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Realistic or Modern MxM World War 2 Roleplay Search!

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I will be asking you to play a premade character for this. It's based on a fandom that no one roleplays anymore, so the characters are already developed! (I can point you in the direction of the source material if interested in being completely faithful to it)

So, as stated I'm looking for a mxm WW2/Army based roleplay. I have information regarding the character (possibly more than one if we get along/develop the story far enough) I'd like you to play, including clips, gifs etc. Whatever is needed to help you learn the roles if you're comfortable with it. I won't ask you to follow everything to the letter; you can develop the character in your own ways here and there!

I'm looking for someone literate. To me, this means three meaty paragraphs that are well written. Three paragraphs of rambling isn't fun if it isn't going to lead anywhere.

This all makes me sound super strict, but I'm not! I've just been messed around a lot recently, which makes me hesitant to take on just anyone as a partner atm. I'm very chatty, love bouncing ideas around and plot build with my roleplay partner. I like to make friends with my roleplay buddies, so please don't be shy!


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