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Fandom (Multifandom LoZ Tears of the Kingdom) Legend of Zelda: Outwordly strangers IC



One Thousand Club
It happend so fast. As the Demon King Ganondorf was awakened, Princess Zelda was sent to the past and Link found himself weakened by Ganondorf's powers.
As if was not bad enough, the Demon King's power breached though other worlds and pulled unsupecting idividuals though the newly created malice portals,weakening the most powerful warriors in the process.
Ganondorf,even if weakened was aware of the outworlders that were brought in and had sent his Phantoms to greet them. After defeating Ganondorf's Phantom doppeganger as they arrived to Hyrule.
"These outworlders...even weakened...they are a threat to me. Defeat them...my Phantoms."
After defeating the Phantoms, the outworlders have no choice but to explore this new world to find a way home,having learned that the only way to do so is to defeat the Demon King Ganondorf.
Taisho era Japan,alternate Earth.
A flock of Kasugai crows could be seen flying through the forest. They served as the messagers of the Demon Slayer Corps.

"Caw!! Demon energy spoted south east! "

The summon has been answered. Three young demon slayers were rushing toward the location.
"Tanjirooooo!!!!! I don't like this at all!!" whined Zenitsu Agatsuma. "What if we encounter another one of the twelve Kizuki?! I don't want to die!!!"
"Shut up Monitsu!!" Inosuke Hashibira shouted. " This will be training! I shall take doen that demon Hahaha!!"
The third,Tanjiro Kamado stayed focused.
"The smell is....something more sinister then then thee demons we've encountered before." Tanjiro Kamado replied. He carried his demon turned sister Nezuko in a box on his back.

The three young Demon Slayers stopped near the exit of the forest . Some weird dark energy was seen floating in midair.
"What...is That?!" Zenitsu shouted
They were not the first to arrive on thr scene. Three of the Hashira,the most powerful of the Demon Slayer Corps just arrived. Tengen Uzui:the Sound Hashira,Mitsuri Kanroji: the love Hashira and Muichiro Tokito: the mist hashira.
"The Hashira are here too!" Inosuke shouted.
"That's our reinforcements?" Tengen spat." And the kid from the mansion too!"
"They can help us!" Mitsuri replied.
Before they could do anything,the dark energy exploded and surounded the six demon slayers were surounded by it and swallowed.
When it vanished so were the six Demon Slayers.

Abelgard Müller

Current Physical Status:
Severely injured, but alive

Current Mental Status:
Relieved to be alive, full of adrenaline after running

Pain, that was all that he could feel coursing through his body as he ran through the corpse filled hallways of what was once his laid guarded by an horde of undead. Even now, the sounds of multiple footsteps behind him told him that he was being chased right now. He couldn’t stop, no, he refused to let himself sit idly by and accept death… he was the bringer of death, he was supposed to be the one who wins, not those bastards! Giving a grunt of pain as blood spurted out of an open wound at his side, he pushed against an wall to keep himself up on his feet, continuing to run down the familiar hallways of what was once his home. He just needed to patch himself up so that he can keep running, and well, suppose he has to do that while on the move

Raising one of his hands towards his wound at his side, his hand flowed with a sickly green energy as he felt his flesh begin to stitch itself together, at the very least preventing his death from bleeding and allowing him to run longer. But he was still unsure as to whether or not he could keep going at this rate… he might fall down any second now. Wheezing a bit as his damaged lungs struggled to get in air for a bit, Abelgard went into a random side room and shut the door close, before grabbing a nearby shelf and dropping it in front of the door. That should give him some time to think of a plan. “Come on… Abel… are you really going to let these ‘filth’ make a total mockery of yourself and claim your life despite how much you struggled to reach this point? No, those selfish bastards don't deserve the satisfaction of killing you. You will not let all your hard work be for naught…” *Abel said in a way to try and motivate himself to keep going, his rage bubbling within the remaining blood in his body. It was by then the sound of something clashing against the door can be heard… those primates are just knocking the door right down to pieces! Damn it… come on, come on, he needed a plan! It was by then something stranger appeared nearby, Abel preparing necrotic energy in his hand on reflex in order to attack, only to see an portal in front of him. Just how the hell did that get there?

The sound of the wooden door breaking made him flinch again, Abel giving a glance at the door that won’t hold on for any longer, before looking at the portal. Should he take his chances with something that is entirely new or try and defeat those ‘adventurers’ outside his door? Yeah, his answer was made clear, already moving to go jump right into the portal, disappearing into it. As soon as the door was broken down and a couple of individuals entered the room, they were left surprised when they saw nothing remaining in the room, as if whoever was here had entirely disappeared. For now… Abel had cheated death yet again… but as to where he would end up, he wasn’t exactly sure.
... and you fall inside a hole you couldn't see...

Sami wasn't sure what she'd expected when she started off on her journey. Some mishaps, for sure, but not an entirely different world! Perhaps she should back up a bit in this story.

After waving goodbye to practically the entire village, Sami had set off from Hateno towards the Dueling Peaks, on her way to Hyrule Castle Town. She'd been walking for only an hour when suddenly it happened. One minute she's calmly walking, the next she's sprawled out on the grass, having taken a tumble. What she'd tripped on, and how exactly she'd wound up on her back, staring up at the floating islands in the sky was beyond her. Those islands certainly hadn't been there before she'd fallen! She pushed herself into a sitting position, looking about in confusion. This area wasn't exactly near where she'd been walking, either. Weird.
Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado,Zenitsu Agatsuma and Muichiro Tokito
Location: ????
Mentioned: Noivian Noivian

Tanjiro opened his eyes,to find himself in some unknown plains. The land looked like it was ravaged.What was that smell...It a demon scent...but more sinister then that of Muzan Kibutsuji. This explained everything. A demon did send him and his allies here,but not one from his world.
His friends and allies...He then remembered.
"Nezuko!" Fortunatly,the box was near him. He could still sense his sister's presence inside. He was relived. Howrever he could catch the same sinister scent printed over his sister's scent and even his own.
"TANJIROOOO!!!! NEZUKO!!!" A familiar voice cried. Tanjiro noticed a familiar figure dashing toward him and hugging him.
"Zenitsu,I'm glad to see you!" Tanjiro replied,smiling.
"I'm so glad you and Nezuko are okay!" Zenitsu said,sobbing. " We're this unknown land and I can't find Inosuke!"
"Don't worry Zenitsu,we'll find him." Tanjiro reasured his friend. " I can see the Mist Hashira over there. " Tanjiro( with Nezuko in tow.) and Zenitsu went tp join Muichiro Tokito.
The young Mist Hashira seemed to stare at the sky,not seemed to affected by ending up in another land.
Tanjiro and Zenitsu looked up. The latter's eyes widened.
"Could you keep it down?" Muichiro spat emotionlessly at Zenitsu. "Make yourselves useful and help that girl over here." "What girl?" Zenitsu asked. Both him and Tanjiro noticed said girl sitting on the ground and stairing at islands in the sky. They both went to see her,followed by Muichiro.
"Excuse me. Are you alright? "Tanjiro asked the girl.
Tengen Uzui,Inosuke Hashibira and Mitsuri Kanroji
Location: ????
Interaction: open,
"What are these weird rocks?!" Inosuke shouted as he looked around confused." Seriously,you never seen ruins in your life? " Tengen asked,annoyed. "Not flashy at all. At least those islands in the skies are."
"That is kinda nice if you think about it." Mitsuri said.
"Gampachiro and Monitsu must be nearby!" Inosuke shouted."We need to find Tokito too. I hope the three are alright." Mitsuri added.
Levi, the Ex-Soldier



???, some sort of grassy plain, nearby some ruins.

SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 (Tengen, Inosuke, Mitsuri)

Story Begin:

Darkness… it was something that could be seen for miles. It was… certainly a terrifying sight to behold. Being within the dark was something that Levi was all but used to, having gone through the dark many times before and fighting of monstrous beings that drained his sanity just from sight alone. No… if what was occurring within said darkness that made him afraid. No footsteps of something approaching, no low groaning of an moonschorched villager, no loud ear piercing screechs, nothing. And that only made him more afraid as to what the darkness held. One could say that it was more comfortable knowing whether or not something was approaching compared to having little to work.

After some time spent within the darkness and feeling his sanity drain from his mind, he could feel things once more… and… it felt like… grass? And was that light pouring down onto his eyelids? Beginning to open his eyes, Levi was blinded momentarily by just his bright everything was. His eyes were so used to the foggy and dark city he was exploring that seeing full sunlight such as this hurt to see. Thankfully, the Bremen gas mask like helmet he was wearing on his head helped to protect his unaccustomed eyes from the light, soon allowing him to see normally again. Getting up from the floor and taking a glance at his environment, Levi was surprised to see… an healthy environment. Green healthy trees were all around him, tree branches swaying about with wind. Grass and various flowers seemed to be growing as well, looking far more beautiful than anything he has seen before. And a rabbit minding its own business jumped into view, grazing on the grass.

And yet… he felt as if everything was… off. Just moments ago, he was running away from an moonschorched ‘contestant’ giving chase, having seen his three allies be killed one by one before leaving him all alone. He even took a couple wounds as well, his Bremen chestplate and Gas mask having some visible damage with dried blood on his body. At least he didn’t seem to be bleeding anymore. But now, his training as a soldier was already kicking into gear, beginning to assess the situation now. After all, this could more than likely be another trick used to put him off guard and leave him vulnerable for an attack. Reaching to his back, he felt a sort of relief when feeling a familiar weapon still there, moving to grab the 12 Gauge Trenchgun and inspecting his weapon. He still had 5 shells left within the shotgun alongside whatever shells he have remaining on reserve. Once satisfied with his inspection of his weapon, Levi began to wander aimlessly through the plains, Trenchgun pointed all around at any sigh of danger.

He was still unsure as to how he gotten here exactly, and gazing above at the sky only brought more questions than answers when seeing floating islands with no reasonable way as to explain how they gotten here. Maybe it was something relating to his low mental state currently, but he felt as if a place like this after going through what was essentially hell certainly became offputting, his finger held close to the trigger of his gun and twitching a bit, more than ready to shoot at anything that comes even remotely close. Soon enough, he arrived to what seemed to be an ruins like area, gazing all about… but not out of amazement or anything like that, merely trying to find places that could be used for cover in a fight or anything he could loot. Soon enough, he came across an… strange sight. Three individuals, one bandana wearing man with a sleeveless shirt and some strange looking twin curved blades, an shirtless man wearing a boar mask and wielding two serrated blades, and an indecently dressed pink haired woman with an sheathed curved blade.

All it took was a glance to tell that Levi could easily have killed them if he wanted to. They were they were distracted talking amongst themselves as well as their visible lack of armor allowed him to easily make short work of them if he wanted to with his Trenchgun… but he chose against it. He was lost here, clueless as to where he was, and as far as he knows, they seemed relatively human and perfectly fine compared to what he seen before if not a bit weird looking. And while it may ruin the element of surprise on his end, as long as he kept his gun at hand, he’ll feel safe. Walking on past the nearby walls and into view, Levi kept his trenchgun pointed at the ground but more than ready to aim it up, before speaking in a voice muffled by his gas mask. “You there… what is this place? And don’t try anything… or else you’ll be bleeding from multiple holes in your body soon enough.” As Levi made it rather clear of the gun he was currently holding in his hands, staring right down at the three and getting ready just in case.
Tengen Uzui Inosuke Hashibira Mitsuri Kanroji
Interaction: Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505

The three demon slayers turned their attention toward the newcomer.
"We don't know ourselves Mister!" Mitsuri replied to the stranger. "We mean no harm!"
"Just who is this guy?!" Inosuke shouts." What's that strange weapon he holds?! And his face! Is he a demon?!"
"That's a firearm." Tengen replied." And he's wearing a gas mask." "Where did this kid grew up?" he muttered. " We are not the enemy here." Tengen replied." We are part of the Demon Slayer corps." He made a flamboyant stance.
" I am Tengen Uzui,Sound Hashira. But you may also refer me as the God of festivals!"
Mitsuri sweatdropped.
"Nice to meet you God of festivals. I am the king of the montains!" Inosuke replied cheerfully.
Tengen rolled his eyes in annoyence.
Levi, the Ex-Soldier

+10 passive regen from Ring of Wraiths


???, Ruins

SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 (Tengen, Insouke, Mitsuri)

Story Begin:

Levi simply kept his gaze right on the three strangers, his finger never leaving the trigger of his Trenchgun at all, but at this rate, he might not even need to use it. As of currently… he has… mixed thoughts about the possible threat those three had, or even they were even a threat at all to him. While he certainly had lost the element of surprise and outnumbered 3 to 1, all it took was a simple gaze at his potential foes to tell him everything significant he needed to know. The greatest thing great currently was the flamboyant and show-off man named ‘Tengen’. They seemed as if they can pack a punch, and unlike the boar masked ‘brute’, actually showed competences. That’s not to downplay this ‘King of Mountains’, even a brute can be a threat if given any chance to attack, but he was certain that without help from others, he’ll be reckless, more than enough for an killing shot. And the lady, while he certainly knows little, their lack of muscle showed that she wouldn’t be as much as an threat as the other two.

Seeing the three talk amongst themselves only furthered his line of thought of thinking of them as somewhat decent at best and incompetent at worst in a fight. And yet, as much as he wanted to simply up and leave. He was still clueless as to where he exactly was, and as far as he knows, these people aren’t hostile unless he was this ‘Demon’ they speak of. The thought of an entire corp dedicated to hunting demons would have sounded ludicrous to him if it weren’t for the horrors that he had been suffering through these last couple of days. He knew that he won’t make it on his lonesome, he needed help in order to even have a small chance of surviving whatever this place was. And so… he did something that he certainly did not want to regret later, he moved his finger away from the trigger. Now leaning the shotgun against his shoulder, Levi then said.

“… Levi… just call me Levi.” As he carefully walked closer to the strangers, still wary of them. Giving a glance at the sky once again, he then said. “We should get going… better to begin walking about and getting a better understanding of our surroundings. No point sitting around like sitting ducks.” as Levi continued to glance at the nearby landscape. He was still unsure as to what would be hiding amongst the foliage, waiting to ambush them… but at least he’ll be more ready with… questionable help at his side.
Tengen Uzui
Inosuke Hashibira
Mitsuri Kanroji
Location: Unknown ruins
Interaction: Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505
The gunglinging stranger as introduced himself as Levi. Despite showing off,Tengen kept his guard up. He was still a shinobi after all.
"Nice to meet you Levi! My name is Mitsuri Kanroji. I'm the Love Hashira."
"Yeah,she might not look like it,but she packs a punch." Tengen added. "That's so nice!" Mitsuri replied. " And you may refer me as Lord Inosuke Hashibira!!!" The boar masked boy roared." You will now be my underling!"
Tengen punched Inosuke in the stormach. " Just ignore this idiot. You're right. We better get moving..." Tengen replied. He stopped and looked around. " What is it Uzui-san?" Mitsuri asked. " There's something coming." Tengen added.
Sami's attention was caught by a trio of people who were talking nearby. She looked over to them, frowning curiously at their weird garb. They all seemed to know each other, and certainly didn't look like they were from around here. Speaking of, she should probably take out her map and figure out where 'here' was. One of them approached her, asking if she was alright. "Yeah, I'm okay, I think," she stated, pushing herself to her feet and dusting off her pants. Green eyes looked the three newcomers up and down, and Sami offered a small smile, tucking a strand of dirty blonde hair behind her pointed ears. "My name's Sami, who are you three?"
Tanjiro Kamado
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Muichiro Tokito
Location:Unknown field
Interaction: Noivian Noivian
"A....A cute girl just talked to me?!" Zenitsu muttered to himself."Even a pointed ear one!"
"My...My name is Zenitsu Agatsuma!" he shouted.
"Pardon my friend. He's like that around girls,but he means well." Tanjiro replied." My name is Tanjiro Kamado,and over here is Muichiro Tokito." He mentioned the mist hashira still staring at the sky.
"We are not from around here,we were sent here by..."
" Kamado,Agatsuma,do you sense it?" Muichiro finally said.
"At last he said something!" Zenitsu added before to stop and look around. "That sound..."Zenitsu added." A demon nearby. Tanjiro focused as well,picking up a scent." It's that sinister scent again..." Tanjiro replied."A demon nearby...in daylight?!"
Sami gave a wide smile and shook her head. "It's quite alright! I find it rather entertaining, to be honest," she giggled. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Zenitsu, Tanjiro, and Muichiro..." her voice trailed off when the three of them seemed to comment about sounds and scents. "Demon? What do you mean, demon? A bokoblin or two I could imagine, but demons?" She paused to look around, clearly confused. "I dunno... that doesn't make sense."
IMG_4058.jpegLevi, the Ex-Soldier

+10 passive regen from Ring of Wraiths


Location:???, Ruins

Interactions: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 (Tengen, Insouke, Mitsuri)

Story Begin:

Levi felt offput by the interactions of the three right in front of him. They were… a bit more ‘jolly’ and ‘social’ bunch than what he was used to back in the city. Back there, it was a far more grim atmosphere, with most individuals attempting that were still sane and haven’t turned to moonscorched monsters were attempting to survive with only small moments in between to relax within. Maybe it was the fact that he wasn’t as sane as he was previously due to being within the dark… maybe he needed to let off some steam as well. Reaching into his bag, Levi pulled out a bottle of something now, opening it up. The smell of alcohol can be smelt as Levi moved his gas mask up just enough to bring the bottle to his lips, chugging the entire bottle in one go.

[Beer used, +30 Sanity]
[77/100 Sanity]

The beer certainly helped numbed the horrors that plagued his mind, still being more than capable of fighting as Levi simply threw the bottle right behind him which cracked into sharp pieces of glass harmlessly on the floor. At the mention of something approaching, Levi merely grasped onto his shotgun with both hands again before saying to Tengen. “Can you tell how many are approaching, ‘Tengen’? Either way, get ready for a possible fight.” short and straight to the point, getting ready for what may be arriving soon enough. “And make sure to get your swords ready in case whatever is making their way over is hostile…”
Tanjiro Kamado
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Muichiro Tokito
Location: Unknown plains
Tanjiro,Zenitsu and Muichiro kept their guard up. Zenitsu was shaking like a leaf. A red mist like energy charged toward the group. Muichiro was the first to react,katana in hand he passed in front of the group and jumped toward the darkness.

"Mist breathing. Second form...Eight layered mist!"

Muichiro delivered a series of eight slashes toward the dark energy.
The feeling as if there was a cool mist around could be felt. A figure could be seen through it . A scream could be heard.
He landed near the group.
"What was that?!" Zenitsu shouts.
"More are coming!!" Tanjiro cried,bringing out his Nichirin katana.
Three more orbs of dark energy crashed near the group, landing around the group and taking the form of three red skull faced bulky figures.
"Demons!" Zenitsu shouted. " Kamado! Agatsuma! Keep your guard up!" Muichiro shouts.
The three figures brought out katanas.
"They're using katanas too?!" Zenitsu shouts.
The three dark figures slowly made their advance the group,ready to attack.
Tengen Uzui
Inosuke Hashibira
Mitsuri Kanroji
Location: unknown ruins
"Four of them,incoming.." Tengen replied. Four dark figures similar to those Tanjiro and his friends faced materialised in front of the group,also armed with katanas.
"Hahaha! More training for me!!!' Inosuke shouts,bringing out his two nichirin katanas.
Mitsuri held onto the handle of her own katana.
Tengen brought out his nichirin cleavers. "This will get flashy!" Tengen shouts and he and Inosuke charged toward the dark figures.
Tengen threw his cleavers on the ground.

"Sound breathing...first form...Roar!!"

As he threw his cleavers on the ground,Tengen unleashed a shockwave toward ine of the figures. The sound of thunder could be heard as one of the dark figures was destroyed by it....only to rematerialise a few seconds later.
"What the?!" Tengen shouts.
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Corrin had been patrolling the area around Valla’s castle, a habit carried over from his constant Deeprealms patrols, when it had happened. One of the islands that floated above the kingdom had a strange energy radiating from it, one that filled him with unease. In any other situation Corrin would call for Pegasus Knights to accompany him in investigating the oddity, but he had no idea if this strange occurrence would even be here when he returned since none of the guards reported it during their earlier rounds.

Wings flapping, Corrin lingered just above the island to observe the eerie mass below him. It reminded him of some of the creeping mosses he’d learned about when traveling– although this has a much more sinister look about it, with it being a deep black with webs of crimson occasionally glowing throughout. As he studied it longer the red mist it emanated began to swirl and cloud the young king’s vision, setting off several alarms in his mind. Corrin drew his sword, the Yato’s blades whirring in warning as he awaited whatever danger this miasma was forming.

What Corrin wasn’t expecting was an explosion of energy, catching him off guard as he used his wings to shield himself from the blast. However, this left an opening for whatever this creature was to surge forward and envelop him– his attempts to break free being fruitless. As the draconic king struggled he felt his energy drain, quickly lulling him into unconsciousness.

...Cold… The air is so cold…” His voice echoed in his mind, dazed and groggy. “...Did I leave the bedroom window open…?

Even in his foggy thoughts, Corrin could clearly make out a steady rush of air flowing around him. The sound of what he perceived as his curtains flapping in the wind is what urged him to awaken, however, they seemed alarmingly close. Forcing his eyes to open, Corrin was not greeted with the cozy interior of his bed chambers, but a sprawling region unfamiliar to him. One that he was rapidly approaching. Oh. He was falling, cape flapping in the wind behind him. Wait– what!?

Panic set in as Corrin frantically took in his situation, the memory of the encounter he had before being knocked out returning. Sure, he’d been taken by surprise, but he wouldn’t let himself die in such an unceremonious way! He’d make it through this and get some answers. First, though, he’d have to retrieve his sword and find somewhere to land safely.

At that thought, Corrin turned his head to see the Yato tumbling through the air just above him. Maybe Leo was right– he did seem to have the devil’s own luck. He quickly formed his wings to slow his descent and snatch his sword in midair, though was shocked to see the state it was in. Back to its original form and hints of decay…he didn’t have time to waste mulling over what caused this, that could wait.

Tucking the legendary blade away Corrin began to realize that he couldn’t slow himself down enough in his current state, wings too small and body not powerful enough to endure an impact at this speed. Sending a silent prayer to the gods and sighing in relief when he managed to procure his dragonstone, the young king’s body shifted into its draconic form. With powerful wingbeats Corrin quickly reoriented himself and eased into a steady glide as he searched for a place to land, kicking up dirt and other foliage in his wake. Hopefully no one had gotten caught up in the mess he made…

Interactions: Open!
Tanjiro Kamado
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Muichiro Tokito
Location: Unknown field
Interaction: Noivian Noivian
Mention: salti salti
The dark miasma beings surounded the group.
"Ahhh....there's too many of them!!!" Zenitsu screams. " Just calm down Agatsuma."Muichiro replied. "How can you be so calm about all this?! We're gonna get killed by those miasma demons!!" Zenitsu shouts. As Tanjiro unshelthed his Nichirin katana,he looked at it with worry. It had patches of dark rust and he smell the same dark scent then the ones coming from the dark portal that brought them here and from the miasma demons.
He noticed that Muichiro's sword was covered in the same dark rust as well.
He'll have to worry about that later,as the miasma demons were ready to attack.
Tanjiro went for the kill on one the phantoms
"Water breathing first form Water surface slash!!"
Tanjiro attempts a slash on the miasma demon but the attack was going through it like through fog. The phantom attempts to kick Tanjiro wo barely dodged.
Zenitsu turned his attention toward nearby trees as he saw a being falling in their foillage."What is that?!" He cried.
Sami wasn't sure what to make of the miasma, what these people were calling demons. She fumbled for the short sword in the scabbard on her hip - Sami had never been in a genuine battle, and her inexperience showed. Her grandfather had been a knight, and he had passed on his sword and knowledge of combat to her father, who then taught her all he knew before she left... But now that she was in actual combat, all of that training went right out the window, and she found she was struggling to even get her weapon at the ready. Sami struggled not to panic, the dirt and leaves and grass kicking up from a large form gliding nearby causing her to shield her eyes and stumble backwards, just in time for the phantom to swing at her, which she happened to dodge if only on accident. When the dirt cleared, she blinked and looked about, trying to figure out the situation. There was what looked like some beast in the skies, and a set of phantoms around the group on the ground. Hopefully they didn't have to fight both the dragon and the phantoms at the same time...! She gripped the sheath of her sword and forced the blade out, brow furrowing in confusion to see it was rusted over and decayed. What happened to it? It had been freshly sharpened this morning! There wasn't time to think about it - the phantom that'd missed her the first time swung again, and she managed to hold up her sword just in time to deflect the blow, the force of the strike causing her to stumble back. "Help!" she called - Sami may not have been a coward, but she knew when she was vastly outclassed.

Mentions: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 salti salti
Unknown field
Mention: Noivian Noivian salti salti
"Mist breathing: first form: Low clouds distant haze."

"Water breathing fourth form striking tide!"

Tanjiro and Muichiro did their best to keep the phantoms at bay with their techniques despite some techniques being weakened. Their ninchirin swords clashed against the phantoms's own katanas.

Zenitsu tried to run away from one of the phantoms as it chased toward the patch of trees where the beast was seen.He was cornered. The phantom went closer.

The crying Zenitsu shook like a leaf.

"Tanjiro...Tokito san....HELP ME!!!'

Zenitsu suddently fainted and collasped on the ground.

The phantom laughed and raised his sword.
Tanjiro watched the scene helplessly as he fought his phantom.
"Zenitsu!!!' he cried.

Something weird happened. Zenitsu quickly rolled out of harms way and got up. His eyes were still closed and the expresion on his face was a serious one.
The phantom growled and charged toward Zenitsu.

Zenitsu ,his hands on the hsndlebof his shelthed sword took a deep breath. Sounds akin to thunder could be heard around him.
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As he lowered himself into the trees as cover, Corrin could hear the distressed cries of a group not too far ahead of him. His first instinct was to turn back into his human form, assuming his sudden appearance had understandably caused some distress, but upon closer inspection he found what appeared to be figures that resembled the very same fog that had brought him here. Knowing his damaged sword wouldn’t offer much help in a fight like his, Corrin resolved to stay as he was to give these people a greater chance of victory.

As one of the more panicked individuals came running his way, Corrin lowered his head to simultaneously show he wasn’t a threat and to keep a better eye on him. One of the apparitions had followed closed behind the boy, scaring the poor kid into fainting! He took a step forward, a low growl reverberating through the trees while he prepared to retaliate as the phantom attempted to slash at the collapsed figure, but miraculously the yellow-haired boy had regained his composure and skillfully dodged the attack. Relief washed over Corrin but knew better than to rest on his laurels when it came to combat. As the figure charged, Corrin reared up on his hind legs and slashed at the phantom. His claws predictably passed through it like mist, but perhaps this could buy them enough time to regroup. As it attempted to reform, he shot a blast of water at the creature to disorient it again.

Hoping this would allow enough time for the boy to flee, Corrin turned his attention to the group dueling in the fields. He wasn’t sure how effective his Torrential Roar would be on these phantoms, but had to do all he could to save these people. Stepping out of the trees, he tried to get the group’s attention.

Open the way, please!” He called, though the dragon appeared to have no mouth his voice echoed around those who were fighting for their lives. Once he had a clear shot Corrin dug his claws into the ground as water collected in the air in front of him, the energy being released as a destructive torrent of water that swirled and attempted to wash away the attackers.

Interactions: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 , Noivian Noivian
Unknown field
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Tanjiro and Muichiro turned their attention toward the strange dragon."It's smell is that of a benevolent being." Tanjiro thought. He and Muichiro moved out of the way as the dragon fired what seemed to be some kind of water attack. The two phantoms that Muichiro and Tanjiro faced were washed away.

Sounds of thunder could be heard. The phantom had regrouped was ready to slash Zenitsu.
Zenitsu's eyes opened,They now glew a bright white. The phantom stopped.

"Thunder breathing... First form ...Thunderclap and flash...sixfold!"

Zenitsu blitzed at the speed of lightning ,slicing the phantom in half.
He blitzed toward tne phantom attacking Sami and slashed it as well before stopping near the girl.
He quickly woked up afterwards." What...what just happened?!" Zenitsu asked,confused

What was left of the phantoms dematerialised.

"I've seen enough..." a booming rapsy voice said,coming from nowhere.
Tanjro and Muichiro kept their guard up and Zenitsu was trembling in fear.
"I don't see anyone else but I'm picking up that sinister scent again..." Tanjiro thought. " Show yourself!" he shouted.

The voice gave a chilling evil laugh. "Then again I woudn't expect less from outworlders. I didn't expect my power to breach through the fabric of reality. You all fell through my malice portals like flies in a spider web."
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Levi, the Ex-Soldier

+10 passive regen from Ring of Wraiths


Location:???, Ruins

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Story Begin:
Four threats… that meant that each one of them have to deal with one of the incoming threats on their own. He certainly did not like those odds, but there wasn’t really much that he can do about it. The only thing he can really do is deal with whatever would run its ugly mug right in front of them. What Levi didn’t expect to witness, however, was four dark strange figures to appear right in front of them. That was… certainly one way of arriving. He certainly never seen such from any monstrosity back home, as they usually had a physical presence within the world other than those ghostly figures back in the orphanage.

But their more simplistic form and features were more easier on the mind than what he had seen before… hell, it looks too ‘human’. Focus… Levi, this is a life and death situation just like any other you had gone through before. Just think of them as no better than those monstrosities back home. With nothing else to think, Levi prepared the shotgun in hand as he approached the threat.

One of the shadowy swordsmen make their slow approach towards you…

Levi already knew what he was going to do by this point when seeing the shadowy figure begin to approach him. So while he let his own allies deal with the figures on their own, he already began to aim his shotgun at the being. He trusted that his newfound allies can deal with the threats on their lonesome, as the sounds of an echoing boom being heard nearby tell him that his comrades were already engaging the threat. The shadowy man moved on over closer, raising their sword arm straight into the air to try and slice it down onto him.

Of course, seeing as how the blade would be the most worrying part of this engagement, Levi had aimed his shotgun right at the arm, before pulling the trigger, an echoing bang sounding out as 12 gauge pellets spewed out of the barrel, shredding the shadowy figure’s arm and blasting it right off. Levi only acknowledged the fact of him disarming his opponent, pumping his shotgun to prepare for another attack. However, he was too slow as the figure’s other arm slammed into his stomach, the Bremen chestplate taking the blunt of the blow but it still certainly hurt.

-11 Health
101/125 Health remaining

That blow certainly hurt, and the thought of what the figure could have done if they still had their sword arm left was only left to an lingering presence of imagination of an grizzly wound right across his chest or worse, even an decapitated stump left bleeding out on the floor. However, Levi began to back up a bit as the shadowy figure began to reform their arm as if nothing happened at all, the blade being brought back alongside it. “These shadowy figures… they are going to be tough to put down. Possible way of engaging threat… destroy as much of their mass as possible to prevent them from fully reforming.”
Unknown ruins
Interaction: Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505
Inosuke charged toward one of the phantoms,his two blades brought out.

"Beast breathing....third fang....Devour!!!"
Inosuke charged toward the phantom and slashed it with his two chiped ninchirin katanas,not even noticing their curent state. Unfortunatly, the attack only passed like a knife through butter.

The two remaining phantoms made their slow advance toward the two Hashira.
"These demons are more sinister then the ones back one..." Mitsuri started. She unshelthed her sword....switch looked more like a whip.

She charged toward the phantom,whipping her sword like a whip.

"Love breathing...first form...Shivers of first love!"
The phantom was met with multiple sword-whipslash,delivered with great strength. It was still powerful enough to destroy it.

"Not it's my turn!" Tengen shouts as he brought out smoke bombs and threw them on the ground. "Time to get flashy"
Smoke surounded him and the phantom. When the smoke died down,Tengen had vanished.

The phantom looked around...
"Sound breathing...fifth form...String performence!"

...only to be ambushed hy Tengen,who rotated his cleavers by holding the chains,slicing the phantom who vanished.
Inosuke was shocked by the dissappearence of the phantom.
"Uh,what was...COME BACK YOU COWARD!!!!" Inosuke shouts,
"Oh,but I'm just getting started outworlder boy...I'm not done playing with you all. Quite entertaining..." the same sinister voice the the one Tanjiro's group heard made itself known.
"You're quite a coward to not meet us face to face demon." Tengen spat.
"When my power breached through your worlds,I gained some knowledge of them...Demon slayer...Hashira level...yes,I now know about you...the Demon slayer corps. I am nothing like the Demon king from your world. His name is Muzan Kibutsuji,right?His power is nothing compared to mine!"

"Yeah,yeah,all bark,no bite. Why don't you show yourself?" Tengen spat.
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Sami gave an eep and leapt out of the way when the beast fired a torrent of water towards them, narrowly dodging the attack. Then she turned to the phantom left over that was still attempting to attack her... only for it to be swiftly bisected by Zenitsu. When the other asked what happened, Sami simply blinked at him, confused. "You... don't remember? You sliced the phantoms in half..." Her words cut off quickly when a booming voice was heard. Outworlders? A breach in the fabric of reality? Malice portals? What did this all mean? Sami shook her head, trying to make sense of it. "Clearly this is some other world," she said. "But where? Where are we? And who are you?" she called to the open air.

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Unknown plains
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"I see them in you,foolish girl." the voice snarled . You might belong to an alternate version of this world,but you heard of me.I,Ganondorf,am the ruler of this land. Hyrule will fall to my darkness and your worlds shall soon follow."

Zenitsu was still strembling in fear.
"I underestimated you all but you have proven to be a nusance...just like Link and Zelda are." "Ganondorf spat. "No matter,when you were dragged into the portals a portion of my malice attached to your beings as well as your weapons. It will only be a matter of time before the corruption starts.
What does he mean by corruption?" Tanjiro said to himself.
"Oh,and Tanjiro Kamado is it? I would more worried about your demon sister..."
How does he?" Tanjiro thought. A muffed cry of pain was heard inside the box on Tanjiro's back.
"What did you do to her?!" Tanjiro yelled.
"She is fine. Though my malice is weakening her demonic powers...I am nothing like the demons in your world. You might be demon slayers...I am not like the puny Demon king from your world...As for you...dragon prince...let's see if my malice won't make you end up like your father." Ganondorf hissed.

"Your fates were sealed the moment you were sent into this world. Try interfering with my plans and things will get worse for all of you!"
A chilling evil laugh was heard before things went silent again.
"What should we do now?!" Zenitsu asked,worried. "Well...it seem this Demon king...Ganondorf has target us...we have no choice but defeat him if we want to return home." Muichiro replied.
"Wait,he did talk about two individuals named Link and Zelda. Perharps these two are important. " Tanjiro replied.
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Sami's blood ran cold at the mention of the name 'Ganondorf'. "I've heard of him before," she said, voice low. "He was said to have been a terrible person, a tyrant, evil to the core." She shook her head. "But in the world I came from, he was no demon king. This world seems to be an alternate world similar to the one I came from." Sheathing her sword, she tapped her chin, thinking. "But why would he say that they're a nuisance? It doesn't make sense." She was pulled out of her thinking when Tanjiro mentioned Link and Zelda. "I don't see why they would be important, unless they're not just farmers in this world like they were in mine. Does that mean, then, that they're not my parents in this world either? Do I not exist here?" She shifted her weight, not certain if she should be relieved or upset. No alternate her meant no messy explanations, but that also meant that she couldn't rely on her parents of this world to know or care about her, either. "My grandfather was a knight, so maybe instead of becoming a farmer like my father had, the Link of this world is also a knight? That would make more sense. But mother? I don't know what she could possibly have to do with all of this."

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