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Fantasy [mxm] [mxf] High or low medieval fantasy check! (CLOSED FOR NOW, THANK YOU)

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*closed for now, thanks for all the interest!*

Hey there everyone!

So I have this medieval fantasy setting I've been dying to use for something. It can be spun into either high or low fantasy and is definitely not completely set in stone if you don't want it to be. If you have preferences or ideas for races, historical events, plots, or anything else, let me know and we can definitely discuss! I promise I'm like the chillest person.

Setting thread: click click
Keep in mind this is always a work in progress and can definitely be changed according to RP plots and such.

If you don't like a premade setting that's fine too! We can create our own together through plotting and world building. (I fucking LOVE making maps). TBH I just really love and crave medieval fantasy stuff 😩 Once my mind gets going for plot ideas it's hard for me to stop. Ideally I like partner who also match that energy and get excited!

Possible Pairings: (* denotes plot ideas)
  • mage x apprentice * (mxm for this one)
  • advisor x queen * (I am really craving this one!)
  • assassin x target
  • noble x commoner
  • noble x knight
  • mortal x immortal
  • arranged marriage (never done this but I am definitely interested, mxf pairing for this one)
  • pirates???
  • forbidden love 😩
  • pretty much any pairing that could fit in a medieval fantasy world. Send me your pairings and ideas!

Just a bit about me:
  • 18+ only please
  • I generally play male character mains with plenty of side characters, male and female.
  • I tend to gravitate towards mature and gritty themes so please let me know if you have triggers beforehand.
  • I'm kind of lazy lit I guess? I don't send one-liners. Generally a few hundred to 1000+ words per post, depending on the scene. 3rd person. Have a good grasp on spelling and grammar. I can't overlook constant their/they're/there your/you're "would of"/would've mistakes.
  • PMs or Google docs for RP pls. Discord for chatting.
  • It's the end of the semester so I'm kind of busy right now (replies will be sporadic) but in about two weeks I'll be freeeeeeee
  • Anyway, if this interests you, please send me a PM or Discord message and any plot or pairings you're interested in! hooligan#7584
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How has no one left a reply here yet... This is fantastical! (Pun intended)


You've got my interest piqued, especially with the advisor x queen plot, but a couple others sound good to me as well. Shoot me a pm and I'd love to get brainstorming on plot building.

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