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Fandom My 1x1 Roleplay Partner Search!

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I am mainly looking for others who roleplay fandoms. Specifically Oc x Cc. Before I show my list of the fandoms I know, I think I should explain some of my rules first.

I am not a fast replier. I get very busy with life, so I am not always going to be online. I’d thought I get this part out of the way first.

I strictly double up even if I am playing the more desired role. I want things to be fair for both of us, and for the both of us to enjoy the roleplay. So if you do not double up, do not message me.

Smut is not allowed. But romance of course is allowed!

LGBTQ+ is always allowed!

I strictly do Oc x Canon

Be able to write at least 1 paragraph.

I prefer to roleplay on Discord as it is a bit easier on there, but it is not a requirement.

Okay, those are all my rules! Now, moving onto my ~fandoms~


Final Fantasy 15-😍
Final Fantasy 7-😍
The Evil within-😍
Yandere Simulator-😍
Obey me!-😍
Mystic messenger-🤔
Resident Evil-😍
Boyfriend to death-😍

Persona 5-😍
Genshin impact-🤔
Your turn to die-😍

DM me if you’re interested in roleplaying any of these fandoms with me!

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