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Multiple Settings Multiple setting Rp search! (fandoms and originals!!)

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Your local skater E-girl
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Hey all, I'm M and I've been roleplaying for quite a long time.

I believe I'm semi literate to literate, even though sometimes I might sound a little illiterate lol. English isn't my first language, so don't be too harsh. I'm okay with any themes at all, only if anything isn't romanticized. Romance is also okay for me, but I'm not okay with any breaking of rpn's rules.
1. Any age is welcome, even for romance, but please be mature about dark/heavy themes. I don't want someone misunderstanding or joking around about themes like self harm, depression and aromanticism/asexualism. Don't be afraid to suggest any characters to ship with you oc or mine. I love romance!

2. Please, please, PLEASE have good grammar. English isn't my first language, but I go above and beyond to have the best grammar. I understand if English isn't your first language, but please make an effort. Bad grammar is a big peeve for me and will instantly deter me from the roleplay

3. MxM, FxF, MxF, cannon x cannon, oc x cannon, oc x oc, and cannon x oc romance is always accepted! (only if you double as a character for me, and I'll double for you.)

4. I only roleplay through PM's on this site, but if you want to roleplay through a thread, you'll have to convince me.

5. I WILL NOT do erp. Fade to blacks are as far as I'll go.

6. Please inform me if you are not going to be active for more than 2 weeks. If you aren't active in OOC or rp chat for more than 3 weeks, I will put you in my ghosting bin; until you reply.

7. Don't be afraid to write less than the starter. I usually write starters with a lot of paragraphs, just for setting building, so you can reply with less of a word count than the starter, since you'd get burnt out if you write 5-6 paragraphs every time :)

8. (This is not really a rule, just something I want you to read beforehand) I'm in a European time zone, so my replies will differ if you live in the US/CA. Though I will try my best to reply once, or even multiple times a day, when I'm not busy with work/school.

9. No Mary Sues, Anti Sues, Edgy/emo/depressed/stereotypical characters. Please have a well developed, well rounded character, with their flaws too. I don't like roleplaying with characters like: "Wolf demon hybrid" or "Bad boy who can fight anyone in front of him and is super hot" characters. If you're going to include a cliche and/or stereotypical trait/power, at least don't make it cringy. (oh god I think I wrote too much about this)

10. Please don't godmod, kill off, or romantically involve characters, unless we've agreed on it in OOC. I don't want sudden surprises like that.

11. Don't control my characters/NPC's, and I won't control yours. It's that simple.

IMPORTANT: Please don't message me a lot in the morning, since it will be less likely for me to reply because of school.

If you've read this far, make sure to include "the man behind the slaughter" in your PM/thread message, and not banana man. Banana man sucks


I can almost always match, when I can't, it's probably because I'm doing some work. I'll reply every day and will notify if I'm not going to be online for long. I'm in Europe, so our timezones may vary. Doubling is always accepted, only if you double a character for me :)

If you think the rp is going a little dry, we can chat about spicing up the plot! I always want to make my rp partners feel comfortable!

Important note: Please, please don't ghost me for no reason, I've been ghosted a lot, and would love to know if you're dropping the rp or are just uninterested. I hate getting my hopes up and then being ghosted. I won't get offended/hurt if you don't want to participate anymore, so please feel free to tell me.

OOC chat is a meh for me, but feel free to do so, just keep in mind that I'm socially awkward and introverted on the internet as much as I am in real life! I might come off as a little cold, but just keep in mind that I'm an anxiety filled person lol.

If you want to chat OOC though, there are a lot of things that I am interested in!!

  • AoA comics (Agent of Asgard Marvel comics- started reading the 2014 ones and they seem pretty cool lol)​
  • Anime​
  • Art​
  • Music, a lot of music-​
  • Writing and fandoms​
  • Bad dad jokes (gotta love em')​
  • Oh and memes​

Angst, fight scenes, drama, romance, I'm a sucker for all, just keep it within the rules (Gotta love that angst)

  • Warning if you're not going to be online for a while
  • Proper grammar and punctuation (I cannot stress this enough)
  • The ability to write more than one liners
  • Ability to match/mirror, writer's block is a thing, but tell me if you have it so I can know.
  • Be respectful to me...please.
  • Do not bump/poke me every hour. If I'm gone for more than two days, feel free to give me a small, soft poke.
  • Respect the pairings I have for my character/s. I don't want to get into arguments with others because I pair my Oc with a certain cannon character.
  • Maturity when it comes to topics like self harm, depression and anxiety (though I don't mind if you're under 18)
  • Probably some patience-

  • Good grammar
  • At least 1 paragraph and 5 at most
  • Always replies within a day
  • Probably some art of oc's and scenes (art is my fuel)
  • The ability to (probably) play any character in my 'characters I can play' section as a romantic interest (pretty flexible when it comes to things like that)
  • I can probably do original plots, though I'm more slice of life oriented when it comes to that (only when I'm craving it though)

Willingness to rp depends on the number of *, 1 being the lowest. (Question mark next to fandom means that I'm unsure to roleplay it and might be bad/ rusty with the fandom) and the names in yellow are people I'm good/willing to play as. The characters in square captions [like these] are characters/love interests I'd like you to play for me, from most to least requesting.

I use an oc in almost all the fandoms (except One Punch, Hazbin Hotel)

1. BHNA/MHA *** (currently closed) (Basically anyone) [Bakugo, Kirishima, Hawks]

2. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1 to Part 4 ** (any Jobro/JoJo, you have to convince me to play Dio) [Jotaro or Josuke]

3. Marvel/ MCU universe ***** (Peter Parker, Bucky, Thor, Wanda, Natasha) [Loki Laufeyson]

4. One Punch Man * (Only season 1) (Saitama, Genos)

5. Gravity Falls* (Ford, Wendy, Stan Pines, Dipper, Mabel) [Bill Cypher, Robbie]

6. Hazbin Hotel...? (Alastor, Angel dust, Charlie, Vaggie) [Alastor, Angel Dust]

7. Among Us (with original plots and ocs ofc)

(I'll add more when I remember)

If you want to suggest other fandoms, feel free to ask me, I might be in them :)

Note: I prefer to play female against male, just personal preference tho ^^

bad girl x bad boy

superhero x supervillain

enemy x enemy

human x vampire

supervillain x supervillain

anti-hero x hero

antagonist x villain

mercenary x assasin

mafia leader x escaped criminal

mafia leader x mercenary/assasin

rock band member x normal person

roomate x roomate

fallen angel x devil

immortal x mortal

immortal x immortal

❌ I will NOT do
Billdip (Bill x Dipper)
Thorki (Thor x Loki)
Deku x Aizawa/ All Might (Toshinori) / Shgiraki/ Dabi
Peter Parker x Tony (non platonic)
Dio x Joseph/ Jonathan/ Jotaro/ Giorno
or any ships that are blatantly pedophilia, incest, or bestiality. (Or just obviously wrong)

I will also not do any ships that are toxic or abusive (Ex: Bakugo x Deku, which is toxic, since Bakugo literally told Deku to go kill himself) . I will not hesitate to tell you if I'm not comfortable with the ship/pairing that you want me to help play.

(If you've read all the way here, say banana man)

If you want to roleplay with me, feel free to PM right away! If you have any other ideas/rp suggestions for me, add them to the PM too!

:bishiesparklesl:Have a good day/night wherever you are, you lovely guys, gays, girls and anything in between!:bishiesparklesr:

Note: I will be deleting messages to keep this thread clean, and please, if it's possible, if you want to rp with me, PM me first so I know who you are!

Credits: Gif at the beginning was taken from Google.
Header image was borrowed from a friend of mine, since I wanted to add a header but didn't have any.
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Your local skater E-girl
Bump! Currently wanting to give my Marvel villain ver. oc a try, so please PM me if you like to play against a villain! :)

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