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Fandom My Hero: Shoto's.... Little Problem

Catro the Writer

Sorin High Baby!
On a mission to take down a new bad guy Shoto and one other student from UA are tasked with finding the man and reporting their whereabouts to the Heros. But little does anyone know that the person the villain is after is Shoto himself, ordered to kidnap the boy, for what purpose is anyone guess. So the hunter becomes the hunted as Shoto is jumped and the villain uses his quirk to turn the teen into a kindergartener and tries to take him. But sadly for the villain even as a little kid Shoto still shouldn't be messed with and manages to break free and away from the villain. But the villain also manages to get away, an ever loaming threat to Shoto.

But this also leaves Shoto in a much smaller body, and a few other complications that come with being in kindergarten.

If you're interested in this idea or have any questions let me no

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