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Fantasy Munus Deorum - interest check (now hiring: The deity of water)

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Tende altum, volare altius
Munus Deorum


Long ago, our land was protected by gods. Great spirits of the earth, water, flame and sky. These gods walked among us, and took the forms of animals to protect us. When they grew tired, they came to rest in a large forest directly in the center of our land. Shrines were built in the forest to house them, one for each cardinal direction. They ruled with kindness and they ruled in balance, and we worshiped them, made offerings and were happy. Then, our world was torn asunder: A warlord came, with powers beyond our darkest nightmares. This warlord and his generals slew our gods, proclaimed himself and his line the true rulers of our land…that was one hundred years ago. Now, the shrines to our gods lay forgotten. Those that worship, do so in secret, and the decrees of the usurper king are only broken at the cost of our lives.

We live, some in peace, others not. The people favoured by the emperor during the war earned high places in the new world. Those that refused to renounce our old ways…were trampled under their feet. Many just try to get by, living and dreaming of the day when our world becomes better. Our gods no longer walk with us, but…

Some whisper of a prophecy: when mortal blood carries godlike strength, the elements themselves will rise up to restore balance, and make way for our gods’ return.
It is said the gods are waiting for brave believers with magical gifts to enter into their sacred wood and wake them.


This will be a medieval high fantasy, detailed rp. I will need all four central gods, and four humans to take on an element each. After that, you can make up minor deities or mortals with different powers. The humans will eventually become more powerful than the gods, and they have farther to go so they might be the more interesting option to play in the long run.

The villains of our story? Also gods. Though most of them rely on a different method for gaining power: While the good deities rely on offerings freely given (mostly food, or jewels etc), the usurper king’s descendant and the generals he/she commands rely on sacrifices.

The story will revolve around the central good deities protecting and teaching their human counterparts while avoiding the enemies sent by the usurper to root them out. These enemies will be npcs, I'm not taking villain characters.
This idea is still under construction technically, so I’d be happy to have creative input from the players and we can develop it together.

For anyone who wants a central deity, its very important you stay active, so do not pick one unless you’re serious about staying with the thread. The thread may be quite active, possibly more than one post per day, so please keep that in mind. Beyond the central, and most powerful gods, there can be a myriad of spirits and minor deities, basically a god here is any spirit that has gained enough worshipers to give it power.

Image (c) Jocelin Carmes

Info for the gods

Though the gods were defeated, they were not killed, they were only imprisoned inside stone statues. Now, with the rising power of the chosen humans, the dark magic that bound them is breaking, setting them free. They are weak however, having been all but forgotten. Their strength lies in the faith of their people, and offerings made in their names. Though the central gods were imprisoned, the lesser deities were not, and they could have been causing trouble for the empire for the last 100 years, or they could have been in hiding, its up to the player how they write their characters. The gods do not age, but they can be killed. All gods and most spirits can take a human form, and their varieties are up to your imagination.

Powers will be weak to start, but will slowly gather strength as the story progresses.

Info for the humans

Your powers will be weak too, though perhaps slightly stronger than the deities, but with less control. It will be up to the gods in the group to teach you how to use your power and help protect you on the journey. For starters you will only have a single elemental ability, but as the story progresses your powers will grow and you can take on abilities like shape-shifting and more.

If this is something you could get behind go ahead and post your interest!

Update: The last position we could really do with is the deity of water. Interested parties can reply here or pm me.

Central gods

- Deity of earth, nature and compassion (Silverflight)
- Deity of Water - Open
- Deity of Air (Lekiel)
- Deity of Fire (Vulpes Lagopus)


- Rufia (fire) - Arnalia
- Felix (air) AI10100
- Nasrin (Earth) - myk9ma
- Rosen (Water) - Headphones

minor deities & spirits

- Tamakai - God of entertainment (Ancientbird)
- Falarion - God of light (Lioness075)
- Aluma - Goddess of Autumn (Frozen Thyme)
- Svakre - God of Strength (and rhinos) (Worthlessplebian)



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Vive la Republique!
i'd be interested as the Fire human! (Fire, Sun, and... Idealism... Justice? the sun shines bright, illuminating the world... and creation seems a wee bit op..))

Frozen Thyme

There’s a little witch in all of us.
OML Silver. You went and made another great-sounding RP. You leave me with no choice but to express interest in playing a minor spirit. 😤


It's lonely in the deep
Will this be first come first serve, or can multiple applications be made for one role?


Tende altum, volare altius
Will this be first come first serve, or can multiple applications be made for one role?
The first sheet approved. So when I set out the guidelines, the one that follows the rules and fits the story best will get the part, but it would be good if players could talk it out as much as possible beforehand.


mm, the taste of ice cream.
i'd be interested in playing the deity of water, ice, and hmm,, truth? as in the character is able to see if someone is lying or not? i'll wait for the guidelines!
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Tende altum, volare altius
i'd be interested in playing the diety of water, ice, and hmm,, truth? as in the character is able to see if someone is lying or not? i'll wait for the guidelines!
Truth might be difficult, the last trait is more a personality trait they are known for, rather than a power they can use.


Reptile with wings and plumes.
I am interested, Silver!

I don't think I can play central god or anything important, so I think I might just be a human or a minor god (I am more interested in minor god though).


Tende altum, volare altius
Dang I didn't think this would get so much interest so fast! Mkay, I'll start work on the lore and the character sheet guide tonight. We'll see how many sheets go up. I'll write people in the slots they want here as a guide.

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