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Realistic or Modern My Kid, The Hero

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Action, Adventure, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, Super Powers

Shannon Trevor

Elder Member
The basic premise for this idea is simple, a young hero or heroine works together with their Father, an Army Intelligence Officer, to take on a cast of villains and their diabolical crimes.

I'm looking for my partner to play the kid while I play the father. Their hero identity can be a secret or known and the powers are up to you.

Although I'm expecting the rp to have serious moments, I'm leaning towards keeping it light hearted and not too dark with comic book type villains rather than terrorist types.

I realise the base description is very vague but that's a deliberate choice. I'm interested in working with my partner or partners to develop the world, the characters and the story as we progress the plot.

If I've piqued your interest, reply here or drop me a PM :)



The Red One
Hello. I'm interested in this idea. I really enjoy a superhero style story, and in fact, I have several ideas for this. So if you'd like to RP this with me, be sure to PM me.


#1 Newcomer
Oh man, oh man, yes! I'm already way into this and know next to nothing about it, the hype is real~
I would love to partner up for this, shoot me a PM whenever you feel like it!

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