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Fantasy Mutt's Partner Search! [Always Open]


Fantasy Fanatic
Looking for a partner to role play with I got a few open plots, looking for someone to play as the male. I prefer MxF


Writing is fun...Right?
After a move and unexpected medical issues, I'm back!

If any of my previous partners see this and are still interested in starting something new or reviving something old, hit me up!


I love you 3000
Hiya, I'm Glinda! I'm 20, I've been Rping for 9 years, and I consider myself lazy lit. I will happily give you 2-5 paragraphs per reply, but I don't write novellas. I lose interest if I'm expected to write a book.

I would love a long lasting FxM rp in a dark fantasy/medieval setting. I have two different characters I could use in that era. Hit me up if you're interested!

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