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Resident Kaiju Groupie
Hey hey, RP Nation! It's Kaiger, but you can just call me Kai. I'd just like to say a few things before we dive into this:

  • I do things other than roleplay.
    • I'm a student, VA, and comm artist. That's how I make my money, so I might stop replying after I get home.
  • My timezone is CDT!
  • Ghosting is OK!
    • As much as I hate it, it's fine! I understand if you get busy or stop feeling the roleplay, that happens to me too. I'll try to inform you of when I'm going to be unable to respond, and I hope you will too.
  • I'm tough!
    • If you don't want to RP or aren't feeling the plot anymore, tell me! It happens to the best of us, honestly.
  • I'm looking for a roleplay with plot. It doesn't have to be long-term, maybe we do a bunch of small RPs or some longer ones.
  • MxM, obviously.
  • My preference
    • I love chubby characters. They're so huggable! However, that doesn't mean that's all I'll play as/against.
With all that crap out of the way, onto the fun stuff!

Starter Ideas
(Bolded, I prefer playing. Italics, really like.)
  • Monster x Hunter
    • Criminal instead of a monster
    • "I'm not the one you should be hunting."
    • "You have to help me"
  • Hurt/Comfort (emotional or physical)
    • "Nightmares again?" (PTSD or just bad nightmares)
    • Many an abrasion from a home invasion.
    • An injury causing so much pain that A has to help B out with a lot of stuff.
    • "I told you to stay away from them!" (A though he could take on someone in a fight. B wasn't surprised when he returned home bloodied and bruised)
  • Sick x Caretaker
    • One too many drinks. (Alcohol poisoning/really drunk)
    • Bad food. (Food poisoning or allergy)
    • That's toxic? Oops. (Himbo eats a plant/item that is not meant to be eaten)
    • Why'd it have to be a [vehicle]? (Motion sickness)
    • "Wait, I'm supposed to change it daily?" (Infection)
Feel free to come up with your own and drop them for me in the comments! I'd love to try someone else's plot.
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do you like to do things with princess/princesses? I would like to do the sick caretaker one, maybe with allergy, with your character as a prince/princess and mine as a Gardener.

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