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Fandom My Hero Academia: A New Generation (Closed for now)

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You can call me PD
Stupid Jet and the stupid amount of noise he was making. Hopefully the gremlins didn't think the two teachers were together.

There was some resistance, but if Jet's specialty was speed Kojima's was brute force, and with a final crack he pulled the annoyance and everything he had been holding onto underground. Now that he could sense Jet's position, he maneuvered the earth around the taller man to separate him from the junk he'd latched onto, before binding his wings and limbs against his body and finally rotating him and allowing his head to surface for air.

But only his head. See if that taught him to stop poking sticks inside his air holes.


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Asuka with most of the plan filled out she looked over at Hi before she flew over them and extended her hands to grabbing their hands so that when she took to the air she would a view of what was below her when she flew over the forest with her cargo. Turned slighly she looked back down at the rest of the group as they began to make there way to the forest. She gave a few more flaps to gain some altitude so that if she flew over the trees her passenger would not be hit by the tree top branches until she needed to let them down. As they flew over she let her eyes roam over the patches of the forest floor that she could see incase of an ambush.

“Alright Hi let me know when I need to let you down.” She said after a bit.


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" Remember kids~ Saving people by sacrificing yourself... Is completely useless!~"

That... Gray didn't agree with that, but he bit his tongue. Better to not argue with someone within ten-or-so minutes of meeting them (or at all, really—no argument was preferable), so he simply occupied himself with his notes.

" By the way, make sure you emphasize how cool I am in your notes. Draw some lightning bolts around were you mention me or something. Not hearts though; I'm not ready for that sort of commitment.”

Gray blinked.

Hero students didn't talk to him when he was taking notes.

It wasn't that they avoided it, per se (...well, they might), but they were usually too busy with whatever practice they were in the middle of to even give him the time of day. It made sense, of course. He had his job; they had theirs. They didn't need to chat with him, so why would they?

Sheer friendliness, probably. Obligation. They were a hero, they were supposed to be nice. Shit, he was wasting their time, wasn't he? He needed to say something, otherwise they'd think he was ignoring them and then they might be mad and—

"Uh. S-Sure?"

He scratched out a crude drawing of a mouth full of sharp, grinning teeth (it looked more like a 'D' with scoliosis and a scribble inside it, but it was close enough for him) beside the half-of-an-idea he had already been working on—a small note scrawled in messy English that said "Eye drops?". The label was helpful enough, anyway; he didn't know their name yet, only their quirk.


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Suzuki Toshio
As Pip battered the innocent tree with his tail Toshio cheered him on until it begin to fall. "Timberrr!" As it crashed to the ground he bounded up into the branches of another unharmed tree and watched Asuka takeoff with her passenger while wishing for a moment that he had called dibs on the flight.

Hearing the distant bird-like screech his ears shot upright then tilted towards the noise. "Did...anyone else hear that? Sounds like someone is throttling a giant turkey or something over that way." Climbing further up he poked his way out the top of the leaves and waved to the eyes in the sky then pointed in the vague direction of the noise trying to get them to investigate. Ducking back down he hopped his way closer to the sound trying to find the source.


Rumi hummed when they heared a familiar voice in their head.

" Oh, you're awake? That hasn't happened since I bit the mail man," they spoke out loud, the tone made it unclear wether or not biting the mailmain was a joke.
" must be something about mind-based quirks i guess~" they hummed the observation as they stood up again.
Well, it seemed they had won either way, unless tele-chan went and did a certain thing, but who's to say wether or not they'd realize it.
Might as well start collecting bells- there wasn't any reason not to after all.
...Actually, more so just their own bells and maybe one or two of the other guys's. Wouldnt want to cause a stir this early in the game and show their whole hand to the rest of the competition, of course.

They meandered to the support student on their way to collect their discarded bells; still puppeteering Shoko's body, and peered over the other's shoulder ( or well, his arm- as this body was a bit short ) at his notes.

" You write in english? Huh- you from America?"
They hadn't met many forigners- other than the ones that came to talk to their mom- but they didnt count 'cuz Rumi didnt talk to them anyways.

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Llama hand
Pip took a step back from the tree, his tail sweeping lazily back and forth across the ground as the sprats chittered quietly to themselves.

"Dirt bird."
"The dirt ate the bird."
"Is that supposed to happen?"
"Fuck if I know."

He turned to shoot a squinted glance at one of the sprats sitting on his shoulder.

It unblinkingly back at him and clicked slowly, "The dirt. Ate. The bird."

"The hell are you talking about?"
His eyes skipped across the treeline. He hadn't seen any birds around before, and even if he did why would the dirt eat it? Sure, Tectonic probably could stick a bird in the ground if he wanted to, but why...

His search stopped when it landed on a vaguely familiar head sticking out of the ground beside a small hole.


He scarcely took a moment to glance in the sky to check Birdbrain was in position before chirping to the sprats, "The hole. Go check it out."

This earned him two disgruntled clicks. "What??"
"Are WE the bird now?"

"You can bite anything you find in there."

They didn't take the time to respond before scampering to the ground and sprinting to crawl into the hole.


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They had bitten a mailman, if anyone could see Shoko, they would see that she would have her jaw to the floor. She shook it off, people were different. She tried to rack her brain, seeing if she could find a way to force her out of them body, but alas, nothing comes to her brain. Damn, looks like she couldn't plan this far ahead, maybe her brother could've. But there was not time to dwell on that, she had two clear choices that presented themselves to her. Either offer to help her opponent or stay quiet and try to figure out how to get them out of her body. She might as well try out the former, they were technically classmates after all, they would have to get along at some point.

She was about to say something until she heard them speak to the support student. "I mean they could be from anywhere, most people around the world know English. Hell, I'm fluent in a lot of languages myself." Shoko spoke, assumed they would hear her. "Hey, by the way, I have a question for you." She said to them. "Do you know how to use my quirk yet? Also, do you access to the information inside my head?" If they had access to things inside her head, that means they could have access to her memories, the memories she wants to keep hidden. They could also have access to the information she got from Kojima-sensei when she did her mind read. All she could do was wait for an answer.

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You can call me PD
Feeling the students heading towards his position, Kojima groaned. It was all definitely Jet's fault. And the nuisance kept making his life more difficult by squirming around, digging through the earth and forcing him to keep part of his focus on replacing any that got misplaced to keep the reptile trapped.

See if he liked to be forced to preen for 8 hours to get everything out from his ten million feathers.

Thing is, Jet was being such a thorn in his side that Kojima unconsciously allowed his sensing to go on autopilot. He was aware of the students and keeping track of their position, but there were so many animals living within the school grounds he tended to tune those off. Squirrels, most of the time. Birds. The occasional stray cat. So when little paws started climbing down his air hole, his mind dismissed them as a scared rodent and simply put a temporal layer of ground at the end of the tunnel so they'd leave him alone.

By the time he remembered one of the students had mutant rats as part of his quirk, the rodents had decisively dug through the thin layer and jumped inside, and it took every single ounce of willpower he had to not crush the things against a wall when he felt a bite on his calf.


Rihi allowed himself to be carried, checking his surroundings to see if he spotted anything as everyone headed towards the source of the screeching. There was nothing that really caught his attention until-

Was that... a head?

He blinked. Yup, it was a head. Belonging to the reptilian teacher that had brought the support student at the start of the exercise. The man was almost completely buried underground, and Rihi didn't know lizard body language but even he could tell the teacher was absolutely not pleased with this. "Um, do you, need help?" he offered, somewhat confused by what they were supposed to do in a situation like this.

He didn't notice Pip sending his rats into a hole. What he did notice was the earthquake that happened a few seconds later, strong enough to make even the trees sway dangerously from side to side. Rihi yelped, praying that the girl's hair wouldn't drop him - the whole point of making bone spheres to simulate his classmates' weight was to allow her to pretend strands of hair were their footsteps, and if he fell the illusion would break.

But he didn't have to worry about that for long. The ground in front of them exploded, sending sand and chunks of dirt (and Seraph) flying everywhere. Rihi instinctively raised his arms to protect his eyes from the violent shock wave, squinting to see a shape rising from the ground.

It was Tectonic. Two spheres of earth orbited around him, each one containing one spiked rat buried like a burrito filling. And if their teacher had looked annoyed before, now he was pissed. Tentacles of earth raised around him, some snaking around tree trunks and outright ripping them from the ground to wield like giant baseball bats.

...Maybe Rihi was starting to question his life choices right about now.


Just cause I read worse don't mean it ain't cursed
Jet watched the rats crawl down the hole with a pleased shuffle of his mandibles, quite tired of trying to dig himself out of a never-ending sandpit from hell. Now, how to get Kojima back for burying—ah. A student.

Jet raised his head with a hum, ears perking to show his attention as Keibatsu spoke. "That's alright," he chirped in that odd way of his, the phantasmic whisper of his voice strange combined with his tone. "I don't think I'll be in here too much longer."

Sure enough, the ground exploded out from under him not a breath after, sending him spinning out of control into the sky with a sharp, mildly startled whistle.

In one smooth movement, Jet had turned over his tail and flared his wings, spraying dirt in every direction as he caught himself with a downstroke that just about snapped tree boughs. Once he'd stopped his momentum, though, it was easy to land on a tree and fold his limbs (save his wings) back under himself, shaking a little more of the dirt out of his feathers. Mental note; make one of the third years to help him switch out Tectonic's pens. All of them. With highlighter ink.

He thrummed to himself as he looked over the field, pointedly not looking up, because that'd ruin the surprise. Kojima was mad. Probably at him. Jet wouldn't be surprised if he didn't even make front page with his disappearance; he felt like the other teacher had enough connections to make that happen.

As the final nail in Jet's future coffin, he whistled. Long, low, and impressed.

Actually—sitting with his claws tucked under him with an angry coworker wielding trees probably wasn't a good idea. Jet unfolded himself, opting instead to sit with his tails draping over the branch.


Hi cringed as the ground exploded, flipping the knife feather in their hand. "Drop—" They didn't get that far, Wings dropping them as soon as they said. Efficient, at least.

They flipped over themself as they fell, once again aiming to land on the teacher below.


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Asuka looked down at her passenger and nodded as she released them from her grip. For a moment she hovered above to make sure he got down to the ground safely before she went to join them. Looking over her shoulder she check to see where the rest of the group was. Only to have one of the other teachers that tectonic had brought in at the start of this lesion go shooting in to the air and throwing off the dirt that was on his wings. By the look of it he had been stuck in the ground but for what reason she had no clue. Turning back to the task at hand she refocused to make sure she would not missed anything or if they needed her.


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"You write in English? Huh- you from America?"

Gray, a bit thrown off by the mailman comment, had to take a moment to stare owlishly up from his notebook at the hero student before he could form an answer. "Uh— y-yeah."

Concerns about their mailperson aside, he there was an ounce of surprise in his tone. It was pretty easy to guess based on his— oh. Right. They didn't know his name. "I'm Gray, by the way," He blurted, pausing for scarcely a second before correcting himself, "Well, Luca. Luca's my name, but Gray's— it's a nickname? Kind of. Cause my other name has 'Gray' in it, and everyone—sorry, not everyone, just most people— call me Gray."

It was very lucky that Gray was used to speaking Japanese, because otherwise that introduction would've been even less coherent... if it was possible for it to be worse, that is. He could at least take comfort in the fact that he didn't have an accent changing his words any more than his own rambling already was; his father would have his head if he heard of him making misunderstandings with hero students over something like that (not that he would be in any situation where Gray was the topic of conversation long enough for him to hear about it in the first place, but it was the principle of the matter).


It seemed as the problem of "where the fuck am I supposed to be going?" solved itself as soon as it was presented; a scream-or a screech- or maybe even a squawk- sounded a little further into the gathering of trees not quite dense enough to be a forest. Lan followed it of course; honestly- what kind of hero would hear a scream and NOT run directly towards it?

A shitty one. That's what kind. And Lan might make for a shitty hero, but not that kind of shitty.

Unfortunately there was not much hero-ing that could be done as Lan shielded his eyes from the spray of dirt.

"P-Pf-" he sputtered, some had gotten into his mouth. Horrifying.
" God- fucking damnit," It was in his hair too. He shook himself like a wet dog to get it off.

He had already washed his hair today- now he had to do it again. Didn't these bastards know how bad too much shampoo was for your hair if you used it too much?
No. Probably not- especially considering it seemed the guilty party seemed to be Dirt Bastard and-

A bird.
A giant fucking bird.
How was Lan meant to handle this information?
He did not know. But it was fine- his attention was quickly averted as his eyes caught one of the other students falling from the sky. An event that would have most defiantly caused him much panic and confusion had he not been present as the plan was discussed.

But did they really have to fall that far? It made his heart work at an uncomfortable pace and-

Oh. Yeah. Lan was supposed to be some sort of distraction. For the plan. That he was sort of a part of.
Though what he was supposed to do against a god damn pro hero contorting the earth into Lovecraftian tentacles and brandishing trees to play hell baseball?

Lan panicked. As one does. And picked up a stick.
It didn't take long to activate his quirk, the effect was instantaneous. All he had to do was picture the face of the currently falling student in his mind- and done. Times two strength.

He threw the stick at the teacher.
Honestly not his best mental handy work; but it was better than nothing- and hopefully it would give the soon-to-be assaulter a bit more to work with.

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"Do you know how to use my quirk yet? Also, do you access to the information inside my head?"

The voice prattled on inside Rumi's head as she peered down at the support's student's notes.

" Hmmmm... How bout I answer your question if you tell me where you put your bells; it isn't like you're gonna win much like this anyways,"
Rumi replied out loud once again.

" And nice ta meetcha Graybe " It was a pun. A mesh together of Gray and the english word "baby" " Name's Komori - but i dont mind if ya call me Rumi-chan, blue over there is-" she gestured to one of the KO-ed students.

" ...Well either I forgot , or I forgot to ask- either ways 'bout the same,"

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She was right, Shoko barely had any chance of winning in these circumstances. But she didn't want to put Shizune in harms way, but then she recalled what she did before the exercise started. "Ok fine, I'll tell you where they are. Or since you like fighting so much, I can help you fight with some information I have." She said to them, it wasn't the entire truth, but making use of her information from Kojima-sensei was true. Before she could wait for a response she heard them talking to that support student. "You can introduce me as well, Sasaki Shoko, so maybe you could also stop calling me those nicknames of yours since you know my name now." She said to them, but she doubted that they would stop calling her those nicknames. "About my offer, to gain you trust, one of my bells is out in the place we started, it's buried in the ground." She said to them, awaiting a response she hoped she would like.

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