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MxF Role-play ideas (Mostly Sad Plots!)


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As mentioned in my introduction, I am interested in More drama and Romance focused Rps, and I happily provide a list of ideas right here. And I only play Males, I'm rubbish with playing women.

PM if interested!

  • Hospital patient/Nurse(closed!)
  • Ghost/Human (closed!)
  • Criminal/Police Officer
  • Soldier/Civilian(closed!)
  • Bully/nerd ( I would be the nerd)


  • Dragon Age
  • Star Wars
  • Warhammer (Fantasy or 40k)
  • Witcher
  • Lord of the Rings (Total nerd)

I'm open to ideas as well, so Feel free to ask!
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Jaded Jinx

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Hi~ I know this is a little late considering your last post was in march, but do you have any interest in doing a Witcher rp?

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