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Fandom Multiple Ideas From My Potter-Head (See what I did there?)

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DISCLAIMER: This will be my first foray into RP on this site but I have plenty of experience on other sites.

Onto the ideas!

I have multiple brain babies brewing here, but often find validation from someone else to motivate me into growing it into a more fleshed out story; hopefully one of these rudimentary concepts strikes your interest! Also, a lot of my ideas are character-centric, so if you find you enjoy a certain setting more than one I'm laying out but love the idea of interacting with a character I talk about let me know.

Before I get too ahead of myself I should say I am open to tweaking of these ideas as they are far from fleshed out, and should the themes of these ideas be to your liking or need tweaking suggest away! For example none of my ideas have romance inherently in them, but should you see something or along the way some characters seem to develop in that direction I see no reason to not have it progress in that way.

I have an interest in some of the lesser publicized aspects of the Potterverse. Electives and said subjects Teachers for example. I would like to explore the idea of either two students, a student and a teacher, or two colleagues engaging in an interest that is not often a focus of the main arts of magic. I am keen on playing a character who is an alchemist for example. Either a student eager and ambitious to obtain the secrets of transmutation, and how it differs from transfiguration, or a teacher who is accomplished as is. Your character can hold a similar passion or be struck with the desire for another branch, say a fellow teacher at Hogwarts. I take no quarrel with major deviations from canon(say you'd like to teach Harry Potter Transfiguration and therefore McGonagall must be otherwise occupied.) My character would change with all three of these scenarios, and depending on the time this happens major events can affect the story in a variety of ways. Regardless the character here would be an ambitious Slytherin that resents pureblood supremacy ideology. He would be slightly cold as all Slytherins tend to be in their later years of being Hogwarts' perpetual "villains". However much like everyone's favorite bookworm the exterior can be chipped at to reveal a warmer, less off putting personality. He would be slightly eccentric because lets be real, to want to study a more scientific pillar of magic when flashy charms, transfiguration, and magical creatures are abundant takes a slightly out of the norm person I would say. Again, just brain babies, if its strikes you as interesting lets build on it together.

I sorta cheated since that idea sorta counts as three but heres my second idea. In short, Dumbledore dies in book three, of old age of all things. A wonderfully normal death for the most abnormal of wizards. The triwizard tournament is now hosted in France, being represented by a small amount of people selected by Headmaster McGonagall to travel to Beauxbatons. Our characters are chosen as 2 of the 10! How will this affect the world? Will Harry be selected as champion? Will one of us become champion? Who knows! My character would be a Gryffindor 7th year that has what I would refer to as Sirius Black syndrome. Incredibly aloof, loves a prank and a laugh, and fiercely loyal, not always thinking things through entirely before jumping in. His reason for being a representative? The fastest wand hand the school has seen since Flitwick thats how! He struggles in theory, leading to bad grades, but Merlin can the boy duel. Will that help him against Dragons though...

My final idea, at least for now is slightly darker and more mature than the other ones. I would like to take the role of an protectorate in the life of a seer/mind magician. For whatever reason the most powerful seer and prodigy of mind magic is sought after by dark forces and the ministry alike, with only the Order of the Pheonix(Or some other secret organization depending on the timeline we put it in) to turn to. Your character would be ridiculously powerful in Ligillemency and the ability to see the future. A powerful tool for anyone. My character for this one is flexible. I see them as either a young adult or close friend that notices these powers spring up and choose to hide you away until they can hatch a plan to either keep you safe or hide your raw power.

Well thats all for now. Any questions or suggestions anything at all pm me!


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Hello, I have a staff member I'd like to play against your teacher. If you're interested, please send me a message, as I can't send you one yet.


Hey! I've got a couple characters you might be interested in. One is more Marauder-Era and the other grows up to be a teacher (can be adapted for any era). Both are reluctant Slytherins for different reasons (my Slytherin kick started after JKR decided I was no longer a Ravenclaw). PM if interested!

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