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Colosseum Multiverse Fighting Tournament

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Action, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Multiverse, Super Powers, Supernatural


Happy Necromancer
The darkness was all encroaching in the room until a light illuminated a figure. It was a man with his arms chained up high against a wall, shirtless with his formerly athletic muscular frame reduced due to slight emaciation from lack of proper sustenance for a time. He coughed lightly as another figure entered the room wearing mask and cape. "Come to gloat some more Tek?" The chained man spoke, voice raspy from not enough liquids in his current diet.

"No, my friend, not to gloat." He took a seat in a nearby chair as he clasped his hands together and leaned forward in his seat. "Well, maybe I'll gloat just a little." He chuckled in his deep voice, amplified by his mask. "I merely came to tell you that I've finally decided to hold the tournament, and with it, bring out some of the best fighters in the multiverse to clash."

"For your amusement?" The chained man pulled himself into a more of a standing position, no longer letting his arms completely stretch out. He knew that one day when he got out of these chains, that his arms would be plenty sore, but that was not today.

"Well, yes, partially." Tek moved his hands through the air in a circular waving motion. "But that is not the only reason. they'll be competing also for prestige as the best fighter in the Multiverse and for this." He pulled out a large glowing jewel from underneath his cape. "The Zirconium Diamond. Not only is it exceedingly rare, so if you sold it, you'd be set for life, but just by holding onto it, you become stronger, faster, smarter than ever before."

"Then why would you give it up?" The man could possibly think of a reason, but in his food and water deprived mind, he couldn't be sure.

"Why, that's my little secret and for you to ponder over." He stood up and began to leave but then turned back, "Oh, and I've send an invitation to your daughter about the tournament. I'm sure that she'll want to save her poor father from his cruel fate." And with that he began laughing maniacally as he walked out of the room while the mysterious man could only whisper a small No as the light went back out and he was shrouded in darkness once again.


Hello everyone, hopefully you enjoyed that and now you want to get to the nitty gritty about what this is all about. The Multiverse Fighting Tournament is going to be a multi part, multiverse fighting tournament with a grand prize of fame, prestige and The Zirconium Diamond, a very rare and powerful magical object that can be sold to make you rich for life, or just be used as a magical boost of power. People will be drawn to this tournament from all across the multiverse for power, prestige, money, revenge or other personal gains.

For this thread, only Original Characters will be accepted. As long as you don't make or run your character with god mode activated, you and everyone else will be able to have a good time. However, the winner of these matches can get to decide if the loser lives or dies so be careful which of your OC characters that you submit. Due to the nature of the multiverse itself, there might even be alternate versions of people that are even competing in the tournament from other realms. Multiple characters are allowed to be created for this tournament.

The main setting is at Y'Gdrassil Coliseum, a place between the realms of the multiverse that can be accessed by everywhere as part of a waystation of the realms. It consists of the coliseum itself, a small town, a multitude of shops where you can get many things from all over and a tower for residents and tournament goers. Further details on all of these places will be provided if there is interest shown in this thread.

Though the main focus will be on the tournament, there will be things to do inbetween matches for those that are interested in other interactions between the world, other characters and the like.

A reminder that God moding is not allowed and every character can not dodge every attack forever. This is designed to be fun, but there is a certain realism that will be expected during combat. People will get injured, hurt, concussed, dazed, dirty, etc.

Power level of characters can be up to being able to destroy a Wall with ease.

CaptainSully CaptainSully
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Trektek Trektek

What level of power are you looking for destructive wise?

Destroy wood door with ease, destroy wall with ease, destroy small building with ease, just some scale so I can... well, scale.

Indiana Jones and Superman aren't OP but they aren't exactly on the same power level either.


Happy Necromancer
Damafaud Damafaud
Very good question. Anything up to destroying a wall with ease so as to not have too high of a disparity between characters. I'll go add that into the description. :)


Happy Necromancer
If it's a completely original character that fills within the requested parameters, then absolutely. :-)


Happy Necromancer
Character sheet is up. :)



New Member
i may consider joining. are "furry" characters allowed? i know the LGBTQ friendly tag is there but im just checking to be sure.


Happy Necromancer
i may consider joining. are "furry" characters allowed? i know the LGBTQ friendly tag is there but im just checking to be sure.
Absolutely. As long as it's your own original character and not a preexisting character from an actual show/books, etc. Go right ahead and submit a character sheet. :-)

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