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Fandom Multiple fandoms, fnaf, deltarune, hazbin, helluva boss. Oc's, canon characters, everything!!

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Magic Eight Ball
Hey hey so yeah, like the title may suggest I am looking for some roleplay in Fandoms I am interested in!! don't know how else to start this thread off sooo yeah here goes nothing.

soo okay, first up a few 'rules' I should say, I think its easier to find compatible rp partners if I make clear what I do and don't like so yeah, here it goes:

1. First and foremost; No one-liners!! I tend to make pretty big posts myself (I think, I don't know what counts as a big post but it tends to be around three paragraphs most of the time) and if you are going to respond to that with a single sentence or something its going to get a bit annoying, I need some substance in a post if that makes sense. Though I will say if there isn't much you can respond too in the rp itself then I guess it doesn't really matter? but do try and keep the one-line posts away

2. No minors: I am 20 years old myself and I would prefer you being around the same age as well, I like to do romance oriented rps and I will not do that if you are under 18, please be respectful of that.

3. LGBTQ+ friendly please, most of my own oc's are lgbtq (or i hc canon characters as being lgbtq), I am lgbtq myself, I prefer rping lgbtq relationships, so yeah if you are uncomfortable with that, its a no-go for me.

4. I will say that most of the characters I rp as, or my oc's for that matter are either male or non-binary, I don't rp as female characters and I have no female oc's and I prefer doing mxm, nbxm nbxnb or any form of that rps the most. Though I will add ftm characters are always welcome of course!!

5. Doubling: I am fine with doubling, not really my preference since I find it easier to just focus on one thing at a time but I can totally do it if you'd like.

6. Third person writing only!!!! first person rps are just not for me sorry.

I think that is all the rules I got for now, now its time to get into the fun stuff, fandoms, characters, etcetera!!! Here I'll just list down fandoms I want to rp in, I do like romantic oriented rps but platonic is also fine. I'll also list some characters I am willing to rp as. Stars indicate how much I have a craving for a given roleplay at the moment.

Fnaf **:
With a fnaf oriented rp I am okay with rping with or against animatronics or more human versions of them.
Characters I can play: Any iteration of freddy ( glamrock included!!), moondrop, sundrop, nightguard oc, mechanic oc, springtrap, William Afton, montgomery gator, any iteration of bonnie, foxy/funtime foxy.
I would also love to roleplay against moondrop, sundrop or springtrap as my own oc. You can also bring your own oc's as well of course, animatronic or human, anything is fine.

Deltarune ***:
More specifically chapter 2, but characters for chapter 1 always welcome.
Characters I can play: Spamton, Swatch, Jevil, Addison oc, cyberworld citizen oc, Ralsei, Rouxls kaard, gaster.
Pairings I would like to do: Spamton x Swatch, here i can play Swatch but also Spamton if you'd prefer. Oc X Spamton either with your oc or I rp as my oc against Spamton. Idk I just really like Spamton lol, favourite character.
Oc x Oc is also always welcome.

Helluva boss/hazbin hotel *:
Here I will only really rp as oc's, you can bring your own oc's too if we just want to rp in that universe, or canon characters. I could try rping as Blitzo, but I haven't really done that before so don't expect much haha.
SO YEAH, Sorry for that absolute block of text, and nonsensical rambling, but I think I went over everything. I have no real plot ideas in mind that I want to do, but I prefer coming up with something together anyway. If you have questions or want to roleplay just shoot me a message and we can get started. See ya on the flipside!!!!
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