RP about Skye finding your character somewhere. YC has been stricken with amnesia, and since they can't remember much, agrees to go along with Skye for the time being. Seeing as they're your character, they can have any background you want! And whether or not they ever actually remember anything can also be up to you.


- "Wonderland" - An RP about Skye's adopted parents (Who you'd play as, or you can play as Skye's friend if you like) having multiple shared dreams taking place within Skye's mind - her mind essentially being a big, magical fairy-tale land. Skye's parents (or just whoever you play as) know who Skye is, but she never seems to identify them. These dreams also always have some kind of dark force, like a nightmare attempting to take over Skye's dreams.

One dream I had for this was that Skye was "king" of some kind of kingdom, and her parents happen to be her top soldiers. So, they can attempt to talk to Skye practically whenever they want...or whatever else you figure they should do! We can make other dreams as we go along - hopefully you get the gist, though ^^

- "Cheerleader Dreams" - A simple RP about Skye wanting to become a cheerleader. One day at tryouts, your character, either someone who's in sports or someone who watches them from the bleachers, notices her and decides to try talking to her. Or, she happens to see them once tryouts are over and goes to talk to them instead. In any event, they become friends and take on the cheerleading world together, complete with bratty cheerleaders who want to get in their way...


- "Bring Your Kid To Work Day" - For either one day or multiple, Skye's parents bring her to their job's headquaters instead of leaving her home over the summer. Every so often, they have to go to a meeting and leave Skye outside of the board room, sitting on a plastic chair till they're done. To keep herself occupied, she decides to try talking to your character while they're working! Or, YC could talk to her first. Or, the third option, which would be YC being another kid Skye's age. ...Although, I was hoping they'd be a brat or something in that case :vP


-"Skye and the Monster Mansion" - This one's technically character-specific, so I put it here. My idea was Skye coming across and entering some kind of monster-ridden haunted mansion, but any idea like that works for this RP idea, too! Either way, she ends up surviving because none of the monsters end up wanting to hurt her.

[Character (For last 6): Skye], either with or without her multiple personality disorder)]


-"Catgirl Deluxe" - An RP about your character moving into an apartment that happens to have a cat-minded catgirl hanging around it. She'll try taking an interest in YC, and despite whether or not they want the cat-girl around, she WILL end up hanging around them a lot. Although if YC doesn't want her around enough, she'll eventually leave them alone...

You could also just play as her technical guardian, Suzuki Kyo if you'd like.

[Character: Chie]


-"The Haunting?" - an RP about your character moving into a new house with their family (or a new school). After a few days of living there, YC notices weird happenings around the house - like some spirit was targeting them! Of course, one is, and once YC confirms it, they try getting the ghost’s attention - either by asking them to meet YC somewhere or by just performing an exorcism! …Or something else, up to you!

-"Ghost In the Machine" - an RP like The Haunting, except instead of haunting a house or a school, Yuki haunts an old game cartridge (or console), kind of like a creepypasta. When the game came from can be up to you if you care about it being either pixel or retro 3D. Also, just so you know, I was considering using some kind of new character that'd pretty much be the same as Yuki for this one. I'm not gonna say I will, but just a heads-up.


[Character: Yuki]

“Bewitched!” - A pretty simple RP about your character catching Emily doing magic at school and attempts to blackmail her! …By asking her to teach them magic themselves, of course! …Or something else could happen, in case this starter is too rigid :vP As long as it involves your character meeting Emily!

"Extrovert & The Basket Case" - An RP about your character, an extrovert of some kind (nice people to teasing bullies), deciding to try talking to the school basket case. As it turns out, she's nicer than they expected, so YC sticks around her for a while.

[Character: Emily]


-"Moving Shadow" - An RP about your character running into a seemingly living shadow man inside of a dark forest. This shadow is a bit of an urban legend, so your character could actually be trying to find them for whatever reason. Of course, this one's inspired by SCPs somewhat.

Of course, it turns out this shadow is nice, so your character either takes the shadow to their place or keeps coming back to the forest. Alternatively, your character could've dropped something while they were running from Adonis (like their phone or camera), and Adonis follows them home to return it.

[Character: Adonis]
[Potentially fantasy] - "Treedweller" - is an RP about your character running into a kind of apathetic fox-girl nomad in a forest that lives in a treehouse. Either because they’re lost, need shelter, or are just curious about the treehouse. Your character could also run into her in the nearby village. She could also not be in the forest, and your character runs into her in the city.

-” The Local Basket Case” - A RP about your character having an anti-social and seemingly emotionless new neighbor who shows up after YC’s neighbors seemingly adopted her. And by chance, she also goes to YC’s school…though she cuts class a lot of the time. One day, YC decides to try talking to her to see what’s going on…

-” Basket Case Alt.” - Just a version where you’d play exclusively as the person who brings in Aoi, skipping the events of Treedweller. Or, your character could’ve just decided to pretty much kidnap her while she was sleeping or something :vP …Just don’t think of that in a creepy way.

[Charcter for last 2: Aoi. Or, for Basket Case, another one of my characters if you don’t want to play the person that finds and brings Aoi to their home. And speaking of, Treedweller *could* go into Baske Case if you wanted!]


“A Yokai Pet?!” - An RP about your character coming into contact with Doreikuma while looking around an abandoned temple (or gazing at a sakura tree that's not in a city or something), a yokai that is very violent (at least so it seems), but also obedient enough to not kill someone when they ask him to. The only caveat is…Doreikuma becomes attached to anyone who gives him a command! So, YC is stuck with him… He'll do most anything they want him to, but he's kind of annoying to have around...not to mention having to explain to someone what he is if anyone else ever sees him.

[Character: Doreikuma (Unmade, as of now. Also, Doreikuma is from Dorei Akuma, Japanese for slave devil!)]
“Full Psycho!” - An RP about an insane and lonely girl who, at her breaking point, chose to try forcing your character to be friends with her after they were nice to her that day. She makes them an unwilling guest at her house, and while she does try what seems like torture, all of her “torture methods” are apparently harmless and are practically just pranks (She only does them because a website told her to) That being the case, despite being a kidnapee, they slowly start to be charmed by Hideko. After all, she’s just trying to make them her friend! …Although, if your character can tell, this may very well be her last-ditch effort to find something that’ll stop her from doing something…drastic. Of course, as with all RPs, not all of this applies depending on your character!

-”Full Psycho! Alt” - Hideko still tries being friends with YC, but within the school and not in a kidnapper-kidnapee situation. …Granted, Hideko *will* still act like a yandere and may or may not stalk YC sometimes…

-[ROUGH] ”Full Psycho! Alt Xtreme” - Like Alt 1, only Hideko isn’t as harmless as she usually is…
In this one, she’ll be more of a killer yandere, though I’m gonna call this rough ‘cos I don’t know how well I can pull that off :vP


-” Even Weirdos Need Friends… “ - This time, your character sees that Hideko is pretty lonely and seems to have a mental condition, so they decide to try being friends with her! Although, she pretty quickly becomes over-attached to YC because of the aforementioned loneliness…

[Character: Hideko]
-"The Vampire" - an RP involving my character (a vampire) scaring YC by invading their room sometime at night. Despite that, YC and the vampire eventually become friends! I was thinking of it being a GxG RP, and I’m not really sure whether I wanna change that or not…

[Character: Elizabeth]



-” Crash Landing” - A RP about your character coming across a crashed UFO! YC can be as low as a regular citizen, to a government official of some kind…in which case, they probably would’ve just been alerted of the UFO. Or better yet, a citizen with a government parent! …Either way, the alien seems humanoid, but is it friendly..?

[ROUGH] “First Contact” - An RP about either an average joe with a radio, an alien-believer who looks for far away radio signals, or even someone who works at NASA discovering signals from a distant planet; the giveaway being sounds of what seemed to be weather and an alien language.

[Sci-fi] -"Space Adventurers" - Using an alternate version of the character from "ALPA", a sci-fi plot based around J’ori being paired with your character as part of a job - with both J’ori and Muse B being adventurers for hire.

[Character for last 3: J’ori]


[Fantasy or modern] -"Unicorn? Yeah, Right!" - An RP about my character Aurora terrorizing your's (who has some form of negative attitude) with her constant teasing and trickery after seeing them in the street, or after your character uses an alleyway and runs into her. Aurora's job is to make your's happy no matter what, so she'll stick around them until they are! Once they are and eventually come around to liking Aurora, she might (will) run away, and YC will have to find her! ...If we do this one, that's just a heads-up :-P

[Character: Aurora]


-” The Shy Nerd” - A RP detailing your character’s attempts to be friends with a shy girl who tries to keep to herself. That “attempts” can be literal, or they can just manage to become her friend after one try to make things easier. Or, “attempts” could mean times that they tease her for fun or something. So, YC can be a regular person, a bully, or anything else!


[Fantasy or modern]- "The Emotionless Demon" - an RP about your character coming across someone who's seemingly a very extreme cosplayer, but in reality, they're a demon from another dimension! Your character can figure that out by talking to her or by already knowing she's a demon and not a cosplayer. Oh, and it could also be in a world where demons and things like that are common. In which case, Ezzghal would be a lost demon from the underworld.

[Character: Ezzghal]


-"A Friendly Zombie" - As the title says, an RP about your character coming upon a friendly zombie either during a zombie apocalypse or she escaped from a nearby containment site. I prefer the second one - it's less...apocalyptic :vP

[Character: Zoe (Uncreated, as of now)


-"The Friendliest Succubus" - an RP where your character summons a demon after finding out how to out of curiosity, and the demon happens to be a succubus. I didn't really intend for this (or any of my plots, really) to be smut RPs, so that includes this one, as your character's just supposed to essentially want the succubus to be their friend more than anything else.

[Character: D'Zora]


-"She's Just A Little Weird...Right?" - An RP about your character, whether they be a student or someone walking around town, meeting Shōko, a girl who has a morbid obsession to kill someone. Your character becomes friends with her and notices that she's, well...kind of strange. Shōko may try killing them (and failing for whatever reason), but eventually, she falls into the trap of actually liking YC enough to not want to kill them. In fact, she might even tell them what she wants to do!

-"Penance" - A possible extension of the first plot, Penance is an RP about Shouko going through with her plan and killing your character when she got the chance. However, instead of going to the afterlife (or maybe this was something forced upon them), YC haunts Shouko as a ghost - either trying to make her miserable or to make her see the error of her ways. ...They can also just do neither of those, up to you!

[Character: Shouko]

-”Robo-Schoolgirl 3000!” - An RP about your character trying to make friends with the new girl at school. After a while, they realize that she seems kind of strange…

-”Robo-Schoolgirl 3000 (Devkit Edition)” - An RP about your character, a scientist/foster parent, taking care of a robotic schoolgirl; also performing tests and whatnot on her by order of their job. She has two “parents” who take care of her, so you can either play one or both of them.

[Character: Subaru]


-"Demons!" - A RP that uses both Ezzghal and D'zora. D'Zora and Ezzghal are two different types of demons, so your character would still have to find Ezzghal and summon D'Zora. Or, D'Zora and Ezzghal could already know each other because...reasons we can go over if you want to do this one. Maybe I'll think of something by then :vP

Oh, and an idea I had for this (and for Ezzghal and D'Zora separately) was that your character was an angel! Dunno how to work it into an RP, though.

[Characters: Ezzghal & D'Zora)


-"Waterworks" - an RP where your character runs into a lake that seems to be intelligent! ...And a little shy, as the first thing it does is tell them to go away…

[Character: Lake]


-"Your Own Digital Assistant!" - an RP about your character using the DORA program, a digital assistant who seems really human.

[Character: DORA/Yadara]


[Fantasy] -”The Dragon Sisters” -
For Qarvyn: A RP about your character being contracted to slay a dragon in a cave, but it turns out to be a human! …Or rather…a dragon hybrid? She isn’t well, *too* hostile at first, so not wanting to kill a human, they decide to leave her alone. Later on, they return to try being friends with her. Or, they could have just stumbled upon the cave without being hired to begin with.

In the city, they happen to come across an ice-dragon hybrid…
For Aelyn: A RP about your character meeting what seems to be a dragon hybrid in either college or the city/town that the college is in. It’s pretty simple after that - they become friends, and eventually, Aelyn introduces YC to Qarvyn one way or another.

[Characters: Qarvyn & Aelyn (obvs…)


“The Lonely Mermaid” - A RP about your character getting shipwrecked somehow and getting knocked out. When they come to, they look around and notice that a sharp-toothed mermaid seems to have taken them in!

[Character: Quarida]



- Descriptors for other characters (maybe for a general RP) are:


Yumiko - A mute girl who uses her disability to lure in suckers to her bullying. …The teasing kind, of course!


Quinn - A bully, but nice!


Mazuko - A bully, one of the mean ones…


Yasmine - A meticulous and bossy maid, though it’s obvious she’s pretty nice.


Max - A crossdresser, and my only male character!


Emily - A basket case goth who's secretly a witch!


Qarvyn and Aelyn - Qarvyn is a mean and hoarding, though somewhat merciful dragon that’s been turned into a human! Aelyn has been turned into a human too, but she’s nicer and goes to college!


Skye - Nice and innocent! Though depending on the version, can have multiple personalities.


Adonis - A gentle giant from another world who’s kind of confused about the world they’re in…
Quarida - A kind mermaid who’s lonely after being alone for a long time…


Hideko - Insane, though still sane enough not to hurt anyone…for now.


Aoi - An apathetic loner who’d rather be alone with nature more than anything else.


Fujiko - Intelligent, but shy!


Samantha - A Christian skater punk.


Subaru - An incredibly human-like robot, who’s well aware of what she is.


D’Zora - A succubus, though cares more about humans than most other demons do.
Ezzghal - An emotionless demon, perhaps better classified as a sociopath.


Yuki - A ghost who’s waiting for her parents. She likes to mess with people (even if that’s making her lonely), but since she isn’t seeking vengeance or anything, she doesn’t really want to hurt anyone.


Franzi - A brilliant but mad ghost scientist from the 1900’s who is technically haunting a mansion in a forest in Germany. She can be nice, but mostly, she’s reclusive because of an invention she’s been working on for the last 80+ years…


Lake - An intelligent body of water that’s afraid of humans.


Aurora - A dimension-hopping, reality-bending trickster who believes it’s her job to make people happy. Though given her title of trickster, that involves messing with anyone she comes across who seems sad. …And sometimes others just for fun.


Chie: A catgirl whose brain has been pretty much corrupted by her cat genes - resulting in her acting more cat than human. She’s also been injured a few years ago, but that’s a long time ago now…


Sierra - A street racer, though maybe one who’s too nice…


J’ori - An alien who is used to being all by herself with a bunch of robots on a desolate planet.


Sora - A dog hybrid who never seems to get sad!


Shōko - A young, abused orphan who has a twisted dream of making someone feel her pain.

—------UNMADE Characters—-----

Zoe - The zombie of someone who’s turned into a zombie, but for some reason, she’s almost completely harmless! At least, so it seems…
Doreikuma - A humanoid, white and red yokai that hangs around lonely sakura trees when no-one's around and old Japanese temples in forests. He’s very violent but is also very obedient. As in, saying something along the lines of “don’t kill me!” will stop him from attacking. Although after that, you have a new problem…now Dorei follows you around everywhere! He'll still stay obedient, but he may snap on commands he doesn't like... (Side note: Doreikuma doesn’t take commands literally most of the time, thankfully…)


Probably a bad idea:

-"A generic SCP RP" - Seeing how some of my characters may/may not potentially count as SCPs (Like Adonis, Aurora, or my ghost characters Yuki and Franzi), if you wanted to do some kind of SCP RP with them, I wouldn't mind, I suppose :vP


Hopefully, this is alright, I don't think I've ever been good at recruitment posts...or summaries, for that matter.


See ya later, PM me if you’re interested in anything here ^^
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New ideas! ...Also a bump, I think.

-"Becoming an Angel" -An RP about your character, an undercover cop, infiltrating a group of street racers and unintentionally becoming friends with one of them. Of course, the one they become friends with is pretty much the nicest racer there.

-"Sweden" - I don't have much for this one besides saying that it's a Mob Talker RP (A Minecraft thing where all of the mobs are turned into ~kawaii~ anime girls.) Or in this case, for my idea, every Mob Talker character is the result of a really rare spawn. ...Not that we have to go with that idea, but it's there!

Fujiko - Shy schoolgirl
Skye - Very innocent cat-girl (with/without multiple personalities)


Bump! Now has every plot and character I've ever done! ...Obviously. Although, this post also has a character I haven't even written yet, so guess I lied a bit on the title...
- "The Emotionless Demon" - an RP about your character coming across someone who's seemingly a very extreme cosplayer, but in reality, they're a demon from another dimension! Your character can figure that out by talking to her or by already knowing she's a demon and not a cosplayer. Oh, and it could also be in a world where demons and things like that are common. In which case, Ezzghal would be a lost demon from the underworld.
I would love to do this one, if you don’t mind fXf

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