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Realistic or Modern My Bloody Boyfriend [Recruitment Thread]


A Friendly Shipper

It starts with a dream. You’re at work doing paperwork and things are going as normal as always...until they don’t. In the blink of eye, the office is covered in blood and all your co-workers are dead. You’re terrified and you don’t know how something this awful could have happened. Who could have done this?! As if on cue, a person in black that you can’t make out very well walks right up to you and takes the phone off of your desk. They seem to type something on your phone before showing the screen to you. It was a messenger app and on a newly type speech bubble was a simple message:

“Guess who.”

With that, they ready their weapon to strike you...then you wake up.

You look around and all your co-workers are alive, acting normally and wondering why you seem to be so sweaty and nervous. You check your phone and there’s no message but there is in fact something new added. A messenger. Was that a sign? It’s your mission now. Find out who it was before your nightmare becomes a reality. Could you change the culprit’s mind before it’s too late?


- This roleplay will take place entirely over discord due to it's channels and style being more suitable for this kind of roleplay.

- This a 50% chat-room styled, 50% third-person styled roleplay. By this, I mean that, though a good portion of the roleplay revolves around the fake messenger, their will be times where you can third person roleplay when your character goes off messenger. This can be during events to show what they’re doing offline or if they’re meeting up with someone. More possibilities with the separated channels will be discussed on the server which you can take a look at once accepted.

- Only the male characters are pre-made. If you go for a male character, remember you are sticking to the character and the personality that has been set out for him. Besides his background and personality, you are free to add any extra bits to him that you’d like. If you are unsure if your changes would conflict with his character, feel free to ask me. If you'd like to be one of the pre-made males, privately message me who you'd like to be.

- Female characters are ones that must fill out a profile and send it to me privately. There will be no reservations. Once you have been accepted, you will receive an invite to the server.

- This roleplay will only start once all roles are filled to avoid leaving anyone out.
Keep your characters creative but believable. This roleplay is mostly a slice-of-life, romance, horror thriller (with comedy if you so choose to add it), not a fantasy roleplay.

- When in the fake chatroom, you’re to act as your character would. When doing third-person roleplaying, make sure to give enough for people you’re interacting with to work on. At least two paragraphs is the minimum.

- The male pre-mades will be the suspects and the females will take on the role of figuring out who's the culprit from the nightmare.

- If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask me.

New Chatroom Members’ Layout:

[b]Name:[/b] [First and Last name]
Messenger Name:[/b] [The username they will be called by on messenger]
[b]Age:[/b] [21-25]
[b]Occupation:[/b] [An office job]
[b]Personality:[/b] [Choose four words to describe their personality]
[b]Background:[/b] [Between one to two paragraphs]

Our Eligible Bachelors:

Contestant #1: Taken by Devious Dilbert

Name: Haneul Pak
Nickname: Han
Messenger Name: Han
Age: 24
Occupation: Warehouse Worker
Personality: Antisocial, Mature, Serious, Easily irritable
Background: Hanuel comes from a family of hard workers who have been given the short end of the stick. Day in and day out, they were stepped on by those who had more power than them which has caused Hanuel to have difficulties trusting others. He has a record of delinquency in his past which includes starting fights, breaking into buildings, and skipping school but he is looking to erase those days by showing people how strong he can be with sheer willpower and determination to make a name for himself one step at a time.

Hanuel was born in South Korea but moved to tokyo Japan after college. He has hopes of making his way up from the warehouse to being a future CEO. When disrespected, he tries not to lose his temper but sometimes he can’t help but argue back with words.

Is it just a matter of time before he goes back to violence?
Username: Devious Dilbert

Contestant #2: Taken by Royal Rena

Name: Simon Yoshitake
Nickname: Never given one
Messenger Name: Centipede
Age: 22
Occupation: Accounting clerk
Personality: Soft spoken, Friendly, Kind, Carefree
Background: Simon was born from an american mother and a japanese father which produced his noticeably blonde hair. You appears to be a rather intelligent man except when it comes to social situations. When speaking to others, he can often be too honest or oblivious and that can sometimes get him in trouble. With the natural charm he seems to radiate, he is quite the popular man among women in the sales department in which he works. He is a man who is always seen smiling almost as if he was blissfully unaware of the dark sides of life.
His favorite thing in life is learning about and collecting bugs. He finds them truly fascinating and can get a bit strange when he goes into detail about facts on them. However, though he’s been in relationships before, they don’t last very long and the exes seem to avoid Simon afterwards.

What was with that mysterious behavior? What was Simon’s secret that those women won’t reveal?
Username: Royal Rena

Contestant #3: Available

Name: Hibiya Saitama
Nickname: Hibi
Messenger Name: Vanity
Age: 21
Occupation: HR Intern
Personality: Egotistical, Flirtatious, Eccentric, Outgoing
Background: Back in his hometown, Higiya was known to flirt with almost any woman in town. He was often very successful in his ventures but charms can sometimes lead you to bad situations, one particular incident leading to something he still suffers from today. A woman he was currently seeing also happened to be seeing another man he wasn’t aware of but his naturally high ego wouldn’t allow him to apologize. Because of this, Hibiya wound up being stabbed in the eye, losing it and leading him into having to wear an eyepatch which drastically lowered his chances with women who were put off by the strangeness of it. After having his pride bruised by this, Hibiya left home for Tokyo Japan.

Hibiya lives in a small apartment in town, working as an intern for the human resources department. His hair has grown a bit to help cover the eye patch more but he refuses to get rid of the patch and seems to get very defensive when it is brought up. He chooses to pretend like there isn’t anything wrong, as if his face is still untouched and perfect.

Is he one rude remark about his appearance away from snapping?

Contestant #4: Available

Name: Minori Kaiba
Nickname: Mimi (Hates this nickname)
Messenger Name: RedRanger
Age: 23
Occupation: Secretary to the Executive Director
Personality: Stern, Relentless, Short-tempered, Stubborn
Background: Minori is a man who won’t put up with any carelessness on the job. He is a man who takes his job very seriously and will get the job done no matter what which causes the Executive director to rely on his very often (almost to an annoying point for Minori). With the way he will so easily discipline even the Executive Director for misbehavior makes some believe he might be a sadist and he does his best to ignore such rumors. Minori rarely takes breaks and can be seen as a ‘stick in the mud’ but he wasn’t always that way.
When Minori was younger, Minori looked up to the ranger shows on television, wanting to be a ranger himself and to fight evil, evil like the bullies that constantly picked on him. They saw Minori as weak and powerless so they would tease him about his name, his appearance, and take any chance to physically bully him as well, knowing that he wouldn’t dare tell on them. Minori grew a grudge against those boys and that grudge bottled up day after day until it just popped in a dangerous act of violence that led his parents to have to move to Tokyo to avoid the after effects of it. Minori never talks about his past with anyone so people naturally assume he just grew up in Tokyo. Only his mother knows the full truth.

Newest Chatroom Members:

Member #1 Open
Member #2 Open
Member #3 Open
Member #4 Open

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