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Realistic or Modern My Hero/My Heroine

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Action, LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Romance, Super Powers

Shannon Trevor

Elder Member
Hey everyone, I've had this idea floating about my head for a while now and was keen to see if it piqued the interest of anyone else.

The basic premise is simple, a superpowered man or woman moonlights as a vigalante, taking on a cast of villains and their diabolical crimes.

By day however, they are the newest recruit to a secretive government agency and they have just found themselves partnered with a much more senior agent to show them the ropes.

Your character will have to balance their alter-ego against their professional agent persona while keeping their identity as the city's beloved hero or heroine a secret from their new partner.

I'm looking for my partner to play the hero or heroine while I play the older man.

I realise the base description is a bit vague but that's deliberate; I'm interested in working with my partner or partners to develop the world and story as we progress.

About Me:
-31 years old
- Work full time but my schedule varies from week to week. At minimum I should be able to get at least one post per day out.
- Description and detail are vital
- Generally I'd expect minimum of two paragraphs per reply although I'm mindful this isn't always possible.
- Good spelling and grammar is also required

Anything else or any interest, please reply here or hit me up through PM.

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