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Multiple Settings (MxM) Druid's Cravings and Long-term Partner Search

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LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Slice of Life


Lord of Trees

Thank you for checking out my thread, I'm super excited to meet you, I'm Druid and I'm over the age of 23 and under 30 years old. I am a male and I am seeking a long-term partner for some MxM romance roleplaying. If we had to use labels, I would say I was looking for a "top" or more dominant male character to go opposite of mine, a real man's man I suppose.

I have many cravings from the list and many more that I'm sure I could be convinced to roleplay that is not present here if you simply ask. I'd prefer it if you were 18+ and All Site Rules Apply.

Things I'm interested in: (The Characters I want to play are on the right of the pairing.)

  • Warrior x Druid
  • Werewolf x Druid
  • Knight x Prince
  • Paladin x Vampire
  • Knight/Paladin x Rogue
  • Demon x Hellmage (Maybe a prince and his knight, kinda like a combination of some of the above?)
  • Samurai x Lord
  • Roman Gladiator/Warrior x Noble
  • Werewolves Alpha x Omega/Beta (Could also work as my character previously being his own Alpha)
  • Firefighter x Civilian
  • Mafia x Civilian
  • Bodyguard x Prince
  • Roman/Greek Warrior (or Gladiator) x Witch (The idea behind this one is that the modern witch is the modern reincarnation of the warrior's lover in their time who died and used a spell to call for help, pulling this person to the modern world. This is a weird one, I know.)
  • Werewolves Alpha x Omega/Beta (Could also work as my character previously being his own Alpha)
Fandom (Mostly interested in OCs for Fandoms)
  • Food Wars
  • Maybe Hunter x Hunter
  • Game of Thrones (Knight x Lost Baratheon Heir)
  • Altered Carbon
  • Star Wars
  • Riverdale
  • Bodyguard from Netflix
  • Young Justice
  • DC
Can most likely be convinced towards other plots in the Fantasy or Modern genre regardless of its supernatural status, let me know what you think by replying or sending me a PM if you want to do any of these.

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