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Multi fandom (arrowverse, dc, marvel, miraculous, etc.)

Sub Genres
Super Powers


What if someone summon the heroes and makes them watch each other life unfold, learning secrets, betrayals, and what happens on their missions.
But it was to defeat an evil villian that is coming to theur worlds
Miraculous characters available:
Marinette dupan chang/ladybug
adrien agreste/chat noir

Gabriel agreste/hawkmoth
Chloe/queen bee
Alya/rena rouge
Master fu
Bruce wayne/batman
diana prince/wonder woman
clark kent/superman: @Maria30
richard grayson/nightwing
jason todd/red hood
oliver queen/arrow
barry allen/flash
sara lance/white canary
any i havent listed

peter parker/spiderman: @Ariston
tony stark/iron man
steve roger/captain america
natasha/black widow
(any classmate of peter)
bruce banner/hulk
thor: @Maria30
clint barton/hawkeye
t challa
stephan strange

any fandom is allowed
but heres a list of ones that arent allowed:
undertale, fnaf, dragon ball z, fairy tale.
ask which fandom is allowed
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Clark Kent/Superman and Thor if it's ok.
Sure and since you mentioned thor im gonna teleport you somewhere where he is needed the most:


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You confused me with any fandom but undertale and such. So I wasn't sure if just those mentioned are allowed or others are too.


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Yeah I got it but what do you mean by any fandom is allowed? Like all the ones not listed in the except or just those above it?

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