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"I, um," he started answering Asuka, flinching when the red-haired student glared at him and immediately looking away. He hadn't thought the question was offensive in any way; maybe their quirk needed very specific conditions to activate? "I know the theory? Haven't, tried it before, though."

He didn't really understand everything the rest were talking about - he hadn't noticed how Tectonic sensed them and wouldn't know what would work and what wouldn't -, so he let the others come up with strategies, but... maybe there was something else he could help with. Taking a deep breath and hoping this didn't aggravate them further, he cautiously approached the redhead, taking out the sharpened feather Asuka had given him before the initial attack. "Um, you could, use this, as a knife," he offered, extending the feather towards them. They had mentioned they were weaponless, and he hadn't thought of how he could make as good use of it as Asuka could, so maybe like this it was in better hands. In either case he was ready to take several steps back if he had accidentally offended them again.


"I can write. I just don't know how to explain why what I'm writing is right," Kojima complained. Languages had never been his strongest subject, which was precisely why he taught Mathematics instead. With numbers, you were either right, or you were wrong. No doubt, no loopholes. Such a white and black subject was a relief after the multiple shades of gray he saw in the real world, where the same action could be either good or bad depending on an infinite number of circumstances surrounding it.

And people said heroics was as easy as punching whoever was breaking the law.

"You'll have to look after the support gremlin at least. I have no clue what his department gets up to." He had seen Jet carrying Luca multiple times, and knew they were very familiar with each other despite Jet not being a homeroom teacher, so it was better for the kid if Jet was the one keeping tabs on whatever he was doing. Kojima's job was limited to letting him study the class' quirks and making sure he didn't die in the process.


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Asuka looked over at Rihias he pulled out the feather she had given to him during thair first attempt to take the bells. She reached in to her pocket and pulled out the rest that she had put there after her little temper tantrum earlier.

“I have more of them, as long as you know how to use a knife you can use my feathers the same way just be careful where you grab or you can cut your hand open or even worse remove a finger. These work like double sided blades .” She stated as she easily moved each of the feather through her finger with ease as well as showing them the safest areas to hold each feather as well as ways to throw them if need be.

I will say that with all the information gathered it gives us a better understanding of what me will have to do to get close to the pain in at butt to get the bells, to bad I did not bring any paralytic poison or I would have put some on to his legs when I had the chance” she said once more but the last part mainly to her self for not being prepared.


“Why don’t you try and guess, huh?” They repeated the question in their mind, as if tasting the words in their mind's mouth.

Rumi hummed. They could work with that. It would be an educated guess- to the degree that Rumi wasn't really sure they could count it as a guess anymore; but it was still only a hypothetical.

" Well, going by the response time, length of sentence, and complexity of the question's; I'll bet you aren't controlling the mask while talking to me at least- so, either you're the one in charge of protecting the mask user's body, or you're someone else," still working off the assumption that the other user's quirk was similar to Rumi's own, and they had been knocked out by it.
The answer was a bit too in-depth for Rumi's taste, but oh well.

As the student approached , they realized they didn't actually know how far away the pair was- until the sharp crack of a branch caught their ear, and they slowed.

“How much I can see doesn’t really matter here, does it not?”

"I guess not,"
The questions the telepathic proposed answered it anyways.
Now, where were they? Rumi slowed, catching their breath as they walked. Sure- the telepath could run away whilst they did this, but that would only make it easier to deliver a bite to the incapacitated one. And Rumi loved easy.

“Since you’ve asked some questions, I think it’s only fair if I ask at least one. What’s your seat number?”

What....Did they need that for? What information can be taken from her seat number? Rumi's name? Had the telepath gone over a list of quirks or something? No, probably not- the seats were randomly assigned half an hour ago- no time for lists.
They almost answered.

"...What, do you want me to remember my social security number too? "
They had forgotten their seat number.

"I like the trading game we've got going here though, lets keep going."
"You ask me a question- I'll answer as honestly as I can, and vice versa; deal?"

Rumi looked up. Two snapped branches among the trees. There was no way that happened on purpose right? Whoever had broken them wanted Rumi to come this way.

They scanned the nearby trees, but the blending of colors never made it easy to find things.

"My turn first since you just asked one by the way, and feel free to surprise attack me whenever you like- we can keep playing through it, what's your quirk exactly? "

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Shoko listened to the opponent’s response to her first question and was pretty impressed by their deduction, but decided not to respond to. She took a peek at the old tree she was in and saw a glimpse of the opponent. If only Kojima-sensei linked appearances to quirks, her situation would be a lot easier right now.

As she hid behind the thick trunk of the tree she was in currently, she heard the opponent’s deal proposition. Shoko thought it over and decided to agree to it, “Well, you’ve got yourself a deal.” Shoko responded. The opponent hadn't spotted Shoko yet, which gave her some time to plan how to catch them by surprise. She had planned to throw the dull branch at the opponent but how could she do that without giving away her location, she could climb to a higher branch then jump down to a lower one once the enemy decides to attack, but that seemed impractical in Shoko's mind. She'd figure it out when the time came, right now she wants to see fi her opponent will make the first move.

Since the opponent didn't answer her question about the seat number, Shoko was clueless as to what their quirk could be, that was dangerous. Hopefully when actually fighting them, she can get a sense of what their quirk may be, that would be pretty risky. But hey, Shoko should have some ounce of risky in her veins, half of her family are villains. That's when she heard the opponent ask her a question. She decided not to take the opponent's offer of a surprise attack, she'd save that for when she had a proper game plan.

"Well since we made that deal, my quirk is called Mind Link. I'm sure you've heard of it, it has been all over the news lately." Shoko responded. It had been all over the news thanks to her brother. Now essentially all the things her quirk could do was out in the open for anyone to see, the disadvantages of sharing a quirk with her captured villain brother. But maybe Shoko could get lucky and that her opponent hasn't watched the news lately, but that's also highly unlikely since her brother's capture was always the breaking news on every news channel.

"Well, since you asked about my quirk, I should ask about yours. What is your quirk exactly?" Shoko asked, repeating the same words back to her opponent. If she answered, Shoko could have a more solid game plan. Oh how she wished she would have her brother's scheming brain right now, but she would have to make due with her own as for the time being.

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Damn. Either the kid was a pussy or their glare game was better than they were used to. Hi chose the former. Of course, they were scarcely finished with their points before Body Horror spoke up, approaching from their peripheral.

Gold eyes narrowed harshly at the other student, their suspicion radiating off them.

"Um, you could, use this, as a knife."

They were about to point out that a feather isn't a suitable replacement for steel, but the glint of a sharp edge caught their eye. A quirk, then. Probably originating from wings. But, they figured they could argue that they took it as a peace offering. There didn't seem to be any strings attached. Not verbally, at least.

They picked it up delicately by the shaft of the feather, almost immediately flipping it around their wrist with precise control. Over the wrist. Between the fingers. Flipped in the air. They went though everything they could think of as Wings spoke, flourishing the knife in a practiced manner. Not quite balanced. In fact, very imbalanced, since it was basically a blade with no hilt.

Idly, they plucked a hair and pressed it lightly against the blade.

The hair split.

They tucked the feather Rihi gave them into the slit of their shoe, accepting the ones Wings offered with a muttered "thanks". They were no longer than Hi's hand; like a larger throwing knife. Maybe a foot long. Yes. They could work with this.

The other knife was placed into their sports uniform sleeve, and the last stayed resting lightly between their fingers. "We need to decide on a plan, if we're doing this," they said. "Quickly."


Jet snorted.

"I somehow doubt you've ever used a gerund properly in your life," he pointed out, splaying his wings. The usually-vibrant blue stripes were dimmed out of what could be consideration for Tectonic. He clicked in his throat. "On the other hand, you could probably make English into a sensible language... if confusing everyone who speaks it in the process."

A leaf came down from the tree above Jet and smacked him in the face, flecks of yellow pollen falling into his eye and prompting a few irritated (though, possibly quick enough to be considered frantic) wipes from the clear film of his nictitating membrane.

Pollen itched.

"I'd be looking after him, anyway," Jet pointed out, flicking his tails from where they draped over the branch. "What with your insistence of putting him directly in the midst of a battle royal between mildly uncontrollable hero-hopeful teenage... gremlins, as you call them."


Mind link. Rumi had in fact, heard of it. It was the name of that one villain's quirk, right? Systorm? He'd have to google them again when he got back to his dorm.

"Well, since you asked about my quirk, I should ask about yours. What is your quirk exactly?"

Exactly the question Rumi had been hoping for.
" I can operate the bodies of people I bite, " Really, the specifics were a little bit more complex, but that was the important bit; so he considered it honest.
It did interest him though, a quirk with the ability to peer into a person's mind; versus one that could control the body.

"My turn again," Rumi managed to make the thought register in some sort of sing-song tone
" Why are you trying to become a hero, lil' telepath?"

Rumi didn't move quickly ( because he was fucking tiered from running ), only walking as narrowed eyes scanned the trees for any abnormalities. Movement- out of place leaves- shiny bits of metal- oh. Something caught his eye, a rhythmic breathing motion beneath fallen frond.

...He pretended to overlook the detail, at least until his new playmate could answer the question.

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Shoko had heard their response, they can control the people they bite. Now that quirk would be a little trick to fight against. She didn't know the opponent's teeth were sharp enough to bite through fabric, but she assumed it could, just to be safe. She took a deep breath and started to see if she could come with a plan. In this case she needed a long-range attack, which Shoko didn't have. Her quirk wasn't really something you use if you want to attack people, she came up with something. She had her 2 branches, she would try to keep her opponent at a distance, away from her body as much as she can.

Shoko had been planning till she heard a sing-song tone in her head. The opponent would ask their question, she listened closely. She heard the question, and pondered on it. Why did she want to become a hero, the answer was hazy in her head. She couldn't tell her opponent about her family, she was determined to keep it a secret. "Well, isn't it obvious, I want to become a hero to save people." Shoko responded. This wasn't a complete lie, she did want to save people. But her brother was the main reason she wanted to be a hero. To make sure, no has to turn out like him, to turn out like her. The static was getting much much louder, it was getting harder to move due to the pain. "Crap!" Shoko accidentally said, out of pain mostly. Her drawback was getting closer so she needed to end this soon.

Shoko moved slightly, to look at where the opponent should be, the tree where she once was. She saw them scanned the forest and she knew that Shizune was still nearby, so she needed to act fast. "Looks like you have a nickname for me already. Anyway, my turn to ask a question." Shoko paused to think of the question she wanted to ask. "If you bite me, do I have any chance of getting out of your control?" She asked finally. She decided to act now, to get the opponent away from Shizune. She swiftly aimed the branch at the opponent, making her visible. And throw it at them like a spear, in hopes of them being hit by the branch so she could grab their attention. Once she spotted her, she would started to run and jump to another tree away from Shizune. But if she went after Shizune, she'd try and attack her from behind, hoping she was fast enight to reach the opponent before they could bite Shizune.

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"Well, isn't it obvious, I want to become a hero to save people."
Rumi had to bite back a giggle at the answer. No. No one became a hero because they wanted to save people. Sure, they could consider it a sweet bonus- but that was never the reason. Saving people just wasn't a hero's job.

Providing the public with a past time and an under earned sense of security. That was all a hero was good for.
She was too caught up in her own musing to care about the pained exclamation from the telepath.

" Ever thought of trying your hand as a lawyer or psychologist instead? A detective? A doctor? Bet your quirk would do a hell of a lot more there, hun."
The comment was off hand, and rhetorical. It didn't really need an answer.

"Now.. Is there a way to fight my quirk..."

" Before it was activated? ...Maybe, if you don't mind hacking the bitten limb off. "

Rumi thought of an answer with a hum.

"and no, no one's ever will powered them self out of it before, but you're welcome to try," Normally a person who had been overtaken would be rendered unconscious, but with a quirk that allowed the user to enter another person's mind- they would have to all ready be used to having multiple consciousnesses inhabiting one skull; maybe they could stay awake through it. Maybe.
They didn't need to know about her little theory though.

" Taking someone over knocks me out though, so If my body is in danger I'll have to go back, " Such was the truth; and the reason Rumi was most effective in confrontations with only one enemy.

Rumi heard the on coming branch before she spotted it. Whipping around she lifted both arms to guard, and winced when it struck. The rough bark of the wood tore a line through the bandaging that made Rumi's eyes go wide- but thankfully it was superficial; and didn't show anything important.

" Took you long enough," Rumi grit out ( the branch did actually hurt a bit ), jerking her head to get a glimpse of the attacker. A girl, maybe. One who dashed back to the trees after the attack had struck, and Rumi turned to follow them.
They were trying to lure her away from the unconscious one, obviously. It was the only reason for them to wait until now.
Rather than take the bait- she back tracked, and backed herself up against one of the thicker trees, no more sneak attacks from behind right now. Not while she was about to monologue again.

"Now...My turn for a question,"
" You share a quirk with that villain who's on the news then. Safe to say you're closely related. He your dad? Brother maybe? Can't be too far removed if the quirk is the same..."

Rumi's lopsided smile returned to her lips as she pushed the line of questioning further.
" Is that why you're really here? Some form of redemption? "

Rumi shifted her stance, and placed a hand against the trunk of the tree she had leaned on as she posed the question. Not giving the other a moment to answer.
Pushing off for an extra boost she would make a dash towards the mound of leaves; and spit both bells out in the opposite direction than the telepath had taken. Had her dash proved successful she would take hold of the mask user's arm, but she wouldn't bite.

Rumi wanted to know, now that the telepath had the chance to get more bells without having to fight, and her partner had become a hindrance, what would be the point in helping?

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Pip shot Airdrop a glare, taking no cares to hide the suspicious squint in his eye as they took the makeshift knives. "We've already planned enough. Why don't we actually do some shit, huh?" His spines scraped impatiently against one another. "Birdbrain and Airdrop The Sequel can do exactly what the name makes it sound like they're doing, and ground squad can try to fuck up Rocky's senses as much as possible in the meantime."

He spun on his heel—tail swinging dangerously close to everyone he was next to (though, the spikes were folded, so it probably wouldn't draw blood even if it did hit)—and set off at an unhurried pace toward where he last saw Bigbird. "Account for whatever the hell you want—it won't mean shit if we run out of time." He didn't so much as glance over his shoulder to ask, "You shits coming or not?" His spines clicked again with the same sharp tone he'd use moments earlier.


This... was going better than he'd thought it would. Probably. He hadn't been bruised yet, so he counted it as a win. Whether Gray would stay that way, though, was a far better question.

One whose answer started leaning toward "no" the instant he heard twigs snapping somewhere in the distance...

"We should probably check that out, huh?"

The rat on his shoulder tilted its head and chirped in a way that Gray could only assume was a question—how did it chirp like that, anyway? It would need to allow for a lot of variation if it was used to speak an entire language. He scribbled a note to research it later as he meandered in the direction of the noise. Which... well, it wasn't his best idea. Walking through a forest without looking where he was going. Gray was inches from stepping straight into a tree when he caught the too-much-brown-bark out of the corner of his eye and stopped himself.

Startled, he froze in front of it and stared at the trunk—

There was a girl passed out beside it.

"Are you okay?"


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Hearing their response, Shoko actually agreed. Her quirk would be much more better with a regular job like the ones she suggested. Why she hadn't considered those jobs, who knows. Maybe her family was the only factor she considered when wanting to become a hero. Maybe she could turn them away from the side of darkness they had chosen, get them to be their old-selves. Shoko honestly believed that people were influenced to become villains, there had to be some sort of turning point in their lives that made them lie that. For her brother, it was most likely their visit to their father when they were younger, she noticed how he changed after that. Before her mind could wander too far, she heard her opponent speak again, and they were going to answer her question.

Shoko heard their answer, hacking a limb off. No, out of the question, she thought to herself. She thought it was hopeless and she thought she was going into a battle she was destined to lose, until she heard them speak once again. She was welcome to try, huh. If she controls the people she bites, maybe Shoko could will her out of her brain. She thought she had a pretty strong conscious hopefully a pretty strong subconscious too, so maybe she had an option on her hands. And she was going to be knocked out if she did indeed bite someone, so if she bit her, maybe Shizune could come help her, it would be useless to take over Shoko's body. Her quirk was pretty useless for combat, and if she had access to the information she got from Kojima-sensei, it was almost impossible to be of use. For one, she needed to match students with seat numbers to get their respective quirks, and the seats were only assigned today a few minutes, maybe even a few hours ago. She'd still have to memorise all the information as well, which wasn't easy. Shoko was lucky to have been skilled at memorisation plus training helped her improve her brain space massively. Her drawback would be an issue as well, even for Shoko her drawback was pretty hellish.

She saw her branch hit them, although not a vital place. And by the sound of their voice, it sounded like it hurt a bit. She hadn't gotten far when she realised that the opponent wasn't following her. She swiftly hid her position as best as possible and hid high up in one of the trees, in the branches and leaves. The opponent was still in her range so she was still able to talk to her opponent. Time for their question, she hoped it wasn't a hard one. Was she here for redemption? They weren't all wrong, Shoko did want to redeem her family name. But she did want to redeem other people. Also hearing them guess that Psistorm was closely related to her, was surprising to Shoko but she hid her surprise nonetheless. "You're not entirely wrong, but I don't just want to redeem myself. I want to redeem other people who have been misjudged." Shoko confessed to them.

The static was getting louder, and her body more and more painful. She saw that her opponent was now at Shizune holding up her arm, looking like she was going to bite. She saw her spit out the bells in different directions, but she paid them no mind whatsoever. The bells didn't matter, all her mind was doing was finding out how to save Shizune. Then an idea hit her. She quietly but quickly ran through the trees until she landed at one behind her opponent. Hopefully she was quiet enough that they didn't notice. She then jumped and she landed on their back and took the other branch she had and put in front of them and pressed it into their neck, pulling them back from Shizune's arm. The branch may choke her, but she wouldn't die, at the most pass out. She knew she could be bitten but that didn't matter right now, she was just trying to get Shizune safe. "My question, may you not bite her? We could work together you know." Shoko said, pressing the branch into their neck even more. She sounded like she was begging, maybe she wanted to say that to her brother, 'Let's work together'. The static was getting louder, and her body was in pain, but that didn't stop her from keeping a tight grip on the branch and on her opponent. If they tried to bite Shizune, she'd just pull her back with the branch or press it even harder into their neck.

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Looking between all those present Kami gave a final nod "Ok sounds like we have a plan!. So let's go kick his ass!....." she throws a hand up in the air before slowly lowering it after a second "Oh right, also the bells, those too.". Going to pick up Rihi on her back, she uses the various hair legs again as she starts the approach, the hooked tips splitting in two to a crude foot like shapes to push down on the ground with the barbs pulling at the same time from beneath to simulate and give the impression of the weight. "Id say something about a signal once hes distracted but something tells me its going to be pretty easy to hear...." she continues to mimic the feet as she awaits the others to do their part ready for the surprise at the end.


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When Rihi handed the feather, he hadn't expected the other student to expertly start playing with it, like a magician bouncing a coin over their knuckles. Did they have experience with knives? He was a bit in awe, until Asuka arrived to hand them more, and, right. She was the one who could produce them, of course she would be the better option for arming the others. Stepping back, he fidgeted a bit, somewhat embarrassed that the only thing he could provide was a single feather versus the dozens Asuka could make.

He hadn't been paying attention to the one with the hair quirk, so he yelped when strands started wrapping around his torso to pick him up, quickly shutting up but still ashamed of making such a sound in front of his classmates. Shaking his head to try to clear it, he focused on what they had asked of him. First, he grew two of his tendrils with three thick fingers on the tips, and used them to raise his shirt so his back was exposed. This allowed him to grow two bone spikes from there without ruining his clothes, each pointing in a different direction and ready to expand. Breathe in, then out. The heaviest material he could make were bones - with their density, so he'd need... a cube, each side measuring around half a meter, to simulate the weight of one person.

"Suzuki-san, Pip-san, throw down the tree. Yuki-san, take flight, when the tree impacts the ground," he said, raising his voice so the others could hear him. If the tree really messed with Tectonic's sense, they could use that little window to have those two fly while Rihi quickly grew bone to replace their weight, and that would hopefully fool their teacher into thinking they were still on the ground.


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Suzuki Toshio
Finally having a plan hammered out Toshio pumped his fist. "Alright! Let's do it!" He was fine with some planning but he'd been starting to get antsy and worried that Hi would get frustrated again and ditch them entirely.

Running off to a relatively skinny nearby tree he sized it up for a moment randomly deciding to narrate himself. "And so on the path to become a hero to humans I must today be a villain to trees. Here I go! Manti Scratch Fever! NYAAA!" Bearing his claws he flailed at the trunk scraping away splinters of the wood until he'd removed a decent chunk. "Okay Pip give me a hand or maybe a tail with this." Running around to the opposite side he started pushing trying to get it to collapse on the weakened part. "Hrrk, be ready Yuki!"

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Rumi was close- so close- but who put this dude right in her way? Geeze.

" Outta the way civilian, we got ourselves a dangerous criminal right here!" Rumi called lightheartedly, just as her side met the support student's. Unfortunately for her; her tongue was a bit sharper than her reflexes, and stopping her stride in time was not an option. She did however, manage to turn the motion into a blunt push away from her target; rather than a sharp smack- hopefully Mr. Tectonic-chan wouldn't doc too many points for the misstep.

To her own credit; she did manage to keep herself from falling over after the impact, and get right back to the game plan- snatching up the mask user's arm- and whipping her head around to find the telepath again- oh.
A foot landed on her back- knocking the wind out of her- something pressed against her throat, rough and uncomfortable; separating her from her target, and stopping her in her tracks. Damn, Tele-chan thought fast.
The other student stood behind her now, one foot on her back, and both hands holding a thick branch across her throat. Rumi guessed she got her answer on weather they would keep helping their partner or not.

"My question, may you not bite her? We could work together you know."
The tone made Rumi pause more than the words did.

"Do you really think I'll say yes?" Was the first response she could think of. But it wasn't the best one; certainly.

Rumi, for the first time since her original plan had been put into motion; had to pause and think. Not about the question of course- the answer was no. She had to think; what course of action right now would get her closer to the goal?
She had originally planned on only stirring up enough trouble to get some bite marks in on her classmates. Lay low until low expectations could benefit her; and make a big show when it counted- but as she was quickly discovering; fighting was fun. The adrenaline rushing to her head made her want to win.

"Geeze...Choking in front of an audience? At least take me to dinner first," it was the first time she had spoken aloud while talking to the telepath, though the joke came out a bit rough; considering the stick pressed against her neck.

" Anyway, let me teach ya' a lesson, hun," She was starting to get light headed, the shallow breaths she could manage obviously weren't enough to keep her from getting dizzy for too much longer. Despite the less than optimal situation, her grin only grew large and toothy.
With as large of a breath as she could manage, Rumi would let go of the mask user, and bring both hands up- grabbing onto each of the telepath's wrists- and yanking forward as she simultaniously jerked her body upwards- knocking the telepath as off balance as best she could.
She would bring the wrists forward until the stick was no longer pressed against her neck- and she and Tele-chan's shoulders touched. The action would leave the upper arm for her to bite- though she wouldn't activate her quirk quite yet. Nor would she finish her sentence until her teeth were no longer clamped (only hard enough to barely break the skin) around Tele-Chan's arm.

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Looking over at Rihi to see how he was going to react to this plan. “Rihi you need to get a grip, being a pro hero mean that these will be the risk that we will take in the feature, if there are no risks there will be no reward. Plus I don’t think you want to be stuck as D ranked hero’s sidekick after leaving here i know you can do great things” she said as she got ready to take to the air before looking over at the rest of the group before flapping her wings a few time causing a small dust cloud to stir up around her. She looked over at the guy playing with her feathers like they were toys, she knew that to them they felt off balance but they were dealing with them none the less.

will I get a signal for when I need to do the dive or will I have to keep visual on the kraken of a teacher?”
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Shoko's plan had work, she was able to restrain them. Thank god, at least Shizune would have a little more time to get the bells from the person they were targeting originally. She was decently surprised her plan had worked since it was hastily put together. But she couldn't praise herself for too long, since she heard the opponent's response to her plea. The answer was no, to be honest what did she expect. There's no way that they would've said yes, it was a stupid thing to ask. Shoko knew their head was turing for a plan, she knew she needed a counter somehow, but she couldn't think of one without seeing what they would do first.

She heard the joke they made, and she was confused at first. She looked around until she found a male student, older than them. Shoko recognized him from earlier, he was the support student for their class. It looked like he had be hit but Shoko would check on him later. Well there was an audience all right, she hoped that he wasn't too badly hit, she assumed he was hit by her opponent. But once she heard them speak, she knew their counter attack would begin. She could sense her grin getting bigger, well shit, she would probably be a goner. She felt her wrists being grabbed and her being thrown upwards. Suffice it to say, she was put off balance severely. It all happened so quickly that Shoko couldn't even get a chance to counter. She felt a bite in her upper arm, and she decided there probably wasn't any chance for her to escape their quirk once it was activated. She let go of the branch and got off of their back.

Shoko may not survive their quirk but she could at least try and get her away from Shizune or rather refrain them from biting them. She quickly got in front of the opponent, shielding Shizune in a way. "You forgot your question you know." She said a little playfully, playing off the pain and static. "Ah shit!" She yelled out as a sharp pain hit her body and the static wasn't letting up as fast as it should've had. That's because even though she was't talking to her opponent, they were still connected. "Your quirk is interesting, I'm not sure what you'll use my body for, it's pretty useless." She confessed to the opponent, still in a defensive stance crouched down near Shizune. What would be the opponent's next move? That's what Shoko thought.

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Now this was more Pip's style. "Coming right up." He sprinted toward the tree, scarcely taking a second to fold his spikes downward before whirling to slam it into its trunk. Crack! A shudder sent a few leaves spiraling down to the ground, but didn't yet free it from its base. Oncemore. Crack! It tilted precariously to the side, perhaps about to fall on it's own merit. It didn't get the chance to.


With one last shaking bounce of its branches, the tree—thin as it was—fell to the ground with a hearty smash.


"Ah— sorry!" Gray managed to sputter just before the student awkwardly stumbled into him and shoved him to the side. The push gave him a head start in taking a few nervous steps backward and away from the fight—he may be curious to see a real heroics-class fight up close, but he wasn't careless enough to get that close (even if it was only for the sake of avoiding an anxious lecture from Jet later).

With his background, a bit of brutality in hero-fights failed to phase him. They were training for a real conflict, after all. Holding back simply wasn't realistic...

That being said, he couldn't suppress a small wince as they choked and bit one another, even though he tried to distract himself by simply leaning against a slightly out-of-the-way tree (as out of the way he could get while still getting a good view of the fight) and scribbling away in his notes. It did provide good material, he thought with his eyes darting between the page and the soon-to-be heroes. Gray could admit that, at the very least.


He let go of his opponent's arm when the deed was done, and the other let go of the stick- choosing to wedge them self between Rumi and the mask user as though it would do any good.
"You forgot your question you know."

Oh , that was right. It was Rumi's turn to ask.

" Hmm," Rumi wiped a bit of the other's blood from his lip.
" Looks like I just ran out of questions," His voice and smile were both still lighthearted, though considerably more relaxed now that ( at least in his mind ) he had won. He took a step towards the two.

" And don't worry about that second bit- no body is useless if you use them right," It was like saying a pawn was useless in a game of chess- incredibly incorrect.

" But let me finish my lesson real quick, " he lifted his pointer finger and gestured, not unlike a grade school teacher about to lead their class in a round of ABCs.

" Remember kids~" It seemed he was using the support student as a stand-in for whatever kids he was pretending to speak to.

" Saving people by sacrificing yourself... Is completely useless!~ " the statement came out sing song, like some children's cartoon character.

He didn't wait for a response before activating his quirk; just as the last "s" left his lips the deed was done.

Shoko would feel the bite on her arm burn ever so slightly as the wound faded- before Rumi took control of her body. It was unusual for a person to remain conscious while the quirk was active; but not impossible.

Rumi watched from Shoko's eyes as his own body went slack- eyes darkening to the same red color as his pupils before falling over.
Rumi caught himself with Shoko's arms, and closed his eyelids with her hands.

" Preventing dry-eye," He smiled as he explained the action to the support student scribbling notes on the side line.

The first thing he noticed when switching bodies- was defiantly the height difference. In this case- being a bit shorter.
The second thing was the sudden awareness of pain- not as though he himself was feeling it- but not empathetically either. It was a weird feeling. Like remembering being hurt- but in the present tense. The sensation wasn't unbearable; but it certainly wasn't pleasant either.

Looks like Telepath-chan's mind link was more taxing than Rumi had originally believed; the fact was noted for later.
He would have attempted to use her quirk- but the idea of how it worked was still so vague in his mind he couldn't really try it. He would have to do some more research on that villain once he got back to his dorm.

" By the way, make sure you emphasize how cool I am in your notes. Draw some lightning bolts around were you mention me or something. Not hearts though; I'm not ready for that sort of commitment," Rumi spoke with the telepath's voice as he moved, setting his body down next to the mask user and crouching.

Providing no interruptions were made, he would manually open his bodies' mouth, pick up the other student's hand- and gently close his mouth on it ( it reminded him of an office worker with a stapler ) before repeating the process with the telepath's hand.

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Hi's distaste for Spiky Bastard hissed, and they flicked the knife in their hand backward. It was unlikely Tectonic was going to fall for the same thing twice.

But in any case, things were already happening, and as the living kentrosaurus gijinka went about destroying innocent foliage, they turned to Wings. "One tap for dive, two for drop, three for escape. How about that?" There was a short pause punctuated by the crack of Spiky Bastard's tail against a tree before they added "and try and throw me, if you can. I doubt he's gonna fall for the same thing again, so the more we change it up, the better."

They jumped just as the tree fell, raising an arm for Wings to catch. The change in what limbs carried their body popped their shoulder, but they bore it with barely a hiss of displeasure.


Jet had been diligently ignoring the sound of his students squabbling for going on three minutes, now, which is quite a feat, considering that there seemed to be at least two impatient people. He didn't say anything, nor did his ears move, continuing to lounge on his tree branch and watch Tectonic meander below. Oh, he couldn't wait.

He made a mental note to talk to Keibatsu later, though.

"Of course, you could always spend this year reading through the studybook, though I doubt you'd get halfway through it. It's drier than the Sahara."

Jet's ears flicked backward as a sharp crack rang though the forest, blocking the sound out as much as he dared.



The tree fell.

Feathers rustled and spread.

It's starting.


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Rihi kept his eyes on the tree, and the second it fell, grew the bone to match Asuka and the other student's lost weight. He didn't know their exact number of kilos, but he trusted that if they went on the move right now the difference between his approximation and the real deal wouldn't be completely noticeable.

The extra mass he had to carry was pretty heavy, but luckily for him he didn't need to walk with it. Not with the hair wrapping around him providing the additional support. "Let's, go," he told the girl carrying him, ready for the move.


"I'm done with having to learn another language. Keep your post," Kojima huffed. That was a part of being a student that he was never going to miss.

Group projects, too. He still preferred to work solo, but now that everyone involved was an adult, if he ever had to team up with someone he could freely call them out if they were being an idiot or dragging him down.

He instinctively turned when he felt a force hitting the ground in the direction the big group was. It seemed they were starting to make their move. Eight - no, seven, one of them was simply heavier than normal. The slime girl wasn't with them anymore - good, her quirk made her difficult to track. They were... heading towards him. Kojima hadn't been moving in a straight line, so he assumed they had some way to track him. Either he had missed a hair on him, or they had figured out how to use their quirks to gain info.

"Don't help them out," he warned Jet before the ground swallowed him again, leaving a small hole for oxygen behind, hidden between the foliage. He had already fought that group; if they wanted a rematch, they'd have to earn it. For now, he'd stay down and see what they were going to do.


Just cause I read worse don't mean it ain't cursed
He snorted at Tectonic's addition, settling down to preen his wings free from loose feathers languidly. "Suit yourself.

And then he was gone.

Jet watched Tectonic vanish into the ground, kneading the bark under him as a spot of ground caved in to allow Kojima to breathe. But his tired, mildly feral brain insisted that the hole made for air was very stick-shaped. In fact, he was halfway to snapping a branch before he stopped himself and tucked his claws under his chest. He shouldn't help.

But it's very stick-shaped, the part of Jet's brain that stuck sticks into the cracks on the Eastern Cliff begged.

He resumed preening, running his feathers through his mandibles carefully before—ah.

Not even five seconds after Tectonic vanished, Jet leaned down off his tree, picked a stick off the ground, and shoved it in the hole.


Lan was tiered of listening to people talk.
Lan was also tiered of zoning out. Maybe he was just tiered. Maybe he should have had a little more to eat this morning. Ok he probably should have- but eating too much before going on a run could make a person nauseous and-

He didn't realize he had zoned out again until he jumped at the sound of a tree falling, ok so- the plan was under way. That was- not good- but it was fine. It was ok.

Lan wasn't really assigned any job in particular other than "be a distraction " so he guessed he would... do that. He had been told by quite a few adults in his past that his tendency to speak loudly about every miniscule thing that bothered him was distracting; but he wasn't so sure cursing at the guy would cut it with a pro hero.

With a hearty sigh and a few muttered curses Lan readied to follow behind the rest of the ground group- until he started running- too fast- maybe in the wrong direction. He didnt remember wich way they were supposed to be going other than just; vuaguley the same way as bird girl. He had been too busy being salty ( and a little light headed actually ) to keep it in mind.

He slowed to a light jog when he realised he had no idea where the hell he was trying to go. Fuck.


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Shoko listened to her opponent, although she didn't see the need to. She'd be unconscious once they activated their quirk. Well, I'm sorry Shizune, she said to herself. She wasn't able to protect her as per their agreement. Maybe her opponent was right, maybe she wasn't cut out for the hero course, maybe it was foolish thinking and blind determination that brought her here. Then she heard them say, it was useless to sacrifice yourself for other, which she didn't agree with, she was about to come out with a rebuttal to the statement, but she felt her arm tingling, no, burning was the right word. She felt this was the end, she hoped they wouldn't bang up her body too much. She was preparing to loose consciousness, good luck to her opponent. She was strong, but they were stronger.

Some time passed, she felt nothing happen. So loosing consciousness wasn't too bad she said to herself. "Am I still in my body?" She said. She felt that she was still conscious but she was sharing her mind with somebody else. "I never knew that my subconscious was that strong." She remarked, impressed with herself. That's something she needed to thank her brother for, pushing her to the edge really helped her mind grow a lot stronger. The other person she was sharing her mind with could most likely hear what she was saying, but she had a hunch that her opponent from before would be slightly surprised, at the least, that she was able to retain consciousness. But she wasn't sure about a number of things, but finding out if the other person can hear her would be something easier to figure out than the other things. "Excuse me? Can you hear me?" Shoko asked, awaiting a response.

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Kojima didn't the kids would be able to find him down here. The group that was approaching didn't have anyone with quirks suited for finding out information, after all.

But then Jet had to be a nuisance and start poking around his air hole just to aggravate him. In this particular occasion it was fine, since Kojima was far enough underground that no stick would reach him, but it brought back bad memories of relaxing underground to avoid the gremlins disturbing him just to suddenly have something hard poking his nose and nearly stabbing him in the eye.

He shouldn't do anything to make his position obvious. But he was done with that fluff lizard. One hand movement and the ground rose like vines, wrapping around Jet's hind legs and pulling down with the intention of burying him underground with only the head remaining above on the surface. See if that taught him.


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Jet squawked in indignation as a vine of rock wrapped around his hindleg, flinging himself off the tree uselessly, as another came up and snaked around his midsection. Mistakes were made! Mistakes!

With some wiggling (and some indignant screeching), he managed to hook a few of his claws into the trunk of a nearby tree, gouging out thick scratches. It was a thin tree, however, and not long after he'd gotten a good grip did he hear a crack.

The tree was giving way.

The trunk split down from his original clawmarks to its roots and not only was Jet pulled down into Tectonic's horrible form of punishment, but a wholeass tree and several rocks, with only a startlingly bird-like shriek of outrage to mark his disappearance.

Jet was underground.

Not only was he underground, but he was also upside-down.

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