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  1. Zeke chuckled and kissed her lips before pulling away to very quickly find a doctor.

    Hailey looked between all of them like they were crazy and yet she was curious. "Explain more Wade." She says. She had never imagined being able to control her curse, but she would not do it at the risk of hurting Mike.

    Jason smiled softly. "I know he won't. He loves her to death." He says.
  2. Wade sighed, "Faith didn't want anyone to know." she shrugged, "Only the Alpha and I do." he looked at Niklaus, "She knew you won't allow us to come if you knew. But Faith is pregnant, I put a protective spell on the womb, since she is Beta and she didn't want to give up her duties so soon." He looked ta Kenzi, "But the pup has a heart beat, which means it has magic too. It's our forth."

    Mike looked surprised, "What?"

    Wade sighed, "It's safe, completely safe and when the timeline is rest, we can separate you before we vanish." he shrugged, "Give or take a second."

    Mike growled, "Give or take." he snapped.

    Zyana smiled at him and nodded, "Why don't you let her know we are going and then we can go."
  3. Niklaus frowned deeply. "She's what?" He asks, trying to keep the snarl out of his voice. Hailey placed a hand on Mike's arm at his own reaction in a calming gesture.

    "Wade it sounds like there may be too many risks." She says quietly. "If we leave, will it hinder Nik's ability to control his curse? Or Eli's?" She asks him. She could give up her control to protect her pups and her family.

    Jason smiled, kissing her cheek before going over to Lee. He knelt down next to her and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey sweetheart, your mom and I are going to get going okay? You'll stay here with Eli and Brianna until we get back, how does that sound?"
  4. Wade sighed, biting his lip, he avoided Niklaus look and shook his head to Hailey. "Now is the best time. We have to have all three to make sure the pack stays at its best."

    Mike growled, "Sounds like the pack's problem not ours. "

    Lee looked up at him and frowned, "I can't go with you? I don't want to be without both parents, I've been gonr."
  5. Hailey bit her lip, but didn't say anything. She couldn't, she wasn't sure she could agree with Mike and she was afraid that if she spoke she would disagree. Niklaus looked between them, to Wade, and then back to Mike. "I ask you to stay, to help my pack and her family and then you can go. But I can't make that choice for you." He says.

    Jason smiled gently. "I know sweetheart, but we'll be quick. And then we'll spend the rest of the day together." He promises.
  6. Mike growled looking back at Hailey, her hesitant expression told him what she wanted. He sighed looking softly at her and then back at Niklaus. "Fine." He growled, "But we aren't staying here. When you need us, Jason knows how to link with me. I won't allow my family to be in this pack knowing they are in danger."

    Wade opened his mouth to protest but Kenzi stepped in, "Okay." She looked sternly at wade and wade stepped back, "If Jason doesn't then I will."

    "You're staying?" Mike questioned.

    Kenzi bite her lip and nodded, "I don't really have my place but I still have my family. They are pack after all."

    Mike sighed deeply, turning to Hailey and then their pups, "We are going now." He said before he started to walk off, sadly Kendra took Hailey's hand, staying close to her and Brody sighed and started following Mike, as did boy.

    Lee pouted, "How quick?" She asked.
  7. Hailey stuck close to Mike, nearly hugging his arm but not letting go of Kendra. Thank you...and I'm sorry Mike. She says gently. She loved her family and she wanted to protect it but she also loved her brother.

    Jason smiled. "As quick as I can. I don't know how long though." He says gently. "I could check in with you periodically through our link?" He offers.
  8. Mike sighed I still think we should just leave. He assured her, but glanced to Brody thinking Stay behind if they call us. We will tell you when to come. Brody looked at Mike and nodded.

    Wade bite his lip, looking at Niklaus, "Is there any chance we coul dnt tell Faith you both know about her pregnancy?" He asked.

    Kenzi looked at him and then Niklaus, she wasn't sure that was a good thing and she was sure that Niklaus wouldn't either. Even if their were grown and not yet their pups, they were her pups.

    Lee frowned, "Okay, but you'll come of I call you, won't you? " she asked hopeful.
  9. Hailey leaned even head on his shoulder as they walked. I love you Mike. Thank you. She says gently. She loved him so so much.

    Niklaus turned his gaze to Wade and frowned a little. "No. Now we know I plan to make sure she stays as safe as possible. I don't care what either of you think." He says.

    Jason smiled, gently brushing some hair back. He kissed her forehead. "Yes sweetheart, but try to enjoy being with Eli and Brianna okay?"

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