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    Welcome to the user nominations thread for the Member of the Month! A quick explanation for new users, the Member of the Month (or MotM for short) is a newsletter feature that showcases a user from the site. Users are encouraged to suggest members who possess friendly and dedicated qualities.

    Every month, the newsletter volunteers prowl the site for remarkable members that deserve a bit more attention or accolade. But, there's only so many of us, and we can't possibly keep up with the amazing new content that you guys pump out! So this is where you come in.

    Posting your nominations in this thread vastly increases the number of members that will be seen and considered for MotM, which is a good thing for everyone!

    Members nominations should meet the following criteria:

    Friendly: The user has a kind, pleasant demeanor.

    Peaceful: The user does not instigate or exacerbate arguments, rule-breaking behavior, or other such problems.

    Active: There are specific examples of times the user has answered other members' questions, created helpful or thoughtful content, given feedback, contributed to a discussion, etc.

    Unaffiliated: The user is not an Administrator, Moderator, Helper, or previously recognized. The user may be a Supporter.

    Aside from following our criteria, when you suggest someone for MotM, please also link to three examples of this person being helpful, welcoming & friendly, and/or contributing content to RPN. Some examples may include:

    • Warm, personal greetings in the Introductions forum.
    • Instances where the user has answered another user's question accurately.
    • Thoughtful contributions in the Discussion forums.
    • Work showcased in the Creativity forum.
    • Good tutorials wrote by the user.
    • And more!

    Nominations are currently closed. Check back soon!
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