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  2. Moonlit Crusade

    An Eerie Night

    10 - 14 - 17 (MORNING)
    Boius Uitton outlet, Third Floor, Liberty Square

    Alton, suddenly realizing that Bradamante seemed to be quite unsatisfied with mere simple clothing, he decided to take her somewhere she'd probably have a more suitable choice of clothing. Thus, he had her follow him to the third floor - where a certain outlet of the brand 'Boius Uitton' was located.

    Getting her there wasn't much of a problem. Rather, it was her general curiosity on the various things that Alton could barely explain given the time intervals of her many inquiries - things such as what escalators are, why people prefer to use elevators instead of the stairs, and a lot more. That and her endless comments of how terrible and lazy humanity has become after the passage of time, as if she'd been here ages ago.

    Finally, after a short while, the two arrived at their destination - the Bouis Uitton outlet. Upon entering it, Bradamantes slightly widened, and a tiny smile formed upon her face. It took only a second for her to fix her composure.

    An attendee of the store apparently has noticed the two, but more specifically, Bradamante, and was captivated by her innate grace and elegance. This said attendant rushed towards them and introduced herself.

    "Hello, how may I help you?", she said.

    "Ah, right.", Alton said. "Could you please assist her in choosing some clothes? I'm not really good at picking women's clothing."

    "It would be my honor!", she said, then took Bradamante. Alton proceeded to take a seat, and watched from a distance as the two browsed around the store for her clothes. It would seem that the two are getting along quite well, judging by their facial expressions - the attendant likes Bradamante's overall looks and personality, and Brdamante seems to be enjoying her time with a fellow female.

    Soon enough, Alton was invited to check out Bradamante's choices of outfit. She would exit the dressing room with a different outfit, and reveal her new look to Alton, then upon receiving feedback, she would then return back to the dressing room and change to a new outfit.

    Apparently, whatever she wore, be it casual or formal, with intricate designs or not, one thing was for certain - she looked undeniably spectacular. For that reason alone, Alton decided to buy all that she chose. But she chose to wore one in order to meld within society - and that was the one that made her look much like him, a student.

    As the two left the store, Bradamante paused for a short moment, and turned towards Alton. "Thank you.", she replied.

    What will Alton say?
    "No problem."
    "You're welcome."
    "No need to thank me."
    "Think of it as payment for saving me."

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  3. >Write-in: "They look good on you anyway, so... no need to thank me."
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  4. same, same~
  5. Moonlit Crusade

    An Eerie Night

    10 - 14 - 17 (MORNING)
    Lobby, First Floor, Liberty Square

    "They look good on you anyway.", Alton said. "So, no need to thank me."

    A momentary awkward silence occurred between the two.

    Perhaps Alton found his response to be quite embarrassing, perhaps Bradamante was not expecting such a compliment. Or maybe they simply had nothing else to discuss.

    This silence continued to act as an invisible barrier between the two as they walked side by side at the mall, headed towards the exit, since their task here is done - to get Bradamante some modern clothing.

    But that was broken the very moment the two set foot upon the lobby of the mall, located on the first floor.

    A strange ominous feeling filled the air, as the scenery was slowly deformed. People began to randomly disappear as if they were holograms, the floor tiles changed colors and textures without a pattern with some even being lifted off the ground and leaving the bare marble floor opened. Doors opened and closed until most of them were jammed or broken. Various fragile objects broke themselves through different means - falling, getting smashed, or simply shattering, then fixing themselves, only to repeat the same process over and over again. The walls began to crack and different-colored liquids poured out of those.

    The two stopped in their tracks.

    Alton began to look around, but he didn't seem afraid - only confused and surprised.
    Bradamante took on a guarding stance, as her clothes glowed and changed back into her armor, with her sword appearing into her gripped hand.

    A voice rang, and echoed repeatedly from various points of this new dimension. "I never thought I'd find such easy prey here.", it said.

    How will Alton be during such a time?

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    Sorry the update took a while. Had to take a short rest to figure out a way on making things progress slightly quicker without using much "idle-time" or filler posts. Hope you're all still having a decent time participating in this one!
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  7. ✧ cautious

    be vigilant, alton!

    (welcome back~)
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  8. I vote for Alton to be >Cautious as well.
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  10. Moonlit Crusade

    An Eerie Night

    10 - 14 - 17 (MORNING)
    Distorted Lobby

    "Bradamante.", Alton called his Grand Familiar.

    Bradamante, hearing her name, immediately turned her attention to Alton. She raised her sword a bit higher, in a slanting direction - covering approximately more than half of the openings that could be exploited to strike the two of them.

    "My apologies.", she said. "I have no ability to track mana unlike other Grand Familiars, I cannot see where this assailant lies."

    Alton acknowledged her words, and why she was somehow disappointed with herself. If she could not find their enemy, if the voice is one, then she could not perform her duty as a Grand Familiar - which is currently to protect him from harm. By now, Alton knows that Bradamante takes things such as duties very seriously.

    "Don't worry about it.", Alton said, trying to make her lighten up a bit.

    The sound of rocks falling and crumbling echoed throughout the distorted lobby, causing the atmosphere to become more tense. Bradamante and Alton both inched closer to each other, whilst they scanned their surroundings only to find nothing but more messed-up things.

    Then, all of a sudden, a giant wall emerged from the ground, knocking away the two and separating them in a solid barrier that seemed rather impossible to climb over.

    From the other side of the wall, Bradamante could be heard yelling, accompanied by noises that resembled steel clashing against stone.

    On the other hand, Alton leaned against the wall, searching for any sign of impending danger in his now isolated area. Without Bradamante, he was helpless - he didn't know any kind of magic that mages would use, nor did he know how to fight those that are able to use such mystical arts. His chance of survival is rather quite low.

    The voice spoke once more, only this time, it was quite obvious that it came from Alton's side. "Don't worry about her, she won't get past that enchanted wall.", it said.

    How will Alton respond?
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