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Realistic or Modern Murdered Town


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Black Hallow is a very peaceful and happy town. Everyone in town was a happy person with joy on their faces. The townsfolk are really kind, including the mayor. The mayor helps those in need, and everyone loves him. There was barely any crime in Black Hallow. However, one night, a murder happened. The mayor, Mayor Snow, was brutally murdered. His chest was ripped open with guts falling out, and his skull was cracked open. A brain was spilling all over the floor. This murder shocked everyone, since the mayor never really had any enemies. After that one specific murder, crime rate has immediately bumped up by 84%.

Many people started to steal, kill, etc. Prisons were getting filled and filled, and the cops could not keep track of them. In fact, some cops even got bribed to help out some criminals escape the law. That's how bad things were. Children were being held from school due to lack of safety. Stores and shops were barely open for business. Many families had even moved out. Everything. Was. Falling. Apart.

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  • Your character must be a law enforcement of any of the following: police, detective, military. Your character will try to find out who killed the mayor, and possibly solve side cases. Your character MUST be over twenty. Yes, it pains me too, but c'mon, it isn't really realistic for a sixteen year old to be a police officer, right? Your character must NOT have super powers or any power actually. Since this is in the realistic/modern section, your character mustn't go ahead and, I don't know, shoot fire balls? If you would like to play a thug or bad guy, please ask me before you go ahead and turn your character into a thug.

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