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Poetry My fever dreams


Never try. Never fail.

If water contains memories,
I will cry over your grave.
Hoping that every tear
that lands on the soil,
makes you remember
that you were loved.

If fire is related to passion,
I will keep your candles lit.
So when you have the time
to visit this poor soul,
you'll see it's everlasting burn
and be reminded of our flame.
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Never try. Never fail.
Ever seeing

When I saw you,
my world stayed black and white.
I don't recall my life exploding with colors,
but instead it started off simple.

The sun has never made me squint
like how the whites of your uniform did.
The blacks I'm used to seeing became richer,
and I find myself staring at the nightsky.
In this world of black and white,
you somehow found a way to stand out.

Though I know it will never last,
for I have nothing to offer
but a lifetime of monochrome.
We will find our favorite colors,
and the person to come with it.

But as the day ends.
And I'm tucked in nicely,
with the lights turned off.
Only one color remains,
and I remember.

(Inspired by the "You-see-colors-when-you-meet-your-soulmate" troupe)

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