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Fandom My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia: Next Class! (OOC)



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Thread Rules:

No posting unless your character and their quirk have been approved.

GM: Letsneverdothisagain2019 Letsneverdothisagain2019
Current DMs: Kapowne Kapowne , J. Africa J. Africa

Two character max unless approved by GM/DM. Any combination of characters (Student, Pro Hero, Villain) is fine.

Minimum lines per post:

Three lines on horizontal 16" PC. Not three sentences. Three lines.

Six lines on mobile. Again. Not six sentences (i.e.: Hi. I'm Joe. How are you? My fav color is blue. It's nice to meet you. What's your name?).

No one-liners or combined one-liners to create a paragraph. i.e:
Jane see Bill.
She runs over to him.
"Where were you?"
She stomps her foot.

Be respectful. We are here to have fun. No-one is the boss in this thread except the GM and DMs. We can boot, report, block or suspend as we see necessary.
We accept all criticism, tips and advice. This is NOT a one man show.

If someone comes to the Thread with less than proper grammar, deal with it or help them out.
It's not a writing contest. If you don't like that fact that we tolerate improper grammar here and we like helping new RPers to excel, there are plenty of other Threads for you to join.

All complaints MUST be submitted in PM to me and/or the DM(s). No public complaints. We need to be professional and respectful.

ABSOLUTELY NEVER. EVER. EVER. ANY SMUT/LEMONS/CLOP. If you feel that your romance is getting heated, take it to PM between the two players. Nothing above PG romance allowed in the thread.

No romance between Minors and Adults, even if both are students.
Absolutely no romance between students and teachers.
Student and villain/student and hero romances are permitted if they are both minors or both adults.

No foul language besides Piss, Damn and Hell, as these are also socially acceptable words when used in context. There are minors here. You can write "with obscenities" to accent your post. i.e.:
---"What are you doing?!?" Bakugo yelled, lacing his words with obscenities---
If you want to use A, F, J and Sh bombs in a one x one, take it to PM and return to the thread post-convo.

NPC Creation:
- Students may create NPCs for processing them into the school and fill in one or two student NPCs to create population.
- Only Teachers, Pro Heroes or Villains may create villain or pro hero NPCs.

In order to be approved to post in the thread, you must PM me or one of the DMs with the line "MHA Next Class Rules Accepted."

You have three strikes in five pages before you face the schedule of discipline.

Please be active. This cannot be a successful RP with people that post once a month. We will send a check-in every week, and if you don't respond three times in six weeks, you will face the schedule of discipline.

Schedule of Discipline:
1: Suspension for a week.
2: Suspension for a month.
3: Banned for a year.

Any questions? Feel Free to Ask!
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I'm going to try to get the opening post up ASAP. However, no students are to post until we have at least three approved students. Teachers/Heroes/Villains may post once after the opening post

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