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My Hero Academia rp?


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Would anybody be interested in a My hero Academia roleplay?

The general idea is that it will be set a year or so before the events of the manga. This means that canon characters such as All Might, Best Jeanist, and Hawks do exist in this world, but they will not be appearing in this roleplay (or at the very least not as anything more than the occasional brief cameo).

Players will begin as first-year students entering Shujinkō Academy. Once regarded as one of the finest hero schools in Japan (if not the world), it's reputation has faulted quite a bit over the years. Partly because better schools like U.A and Shiketsu High have opened up and partly due to rumors about everything from the existence of a student-run underground fight club to the school's janitor selling quirk enhancing drugs to the students.

I should also point out that I want to keep the general powerlevel of this roleplay similar to the one in the manga, so I'm gonna be fairly strict when it comes to quirks and the like.

If you have questions, concerns, or thoughts please leave them below.


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Afraid not, the janitor will fill an somewhat important role and I don't want to risk someone taking that role and leaving halfway through.

Not saying you would do that, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
I mean, I'd be selling drugs to kids. Who Would leave on that?

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