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New Member
Hello! I am posting this in search of a roleplay partner, and I must say I am quite new to this site (But thankfully not to roleplaying itself). I am open to doing most everything under the sun and have multiple of my own original roleplay ideas, but I am always open to collaborating to make it a wholly unique experience for both parties!

I prefer semi-lit to advanced lit, and I can reply quickly, but I will not chastise you if you can't do the same. I am very versatile and enjoy getting out of my comfort zone. Some of my own roleplay ideas include a medieval fantasy roleplay, a medieval fantasy roleplay (but with pirates!), multiple anime roleplays including Hero Aca, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, and some others (I prefer to play as original OCs and create a new experience and story that takes place in the world), a zombie apocalypse roleplay (With multiple factions and an in-depth history to boot!), a civil war roleplay, a gods roleplay, a superhero roleplay (with a twist!) and many more!

As you can probably tell, I lean towards fantastical elements, and I pride myself on being able to adapt! Feel free to message me your own roleplays, I am more than happy to collaborate!

(As a bonus, I am posting this on my birthday!)


Your run of the mill Victorian lady
Hello!! I’m quite intrigued by this. My replies aren’t often super long, but I consider myself a writer first and a role player second. Although I may be concise, I never skimp on making my replies meaningful and informative.


Professional Goofball
Hello I'm intrested on doing a medieval plot with pirates, or even a gods plot, maybe something Persephone and Hades like. I'm also intrested in a superhero plot. I tend to reply quickly and am on everyday when I'm not busy.


Stressed College Student
Hello! If you are still seeking partners, I'd love to get into some world building with you. I'm up for creating an original medieval fantasy world, though an idea involving pirates sounds equally as appealing. I'll send you a PM if you're still looking!

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