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stupid fool
So as for my availability right now I work often but I try to respond as much as possible, my responses on mobile aren't as great as when I get on the laptop. So sometimes I might hold off just so I can give you a good reply but I am usually on once. at the least, a day. As for my style I write 3rd person and go from one to multi paragraph, I get burnt out on Novella fast if I am not into it enough to be honest.
I only rp in PM, it's easier for me to keep track of I am a simplistic person.
As for what I want, well I've got a lot of ideas but they mostly revolve around the characters than a plot.
If I stop responding check my profile I'll post when I am working/out ect.


Naruto-(Craving) I was thinking we each split two teams, like one team you're the Jonin while I have two Genin and vice versa. We can decide if we want pairings at all, and who controls who, I just kinda like the idea of exploring the world itself. I am not too huge into rules for like making up Jutsu, just looking for some fun but we'll keep it realistic for the sake of fun.
I like the idea of exploring the original timeline while also maybe changing a few things here and there, I am a go with the flow kinda person and it sounds fun to me.
I quite like MxM and FxM, willing to do both or none as long as the roleplay is fun. If I were to pick any pairings I would pick Gaara, Temari, Shikamaru, Kankuro and Kakashi for any of my OC's. (Off the top of my head that is)
I actually have a good plot line for anyone that would like to hear it, requires multiple OC's from both of us and it's a long one if you're interested.

Pokemon-About the same with this one, big fan of the series and exploring the world but the character I would use is more of a male lean so maybe more of an MxM preference, but I'll do anything too. Pretty up in the air in terms of plot as well, we could decide on something together.
(The OC I usually use is a male Dragon Tamer that starts off in Unova and travels to each region, ending in Alola so depending on which region we pick is how advanced of a trainer he is. If I pick a female character it's a whatever I feel like moment.
Any pairings I'd want would be with N, Volkner or Guzma)

Dynasty Warriors 3-9-(CRAVING)I would love anyone immensely just to nerd out about this game, but I would also love a good story involving this game it's my childhood man. (I would prefer to play a female OC but I can play literally all the characters I would probably choose Jia Chong, Zhao Yun or Xu Shu)
(I do have plot ideas though just saying)

Avatar The Last Airbender- I think this would work for both OC only and involving the original story line and still be a lot of fun.
(If I did pairings I'd go for Zuko prolly)
Maybe before the events of the series, before all that the Avatar is facing a new threat and also must still master the elements, running into a new master that is less than eager to help him? (I actually have more to this plot than that)

Attack on Titan-
I am craving some pre-everything Levi x OC if yall don't mind indulging me, if we're having fun with it we can hit the story line too

Haikyuu- Just anything KuroKen, BokuKuro, BokuAka, I am such a shipper of all gayness in this show.
(I tend to like playing Kenma with Kuroo, Kuroo with Bokuto and Akashi with Bokuto)

Stardew Valley- Prolly a good idea to double.

Thief (ps3 version)-I expect no one to know this.

Harry Potter- I have a Snape x OC MxM Slow Burn as fuck plot for this if interested, also can double for you.


The Bear King-

To the East was the Dragon King, the South the Scorpion King, the North the Bear King and to the West it was split between dogs and cats seemingly feuding among each other. The North and South always teetered on the edge of war, always distrusting of each other, fighting over trade... Until the Bear King dies of old age and his son takes over, the Scorpion King offered his daughter as a peace offering.
You are a princess being sent over to the cold, bitter Northern Kingdom to marry one of the strongest Bear King's to date. Your father ignored your hate of the idea, your mother passed when you were born and wasn't able to fight for your freedom.
You have one handmaiden and two guards, soon you will arrive and find out if he is as cold and cruel as the stories tell, or find out everything you knew was wrong.
(I am not letting many of the details of the plot go just yet, I will be the King you the Princess so it's a M/F.
This is heavy with side OC's on my end, I will control one of your Knight's while the second and your maid is yours to control. Make them as important as you like)
(Heavy world building/Heavy Character Development/Heavy Side OC's)

Dog's at Peace-

You play an honorably discharged Marine (Or Airforce/Military whatever you prefer) that adopted a service dog to help with his PTSD and injuries sustained while at war. One day the dog stops eating, doesn't seem to want to do anything but lie there so he takes the dog to the vet. There he meets my character, the veterinarian that cares less for humans and just animals. He's quite rude about it but he does his job damn well, even offers advice but it feels more like ridicule. He seems like a total ass but when he sees how the vet acts with the dog, he can tell he's really not that much of an asshole.
So he follows his advice, somehow they end up meeting once more when the vet is shopping for his own pet.
(Can be MxF but it's primarily MxM, mostly relies on character interaction/backstory than anything. Slice of life mush)
(Heavy Character Development/Casual Plot)

Welcome to the other side-(Craving)
You'd play a guy during what many would call the apocalypse, when it's in fact Heaven and the Demon world being revealed to all via a rough battle between my girl and Michael, the First Archangel of Heaven's army. After a while of hiding it the fight got a little rough in the middle of New York (Or any city/country of note that would fit your character) due to the released amount of Holy and Demonic energy released in the area, the seal that hid the fact your character was half demon broke and began leaking out in various ways.
Now, up to you on what kind of powers he has. I have enough demons to match that to a daddy of enough importance that God would want him dead.
And that's when he'd meet my character, Sarah, a half blood that is also a vassal to one of Satan's sons that works for an origination that protects half bloods like your boy. From there I'll follow a story line I have made up that's pure chaotic fun. I'll have lots of demonic side OC's and juicy, mostly blasphemous plot ideas.
(If you desire MxM that can be done as well)
(Heavy World Building/Character Development/Heavy Side OC's)

Street Demons-

After honorably discharged from the Military due to an injury and maybe PTSD he moves to (Country based off your character or cooperative decision) to relax. After his last living family passed, his grandparents, he was left with a hefty inheritance and decided it was time to relax.
However old habits die hard, after opening a martial arts training dojo he found himself back at street fighting, finding an underground ring one day he finds himself at the top of the food chain in fighters there. Then one day, he meets her.
She's taken by the douche bag that runs the arena, the local mob boss it seemed but she liked to fight just as much, impressively enough for him. They were sparing partners until said douche decides they're too close and tries to have him killed, after failing she tries to leave but instead he challenges the douche, claiming that if he won their grand tournament he was to give it all to her and leave.
That's where it all begins.
(I can play either or, can also be swapped around a bit for mxm)
(Heavy Character Development/More Casual Plot)

Yo-Ho and a Bottle of Rum-(Craving)

In the world of pirates the government hired Pirate Hunters to keep the seas clear but it's truthfully just impossible. There are many and they are everywhere, they take what they want and leave nothing behind. One of the most prolific Pirates has turned on his crew, nearly getting them killed he abandoned them to help the Government. His First mate took over and their first mission?
Kill him, find him and brutally kill him, however when he gets the chance to he runs into the most sought after Assassins, the Bloody Queen. Unknowingly her and her companion stop him, thinking they were saving a town from a raid.
While failing in trying to kill her, he figured out who she was and instead tries to recruit her.
(I won't give away all the ideas just yet, it's mxf with plenty of side pairings as I bring on many side OC's for the rp. You'd be the pirate I the assassin)
(Heavy World Building/Heavy Character Development/Heavy Side OC's)

Basic pairings I have ideas for but aren't fleshed out enough yet

Investigator x Mob Boss/Yakuza
Animal shifter x human/cop
I’m interested in the aot plot !


writing enthusiast
interested in naruto, pokemon, avatar the last airbender, ATTACK ON TITAN, the bear king, dogs at peace, and street demons. we can do whatever you're most craving, if you're still looking shoot me a direct message as i am unable to send one first since i'm new.


New Member
Are you still looking? I'd be open to your SnapexOC one. I have a ah... Dr. Frankenstine esque character I could play as his love interest.


New Member
I am
If you don't mind doubling as I was looking to play the OC then yes.
Ooooooooh, I'm sorry >.< I mean, I may not be very good at playing Severus but I'm willing to play another canon. I could try Remus? Severus is just a bit more...witty then me XD

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