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Fandom Multi Para Longterm Search Doubling oc x cc

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Beautifully x Mad

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Hello all, I'm Mad. I've been doing about 12 years or so on and off. I'm 25+ and would at least like my partner to be over 18. I just have a few guidelines/expectations;
  • Typically I write 3+ paragraphs, per character, and can go upwards of around 8 or so. I'm not necessarily looking for novel type rps, but I do love detail and would like to find some partners who also do around 3 or more paragraphs.​
  • I'm good with any gender/pairing. Typically mine is m x f but I'm happy for the opportunity to branch out for your pairing.​
  • Ooc chat, while not necessary is preferred. I find it helps keep interest up plus it's nice to feel more like friends than a business transaction :)
  • I'm willing to try threads or pms. I do have discord but if anything I just prefer that for ooc chat. I'm open to possibly other places too so feel free to ask.​
  • I'm not really into 'winging it' so please don't come to me wanting this.​

** = Craving
* = Kind of craving

**** Attack on Titan
Looking for a Levi

* Kingdom Hearts

*The 100

The Originals/Vampire Diaries
Klaus or Kol

Walking Dead

American Horror Story

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Borgias (Showtime)

Game of Thrones

Demon Slayer (still super new to the series. So I'd rather do oc x oc for now)

I'm willing to take on a very limited amount of original rps. It might sound silly but I'm extremely new to it as I've only found my muse lasts with fandoms/fandom set worlds. But I do love fantasy, medieval, apocalyptic, and potentially dystopian (not sure I've ever done one before) type of settings.

*Mafia/mob/gang pairings
Vampire x witch/demon/human
Demon x witch/human​
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I’m down for an Originals rp if you’re up for it! I can definitely play Kol for you!! 😊


𝘦𝘮𝘣𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘺
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American Horror Story?? I can dm you, if you're interested.

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