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Welcome, I'm Musician. Feel free to call me Muse. I'm a recent college graduate with a lot of time on her hands and many years of forum roleplaying experience (over a decade) that desires much-needed exercise after a three-year hiatus. Please read through each section carefully before contacting me!

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My writing style includes complete sentences, spell check, grammar check, and a bit of length. That said, content comes before size. I prefer writing two paragraphs with a lot of weight and meaning than six paragraphs of words that don't contribute to our story.

I spend a lot of time thinking about my characters at any given time. They are often very near and dear to me. You could say that I like to treat them as if they were real people.

I will never purposely try to control a character that I do not believe is mine.

I prefer stories that are driven by the characters rather than the plot. Never sacrifice personality for the sake of the plot. I prefer to play my characters with this consistency.

I do not require romance for my stories. I prefer when the relationships between characters develop naturally. I don't enjoy forcing a relationship.

I can be pretty passionate when I am coming up with ideas when inspiration is high. Like anyone, sometimes I hit those blocks where my muse is dry. Whatever the case may be, I am always willing to work with my partner to create something that we can both enjoy

I will always try to update you about my interest in the roleplay, my response timing, or anything else that might concern you and our story.

I am trying to respond to my roleplays in the order of which I receive things so I avoid forgetting about something. I currently do not have a job but I usually work on and finish responses by the afternoon just before dinner. I like to finish a response or two and then I take a break. I usually have enough stamina to respond to one thing per day. That may amount to at least one reply per week depending on how many roleplays I am occupied with. I do my best to inform my roleplaying friends when I am going to have a response submitted but I don't mind people asking me either.

I am open to many ideas. My own interests lean towards settings and concepts more than specific plots. They are the following: Medieval, Victorian, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Lovecraftian Horror, and more.

I cannot under any circumstances roleplay or read about animal abuse.

I really like using the site's forums to roleplay and keep our OCC in DMs. That is something I am willing to accommodate, however, as long as it remains on the site. I also think it's a lot nicer getting to know my partner for who they are as a person and not just a roleplayer.

Here are some of the stories I have participated in that are still available on the forums. You can see my current/ pending roleplays linked below in my forum signature.

Portals to the Afterlife (2017)
A Crown Unbefit (2017)
The Exodus of Fables (2015)
Battle Arena (2014)
Tightly Wound (2014)
The Land Between Us (2014)
Fighting for Alaban (2014)
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Heaven restores you in life.
I have an idea brewing in my head, if yer interested. Could also do some steampunky cross between the dragon riders if you let me be the dragon lol

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