Murderhobo: The RP (Official)

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  1. "Hold on. These guys got some good stuff here. Wouldn't want it to go to waste would we?" Loot
  2. Keep shooting at the sniper's body until hard metal bits can be looted from it.
  3. "We can do dat. Shooter, mind the ev'dence!" Angus Stoneshield got irritated with Krieg's disposition. "That's destroying the good parts!"

    They found the heavy to have a message. It was anonymous, but possibly from Ronan. "Buy time for me to secure the trade from Dolorragh. Whoever does a good job gets pocketed shares." Angus' rolled his eyes. "Those bastards..." The dwarf knew well about the infamous city of Dolorragh.

    A) Inquire about the place

    B) Move on
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  4. Keep shooting at the body of the sniper.
  5. Angus grabbed Krieg to get him back to reality. "Don't waste yer ammo!" As soon as they followed the trail, they encountered a MEC: Mechanized Exoskeletal Chassis. It was accompanied by a team of eight operatives, two heavies, two rangers, two snipers, and two drone specialists. They did not look nice whatsoever, but it meant Ronan wasn't too far off.

    A) Attack the robot

    B) Go for the humans first
  6. As Krieg was dragged off, he incessantly pressed the handle as if he were firing the weapon, only putting his finger back on the trigger as soon as the enemies came in sight, blasting the meatbodies in front of the robot.
  7. Move in and do a little choppy choppy on the humans.
  8. The human forces has been whittled down by two as a heavy and a drone specialist was downed in an instant. Angus was distracting the robot with explosive slugs. Though the group didn't make it any easier. The group was scattered across, though Angus took the brunt of it. The dwarf wasn't going down easy at all. The drone specialist was providing defense and healing support using his drone. Snipers were scrambling into position. Rangers readied their attacks against Reaper to buy others time. The remaining heavy provided suppressing fire as did the robot.

    A) Take out the rangers

    B) Down the remnant heavy

    C) Likewise with the drone specialist

    D) Blast the snipers to bits

    E) Scrap the MEC
  9. Use the shooty shoots to take out those pesky snipers.
  10. That drone specialist is going to have to catch a few bullets, because they're coming in STREAMS
  11. Angus intercepted the rangers to allow Reaper to go for the snipers. The dwarf used explosive shotgun slugs of his people's make to blast the rangers to smithereens. The distractions were just enough for Reaper to catch up to the snipers and blast them to bits.

    Krieg managed to take out the drone specialist with spray and pray. The MEC however retaliated by firing missiles at his position. The heavy readied his grenade launcher to counter both Angus and Reaper.

    Which enemy to take on first?

    A) Heavy

    B) MEC
  12. Tear this heavy to shreds.
  14. The heavy was downed thanks to Reaper and Angus using the pincer maneuver. Krieg though attacked the MEC ruthlessly, though he was cut short by a micro-missile barrage knocking him back. He did get a few good shots though. Mr. Stoneshield finished off the bot with an explosive slug. "That's that!"

    Now what to do?

    A) Loot the corpses

    B) Go for Ronan
  15. Loot the corpses. ALWAYS loot the corpses.
  16. Loot. These guys deserve to be looted.
  17. More loot meant more hints. Ronan's headed to the city of Dolorragh. He was also securing a contract from the leadership. The group knew this as Angus revealed a picture of him and a Dolorrite leader shaking hands together.

    As soon as they advanced, Angus laid low. The dwarf saw a patrol of Dolorrites meeting with Ronan Stark. "So Deathwatch is fine with live captures? Splendid!" "Sure is. We're happy to do it for a price."

    What do? (Voting time)

    A) Interrupt

    B) Eavesdrop
  18. Eavesdrop for now
  20. "Shush!" Angus prevented Krieg from interrupting the meeting. Everyone laid low for now. They were able to get a good look of the Dolorrites that are talking to Ronan Stark. The Dolorrites looked human from a distance. However, a good look at their features showed peculiar features. Pointed ears, a thinner composition, eyes that appeared either predatory, alluring, or compelling, sleeker and smoother skin, and eerie youth. The species as a whole had an alien and alluring appearance. They were reminiscent of elves and are possibly a cousin race of the fey found in the Ear of Horror.

    "Let's see how much are you willing to haggle for" "It depends on species. 5000 to 10000 for vampires and 7500 to 15000 for demons." Ronan was giving his minimum and maximum prices. "6000 for the vampires, 9000 for the demons." The Dolorrites had a tradition of haggling. "9000 and 12000." Ronan too enjoyed haggling with them. "7500 and 11000." "8000 and 11000 then." "Deal." The two parties shook hands.

    Dolorrite ears then picked something up. "Someone's eavesdropping. We know you're there!" Ronan got his weapons ready. So did the patrol of Dolorrites. The Dolorrites were much faster than Ronan were, assembling a defensive position in second. Ronan scrambled for cover slower than they. The group just knew the murderhobos were there after one of them threw a battle scanner. Must be from Krieg trying to rush in at the last moment.

    A) Take cover

    B) Risk it and snatch Ronan
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  21. Take cover for the moment.
  23. Krieg rushed out full bore and guns blazing. However, this got Ronan to shout back at him. "STAND DOWN!" The Dolorrites were also readied. It was a standoff between the group. "Dammit, your mercenary has found me." "I always get my man." "There are two main rules in Dolorragh: One is don't fuck with their king and the other is not to hamper our business. You're dangerously close to violating the second rule." The Dolorrites hissed at the dwarf. They were having a good deal with Ronan and his friends. The murderhobo group may get to meet their leader soon enough if they play their cards right.

    A) Ask about the contract

    B) Go Leeroy Jenkins and attack

    C) Do what you will (free writing choice)
  24. Struggle to contain thyself from touching their hair and let Ronan keep doing business.

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