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Fantasy [MxM] Fantasy Roleplay Ideas

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Hi there!

I'm looking for some long term MxM fantasy role play partners. I have a few cravings and pairings I'd like to explore, please PM me to discuss ideas if you are interested:

- Pirate Captain/Stowaway (Looking for someone to play the Captain)
A young man stows away on a ship looking to explore the world but not being able to afford passage, unfortunately for him he didn't realise the boat he stowed away on was a pirate vessel until they find him and drag him to the Captain.

- Sorcerer/Apprentice (Looking for someone to play the sorcerer)
A shy and bookish apprentice has been studying under a great and powerful sorcerer for two full years, but the problem is, despite the hundreds of books and tomes he reads, he has no magical skill or talent. I would like to explore the relationship between him and his increasingly impatient Master.

- Prince/Advisor (Looking for someone to play the Prince)
The Prince's long suffering advisor hates his job, his job is to organise the Prince's schedule and make sure he attends all the classes and meetings that is required of him. However the Prince is headstrong and finds the strung out assistant endearing. He rather likes making his own schedule and finds it amusing to watch the bookish man run around after him.

-Tavern Owner/Tavern Worker (Looking for someone to play the Tavern Owner)
A young man is sold to the tavern owner to settle his father's drinking debt with the intention of him working to pay it off. Unfortunately the young man isn't informed of this, and believes his position at the Tavern is a paying job. The young man thinks he will just be serving drinks and cleaning rooms but it seems the tavern owner has some other ideas about how to make coin.
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