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My Hero Academia (Looking for teachers or students)


Final Dawn
So recently I began a roleplay on here about MHA that takes place in france. We have some people but we are on the low amount, maybe around 10 people, so we could always use more. We actually are still in the early stages, We've arrived at the school and are taking a quirk apprehension test. I would appreciate anyone who feels like joining in.
You would join in as students who arrived late, Don't worry we still have some yet to arrive to the quirk test.

I would absolutely love people who wish to be teachers who could help out me with running the roleplay, you would be able to run classes with being able to have control over what events happen during that class (Within reason). However if you just wish to be a student that is okay

We also use a discord for OOC stuff and discussions, but the mainroleplay takes place onsite... The more who could be active would really liven up this roleplay.

I am generally on the side of loosely restricting quirks allowed rather than restricting them, but I draw the line at 2 points
1. No quirks that tamper with other quirks in a way that would ruin the roleplaying experience for others. (No stealing or taking quirks away from people, a quirk that disables a quirk temporarilly is possible although we do have a student with that already)
2. No quirks that allow you to do anything or pretty much anything (A diverse quirk is fine, but no I control reality stuff)

Thank you for your time.
Fandom - Scales Academy (MHA)
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