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  1. The Omniverse existed long before the dawn of the Multiverse;
    Where concepts are born and perished.
    Where the human concept of Imagination has been breathed to life.
    The Omniverse is home to many of those concepts...
    And this concept, was created by the other;
    The Concept of War and Destruction now requires entertainment.
    They desire to see how the Multiverse's residents fend off against one another;
    a game favored by the Concepts that are rejected to become their own universes.
    To see them all suffer by the hands of one another...
    The Concept of War let out a sneer, plucking several warriors from different universes.

    You find yourself lying on green grass, feeling a gentle breeze as you stare at an oddly mixed sky of green and blue hue; the sun was nowhere to be seen, but in it's stead, a large smiling planet made out of metal staring down at you...As you rose up, you spot several other beings along with you, and in the distance, a large facility barred with a large metal gate; yet it's hard to make out how large the facility is due to the slight fogginess of the area...

    And so it begins.​
  2. Lucian woke up suddenly, breathing heavily. He was still groggy from his nap but the adrenaline was clearing that up quickly. He stretched and wondered what could have possibly startled him in such nice and soothing weather, he felt chills run up his spine as he realized that was what scared him, he fell asleep in an abandoned building in the middle of a thunderstorm. He stood up as fast as he could and quickly looked around the area, seeing other people put him on edge until he realized that most of them look just as confused to be here as he does. He decided to try and look around in the distance and see if there was any indication as to where he was. His jaw dropped and his blood ran cold when he saw it, the huge metal planet staring down at them from the sky. Lucian felt like his entire world just collapsed in that moment, hes seen Angels, Demons, hell humans even used mech suits powered by magic filled crystals where hes from, but this was unbelievable even for him.
    "Where in the seven hells are we?" He asked no one in particular as he continued to stare at the source of his worries.​
  3. A low growl emerged from the golden beak of one of the larger warriors as consciousness was retained. The yellow eyes of an eagle slowly opened to the vast meadow and array of other combatants. The titan was slumped entirely on his side; his body frame being rather unorthodox. Harboring traits of a bird of prey and a fearsome feline, one would quickly denote he was a Griffin of sorts. But his body was situated much like a Centaur with a bipedal torso attached to a quadraped body, both of which belonging to a lion and therefore covered mostly in tawny brown fur. His head was feathered, with white plumage that also formed into a pair of pointed horns then crowned with a prominent, beige colored crest and widow's peak.

    Tharraleos was this creature's name, and with a slight heave, he situated himself in a more sitting position, with minor body upright and twisting about to analyze the surrounding area while his larger body remained mostly on its side. But as he began to piece together that he wasn't alone in this foreign region, his quartet of legs were quick to stand him fully upright. At a towering 18 feet tall, he stood taller than most if not all his apposed foes. Not to mention his even greater length. An obvious disadvantage in such conditions, but this wouldn't hold true for the mutant. Each individual limb was ready to protect him at all sides and his array of enhanced senses would prove valuable. His lengthy lion tail swayed side to side as if prepared to strike. The tufted end held one of his many hidden weapons; this one in particular acting as a flail. He didn't seem rather fond of the current events. The only thing he remembered before his vision fading to black was an intense energy painfully flowing through him before coming to here.

    Shaking the fatigue from himself, his colossal wings as pitch as the midnight sky folded along his frame almost like a cape. Everyone else seemed just as lost as him. Their unharmed condition meant further instructions were likely to be given soon. There seemed to be a collection of combatants; lending to the idea some sort of tournament was to ensue.

    "I surmise we will all engage in battle." He said out loud, his booming voice carrying much distance despite its moderate volume. It was calm and collected, almost with a heir of politeness and respect. "Very well." He continued, getting a better perspective of his soon to be opponents. "Who shall first succumb to my might?" He questioned, voice raising somewhat, his beak not being able to resist the tug of a prideful grin.
  4. In a dim lit room stands a man clad in a red robe and silver shoulderplates, staring at the monitors which shows each and every one of our dear fighters starting to come to their senses. The man in the red robe snapped, and out of the shadows, a young man wearing the standard butler uniform stepped out of the shadows, kneeling as he asked what his master requires.

    "It appears our competitors had arrived..." The Red Robed man spoke in a distorted and devilish voice. "Will you do the honors of guiding them to the 'barracks', Wilfred?" He asked, as the butler nodded, standing as he retreated to the shadows, the Red Robed man staring into the monitors with a wry grin...

    "This would be interesting..."

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    A Warrior clad in red rose up and his consciousness returned once more; memories of his arrival to this location cannot be recalled as he looked around; seeing how there are multiple beings present with him; some humans, some are not. The particularly large beast claims that a brawl will ensue between all of them, which made the unwilling hero scoff.

    "A Battle...For what?" He asked himself, rubbing his red helmet as he tried to process the reasons...But to no avail. It was far too early to draw conclusions. Letting out a sigh, the lone warrior in red, Zero, spotted a building in the distance; it appears to be that of a castle, yet he could not determine what exactly it is. "For all I know, this could just be another human settlement...."

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    Stella felt an unfamiliar breeze as her eyes opened, consciousness slowly returning as she heard a voice; a voice asking where they were...Humans? Yet, it was impossible...The last humans were destroyed by the aliens she fought... Stella stood up, spotting a massive beast in the distance and a mechanical warrior in red; it appears they're just as confused as her. She turned to the human who asked the question, staring at the uncomfortable smiling planet looking down from the hybrid skies...Glancing at him, Stella decided to ask the important question, summoning her cannon and hesitantly pointed it at him.

    "Are you an Enemy...?" Stella asked, clueless of what to make of all of this. Suddenly seeing a human after all this time would surely make her disoriented...
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    Not too far away from the arrived fighters, a sickly green-tinted fog appeared from nowhere, flowing until it began to collect in a single spot, reddish-orange lightning flashing from inside along with the sound of a Geiger counter going wild. The grass beneath seemed to immediately die and burn away as lightly glowing green liquid dripped from the clouds as the air also seemed to gain a green tint, irradiated particles spreading everywhere. The radioactive fog lingered for a bit, before it dissipated after a few seconds.

    When the fog disappeared, it revealed a man in Russian Spetsnaz gear with a cape draped over his shoulders, crouched down on one knee. He slowly began to stand up and stood in a heroic position, his cape blowing in nonexistent wind, his shaded visor glinting off the sunlight. "The Union calls!" Blyatman proudly announced as he hefted his Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 into the air. He then took out a bottle of vodka, unscrewed the cork, and downed the entire thing in one gulp, before tossing the empty bottle away. The vodka-fueled Spetsnaz Supersoldier cracked his neck and popped the bones in his stalinium skeleton, an immensely powerful metallic alloy created by Joseph Stalin himself, created by mixing together communite and cykanium. It could withstand massively high heat, explosions, and generally almost any attack capitalist pigdogs could throw at it.
  6. Ib... Ib hasn't moved a single inch until now. Her unnatural yet natural red eyes opened as she gained her consciousness. She slowly re-positioned herself from lying down to kneeling position. She first gazed into their hands and noticed that she still has the red rose from the museum. She can tell that she hasn't truly left the Fabricated world. The girl looked straight and began to look around as she observed her new environment. There were a couple of unfamiliar entities and strange objects scattered across the place. She didn't seem to be quite terrified of what she is seeing she, like it's normal to her eyes but that doesn't mean she should feel comfortable. Silence filled Ib. Not a single hint of facial reactions leaked from her innocent face. She remained knelt as she watched her surroundings. She didn't seem to quite catch the event going on. She thought of the place as a new area of the large painting. She brushed the dirt off her white blouse while looking at the new Characters around her.
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    A golden, rigid gaze blandly gazed at the crimson clad warrior who questioned his notion. With a huff and a cross of his lower minor arms, he thought about it more for a brief moment. It was likely he was just extra anxious to stretch his array of limbs. Any excuse to partake in battle was always taken.

    "Perhaps you are correct." He responded, arms dangling freely at his sides once more. "Besides." He started once more, taking a more extended gander at the others. "I doubt any notable challenge is present in the vicinity. However." He trailed off as his attention was directed skyward to the metallic sphere looming in the distance. "Perhaps what I seek is there. Only one way to find out." He finished with a shrug.

    With that in mind and having no interest in the surrounding people, the beast had no intention if sticking around. Besides, reconnaissance was perhaps necessary. Gathering information on his whereabouts seemed to be the more wise decision at the moment. As such, the pair of talons and paws that were his feet moved the bird cat forth seemingly towards the forested area, his movements being equine-like in nature.
  8. Reisen Udongein Inaba, the Lunatic Moon Rabbit of Eientei, was first met by the wide grin of a metallic planet in the sky. Her eyes widened as she realized how unfamiliar her surroundings were. She had no idea where she was...It certainly wasn't Gensokyo. She quickly stirred from her dazed stupor, stood up, and immediately surveyed her surroundings. Noticing that several strangers were gathered in the distance, Reisen sprinted in the opposite direction of the group toward any sort of cover, her long rabbit ears and purple hair fluttering behind her. This war veteran couldn't be sure of anything anymore. This wasn't a dream—Reisen wasn't naïve enough to believe in a notion like that. In a single moment, she had been robbed of her home, her master, her friends...her very way of life. She needed to take necessary precautions—find some place to hide and figure out what was happening in this foreign place. After several seconds of fleeing from any potential threats, Reisen crouched close by a small tree stump near a large facility.

    Reisen could still hear the voices of those outsider beings just as well as when she had woken up. Even as she was crouched several metres away, the sound waves of their voices just so happened to find their way into her long eardrums. For now, all she could do was eavesdrop on these strangers and gather some intel on what was happening around her. She remained wordlessly still in that hiding spot. Fear began to fill up the moon rabbit's heart, and she was now being reminded of her days of service—those days she was trying to push into the back of her mind.
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  9. The Knight

    The knight's dark blue orbs flickered open, expecting sunlight to meet his gaze, his last memories were of the Princess Lidria and himself falling asleep together amidst a grassy plain. Everything felt the same, the gentle breeze carrying the scent of grass through the steel visor of his helm, however, one thing was vastly different about this scene. There was no princess, and there was no sun shining brightly down upon him, in it's steed, a massive smiling planet, seemingly made of metal, stared back down at him. Confusion filled the knights thoughts a he stumbled to his feet, his well crafted armor moving and bending along with the knight's movements.

    Around him, various combatants began to stand, each looking powerful in their own right, and each equipped with an exotic array of clothing and weapons the knight had never before seen. Eyes darting about nervously, the knight searched for the safest area of the grassy plain, avoiding conflict with the monstrous centaur-esque beast. Turning the opposite direction of the being, the knight began a light jog, drawing forth his adamantine broadsword, preparing for any combat that may come his way. His scarlet cloak fluttered as a gust of wind blew across the open expanse. The fog clouded some of his vision, and he could barely make out the smaller humanoid figures lurking about in it's depths, however, he did notice the large building slowly growing nearer to him, and thinking it a wise choice for cover, he continued to dash in it's direction.

    Panting, the knight arrived at the metal gate that barred his path to further investigate the building, and he huffed, glancing around to make sure he was clear of any threats. The armor clad knight turned to assess the positions of the other beings. It seemed he was quite a distance from the others, and safe in his current location. As his oceanic hues scanned his surroundings, something interesting caught his attention, a small humanoid figure huddled behind a tree stump several meters from the facility he currently stood beside. Sliding the broadsword back into his scabbard, he drew his longbow and notched an arrow, crouching as he slowly sneaked closer to the small being, now only a couple meters away, bow full drawn back and ready to let loose upon whatever hid behind the tree stump.
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  10. The Ishvalen needed to think. He has been shoved into this plains with many "people" that don't look lile anything he has seen before, though some seemed more odd than supernatural. In the past he would have immediately attack some of these people, especially the chimera who wanted to fight for no reason, if only to teach it a lesson. But that was scar, now he was just confused. The Ishvalen ran, to the only place that could have answers, the metal building. Once he reached it he deconstructed the gate and marveled at what he saw...
  11. "Perhaps you're right." Zero nodded, following the Chimera as they soon went ahead towards the building. Although Zero wasn't used to such a creature of flesh, he had faced mechanical hybrids during the war against Weil. As soon as he though about that, the group was blocked by a man in a butler's outfit, his hand on his chest with his eyes closed.

    "Greetings, Guests." The man greeted, opening his eyes as his voice echoed throughout the group, Stella lowering her cannon as she stared at the man in black. "I am Wilfred, and I am tasked to take you all to your proper quarters."

    "...Quarters?" Stella asked, as the man, Wilfred, nodded in response.

    "Indeed, milady. You fighters are assigned with a place for all of you to stay." Wilfred explained, not moving an inch. "By then, you will all be called to battle...But first, a gift from my master." He soon took out several black bracelets, lined with a neon light which has just been dull grey. Zero took one of the bracelets, although he doesn't need one since he was already wearing his Z-Knuckle upgrade. However, it soon latched onto Zero's other gold bracelet, crushing as it replaced Zero's previous part. The light on the bracelet soon flashed green, indicating it being active.

    "W-what the?!" Zero gasped in pain as he felt the bracelet piercing his wrist.

    "My Master requires you all to wear this." Wilfred said in a somber tone. "Although it'll hurt, it would help you in the games."
  12. Amanda wasn't quite aware of what was going on exactly but thought she might as well enjoy where she was, she let parts of her hair sway over her face in the breeze and took in the view of the metallic planet. She noticed that there were other people with her giving the same look that she had, everyone looking around at each other and their surroundings, in the distance she saw a metal barrier that towered over them, and where there is metal, there is bound to be technology of some sort. She could find out where she is if she can get a sight on a security camera or something that links to some hub of some sort. Amanda decided to keep to herself, she needs to seem innocent and like she won't hurt anyone if she wants to survive, she looked at everyone closely trying to see which ones look scared or nervous or not. She looked at the pain that Zero went through and immediately knew it was no good, she continued to look around and eventually found a security camera on the corner of the building. Oh, this will be fun.

    She moved to the back of the group wanting to have as much time as possible trying to hack into the camera, what the hell is this thing? It's like a labyrinth, I can't get into the main data system. She started to realise that these people knew what they were doing and knew what they were up against. "Screw your master, I'm not putting that bracelet on until he gets his sorry ass down here to greet us himself." As much as Amanda didn't like all the attention, she kind of wanted to be known now, these people, they are intimidating.
  13. Ib walked closer towards the well dressed man going with the name of Wilfred. Ignoring everyone else since she doesn't want to bother them, she took one of the black of the black bracelets and gave it a quick look. Not knowing of the consequences of wearing it because she didn't pay attention earlier. The bracelet suddenly latched on to Ib's right wrist. She screamed in pain for a few seconds. A bit of tears came out of her left eye due to the pain. She tried to remove the bracelet but it was all in vain. Unfortunately, a red petal of her synthetic rose fell to the ground indicating she took damage.
  14. Guest House

    The Ishvalen was greeted with a metal gate, which barred the path between him and a mansion. And standing in front of the gates, a young man clad in black, wearing a crow mask and a dapper top hat.

    "I bid you welcome, Geralt of Ishvalen." The man greeted, taking out a black bracelet. "I am Winston, one of his servants...But before we go further, I advice you to wear this." he soon tossed the bracelet, beeping red as it soon homed onto the Ishvalen's wrist, inflicting pain as it latches onto his arm. "You are about to be plunged into a cruel game...One that will test your courage and will of survival..." He began, his hands behind his back. "I do suppose you wouldn't like this fate, no?"
    "Do not fret, child." Wilfred comforted the child, whom, according to his master, was known as Ib. "This bracelet will the least of your problems." He patted the child, as Stella stepped forth and pointed a blade at Wilfred's neck. Soon enough, the woman called ' 7 ' refused to take one of the bracelets, causing Wilfred to let out a sigh. "My Master's a busy man. They're tending to the fields in which you will lay waste to your own lives for the Omniverse's own entertainment." He shrugged, his hands behind his back while the box filled with black bracelets were laid in front of him. "I'm afraid I cannot call him..." He soon took one of the bracelets, tossing it onto 7 as it's light turned red, detecting a contestant nearby. It homed onto 7's wrist, causing a much welcome pain...

    "As I said, you are all required to do so..."
  15. "Ow, fuck you I'm nameless, I will never use either of my names again." He yelled in anger. After calming down(Mostly, "Who is He, Truth or whoever? And no, nobody likes being used, that I know firsthand. Lastly why even ask if I dislike your bosses plans, I assume there is a reason." The Ishvalen was suprised to see that someone so crual told their "servants" to be so blunt. Everyone else at least tries to hide their evil.
  16. Seven grabbed her wrist in pain cursing in Spanish at the butler, "Fuck you, what did you do?! What are these bracelets?" She looked at the Ishvalen who was cursing and having a rant about his names, she shot him a look of 'calm the fuck down before you get us all killed' hoping that it would stop him from yelling the bracelet still bringing her pain, whenever she looked at a security camera a piercing high pitched sound rang through her head she grabbed her head in pain trying to subside it in some way.
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    Tharraleos silently watched the events unfolding around him, gathering a much better perspective on the current situation. Now that he was aware he was to put on a show of strength for much higher beings relieved his frustration somewhat. With the objective in mind now, the bird cat held out his left minor paw, where the black bracelet conformed itself around his wrist. Though he experienced the subsequent agony of such, his reaction was little if not none at all.

    "So does the last standing combatant garner an audience with your Master?" He asked the servant, his tone suggesting he was rather apathetic and simply ready to be such a warrior. "I am very much interested in acquainting myself with this person." He went on to say with a nod. The grin of hubris tucked at the edges of his beak, visible to those with a keen eye. Truth be told, he was gonna enjoy facing off in such a battlefield.
  18. Grassy Plains
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    "To simply put, these bracelets are called 'Balancers'. They can enhance the body's Physical capabilities and are able to repress and enhance certain abilities depending on who are you going to fight." Wilfred explained, soon turning into the Titan known as Tharr. "Yes. In fact, you'll be rewarded if you do so."

    Guest Manor Gates

    "I'm here to make a pact." Winston began, opening his golden eyes. "This game has been going on for a few years at best. And mosy of the time, the contestants does not have the right to back out...The same goes for this batch as well." He soon extended his hand. "I desire for this game to end; to take down my Master for the sake of your Multiverse."
  19. Slugcat fell in, landing on some strange stick-like figure. The animal's reaction was initially pain, as the bright sunlight was incredibly bright compared to the drab constant cloud cover it had lived with all its life. The small mammal's spear close at hand, it questioned where it was and furthermore- how it came to be there. Last time it checked, holes did not pop up without warning. making chittery noises, it finally noticed it was upon something, or rather someone. Immediately the animal flipped off of the stickman, rolling along the dirt as it impacted it to lessen the gravity's exertion and to put distance between itself and this new threat. Slugcat was by no means as stupid as any animal, but the idea of this...thing being friendly seemed alien, particularly given it was in an alien enviroment. The slugcat held a spear at the ready, cautious and afraid, but ready to defend its life. The large rabbit like ears were a'twitchin and the tail a'swishin, and it was ready to run, duck and spear whatever it needed to do to escape. Not that it particularly liked fighting.. especially when it had no idea what this thing was - it looked almost like the strange tribal like beasts slugcat had seen... yet it had no weapon... all the better to leave alone and not get injured by, the slugcat mused silently, language unknownst among the mammal's thoughts.
  20. Reisen had heard enough of the nearby strangers' screams of agony to know that the bangles being forced on them were not to find their way onto her wrist under any circumstance. As Reisen quickly surveyed her surroundings, she decided that fleeing into the woods was her safest course of action. Without a moment to lose, Reisen began to bend the waves of light surrounding her, making herself invisible in the process. As she took her first steps away from her hiding place, she completely masked the sound of her footsteps as well. Reisen sprinted across the grassy plains, knowing her life was potentially on the line. She had to isolate herself from everyone here. In a world full of perfect strangers, it was only a matter of time before they would turn on each other. She continued to listen for any potential threats and always made sure to look behind herself as she ran for the wooded area. Another building sprawled out in the distance...
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  21. "I don't know what you mean by 'Multiverse'," The Ishvalen started "but it probably explains why those people look like nothing from my world." He continued, "Anyway my people need me and this seems like my best option at the moment." He then reached out to shake his hand. "Now can you tell me what this damn thing is?"
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    In one of the exhibits at the museum where the Tunisian Diamond was stuffed, Henry came across a portal gun exhibit. He attempted to use it, but it just shot out a green portal. Henry, confused, entered, and when he saw everybody there in the place, Henry knew he could make a nice profit at the least.

    Henry had the weird cat land on him. It wanted to fight, surprisingly. Henry cocked his finger, and pointed his index at the cat. He aimed long enough for Slugcat to realize what was going on. Henry, bored of this charade, used a item box that gave him a ghost power-up, and now invisible, he started to proceed to Wilfred.

    He listened on to the man. Henry had went to the bracelets. It suddenly latched onto him, and due to his hand being very weak due to him being a stickman, it almost immediately fell off where the bracelet attached on to. Henry had grabbed a canister of glue from his back pocket and used it to reattach the limb. Miraculously, he was still able to move it while the bracelet didn't rip any more of his limbs off, even if he still felt a good dose of pain.​
  23. Shigeo Kageyama

    "W-What is this?"

    Looking at the mansion off i the distance, He looked down to his uniform to make sure there weren't any rips. It'd be so bad if there were. Was that sun trying to see under his shirt??
  24. (Necrothread, perhaps it can be revived.)

    Slugcat looked rather puzzled as he spotted the strange figure move away from him, strange shackles on both of the stick-creature's arms. It was at this point that Slugcat noticed his own cuff, a strange metal object around one of his hindlegs. As he pulled at it he noticed that the figure was moving further away in the corner of his eye. Leaving the strange shackle where it was the beast picked up his spear, following him from a few meters away. Perhaps this stick creature thing would lead him to answers.

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