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"Welcome to UA High,
One of the premier schools for young heroes in training.
Here you'll aim for the top,
Train hard.

Dang guys, sorry for my lack of description. I see a lot of these roleplays springing up, but they are all full. I figured this would be a pretty laid back character driven storyline, where the story revolves around what we do with the peeps. I'd really like to make this an AU where none of the show's characters are there, so we could work with our own characters instead. Normally I would make it more descriptive I promise, but I'm honestly half asleep.

Anyways, if this sounds like something you'd be cool with leave a reply! This is really going to be based on what kinds of people we have, so if you all want something casual I can chill with that. Let me know!


One of Kingdom Hearts's biggest fans! :]

I think more of a story is needed for the RP to succeed, not criticizing, just wanting to give a fellow Hero Academia fan the heads up, i'll join if the story is interesting.​
I’d be interested in joining, as long as we get a slightly more concrete plot. No offense meant, I just like RPing with at least a little bit of a plot.


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Ok guys! That was my bad, I forgot to get notifications for people replying! I've been sitting here assuming that no one responded! To clear things up, the plot is going to be based around the characters growth. What I mean is that the plot is going to be based more on what you guys want. I'll get some character pages up for now!

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