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  1. Jonathan held Lee has Wade commanded. "It will be better soon." He promised. Then he looked at Zy. "It is for the pack. Necessary actually." He says.
  2. Zy eyed them both before she let Wade take her hand with his extended hand. She watched him close before feeling the overpowering sharp pain if his hands over her hand. She had experienced pain, so her tolerance was high. She pulled back her hand when he let her go before reaching for Lee, who was still crying. "are you done?" She snapped.

    Wade sighed, nodding, knowing Zyana would be sure Jason one the pain that the went through. "we will go." He said, looking at Johnathan before he moved to leave.
  3. Johnathan handed Lee over to Zy and moved to leave with his brother.

    I'm sorry Zy. It was the only way for him to protect us all. Jason linked with Zy, having felt her pain and wanting to be there for her.
  4. Zyana held Lee close, We just got Lee back and she's in tear.

    Wade sighed, as they went towards the cage, "I don't know which is worse, having to use the car or the fact that the cage is still open." He commented then smirked to Johnathan, "Remember that Lion father caught, he was huge."
  5. Oh Zy, I'm so sorry. I wish there had been an easier way. He says.

    Despite himself Johnathan couldn't help smiling. "I thought for sure it was going to eat our father." He says, looking to Wade.
  6. Zy sighed, rocking Lee, When will you be home. She's going to need you, you know that.

    Wade chuckled, "Eat Dad. No way." He patted Johnathan back, "Before you were born, dad played cat and mouse with a bear. That Lion was huge, but nothing Dad couldn't deal with. Even if it nearly kicked his ass." He teased. Then Wade sighed, "I remember that it was like to face him." He frowned, "Sometimes I think that is what killed him. We were in the cage and mother and you were watching, but I don't know if you both saw it the way I did. Maybe he was too old, but that last trip to the cage, I could swear hurt him more then his age."
  7. I know. I will be back as soon as I can. But my ability to come back will depend on the Alpha. He says apologetically.

    Johnathan shook his head a little. "I was still young enough that mom wouldn't let me see. I know it hurt her though. To watch it." Johnathan says quietly. Reminiscing with his brother was almost surreal and yet it was something he needed. "I could hear it though. Every bit of it, sometimes that's worse." He says.
  8. Wade smirked, messing up Johnathan hair, like a big brother, "Yeah, it is. The imagination can be cruel, but you know I picked you at my Beta for a reason." He chuckled, "You always have to snap back, just like mother did. Always have something to point out. That's what a Beta is, someone that stands for what they trust. That and you were really good with paperwork." He teased as they come close to the cage.
  9. Johnathan rolled his eyes but he was smiling. "As I recall that's all I did half the time." He chuckled. It was odd, this feeling like how things used to be. "I missed this you know....having my brother around. I thank you for assisting us now." He says.
  10. Wade sighed, "Thank that idiot pup and my daughter. I wanted to leave." Then he smirked, "I've missed this too, having my little brother to boss around and talk to."
  11. Johnathan couldn't help smirking. "I'll be sure to thank them both." He says. He sighed. "I hope you'll eventually enjoy actually talking to me and not just bossing me around." He teased.
  12. Wade stopped, in front of them and smiled at Johnathan, "But then that smart wit won't come shaking back at me."
  13. Johnathan chuckled. "Ah, now I see your plan." He says with a smirk. "He does love her. After having seen him with Faith and now with your daughter, it reminds me of when we each found our own mates." He says.
  14. Wade smirked at him, "Well, finding Evanora was not as loving as when you found your mate." He sighed, "But I guess, it might be similar." He said to Johnathan before turning to see how much the Elite had changed. He sighed, "First things first, I'm Wade, I'll be your Alpha for the time being and as of now, there is no such thing an the leader of the elite or any other leader. This pack stands with two leaders only, the Alpha, who is in control of the Elite and the Beta, who controls the other warriors. If you don't know," he motioned to the cage, which was just that a silver cage made of what looked like silver. "That is the cage, built with a mix of metals, including silver. You don't know where the silver is strongest, so I would avoid the bars. The design is to teach you to already know your surrounding, even when you don't. So, before I explain anything else, any questions?"
  15. Elijah stood at the front of the group beside Jason and Niklaus. Zeke and his sisters close to them and the rest right behind. None of them had questions. Jason had explained what he could to them and they knew to listen and do as they were told. "So where do you want us to start?" It was Elijah who spoke up.
  16. Wade smirked, "West, right? The family resemblance is uncanny." He said stepping towards him, "Let's see how well your father taught you, curse and all." He looked at every wolf behind him, "Your curse doesn't give you the right to be Elite. So don't get comfortable with your current position." He announced, "I'm going to break you all down, and what comes up will be the Elite, the rest will take there place in the Beta forces. Because I promise you, not all of you are leaving here as Elite." He said turning to Johnathan, "Same rules, don't open it." He reminded him. Their childhood rules for the cage was never to open it until the Alpha allows or is in danger of death. Otherwise, the cage stays closed. Wade motioned Elijah to follow as he started to the cage entrance, using his strength to open it. The strength needed had to be applied in a way that only the Alpha bloodline knew and that meant Johnathan and Wade alone.
  17. Johnathan nodded once. The rest of the wolves present of course could sense the Alpha blood in Wade and knew who he was. But what really got them nervous was the way he made Johnathan listen. Johnathan had been a hard Alpha and nothing but perfect made the cut. He was a terrifying man. But Wade was a whole different story. Elijah cast only a brief glance to Jason before following Wade into the cage. He would not question the Alpha. He had heard enough stories from his own father and from those he held a respect for Wade, but he also wanted to learn more. This was an opportunity for that by proving himself.
  18. Wade got in the cage and moved to the edge, turning to Elijah and waited for him to come in. He waited for Johnathan to close the door before he sighed. "Your father was pretty hard to upset, a lot of pushing. But let's skip that part and see what you can do."
  19. Elijah shrugged as he looked to Wade. "What do you want to see? My father had a temper, he learned how to control it. Taught me the same." Elijah says. He was bigger than Wade but he knew that did not mean he was stronger. Not even close compared to this Alpha.
  20. Wade smirked, "Show me that temper, pup." He turned his back, "I will give you the upper hand. Go for it."
  21. Elijah raised an eyebrow. He knew that even with his back to him, it would not give him much of an upper hand. He thought for a moment, trying to think of something to cause him to lose his temper. He thought of Brianna, thought of how many times she and their pup had been at risk recently and he felt a growing anger. And a fear. A fear that he couldn't protect her and that only made him angrier. He knew to fight with strategy, not blind rage, and he used that as he attacked.
  22. Wade waited for the last moment before he sighed, turning around to the side, Elijah just missing him. He started to Pace, "You know, when I was younger, my father used to say, a temper is in control when you can't use it. Let's try something easier, like that." He suggested.
  23. Elijah raised an eyebrow and then smirked a little. He attacked again, feigning one direction, then another, before going for what he decided to make the actual blow. "And how do you suggest that?" He asks. He wanted to learn more than attack before he actually attacked.
  24. Wade stopped, as he faced Elijah, he raised his hand to meet Elijah's attack stopping it at the touch before he held it in place, the force could be felt out of the cage. "Instead of getting the anger to fight using it while you stay calm and use it for your strength." He smirked, before he lifted Elijah by his hand and tossed him aside, "Like that."
  25. Elijah hated losing, but he also was curious. "Alright." He says. So instead he focused on the good memories and the reason he ever fought. The reason he needed to stay in the elite. He attacked again, focusing more on Wade's movements than getting a hit in.

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