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Fandom My Hero Academia: Origins

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ, Super Powers


In the year 2020 a pandemic took the world by storm infecting people of across the globe, believed to have been a virus that started with mice. At first this new virus seemed to cause flu like symptoms, and it had a long incubation period causing it to be hard to control and because of that it spread like wild fire. It wasn’t long after that we began to see other effects of the virus. In Quin Quin City, China there was a baby born who could radiate light from its body, a miracle of some sort that everyone believed to be some kind of second coming of god to save us from the virus that plagued us. But soon after more and more of these people began to appear, kids who could lift cars over their heads, kids that could breathe fire and a variety of other things. Governments began tests on these kids and found that their genetic structure had been mutated from the normal human genome. It was believed to be a mutation caused by the virus, as the parents who had both been exposed to it also had mutations but they weren’t physically apparent. These new Meta-Humans as they were called were also immune to the virus, those being around those that were sick did not affect them. The government called these powers Meta Abilities and began to closely monitor the population for individuals like this.

Flash forward 50 years, its 2070, and there have been major advances in technology and medicine. Now well over 30% of the global population possess mutations. People took to calling these powers quirks, as more and more people began to develop them and it became a normal thing rather than some sort of lab experiment. People, both good and bad, wielded these quirks and used them for their own gain. This sparked the creation of real life vigilantes and villains. The governments of the world began to adapt and started funding research projects that would eventually lead into the development of schools for those with quirks so that they could officially be heroes instead of roaming the streets and taking justice into their own hands. They began integrating these quirks into all regular jobs and such as well, such as the police and fire fighters in order to keep up with the people who used their quirks for evil. You are the first batch of official heroes in the USA, you might have started off as vigilantes and you may not have the schooling that the heroes of the future will have but your government funded to fight villains and that must count for something, right?

Hello everyone, thank you for reading through this and I hope somewhere along there I caught your interest. This is a MHA Alternate Universe where the history has been changed a little bit to fit our own and it happens a bit before the timeline of the anime. Basically you’ll be playing one of the first sanctioned groups of pro heroes who all basically work individually at first but will eventually come together with the idea of forming the first ever hero agency. Basically I want to create a story where being a hero isn’t something that’s mainstream but it’s getting there, and to have our characters set the standards on what it means to be a hero in this world. The story for the most part will take place in the New York, and involve both the heroes developing their powers and fighting off threats as they come.


Hello everyone, I posted a character sheet seeing as this has generated a bit of interest, nothing fancy but your welcome to post a character!


Just so everyone is aware I will be starting the roleplay sometime this week, and throughout the week I'll be updating the forum with a bunch of stuff for the roleplay. There's already a discord and I can invite people upon request but I'll also send you an invite so long as one of your characters gets accepted. Even if you don't get a character sent in before the start of the roleplay feel free to submit one at any time, as this roleplay will be always open.

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