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Multiple Settings Morgue Of Immortals (Open)

Winter Kakyoin

"I could've saved them... I really could've..."
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Over the past one thousand-three hundred-fifty-six years, the morgue had grown a bit. Not in size, but the number of residents that resided in there kept expanding. With more immortals constantly moving in, the morgue was never as quiet as it used to be. Bodies of humans and otherworldly beings were being brought in left and right. The residents of the morgue were constantly busy, either dealing with the bodies that were brought to them, or going out and hunting for the victims themselves. Now, most of the residents would usually do their jobs, or went hunting on their own, but two of them in particular were inseparable, and were always working together. Well, working together when they weren't arguing about something.

"Damn it, Raven! Answer your fucking phone!" That was the first thing that could be heard from the embalming room. "Bitch, that's not my phone! It's yours!" The was the second thing that could be heard. Seemed like Chris and Raven were at it again, arguing over the simplest of things. Chris turned away from the embalming table, staring directly at the reaper that stood at the other side of the room, "There ain't no way! I don't even have my phone in here!" Raven just stared right back at him with her arms crossed against her chest, "I don't have mine either! What, is it your ass then?!" Chris scoffed, rolling his eyes, "Nope! Must be a ghost phone!"

The phone had stopped ringing by this time, allowing the two to go back to what they were doing beforehand. Well, that was only for a couple of minutes. Suddenly, the phone began to ring once more, causing the clown in the room to groan in annoyance, "Alright, are you pulling my fucking leg here or something? There's no damn way you don't have your phone!" Raven turned away from where she was cleaning some of the embalming tools, playfully glaring towards the male, "I promise you, I don't have the damn thing! I left it in the storage room! You're the one pulling MY leg!"

As the argument went on, the phone kept ringing. The two seemed to be becoming more and more irritated, that was until Chris had realized something. He held his hand up, motioning for Raven to stop talking. He walked over to the counter that was on the far-left side of the room, lowering his hand, "You have got to be fucking kidding me..." Raven smirked, raising an eyebrow, "Ah, so you DID bring your phone in with you!" Chris side-eyed Raven, grumbling a bit before he picked something up off of the counter, "No, asshole! It was the dead guy's phone!" Raven just stood there for a moment, staring at the phone Chris was holding up. She then rolled her eyes, shaking her head, "Well, son of a bitch..."

They literally fought over a phone that wasn’t even their’s, and they were pretty sure the whole morgue heard them...

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