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[My Hero Academia] Go Beyond, Plus Ultra! (Reboot) {Main Roleplay}



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Tomoki forgot to set his alarm and woke up late. He scrambled to get himself ready and eat breakfast so he wouldn't be late for school but by the time he finished his breakfast and checked the time, he realized class had already started. Quickly grabbing his bookbag he dashed out the door and began sprinting to school. His feet slapped the concrete floor sending him jetting past the various figures that blurred in hisspeed. He felt his whole body working; his leg muscles running warm, fresh air entered his lungs and blood flowed into all his limbs. Seeing that UA wasn't too far ahead, he sprinted a bit quicker and shortly after he speed walked into UA, his chest heaving rapidly with heavy panting.

After checking himself in, he went straight to class 1-A and didn't see anything in there but a robot. The robot immediately turned towards Tomoki and started moving towards him. "Hello there. What is your name?" The robot asked. "Tomoki Fuji." He responded. "Ah, you are indeed a latecomer. Follow me out to the Physical Education Grounds to where the rest of your class is." Tomoki was a little shocked at this because he had never seen anything like it and it was pretty cool but, the robot, not wasting anytime, zoomed past him, out the door. Tomoki looked around the school as he followed the robot since he didn't have much of a chance to because he was late and rushed to class.


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  • "Law of Locomotion applies? Good good!" Eleanor clapped her hands together at his answer before spinning in place several times, turning away, and glancing back over her shoulder at him and the new girl who had heeded his silent call "Ah, also laced with luck of lass!"

    She stood on her very tippy toes whilst hearing him explain himself to the knew girl, tilting her head once hearing his proclamations "Cute?" Eleanor repeated the word before giving a chipper hum of thought and raising a finger to the air "Cute catalogued compliantly with cats, cobras complimenting counts!"

    Before she could even be bothered to explain, the teacher arrived, and the colorfully haired girl immediately began ooing and aaing in his direction as he explained the event they were to partake in. Once the class was issued to start moving, she turned back to the students she'd been trying to converse with and gave a wave, "Thanks for answers, power pair regroup now!"

    With that she took several steps back from them before once more backflipping towards her bestie.
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Miyumi caught the flying painter with little effort, though she immediately began worrying about whether her awful limbs made the landing to extraneous for Eleanor. The smiling face that looked up to her didn't give any indicators to discomfort, but Miyumi could never be too sure with the artist.

As they followed Jet Strike through the halls with their classmates, Eleanor and Miyumi compared notes.

"Bus Rule bends boy!" Eleanor announced as she shifted to find a more comfortable position in Miyumi's arms "Likes best of both worlds."

"The guy I was talking with seems to feel the same,"
Miyumi commented whilst rolling her regular eye "talked about liking the variety offered by center seats."

The mutant had used her lower row of limbs to catch her bestie, as she couldn't be positive that Ellie wouldn't have slipped out of her tentacle's grasp. Usually she'd be in bliss to have the artist so close, but the wildly colorful hair in her face gave her a bit more to focus on.

She tried to keep Jet Strike in her view, but Eleanor was just as animated in somebody's arms as she was on her own two feet. Miyu constantly had to angle her head around the bob off pastel colors that was her friend's hair, making sure they didn't run into anyone or anything. Finally, she raised up her upper-most hand before sinking into those soft locks.

"-make back seat obsolete by..." Eleanor paused to give a low coo as Miyumi began petting her, but reclined a bit more to enjoy as she continued speaking "Omit back and sides for representation and option!"

Miyumi used this as a chance to subtly lean her friend's head back a bit so she didn't have to worry about making fools out of both of them . Then again, she wasn't sure carrying her bestie around like this would go unnoticed by many of their classmates. But what were the opinions of mere children when compared to the nirvana of being able to hold such pleasantness within her grasp?
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    Location: UA High School - Physical Education Grounds
    Tetora_Nagumo_AI_Dialogue_Render.png Yujiro simply nodded at the mutant girls response. She didn't seem all that interested in his actual input, but that was fine. He was making connections. At least he hoped he was. It was something he honestly had trouble with growing up. Idol training helped him overcome some of his social anxiety he had when he was younger. But he only ever made friends with the guys from his unit so he never knew if his ability to make friends was good enough or not compared to the other guys. Just gotta stay positive. He thought. People like smiles. Just gotta smile and do your best. It's like performing on stage. Those were the words of his former teammates. He would always reflect on them whenever he felt unsure of himself. "This is my stage now. I gotta do my best."

    Moments later their teacher Jet Strike appeared to introduce himself and to lead them to their assignment. Apparently they would be going to the Physical Education Grounds for quirk testing. He guessed they wanted to see how each of their quirks worked on an individual level. Still though it would be another chance to show off and make a good first impression on his fellow classmates. He wasted no time filing in line behind the others as they made their way to Physical Education Grounds. It wasn't a very long walk to their destination. It looked like a typical outdoor track field you could find at any other high school. Guess some things never change no matter how grand the school may be. As they made their approach Yujiro spotted a familiar figure prepping some equipment on the field. It was his sister Yukiko! He wanted so bad to call out to her, but he also knew he might get in trouble because of it. If nothing else it might make the others think of him differently if they found out that his sister was also a teacher here.

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Geo didn't get the expressions he had hoped for but that wasn't necessarily bad especially given that the French girl was smirking. It seemed that she did like him...maybe? It was still a bit hard to tell but he felt pretty sure of these feelings. She explained her quirk in a weird kinda way and Geo listened before explaining his in a weird way also. "I can warp to my weapons." he chuckled at how Everyone then began to wander away just leaving Geo and Ryan left at their table until the teacher rolled his way throughout the classroom and to his respective place at his desk. He explained how they had a physical test/training to go through, the teacher then rolled away and Geo walked with Ryan following behind the teacher. He noticed the mutant and super happy girl from before were very close to each other? Perhaps they were lesbians? Maybe that wasn't too safe to assume, a lot of girls at school that had best friends were very close. Maybe he still had a chance at trying to impress the girls in his class. He just continued thinking to himself as they followed.

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Alexander Primero
Japan is different from the Big Apple, but cities really don't change that much. Sure, different cultures lead to different looks, but the atmosphere, the feeling, was the same for Alex. Perhaps it's because he moved he moved for a new hunting ground and a rush during whatever jobs were going to pop up, but even in a foreign city halfway across the world he still felt at home. Since moving today was the first time he had put on his costume, having led a civilian for roughly a month and a half to get a lay of the city and map out any locations with decent to large amounts of physical currency on location. Convenience stores would be an easy hit, sure, but it was also low reward and didn't say much about the skill of the robber. No, Alex needed something big, something to say 'I'm here', and whatever poor part-time the would be working a convince store would have to take the blame, and that just wasn't his style. If Alex was gonna ruffle some feathers, it would be a big bird, a middle finger to as many people as possible as the bank decides what accounts to recover lost money from.

With that all being said, Alex wanted to be seen, wanted the whole city to know there a new big fish in the waters that way he'd more easily be able to make the contacts he'd need to make a more than healthy living in this city littered with those calling themselves heroes. That was another reason for the bank robbery, to draw out big shot heroes instead of getting a low-class one that he'd accidentally kill by overestimating them. As he walked into the bank, Alex reached up and turned on the voice changing feature of his mask, effectively going into Dark Designer mode. Along with that feature, the lenses of the mask lit up, semi copying the state of Designer's eyes, the whole lenses lighting up to show his eye being fully open. Though those weren't the only lights on him as he activated his quirk and multicolored energy poured out of his body, seamlessly going through his costume, some of it floating around him while other streams of it collected into two orbs hovering above him to his left and right, shooting out small chains which found their ways to all the bank tellers, pinning them to the walls behind them. The rest of the iridescent energy spread against the wall, reinforcing it with 4-inch thick tungsten plating, effectively covering the windows and doors in the process as well.

"Now, hopefully, I don't need to tell you, but for those of you that are a bit slower than the rest of us, no offense by the way, this is a robbery." As Designer shouted that, despite to robo-ization of his voice, you could still hear the smile that hid under his mask. With a laugh and a clap of his hands, the energy around Designer started to brighten before producing giant black pillars, stylized with what seemed to be vines made of gold with gemstone leaves. These pillars proceded to rocket towards the ones that keep the high ceiling, well, high; and with a crash, the old pillars were destroyed and replaced. "Here's what's gonna happen, Y'all are gonna help me gather all the money here into this lobby, if you don't, I'll collapse the building on you. If the police and heroes get here before I have enough money in the lobby, I'll collapse the building on you. If I can't get away with the money, I will, you guessed it, collapse the building on you. Oh, and to show I'm not afraid to kill any and or all of you..." Designer pointed to a nearby businessman, he looked older, a slight gut, but no wedding ring, but none of that mattered as a bit of glowing energy emitted from Designer's hand and formed into a knife before launching at the man's head and proceeding to go through it.

"Now then, are there any questions?" Designer asked as if they were all out getting ice-cream. Luckily enough for him, and those too shocked to move, there were people that started scrambling around to fulfill Designer's requests.


Location: Down Town Bank
Mood: Jubilant
Status: Acquiring Cash Money

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Location: Patrolling the streets
Dianna Wallen (Psionic Mind)

Dianna's patrolling was unusually calm. Typically, by now, she would have run into something by now, but no. Not even two kids getting into a small dispute. She can't really complain though, that just meant the heroes were doing their jobs well, but that didn't mean she wasn't bored. She glanced around, and upon seeing nothing, she closed her eyes and activated her quirk. Her quirk wasn't flashy by any means, but it sure as heck came in handy when it came to patrolling, rescue missions, and interrogation. She didn't even have time to do any looking though, her focus completely lost as here earpiece beeped and soon the voice a voice she recognized quite well transmitted through. "Hey! I have someone I want you to meet, I think you'll be interested as to who, so come asap~" And just like that the voice was gone as quickly as it came. She shrugged to no one in particular and made her way to the agency, the Valkyrie Agency. When she'd arrived in Japan, the Pro Hero Valkyrie was the first to reach out to her and recruit her to her agency, and who was she to say no? It was an all girls agency, which was a bit odd, but she didn't see a problem with it in the long run. Walking into the building, she was greeted by Valkyrie herself in the lobby. "Ah, there's my favorite... looker? see-er? whatever, she'll be here soon so sit tight." "She?" So this mystery person was a girl then? "Ah yes, I recruited someone new and she's pretty new to the hero scene, so I'll be having her work with you, consider her.... your sidekick basically. Help her out until she's able to be confident working alone, or maybe you guys can even be partners. That'd be lovely, wouldn't it?~" Dianna furrowed her brows, "A sidekick? but my quirks-" "Yeah yeah" she interrupted, waving her hand. "That's exactly why I'm having you two work together, you balance each other out. I feel like you guys will work well together... speaking of which, she should be here any minute now..." She clasped her hands together, smiling as she moved her attention to the door.

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If you would have told Cressida Alleva growing up that she would get signed on to a Pro Hero agency right after graduation, she probably wouldn't have believed you. It wasn't always her goal to become a pro hero, more of a goal that developed over time, but that wasn't where the disbelief came from. More from a lack of confidence in herself, despite the amazing quirk she was gifted with upon birth. It wasn't really a quirk that was always necessary, but Cressida loved it. It was her own, and suited her and her background perfectly. And it wasn't just she that loved it. It had caught the eye of a pro hero by the name of Valkyrie during the sports festival events, where she ended up placing first at. Aside from being impressed by Cressida's top-notch tactical skills and battle performance, she couldn't help but be enamored by a quirk that was fairly similar to her own. Valkyrie made it a point to have Cress intern at her agency before graduation and scout her out as soon as graduation was complete, feeling like Cressida would be the perfect addition to her namesake agency. An all girl agency at that, which was helpful. It was her dream to become a pro hero after seeing all the different heroes around the world and watching how her parents helped people as well on their travels, so it wasn't a hard decision to make, despite any insecurities she might have had at the time. Or still does, really.

That was only a few weeks ago, actually. Cressida barely had a tour of the place by now, getting a bit overwhelmed by everything so soon. She wasn't sure if she was ready for the real world and what it had in store even despite her willingness to sign on. With her upbringing, she wasn't exactly taught the best social skills considering how much her parents traveled around everywhere, so it was hard for Cress to talk to her fellow agency gals, much less make friends with them. She would much rather hole herself up alone with her books somewhere. She couldn't be awkward around books, and it was kind of calming to just get lost in the myths and legends of the long forgotten past. Those myths and legends were the basis of her powers after all, so she could justify it for the sake of her quirk. For her to use her quirk of harnessing the traits of mythological beings, she had to have an intricate working knowledge of those beings, so she had to constantly be reading up on each being she was harnessing powers so she didn't forget anything about them. Her memory was a little better than most, but not so good that she could remember everything about every creature out there. At most, she could harness 5 or 6 being's powers. And that was pushing it a bit. Generally, Cressida kept her head full of knowledge of 3-4 beings, enough to where she had a wide range of abilities in her arsenal at any given time. This meant that Cress made it a point to locate where all databases of knowledge on myths and legends were. This usually ended up being any one of the libraries around the city, as well as any agency data banks that she could get permission to peruse through.

A library was where Cressida had found herself today. She hadn't really heard much from the agency as of late, so she figured she could spend her day in the library looking up information about Hermes. She had come across mention of his winged sandals while reading about Zeus's offspring, and was curious about the how having powers from a god like that could be used. She hadn't really studied up on Hermes before, so this was a nice change of pace. Cressida sat in a corner of the library, books littering the table in front of her, currently scanning a section in the book about the the messenger god. With how fast the pages were turning, from the outside it probably didn't look like she was reading at all. However, her eyes could pick up on words and info faster than a normal person could, though if this was an unintended aspect of her quirk or just from years of speed-reading training, Cressida would never know. All she knew was that she could suck up information like nobody's business, and she was perfectly content with that. Every once in a while she would stop, really taking in bits and pieces of information that she knew she would use or would need to use later. It was times like this that made it easy for Cress to forget the world around her, sometimes to her own detriment. The worlds of the myths and legends was much easier to deal with than the real world.

Cressida was so engrossed in this particular section that she almost didn't even notice the notification going off on her phone. It wasn't until she felt it vibrate against her arm that she wrenched her gaze away from the book. She picked up the phone to notice a message from Valkyrie (who insisted she put her contact information on it, it was her agency after all! - at least that was the logic she used), saying that she was needed back at the agency as soon as she was able to come. Well, with nothing really else to do, she figured she might as well answer the call and she what it was. She responded with a quick "On the way now" before scooping up the most promising books and stopping at the library kiosk to check them out. Her hero card granted her some nice perks, including free books rentals from the library. She wasn't sure if it was all the libraries in the city, or just the library in the same district as her Hero agency, but either way Cress wasn't complaining. With her books checked out, she stuffed them in her bag and slung it over her shoulder before exiting the library and heading back to the home base.

The library wasn't far from the Valkyrie agency, which was actually visible from the library entrance. It was decked out to look ancient and historic, befitting of the age in which the agency's leader's namesake came from. Considering her own powers, Cress found a slight comfort in this, having some sort of familiarity out in the vast world did put her a bit at ease. At least the base felt a little homely and not completely foreign. Taking another moment to look at the base, she started to make her way there. Looking at Cress as she walked, one might guess that she was still a student from her dress and stature. Despite her quirk, she was a typical girl, enjoying the fashions that were in style at the time. Which just so happened to be clothing that closely resembled a school uniform. Long sleeved collared button down, a pullover knit vest, pleated skirt, and stockings with loafers. As well as it being in style, it was also comfortable as hell, a statement that couldn't exactly be said of her hero uniform. Speaking of, that had just come back from the designers the other day, and was hanging up in her locker at the agency. But aside from her state of dress, Cressida was on the smaller side. She only stood at 5 feet tall, with a frame that weighed her in at around 110 pounds soaking wet. Her fringed hair fell about her face in a youngish style, and combined with bright red spectacles adorning her golden eyes, she didn't exactly look like she was 19 years old, much less a Pro Hero. A greenhorn Pro Hero, but even still. And to top it all off, she had a backpack full of books hanging off her back. If not for the strength training she put herself through in school so as not to fall behind in that regard, it might have toppled her over. Suffice to say that there were some weird looks being sent her way by passerby when she flashed her Hero Card at the entrance of the agency. Not that Cressida would have noticed, she kept her head down the whole walk there as to avoid any eye contact or interactions with strangers along the way.

Around 15 minutes had passed since Cressida had gotten Valkyrie's message, so Valkyrie was waiting in the lobby of the agency when she walked in. The way that Valkyrie was looking at her made her believe that she was really expecting her any minute, though that made sense considering that she had let her know she was on the way. Cressida expected to see Valkyrie, but not the woman standing with her. It took her aback for a moment, before it dawned on her that there was a very high probability that this woman was at least a part of the reason why their agency head wanted her here. So with some apprehension after unintentionally freezing at the sight of a stranger, Cressida made her way over to Valkyrie and the raven-haired woman.

"Valkyrie." she stated, finding it far less difficult to address her than it was during their first meeting. That was a day she wouldn't ever let herself live down, it was more embarrassing that she'd care to recall at the moment. Plus, that wasn't really important right now. "You, uh, asked to see me?" she asked, glancing over at the other woman with a bit of worry. Cressida could tell just by looking at her that this stranger was kind and would be fine to be around, but she couldn't help but fall into her anxieties around people. Especially new people, though it wasn't those people's faults. She couldn't really fully blame her parents either, it was just a part of her personality she was constantly trying to get over. And right now was no exception.

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Valkyrie Agency

Curious, but a little nervous

Heading to agency

See what Valkyrie wants

Interacting with: Dianna, Valkyrie


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Interacting: Cressida, Valkyrie
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Located: Valkyrie Agency, talking to Cressida
Dianna Wallen/Psionic Mind

Dianna couldn't even express her confusion at the child who had just walked through the door, was she lost? Did she need help? All of those thoughts were thrown aside when the girl had greeted Valkyrie. "Ah, yes. Cressida, I'd like you to meet Dianna. I'll be having you work with her and having her help you gain experience as a hero." She smiled. "And don't worry, Dianna is the kindest person in the agency, usually." This is who was gonna be her sidekick? Wait, this kid was a pro-hero? It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but it sure as heck caught her off guard. She knew not to underestimate people, she'd seen a lot in her couple years of being a hero, but this was something she didn't expect. It was clear Cressida was nervous, so Dianna immediately replaced her confused look with a smile. If she was going to work with her, she wanted Cress to be comfortable around her, not on edge. As if noticing Dianna's confusion, Valkyrie grinned and moved closer to Cressida, pinching her cheeks. "Despite her looks, Cressi here is actually 19, only 4 years younger than you are I believe" She stated, giving her cheeks one last squeeze before letting go and moving so she could face both of them. She stood up straighter, intertwining her hands together behind her back. "As much as I wish I could have let you guys get to know each other more though, we seem to have a bit of a situation, a bank robbery." She suddenly took on a more serious tone. "Based on the report, they aren't sure how many villains there are since the windows are blocked, but there are confirmed hostages. Their safety is your number one priority aside from putting a stop to the troublemakers, I'm sure you'll manage." She reported, rummaging her hand in her pocket before handing an earpiece to Cressida. "Take this, it'll help you guys communicate better from a distance if need be, just in case. Dianna I'm trusting you to take care of her. Now, don't dissapoint~" She sang as she turned and disappeared into the elevator, most likely going to her office. "Ah, well... Nice to meet you?" Dianna laughed, running a hand through her hair. "Before we go and take care of that, we should tell each other our quirks first, that way we're aware of what the other is capable of." She suggested. "I'll go first. My quirk is called Elden's Eye, whenever I use it, I can perceive things like living beings, how many there are, and if they're human what their quirk is and if they're telling a lie. I can also know their exact location. When my eyes are closed is when my quirk is at its best because I'm able to focus more on my 'other set of eyes.' If that makes any sense. Ah, I can also see what someones next move is, so if we run into someone invisible don't worry, I can take care of it." She explained, looking up in thought to make sure she didn't forget anything. "I think that's it, so it's your turn" she confirmed and smiled.

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Miyumi was almost disappointed when they reached the field and Eleanor slipped out of her arms, but the Rich Girl seemed far more occupied with the scenario laid out before them. She hopped from one foot to the other faster and faster as Nightblade explained the first test, and practically exploded into action once the teacher called for someone to step forward.

"Oh! Me me!" Ellie called out as she raised her hand and jumped up fervently "Look fun, I throw with art!"

Miyumi watched as her best friend literally pranced her way over to the pro hero before accepting the ball taking her place. Raising her foot a bit, Eleanor dropped the ball and balanced it on her shoe as she began rubbing her hands together, "Now then! Let be messy with creation!"

As Eleanor smeared her hands together, it became more and more apparent that her black hands were secreting something. Finally she reared back before whipping the fluid forwards and spreading it in thin air. It was a marvel to look at, as different colors spread from where her fingers touched, taking shape and expanding right before her as the girl cooed and giggled all the way. Occasionally she'd pause to rub her hands together some more, but she didn't stop until an oddly colored figure was rising right before her. It had only taken twenty seconds.

It was definitely humanoid in appearance, the arms and legs gave that a way, but for some reason its back was formed into the shape of stairs, and it had some kind of stretchy, flat net type thing stretching between its arm stumps where hands should've been. Its head looked like a U, as if someone had caved it in with a comedically oversized mallet or something.

The second Eleanor wiped the remaining fluids back into her bare arms and kicked the ball back up into her waiting grasp, the artpiece turned around and kneeled as it raised its arms over its head.

Eleanor was quick to ascend its stair-like back as it presented the net-like flap hanging between its stumps to her. Eleanor reached one leg forward and placed it in the convenient U shape of its head before slipping the ball into the slingshot hanging between its arms and taking aim. It shifted position a bit as the artist pulled back.

"Art is expression!" she cheered "It is message, it is passion."

She released the ball only when her creation's little net-thing could stretch no further, and it immediately sailed about 263 meters away. Eleanor hopped off her art piece and it slowly melted into a puddle.

"Art is tool of beauty." Ellie commented before falling to her knees in the puddle left behind and soaking it up like a sponge "You next, Mon-Mon!"

The mutant looked as if she was going to try and avoid being next, but a smile from her bestie as she returned to her spot rendered any disagreement on Miyumi's part void. So she indeed took the spotlight, but with much less fanfare than her friend had. She examined the ball in her upper most hand and cast a wary glance over the rest of the students, but lingered for an especially long time on Eleanor's chipper expression.

Finally the mutant reared back with her endoskeletal limb and launched the ball straight into the air. She raised her tentacle to shade her eyes as she watched it become a small dot before finally descending to the ground. By the time it bounced off the ground and stopped rolling, it had travelled 506.7 meters.

Miyumi wordlessly wandered back to Eleanor's side, even though the smaller girl was vehemently cheering her on.


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Reese was squatting on the ground while impatiently waiting for the two... unhuman-like girls to finish their turn. Geez, one was incessantly oozing with paint one while the other looked like a monster doodled in some toddler's drawing book. "Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting..." he couldn't resist but repeat this word over and over again in his head. He had no hostile feelings towards them, but their appearances were repulsive for him. And this made his blood boil for absolutely no reason at all, which prompted him to squeeze the ball has hard as he can, without breaking it.He stood up, took a ball from the basket and proceeded to stuff it and his hand inside his pants' pocket. Good thing the school's uniform had pockets, otherwise he wouldn't be able to do anything at all. He pulled the ball and his hand out of the pocket after a few seconds... and now they both have a golden mark that was glowing strongly, thanks to the small piece of gold nugget he stored inside his limitless pocket. How did he manage to conveniently possess a gold nugget, anyway? Nobody has any idea. Reese walked to the spot, squeezed the ball, moved his left leg in front of him before swinging his arm diagonally upwards, sending the ball far away from him. As it flew, it left behind faint trails of bright, golden line in the clear, blue sky that gradually faded away. Around a mere five seconds later, the ball landed on the ground and the scoreboard showed his results. "269 meters..." he mumbled to himself again as he stared at the distance covered by the ball he threw.
Yamato Yanase

The students arrive at the Physical Education Grounds after a few minutes of turning corridors, although he swears that he led them through a longer detour a few times before finding the facility; yes, it was more like finding than heading directly there, but he doubts the students would notice the circumstance at all, passing it as a mere long route. They meet up with Nightblade, who has impressively prepared the Physical Education Grounds for his students, compared to the kind of lonely, isolated area it was all summer vacation dumped with various sports equipment and unused building materials. Yamato noticed it could probably even be brighter than before.

Nightblade instructs the students about today's activities and procedures, explaining the reason for doing this exercise for the students and to let them know any other details regarding UA, such as the free use of their quirks during exercises as long as there's supervision. These were also excellent warm ups for the students for the start of the school year. Prior to UA, children's quirks were not thought and honed yet since they were too young to responsibly use their quirks. Today, it might even feel a bit iffy for the students as they learn again the wonders of their quirks, this time finally allowed in the perfect environment to develop it.

Yamato retrieves the records of the various students of his class he held all the way from the faculty office, formatted for full information detailing each student's name, age, address, and especially their quirks. He has yet to know of them exactly and today's the perfect day to do so. It wasn't a hefty sort-of ledger, but difficult to handle with a few of his other documents he needed to memorize by memory. He thought he could cram them yesterday, but it was no use. He decides to leave them in a vacant seat and hold only the student records, just so he can identify each student by face with their provided picture.

A student has already begun to throw the ball, and they had a very intricate tactic in doing so; as far as he could understand, a moving-slingshot was made to throw the ball far away as opposed to throwing it by hand. It was a great tactic, circumventing what Yamato assumes their lack of physical strength with their quirk, just as Nightblade has suggested them. This student appears to be Eleanor Pamelia, who's quirk was appropriately named Living Art.

"With this, she can animate a painting to perform complicated tasks. I like the versatility of this one, although I'm not quite sure if she's fine dripping a bit like that... oh, Yukiko, greetings, thank you for helping me today. I might even require your assistance on the next few activities, since I don't really know anyone else here at UA, if it's fine with you, of course. Being assigned to guide a hero course class, I think it'll be more eventful then I could handle." Yamato asks her in small talk. As he subconsciously think about it, Yukiko was definitely a great fit as a hero course adviser.

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Leon Musk
Leon yawned as he followed the others out to the physical education grounds, he still was a little tired from not getting enough sleep. By the time it came time for him to throw. He slapped himself a couple times to make sure he was fully awake before stepping up to the plate. Careful to imitate the stance of a professional pitcher as he wound up. Throwing the ball as hard as he could, sending the ball flying in what resembled a crude fastball. The ball flew a good distance before finally coming to a stop at 408 meters. Leon was a little surprised by the results since he still wasn't fully awake but it was surely good enough.
Sierra had woken up about thirty minutes earlier than usual, thinking it would make a good impression, but knowing that she'd probably go back to being 15 minutes late tomorrow. Made breakfast, played around on her computer, yadda yadda, you get the gist. She had arrived in Japan a few days earlier, the Japanese elective she took in middle school coming in handy. She had taken a cab to the school, going to class with small earbuds tucked under her hair, and claimed a seat in the second row, staying pretty silent until the teacher walked in. At first, she thought it was some strange project her teacher had wheeled in, but it was actually Jet Strike, as she heard people calling him. Miami was mostly filled with transformation quirks, like hers and her moms, and any transformation quirks were mostly minuscule or covered up. She perked up, the non-quirk gears in her head turning as she tried to figure out what he was made of. Machine? Organs? Both? She decided to shake it off once her teacher started talking, knowing that if she kept thinking about it she wouldn't stop for the rest of the day.

She made her way to the Physical Education grounds, she activated her quirk. She made sure to wear clothes she didn't mind getting ripped, and though her powers wouldn't tear her clothes to shreds, she also didn't want to be walking around in clothes with razor-thin holes in them. She accepted the ball from the teacher, wondering how she was going to approach throwing it. She came up with a split-second idea that she wasn't even sure would work, but she tried anyhow. She tossed the ball into the air, and before it came down, she held out her arm and sent a barrage of blades into the ball, propelling it forward. Though it wasn't as far or as impressive as her classmates', she had done much better than if it was just her normal form.
The frenchette began to get bored waiting for her turn. Typically watching other people was time consuming and quite boring to watch. Some had some unique approaches to the test. Tori had been waiting for her approach to begin so she could use hers. Finally another student finished their turn.
So then. I suppose I'll go next. The ball flew to tori and stopped midair infront of her. The ball began to spin rapidly in place gaining momentum.
"If the teacher is gonna narrate all our quirks, I think mine should be quite easy to figure out."
The ball suddenly flew through the air, blasting the air appart visibly before it hit the ground.
"Ah! 530 meters. I'm okay with that."
I wonder what the record is. I've heard of people hitting over 700. So can any of our class do something like that?

"So... whose next?" she quipped as she hovered back away from the test.


Average Student
Tomoki Fuji
Physical Education Grounds
Interaction: Tori
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Before Tomoki knew it, him and the robot were already outside. Tomoki could see all the other students grouped and then he saw one hurl a ball which went pretty far. "Here we are. Good luck." The robot said as it quickly rolled back into the school. Tomoki already had an idea in his head of what they were doing so he went up to the most recent thrower after they asked who wanted to go next. "I'll go next." He cheerfully picked up a ball and tightened his grip on it before the ball started shining azure and when it started radiating blue, Tomoki flung it as hard as he could into the air as it would soar far into the distance to the point of where it could no longer be seen. His score would pop up as the infinity symbol due to him having control of the ball and him deciding when it comes down.


~ Suit Gang Phoenix and Plot Empress ~

Cressida couldn’t help but look in confusion at the two women, especially the stranger standing next to the leader of the agency. She couldn’t be much older than herself or much younger than Valkyrie herself, which seemed to be the right age range that their Pro Hero leader seemed to like to recruit. However, she didn’t exactly look like the type of person with a combative quirk. Women with strong quirks that were useful for fighting in battle were usually who Valkyrie sought for recruitment. But then again, looking at herself, Cress didn’t exactly seem like the kind of person who would have the quirk that she did. Seeing the way this raven-haired woman was staring at her, she probably was thinking the same thing. Cress subconsciously frowned a bit, her insecurities about how she looked seemed to flare right up. She couldn’t blame this woman for looking at her like that; for people who didn’t know her, they wouldn’t think she was a Pro Hero. It was why she liked Valkyrie, who acknowledged her skill no matter what she looked like and even defended her on occasion.

Valkyrie must have seem the slightly down look on her face, because that was when she started pinching her cheeks. Cressida’s expression immediately changed to one of slight shock and confusion, not exactly expecting their leader to just start touching her face like this. Valkyrie wasn’t shy by any means, but she was spontaneous... so actually, this was exactly the kind of thing she would do. And it definitely wasn’t the first (or last) time she had done this. Apparently she thought Cressida was the most adorable person she knew. Or something. She continued to pinch her cheeks as she told this stranger that her age and title, before letting go to step back and address both of them. As soon as her fingers let go of her face, Cress took a defensive step back to rub her cheeks, which had reddened slightly under Valkyries strong grip. She did that for a moment before fixing her glasses and addressing the agency Hero. “V-Valkyrie!” She pouted, before looking at her with an embarrassed expression. “You know I hate when you do that!” She looked at the Hero for a moment before collecting herself as Valkyrie adressed the two of them.

There seemed to be a bank robbery of some sort, and she was leaving the two of them to take care of it. Cress’s expression immediately changed to a more serious tone, noting how important it was. It was going to be a tough situation, so she had to take it seriously. Her own personal feelings didn’t matter when it concerned the well-being of civilians. That kind of mindset was part of why Valkyrie loved her so much. That despite how introverted and nervous around people she would get, that she could focus and get the job done when it really mattered. Cressida gave a nod and put in the ear piece when it was handed to her, adjusting it so that it was comfortable and secure in her ear. It wasn’t long after that that Valkyrie was gone, with orders for the older girl to take care of the other, and leaving her and the girl who was apparently named “Dianna” to their own devices to get to know each other.

Dianna took the initiative to go first, probably trying to take the lead like Valkyrie had told her to do. Cressida was glad, as she was completely awful at starting off conversations. Despite the rising anxiety she was feeling from interacting with someone she had never met, she couldn’t help but be intrigued at the quirk Dianna possessed. It wasn’t necessarily combative, useful as more support than offense, but powerful nonetheless. If they were going to work together, it would definitely be a useful quirk to have at their disposal. Soon enough, she had finished her explanation of what her quirk was, meaning that it was her turn to talk about herself.

Cressida almost lost herself in thought about Dianna’s quirk and all the different ways it could be used, only snapping out of it when Dianna mentioned it was her turn to talk about herself. She blinked and brought herself back to reality, looking almost lost for a moment before nervously addressing her new partner. “A-ah, right. U-um...” she started, stalling for a moment to think about what exactly to say. She wasn’t really used to giving introductions about herself, considering the only other times were at school when she first enrolled and then when she met Valkyrie (who, of course, had to know everything about her and her quirk). “As Valkyrie said, my name is Cressida. My quirk is, uh... I call it ‘Mythology Calling.’ I can harness traits from different figures from myths and legends, as long as I have a working knowledge about that being. I can apply that trait in any capacity that I can think of, b-but I can only use one trait at a time without ending up in the hospital.” Cress spoke, before realizing how awkward that was. They were going to have to get along, so she couldn’t be a wreck around Dianna all the time. Nervously, the younger girl quickly bowed, before addressing her one last time. “I-it’s nice to meet you, a-and I’ll be in your care!”

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Valkyrie Hero Agency

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Talking to Dianna and Valkyrie

Get to know Dianna

Interacting with: Dianna and Valkyrie
Ryan took a ball shortly after Tomoki finished his throw, taking in a deep breath, he used his quirk as much as he was able, only able to cause small explosions underneath of the small object he hurled, it flew all the way until smoke could be seen on his hands. They had been burned to show that he could not use his quirk anymore, looking at his score to see it reach “143...” he mumbled to himself, gathering with the other students with a sigh.
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    Location: UA High School - Physical Education Grounds
    Tetora_Nagumo_AI_Dialogue_Render.png Yujiro awaited his turn patiently behind the rest of the students. It was exciting to see everyone's quirks in action. Art that moves, bug like appendages, some gold power, walking talking lions, shooting blades out of their arms, energy beams, concussive force and fire?! UA was shaping up to be one heck of a school. And this was only the people in his class. He couldn't imagine what the others might have in store for him. He was so amazed by all of his classmates that he didn't realize that he was already up at the basket. "Oh I guess I'm up."

    It was finally his turn. His quirk wasn't anything special but it was one he was proud of. He raised his right hand and activated his quirk. He felt it from his shoulder as the black metal began to emerge and encase his arm. Within seconds his entire right arm was encased in black metal. He picked up one of the balls from the basket and took his stance. It had been awhile since he pitched a ball. He only ever practiced with the baseball club a handful of times but he had the technique down at least. He closed his eyes and took a breath. He rose his left knee up to his chest and stomped forward. His momentum carried his body as he turned and performed a side pitched fast ball as far as he could. He returned to a normal stance and looked over at the monitor to see his score. 358 meters. Not too shabby. He was hoping he would've broken at least 400 with his quirk, but it seems like he needed to train more.

    "Ah well looks like I've still got a long way to go. Good thing my sister made such an awesome breakfast for me or I might not have gotten even that score." Yujiro was content for now as he turned to his sister and nodded at her before returning to the class. He deactivated his quirk causing the black metal to seemingly disappear.
Kyosuke Nishimura
Quirk: Laser vision and 1/4 IQ
A new day, a new adventure for Kyosuke. Kyosuke, the neatly dressed-well behave who lives with his crazy rich parents who only cared for business. This short stack can be found inside the Nishimura residence/mansion. Taking a long power snooze in his own bedroom but instead sleeping in his bed like any other normal person. Kyosuke was found sleeping on his huge study desk with a blue crayon in hand. He was napping over his pile of notebooks of Math equations, English grammar and other academic stuff, the usual schoolboy stuff. No matter how much sunlight, alarm clocks and the smell of a delicious breakfast goes. Kyosuke will always wake up with his body clock. Finally, he woke up.

"H-huh? Oh, hi Onee-sun..." Kyosuke wasn't fully awake at the moment but he sure likes to talk in his sleep. He slowly opened his crimson red eyes. He was greeted by the sun's golden rays. His bright white and gold bedroom only made the sunlight, brighter. Kyosuke slowly rose his head up to check for the time. Little did he know that he was late for school.

"...What time is it?" Kyosuke scratched the backside of his head. He gave the wall clock, a good squint just to tell the time. His full squint turned into surprised flashy eyes upon seeing the clock's hands pointing at the time he should be there. Kyosuke came into a panic, his adrenaline pumped so hard that he jolted out of his seat quickly and got dressed in a matter of seconds. His clothes were already prepared thanks to his personal/family maid. Kyosuke got on his school uniform and rushed out of the bedroom.

"Good morning! Kyo-" A sweet young woman's voice entered Kyosuke's room. This was kyosuke personal maid. She was just about to check on the boy until she cut out by him as soon as she opens the door. Kyosuke passed her like he had no time to lose. She quite understands the boy well so she just let it slide. After all she did her part.

Moments later...Kyosuke hops off a black limousine. As much as he hates using the limo, he had no other choice. Kyosuke waved off to his driver before entering the school. Kyosuke took a deep breath before he stepped in at UA's campus. He never how thrilling it was to the heart to feel such excitement running through his veins. He kept his personal excitement and kept cool as he finds his classroom, class 1-A. He had his handcuff suitcase and aviator shades. Giving others a strange impression on him.

Despite Kyosuke's appearance. He seems to blend in quite well, though some still accuse him of being a middle schooler kid because he looks like one. Kyosuke managed to find his designated classroom, only to find no one in it. This made Kyosuke scratch his head. He used his brain what exactly is going. Thankfully, his questions lies in the incoming robot, just right across the hall. Although, the robot seems to be the ability to speak. Kyosuke let them guide him to his class.

Upon arrival, Kyosuke automatically dropped his suitcase and watched the other students perform from a distance. Trying to keep a low profile and not get noticed as much as possible. As he watched. He saw the strong potential quirks his new classmates have by simply throwing a ball. It lowered his self esteem of his own quirk. Although, that will not stop him. He first approached who he assumes are the teachers. Kyosuke wasn't updated much to the new superhero society. One was Jet strike and the other one was night blade. He bot gave them a proper bow before asking for an apology.

"I'm sorry Sensei! I'm sorry, I'm late!" He instantly apologizes for arriving so late, following up with a cute small bow. With that being said and done, he was the last guy to throw the ball over. He had a different approach to the ball. Instead of using his laser vision. He used his brain to do some thinking. He wanted to finish the task with a good throw. He closed into the ball and wrapped it around his hands. Kyosuke, now thinking of the best angle and throw for the best distance result. Unlike the others. Kyosuke took longer to throw. Almost wanting to make someone say "What's the holdup?". The boy took a deep breath, closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. As one can already tell, Kyosuke was going for a certain popular Japanese baseball pitcher's throwing style, the best pitcher. He imitated the baseball player's movements as the baseball player did in live television.

"Gaaaaahhhh!!!" Kyosuke managed to completely imitate the whole throw as he threw the ball, even going overboard with a battle cry. Kyosuke's throw was calculated and well timed. The ball flew at a perfect 45-degree angle with a very decent speed. Kyosuke's execution of the throw was perfect and professionally done but he lacks one important element to his what-could-have-been the perfect formula to pass, that is strength. Kyosuke lacks the strength to the good throw. It was no surprise, coming from his small stature and feeble arms and legs. Kyosuke was already aware of this but he chose to press forward. In fact, he gave his all! To the point that he himself was dragged by his own momentum from his own arm. The ball flew fast but it didn't travel far. Kyosuke fell forward towards the ground after the throw. He has never applied so much strength in one throw before. It didn't took long for the ball to land.

"...180..." He softly announced as he laid on the floor. A solid result for his hard throw, it wasn't as impressive as his new classmates but he tried his best. Kyosuke stood up and brushed the dirt off his uniform. He followed the teachers to the next activity while trying to stay in the very back as possible.

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Location: His and Mal's Office
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Identity: Civilian - Roman Ishida
Objective: Find Mal

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Roman Ishida
Another day in the office, Roman found himself at his desk, writing reports on recent crimes that he had solved, alongside the ones that his partner and co-founder, Mal, had solved too. While he wasn't bothered by having to file out these things, he did find it kind of boring though, but that was his less professional side of thinking. Filing out the last incident, Roman stood up and closed the folder, stretching once he was completely on his feet. He was hoping there was a shortage of crime today, because the best kind of day is the day where the scum decides to stay hidden. Leaving out of his office and going to the lounge area within his office, he grabbed a pool stick and twirled it around in his hand before looking at the pool table, "Ah, finally done with all that paperwork, and I can finally do something interesting to me." He said quietly, before his phone rang. With a sigh, Roman placed the pool stick on the table and reached in his pocket, taking out his phone and answering it.

After a few good minutes of constantly saying "yes", Roman hung up and stood there in silence. He then threw a silent tantrum, before getting it together and then going about his business, because apparently there was a robbery, and the culprit managed to get away, and the victim figured maybe Roman and Mal could help him out. "Damn it. Just when I found sometime to myself, I get pulled into something." He walked out of the lounge and began a quick search for Mal. He was completely unsure as to where she may be or if she was even here or not, but maybe she was, which is why he looked. Calling out for her, he continued to search the area, awaiting an answer before making the decision whether to call her phone or not.

Soma Schicksal

A Gamers Last Hope
After having zoned out for a bit Geo noticed everyone throwing a ball for the test, maybe if he threw it properly like a baseball player and using his partly enhanced speed to make the ball travel faster. He walked up to grab the ball and go next, he threw it as fast as he could and smiled as his plan for a great score worked. "Hehe cool 460!"
They had to do a 50 meter dash. Wonderful. Now Tori wasn't exactly a speedster or anything but being able use her power to keep her off the ground. Hovering ontop of her barriers was actually faster than running. There was no friction when you weren't running across a surface, you were moving a surface with you. A advantage that may have not been much faster than running, but it was faster nonetheless.
I see. Well then I guess I have to go. Tori smirked.
Tori hovered across as quick as she could. 5.127 seconds. Not bad.

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