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Fandom Multiverse Protection Brigade: Into the Backyard

Sub Genres
Adventure, Multiverse, Mystery, Supernatural


Crossover Enthusiast.
The multiverse contains thousands upon thousands of different, distinct dimensions. They are more numerous than the grains of sand in one dimension alone. But what glues them together? From where do these worlds materialize? Where do their inhabitants originate?

The answer to all of these is what many a scientist calls The Backyard. It is simply the dark matter all universes float in. From the swirling pool of loose magic come all sorts of creatures and habitats. Some of them fall into a dimension, others prefer to slink around and fight for territory. It sounds scary, but if you have your own dimension to call home, you have nothing to worry about. You're safe.

Well, you should be.

There is a group dedicated to maintaining the multiverse, known as the Multiverse Protection Brigade. And they have received dozens of calls about holes in dimensions opening up, sucking people away. Many of them had gotten stranded in other worlds, scared and confused.

With everyone else at their wit's end, it's up to the MPB to get everyone back home while figuring out how these holes are being made, and how to fix them.

-Any character is welcome! This includes OCs.
-You may take your time with your posts. Just don't ghost.
-IC drama is okay, OOC drama is not.
-Run major plot points by the rest of the group.

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